You Senpai is a person who is older/in a higher class than you. Since a senpai can differ from person to person this is everyone's senpai and out senpais your senpai by senpai.

Powers and Stats

Tier: The senpai of tiers thus they have no tier

Name: UNKNOWN (Due to one's senpai differing from another's)

Origin: Some weeb conversation

Gender: Ask Tumblr

Age: Immeasurable

Classification: Senpai

Powers and Abilities: Being the best at literally everything. Better at everything that they are up against. Getting someone wetter just from making eye contact.

Attack Potency: Stronger than whoever they are facing against.

Speed: Faster than whoever they are facing against.

Lifting Strength: Look at AP

Striking Strength: Look at Lifting Strength

Durability: Nobody dares to lay a finger on Senpai

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Being graced with their presence is too much to bare.

Standard Equipment: Nothing really

Intelligence: Smarter than anything and nothing will be 

Weaknesses: They are too perfect to have a weakness

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Noticing you. If you are noticed by senpai you collapse from the sheer amazingness and shock you receive. Nothing can and ever will be able to withstand this move and the opponent will always forfeit because of it.


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