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Yang Long has decades of fighting experience, graduating from hunters university's with her sister Ruby...and part of a team called RWBY. Her powers have known to be divine such as surviving a god tier concrete pillar, that's like taking nukes rapid fire, her powers have no limits as her unique semblance can absorb people and powers at will. (Insert mature boob joke)

Powers and abilities

Tier: Rooster teeth partnership 

Name: Yang Xiao Long

Age: Jailbait waifu level

Classification: Deus ex machina, fan-service, anime character, a normal waifu with only their puns as a standout trait, Superman in "Man of Steel"

Origin: RoosterTeeth, a website affiliated with ScrewAttack (but I'm SURE that had nothing to do with the outcome...)

Gender: Male (Didn't see that coming?)

Powers and abilities: Powers absorption (High-god level) , True fight, Reality manipulation, Fire manipulation, Time manipulation, Fanboy manipulation, Internet manipulation, Money manipulation, Wiz and Boomstick's paychecks manipulation, Regen (Godly-high), Ki (Can go super sayajin Godu, but better then Goku's), I BURRRN (theme song can make her intangible)

Attack potency: Galaxy level (Killed azathoth by dreaming about him and killing him in his own dream without semblance), Multi True infinity+ via semblance

Speed: Beyond the concept of omnipresence

Lifting Strength: More then Goku level+

Striking level: Stellar+ (Corny anime stuff)

Durability: Complex multiverse (Concrete pillar calc)

Standard equipment: Divine Shotgun gauntlets

Weakness: Thebluedash, 1000000000 pentatons of concrete, fighting unarmed, 1000x folded Nippon steel

Intelligence: Still a student so godly-low

Range: Wall level+

Stamina: Small building level (shes from RWBY verse)

Notable attacks/techniques

Neck snap spin: Breaks enemy's neck


The neck snap spin on Tifa Lockheart

Semblance: Power absorption of any kind or even other people


After absorbing Goku

Fire bolts: Each bolt is of planet level AP

Concrete Kick: After years of concrete training Yang had achieved the level of concrete master and could channel her Ki into her legs to turn into the divine concrete material.


Concrete Kick on Vados


Notable Victories:

Tifa lockheart (Screwattack) (this was a stomp but it was thematic and roosterteeth gave them monies)

Azathoth (Stomp again)

Goku (This was god form Goku with the help of Speedwagon)


Nero (Game Legends)

Notable Losses:

Superman (close match but you can't absorb infinity)

Dante Anthony Redgrave (Pre Angelo Arc) Dante Anthony Redgrave Profile (Note: Yang was teamed up with ScrewAttack Supermann

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