"Welcome to the au verse Brah!"-Fresh Sans

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Undertale AUS was made after the smash hit indie game Undertale. Some AUS were good, while others were mediocre to poor. Some Charcters in it are very powerful and some in it are very weak via having the powerful Error Sans And SANNNESSS nightmare Sans And Swap Papyrus and Fell Sans.

Overview Of The Undertale AU Verse

The Undertale Au Verse are Different Universes Set Aside From The Undertale Verse some have great Au universes some have bad universes.

History Of The Verse

After the Release Of Undertale Other Universes Started Being Created Like Underfell Underpants Errortale And Underswap And Dreamtale some sans aus see them as foes but when it comes down to team battles they work together as a team and beat whoever gets in their way and are ready for anything to happen.

Power Of The Verse

In Terms Of Power The Undertale AU Verse Is A Pretty Decent Verse Via Having Error Sans Who Can Destroy Universes And Realitys With Ease And Ink Sans Who Is Said Who Have Created All The AUS And Is The Protector Of The AUS And Error Sans Is A Complex Multiversal Being That Can Destroy Realitys And Universes With Ease And Horror Sans Who Is Physically Stronger Than His Undertale Counterpart And Killer Sans Who Can Save And Load And His The Power To Gain LOVE Through Killing And Has The Ability To Destroy Entire Timelines And Murder!Sans Who Has The Ability To Destroy Save Points And Can Gain Love And Can Also Save And Load And Ultra Sans Who Is A Non-Corporeal Being And Can Literally Break The Entire Action Screen And Even The Bullet Board Itself And Also Sixbones Which Has A Unknown Tier And Has Unknown Attacks And HP Overall So The AU Verse Has A Lot Of Hax And Has Some Multiversal Beings.
Omega Error Sans


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Sans AU Themes (ORIGINAL)

Sans AU Themes (ORIGINAL)

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