This is Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Infinity War wielding the Stormbreaker. After Infinity War, Thor has received "massive godlike" buffs and is still being infamously omega wanked by his Marvel fanboys.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 3-A, likely 1-B

Name: Thor Odinson

Origin: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Age: 1053, possibly 1500

Classification: Asgardian, God of Thunder, Strongest and most powerful Avenger, most unbeatable character in the MCU.

Powers and Abilities: Beyond Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance and durability, Insane healing factor, Longevity, True flight, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Weather Manipulation, Armour generation, Cloth manipulation, Creation, Telekinesis, Absolute Precognition, Dimensional Travel, Teleportation, Invisibility, Duplication, Portal creation, Force-field creation, Draining/Life Force absorption (on an immeasurable level), Size Manipulation (he also can shrink his enemies down to the size of the smallest atom that exists), Can BFR his opponents to the microverse, Matter/Molecular manipulation (universal scale), Telepathy (multi-dimensional range w/lowball), Quantum/Cosmic blasts, Ki blasts, Kamehameha, Quantum manipulation, All kinds of energy manipulation, Reality warping, Gravity manipulation, Probability manipulation, Possibility (and Impossibility) manipulation, Luck manipulation, Emotions manipulation, Plot manipulation (can also negate his enemies' plot armour), Magnetism manipulation, Immune to any HAX and reality warping.

Attack Potency: At least Universal level, likely Multiversal. Stormbreaker can one shot anyone and is omnipotent, made the completed Infinity Gauntlet look like a complete joke. Multi-Galaxy striking force (without even trying), Supernova to Galaxy busting lightning.

Speed: MFTL++++ Travel, Reaction, Movement, Throwing and Combat Speed; he's capable of performing decillions of Infinite Mass Punches in less than a picosecond (w/lowball). Rumor has it, he has completely humiliated Pre-52 Wally West, Barry Allen and Jay Garrick who were omega amped with the Speed Force.

Lifting Strength: Solar System at bare minimum, can effortlessly lift structures and celestial objects much larger than the sun. Completely unaffected by the gravitational pull of 50 billion neutron stars combined. He clearly "moved these Nidavellir Rings" all by himself with "zero effort" at all.

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Galaxy level, likely Universal+; casually one shotted Thanos who is easily universe level and omnipotent. Stormbreaker one shots everyone.

Durability: Likely Immeasurable; he durability far exceeds his striking force. He has easily no sold the full power of 999 wankillion neutron stars for like "a year" so therefore this means that he is invincible. Absolutely nothing can hurt him and can no sell any attack. Possesses insane healing factor (operates on a much higher level than 616 Sentry's), even if you erase him from history and all planes of reality, he'd still come back in less than an attosecond. Immune to any kind of HAX including reality warping.

Stamina: Limitless

Range: At least Universal+

Intelligence: High, likely Omniscient due to Stormbreaker.

Standard Equipment: Stormbreaker

Weaknesses: He'd still lose to DCEU Superman tbh...


Notable Victories:

Thanos (One Shotted)

Stan Lee

The Universe

The Multiverse



Star Wars

Chuck Norris

Saitama (Godstomp)

Pre-52 Wally West

Pre-52 Barry Allen

Pre-52 Jay Garrick

Notable Losses:

Meta Knight (SSBB) Wanked

DCEU Superman