All seeing eye of Zalgo


The Zalgoverse is a verse chock loaded with Zalgo'd characters. They are easily recognizable by a full red and black color scheme, and blank eyes with a mere dot as an iris. They are heartless, souless creatures, and have only the most negative qualities of their original parts and then some. Although Zalgo is the ruler supreme of this verse, some of his creations are more fearsome than he.

(Note: All characters are from alternate continuities of their respective series, as to allow multiple characters from the same series to be Zalgofied)

Power of the Verse

The characters wildly vary in power, with most either being at the same level as normal (with extra hax), or powered up further.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


  • Professor Voodoo (I created this verse so why would i not be a supporter?)
  • SomebodyStupid (Here for Broly)
  • BrokenLord (its broken but needs more zalgofied people like the supporters :) )
  • Ataberksins(needs more edgy and op characters)


IAmTheBreadMan32 (Thinks this verse is pretty cool, but he doesn't love it)



Stevethebarbarian (Sorry, but evil versions of some of my favorite characters aren't really my deal. No offence to Skod.)

Character Profiles


Zalgo Hyper SSJ4 Broly

Zalgo John Cena

Zalgo Pikachu

Zalgo Scorpion

Zilko (By virtue of being Zalgo's little brother)

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