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Powers And Abilities

Tier: 3-C, 2-C | High 2-C | High 2-C, can bypass durability | Tier Zro | Tier Math


Names: Blue, Doxer apparently

Classification: Chat Mod, RWBY's #1 Fan and Weakness, Guy who makes Innapropiate Verse Pages, #Corrupt, calc group member

Abilities: Chat Kick and Ban, Weakify (Usually only used on RWBY), Leech (Makes his friends make profiles for him), Can lewd people via Trap Manipualtion (MLG Weiss only) | Concept Manipulation (Can manipulate math)

Attack Potency: Galaxy Level, Multi-Universal when making a Verse Page | Multi-Universal+ as a Chat Mod, he has more control over Chat | Multi-Universal+ since he's still a chat mod, can bypass durability by lewding people (He is Weiss, and Weiss is bae)| Mathematical+

Lifting Strength: Human Level+ (Like all VSBattles members, the right hand (sometimes left hand) is superior to the other)

Striking Strength: Class XJ+ (Can destroy his own hopes and dreams of upgrading characters by going to search for a feat.)

Durability: Sub-Street Level (Shield indeed was made out paper)

Speed: Human Level+ (Finger speeds are high because of his constant fingering) | Immeasurable (Cinematic Timing) | Same | Infinitely Immeasurable+

Intelligence: So low, hes smart (Constantly downgrades his favorite verse) Also doesn't use adblock. | Everything math related is WoG

Range: Internet

Standard Equipment: Wall Level RWBY feat calcs, Blue Balls, Red Stains, jokes (that he steals from Ryukama)

Weaknesses: RWBY Calcs, Can't upgrade pages (only downgrade)

Key: Member | Chat Mod / Red Stain | MLG Weiss | Chat Mod + Calc Member


Its a Blue Dash Mobile phone

Notable Victories:

-ScrewAttack (Found out their RWBY calcs were flawed)

-SomebodyStupid (Became chat mod first)

-ImagoDesattrolante (Summoned his brother Das to hack his account)

Notable Losses:

- LordAizenSama (Now outranks Bluedash badly, as planned)

- Sheoth (Because he is Motherf***ing Sheoth)

- Level 1 Aron (Beat his Infernape shatless)

- Pikachu942 (His game updated first)

- Lord Kavpeny (http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:211993)

- Tai Lopez (due to Blue not having adblock)

- Mico09 [1]

- Chelsea's image (can't f**ing render it)

- SoyHop (tricked him into watching RWBY "fan videos")

Inconclusive Matches:

-ImagoDesattrolate (Who the f**k is he again?)




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