Tier: 0 out of 10

Name: You know what I’m referring to…

Origin: China

Classification: 💩

Powers and Abilities: Able to make people cringe to death with how god awful it is.

Attack Potency: Can clear an entire room.

SpeedCan make any sane person change the channel immediately.

Lifting Strength: Was able to lift my lunch out of my stomach.

Stamina: Ran way more episodes than it should’ve.

Range: Official merchandise (aka body pillows) can be found all over your room.

Standard Equipment: Terrible writing, dreaded animation and shitty characters.

Intelligence: Appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Weaknesses: Storytelling, execution, humor, animation, character development, not sucking ass.


Notable Victories:

The Green Light somehow.

The valuable time you'll never get back that you wasted watching this crap.

Notable Losses:

Anyone with decent taste.

Hayao Miyazaki.

Papa Franku.