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Mayron in Smash Legend Bros.

Mayron Legenrok, an omnipotent being in which he is superior to all the common omnipotents of true infinity

and to the omnipotent Joke because of his extreme, infinite and absolute lucidity and detachment, absolute emotional simplicity and high simplicity in his actions and attitudes.

Well, I see that the question of reflecting between the function of you in which you are constrained, in which I am very surprised.

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Carlos Mateus Araujo de Carvalho



Parts of Legenverse multiverse:

Game Legends

Legend Bros.

Smash Legend Bros.

Characters of Legenverse multiverse:

Mayron Legenrok

Jessica Ganbison

Jamon Ramon

Nero (Game Legends)

Kirby (Smash Legend Bros.)

Mario MLSS (Smash Legend Bros. Swich)

Blossom (Smash Legend Bros.)

Bubblevicious (Smash Legend Bros.)

Angry Ed (Smash Legend Bros.)

Daffy Duck (Smash Legend Bros.)

Klonoa (Smash Legend Bros.)

Spongebob Squarepants(Downplayed)

Saitama (Weak Downplayed)

Deikey Kong

Timmy Turner (Downplayed)

Creysh Bandicoot

Jex O'Donnell


Pegasus Seiya (Smash Legend Bros.)

Noogenzon Saiboot

Caillou (Downplayed)

Sash Lilac (Downplayed)

Keenan Crier(Legend Bros.)

Erza Scarlet (Weak Downplayed)


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