• I would like to point out some problems on Koh's and Sayo's profiles.

    1st. 10-B is for Koh himself but with the way that it is written makes it look like the 10-B is for Early Game (Pre-Degeneration).

    2nd. In his Early Game (Post-Degeneration) key's AP section, it gives the reasoning that his Digimon have for being Large Building level+ is because he fought a Raremon, but Koh never has fights a Raremon, the second boss that Koh fights is Aquilamon, Raremon instead fights Sayo. You can't even encounter a Raremon in Dawn.

    3rd. It says that Late Early Game is At least 6-B for (Commands 3 well trained Champion Digimon).

    4th. On Sayo's page, it doesn't say that her Early Game (Pre-Degeneration) key has Solar System level durability and Solar System Class Striking Strength. Also it doesn't say she has that key but does have the AP and Speed for that key.

    So what I'm suggesting is that a key for Koh himself should be added, his speed for that key should be changed to "Normal Human with FTL reactions (Can react to Ultimate level Digimon)" and the first key's (now second) AP, Dura, Speed and Striking Strength should be changed to Solar System level, Massively Hypersonic+ and Solar System Class. The mention of him fighting a Raremon should be removed. Late Early Game should be changed from At least 6-B to 6-B. Her durability and speed for as well as Early Game (Pre-Degeneration) key should be added to her page.

    I would make a CRT or whatever for this but I'm currently blocked from creating stuff on VSBattles until the 27th.

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