You? I guess?


Damn bro, you swole


His power... it's RADICAL!!!!!

SSJ3 Goku Legends



GT was only cool for this

*Blah blah blah insert dramatic anime speech here*
I'm tired of being bullied, and if anyone believes in themselves, they can overcome their destiny, and become the strongest.
~ <insert name here>

Fused SSJ4

Idk what happened to the Legends render here


Did you know Goku got bare minimum 124 quattorodecillion times stronger in canon to fight Beerus? strange

I am sorry, my son.
~ Lord Harambi


Super Saiyan God blah blah blah


Petition for Toei to make this canon

Fused SSJB

Let's go champ

I'm finally back...
~ Saiyadude

Fused SSJB4

OMG!! You powered up so much you turned into the better fusion that doesn't have a one second time limit


You (Whatever your name is) are the protagonist of SethTheProgrammer's series "How strong would YOU be as a ___?", where he dissects how much power you'd have if you were wanked to absurdity with Dragonball transformations.

This is coupled with a stupidly absurd story-line, where you suddenly go from killing your bullies to fighting God Tier memes, and become the uncontested ruler of the world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | 5-C | 5-B | Low 4-C | At least 4-B | At least 3-B, possibly Low 2-C, Low 2-C with God Essence SSJ4 | 2-B | 2-A | 1-B | At least 1-B, likely MemeticMemetic with the Plot Fist

Name: <insert name here>, known as Saiyadude when fused with your Saiyan Adversary

Origin: Dragonball / YouTube Memes

Gender: Your gender

Age: Your age

Classification: Human with Plot Armor

Powers and Abilities:

Plot Manipulation (Extremely strong. You obtained all these powerups by simply calling upon your plot armor. You shouldn't even be able to go SSJ because you're a human. Maybe teach Krillin this lesson on how to go SSJ), Rage Power

As before, Telekinesis (Quickly spun around the planet)

As before but far, far stronger, Reduced Stamina Loss, Possibly Age Manipulation, Fusionism (with your Potara earrings)

As before to a much greater scale. Existence Erasure with Blink.

As before, likely can still use Blink due to being far stronger, Resistance to Extrasensory Perception (Can no longer be sensed by being less than a God), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; fought Harambi and most future opponents in space)

As before, Statistics Amplification with Harambe's Power, far stronger Plot Manipulation (Taught by Chuck Norris to "become one with the plot itself"), Martial Arts (Taught to you by Bruce Lee), Time Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation and Limited Space-Time Manipulation (Bruce Lee taught you the Time Skip technique)

As before, but unfathomably greater and virtually no natural stamina consumption unless actually fighting, Resistance to Heat

As before but indescribably greater, Light Manipulation

Unfathomably above previous caliber, Meme Manipulation, Social Influencing, can now attack directly using the Plot

Attack Potency: Human level (You have a power level of 5) | Moon level (Can beat up King Piccolo with your new power level of 250, superior to wanked Master Roshi, vaporised your bullies) | Planet level (As strong as Saiyan Saga Tien Shinhan. Can elbow Shonen verses to death. Effortlessly spun the planet around with Plot Armor) | Small Star level (As strong as Ginyu Saga Toei Goku, one shot your Saiyan adversary) | At least Solar System level (Far above your previous level, and at least comparable to Super Perfect Cell. Blinked away an army of people who were as strong as your previous SSJ4 level. Easily killed Robo-Hitler, Darth Bin-Laden and the Guineau Pig) | At least Multi-Galaxy level+, likely Universe level+ (Fought Lord Harambi, and was just able to repel his death ball that was going to demolish the universe. In the league of Super Vegito, who punched through Super Buu's ultimate chain reaction Vice Shout), Universe Level+ with God Essence SSJ4 (Made Harambi nervous, until he revealed his true identity as Harambe, and passed onto again the afterlife) | Multiverse level (Via linear multiplication, challenged Ainsley Harriot for a time before he got serious) | Multiverse level+ (Repelled Harriot's frying pan attack with a Kamehameha, Harriot being the "Spiciest Meme in the Multiverse") | Hyperverse level (Immesurably stronger than your previous level. This level was achieved with plot, wank, and a power level of 160,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Blinked away Ainsley's stirring bowl and tore his head in half) | At least Hyperverse level, likely Memetic (Blasted LeafyIsHere, which is Ainsley's final form, back to hell with a Kamehameha), Memetic with the Plot Fist (Blasted away an army of memes with minimal effort and saved the Omniverse)

Speed: Average HumanRelativistic+ (Above Kid Goku's lightning dodging feat) | FTL (Approximately 6 to 7 times) | Massively FTL+ (With rounding just for sprinkles, you peak 1000x) | Massively FTL+ (100,000 times) | Massively FTL+ (10 million times) | Massively FTL+ (Approx. 10 trillion times) | Massively FTL+ (Far above previous speed) | Immesurable (Boundless in speed with wank) | Immesurable, likely Memetic

Lifting Strength: Unknown normally, Planet Class with SSJ3 and beyond (Flipped the planet effortlessly), Immesurable with SSJB and beyond (Survived being flattened by Ainsley's cooking oil)

Striking Strength: Human Class Moon Class Planet Class Small Star Class | At least Solar System Class | At least Multi-Galactic+. likely Universal+, Universal+ with God Essence SSJ4 | Multiversal | Multiversal+ | Hyperversal | At least Hyperversal, likely Memetic, Memetic with Plot Fist

Durability: Human level Moon level Planet level Small Star level | At least Solar System level | At least Multi-Galaxy level+, likely Universe level+, Universe level+ with God Essence SSJ4 | Multiverse level (Survived a casual Ainsley Frying Pan attack) | Multiverse level+ | Hyperverse level | At least Hyperverse level, likely Memetic

Stamina: Average Human, high as a Mastered Super Saiyan, far lower as a Super Saiyan 3. Extremely high as a Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, and virtually limitless as a Super Saiyan Blue 4

RangeStandard Melee range pre-Super Saiyan, Extended Melee range Super Saiyan and beyond, Ki blast and attack range scales to AP

Standard EquipmentThe literal fucking plot itself

IntelligenceYour intelligence here, Genius in combat courtesy of plot

Weaknesses: Resistance to Plot Manipulation, PTSD from bullies | Heavy Stamina loss at first, mitigated with Mastered Super Saiyan | Severe stamina loss as Super Saiyan 3 | None Notable | None Notable | Super Saiyan God had a short time limit, but you absorbed the form into base | None Notable, no longer afraid of the bullies | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Kamehameha: The technique that took 50 years for Roshi to perfect. Learnt in a few seconds after becoming the Super Saiyan, because why not.
  • Plot Armor: A metaphorical set of armor that protects you from loosing, and gives you new power ups when you need them via Plot Convenice
    • Plot Omnipresence: Chuck Norris further enhanced your plot powers, allowing you to be one with the plot. This drastically increased the potency of your already absurd plot manipulation
  • Blink: Symbol of your superiority as Saiyadude, can erase things from existence
  • Gods' Power: By raising your hands to the sky, you can call upon the powers of the Gods themselves (Tupac, Chewbacca, Optimus Prime, The Cat in the Hat, and a Goldfish) to become a Saiyan God.
  • Harambe's Power: Allows you to unleash the true power of the real Harambe, massively multiplying your power and speed.
  • Time Skip: Bruce Lee somehow taught you this technique, allowing you to stop and leap through time, and do everything hit can do
  • Spirit Bomb: You learn the Spirit bomb in your final battle with Leafy, you instead used it to summon the plot from everyone in the Omniverse
    • PLOT FISTThe ultimate technique using Harambe's power and all the plot you summoned. A huge gorilla snake that can utterly destroy anything needed, including memes.

Key: Base | Super Saiyan | Super Saiyan 2 + 3 | Super Saiyan 4 | Saiyadude (SSJ4) | Super Saiyan God / New Base | Super Saiyan Blue | Super Saiyan Blue 4 | Saiyadude (SSJB) | Saiyadude (SSJB4)


Notable Victories:


An entire army


Darth Bin-Laden

Guineau Pig

Ainsley Harriot


A meme army

Notable Losses:

Bruce Lee

Chuck Norris

Inconclusive Matches:

Lord Harambi

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