Weedle (anime AG)

Thug Lif3 W33dl3

I done stole yo waifu bich.

Gigajack Weedle

You done came to the wrong neighborhood. Prepare to get pecced. (bounces pecs)

Satsui No Hadou Gigajacked Weedle

It's on now bich.

Golden Weeza

I am gorgeous and mighty! Bow before me or i shall string shot your puny universe!

Golden Weeza God Mode

You better start bowing, or my almighty Weedleforce will make you!

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This is Weedle. One of the most powerful Pokemon ever. Deal with it.

Powers and Stats

Tier: -1 | Satsui No Hadou'd The Tier List, Bich | Ahahahahaahahahaha!!!!!

Name: Weedle

Origin: Weedle World

Gender: Weedlegender

Age: Existed Before The Bug Bang

Classification: Ultimate Bug Pokemon

Powers and Abilities: Poison Usage, Super Strength, Teleportation, Weedle Mode, HGH, Telekenesis, Supreme Authority Over Weedles, Waifu Stealing | Check this out yo! Satsui No Hadou! I AM WEEDLE! BEYOND PERFECT, AND I WILL KNOCK YOU OUT, AND GO 2 LIVE CREW WITH MY WAIFUS! | Such wonderful beauty and ultimate....everything! Ahahahahaha.....i control all! Weedle EmPIIIIIRRREEEE

Attack Potency : Weedle level | Satsui No Hadou On Da Protein Shakes | Ew! What a pitiful concept! Levels. Ugh i will not let it stand, for it stains my beautiful soil! Weedle is most displeased!


Lifting Strength : Class W (Lifted infinity billion Weedles and Waifus) | AAAAOOOOOORRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Lift? Ha! Even nothing's everything is nothing to my everything!

Striking Strength : Class W (Knocked yo bich ass out and stole yo waifu) | KO! 私はレイジング悪魔です!痛みの運び手! | Hiya....HIYA! GOLDEN WEEZA SAVES THE ETERNITY!

Durability : I'm Weedle. You ain't nothin. First shot is on me.

Stamina: All night long with yo waifus

Range: I'm all around the world! | Satsui No Hadoupresent | Golden Gilded Galooza Range+l33t

Standard Equipment: Dumbells, Sunglasses, Red Bull, An IPhone, A Dutch Nougat Candy Bar, Soil For His Weedle Bretheren, (Dumbells exclusive to Gigajack) | Protein Shakes,(EXTRA LOADED) Grilled Beef Sushi w/ High Protein Teriyaki Sauce, WEEDLE NEEDLE RAGE NO HADOU SECRET ACCESS, | Golden Majesty, Golden Galensions, Goulden Kahuksyuks, The Spirit Of R.........never mind. No. No...that's a terrible thing. Ha but it does not matter to me, for golden is beyond eternal!

Intelligence: You think i'm stupid bich? I'm so smart i took yo waifu! | あなたは私の心を入力しようとすることはできますが、しようとして分類されます。(Rough Translation since Google Translate is iffy: You may try to enter my mind, but you will fall trying.) | Golden! Wonderful!

Weaknesses: WEEDLE NEEDLE RAGE, (as Gigajack Weedle) otherwise none.


  • Bich, i stole yo waifus, and i made sweet whoopee!
  • Arceus? God of Pokemon? Puhleez! I made him my dumbell shiner.
  • I done took Goku, stole his Draggin Bawlz, and scored 69,000 in a game of pickup with em.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Poison Sting: (All Weedles) Man. Once i hit you with this, say your prayers bich. You'll be floppin like a Magikarp out of water.
  • String Shot: How do you think i stole yo waifus?
  • Harden: You....get where this is going.
  • Jack Crunch: (Gigajack) Imma pick you up, and crunch yo bich ass so hard, you'll be an accordion!
  • HGH Hammer: (Gigajack) Bich, my arms are like hammers! Made of DY-NO-MITE! Hulk ain't got nothing on these!
  • Weedlehug: (Gigajack) Imma give you a BIG hug!
  • Needle Ball Of Death: (Weeza) Prepare to taste galactic needles.....
  • String Death Beam: (Weeza) SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND....bich you ded.
  • HAIL Weedle: (Weeza) Imma ram you with my horn, and bounce you up and down like a LOWRIDER!
  • SATSUI NO WEEDLE! EVERYTHING IS POWER: Satsui No Hadou Gigajacked Weedle is truly an unstoppable force with all his necessary workout regiments! Saitama ain't got nothin on Weedle!
  • Golden Everything: Golden Weeza's God Mode Is A Golden Godly Godlike Golden Everything

Key: Normal, Thug Life, Gigajack, & Golden Weeza | Gigajack w/ Satsui No Hadou | God Mode Golden Weeza

Note: Certain attacks apply to the different Weedle forms, however this is ignored if Weedle is composite (Barring the two extreme formz, which are godmods)


Notable Victories:

  • Arceus
  • Yo Waifu
  • DBZ

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches: