• Z: Banished from all of existence for crimes against humanity

    Yxz: Spends his days down in Cali reminiscing about his favorite 90's bands, working a day job at a flea market, and pondering why he even exists. (His chainsaw is left in a rented garage)

    Meatwad: who?

    SorA: Continues his nonsensical rants about the future and stealing (much better) content from a certain wiki .

    Truvix Head: Killed in a drive by (Best thing for him really)

    Rick Sanchez (Downplayed): Contsantly moves to other realities where he continues to fail more and more in each one

    Skaleton: Still trying to bring the horn section back

    Obnoxious Spammer: Obliterated by Saitama for no reason

    N8: Erased himself into a much better non-reality

    Papa: Died along with the meme

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