This is it, the point where big becomes small, strong becomes weak, etc. etc.. this entity solely occupies the spot of being both extreme of everything, nothing can grow more than or less than it, as passing it simply loops you back around to the opposite side. granted this also means that everything is both more than and less then it at the same time.

Powers and Stats

Tier: lowest and highest

Name: The Ultimate Extrema of Everything, where stuff gets really confusing

Origin: logical assumption, has all ready happened and is yet to

Gender: most and least

Age: oldest and youngest

Classification: necessary entity, the best and worst

Powers and Abilities: unclear

Attack Potency: above and below everything

Speed: above and below everything

Lifting Strength: above and below everything

Striking Strength: above and below everything

Durability: above and below everything

Stamina: above and below everything

Range: less than and more than everything

Standard Equipment: uuuuuhhh

Intelligence: dumbest and smartest

Weaknesses: everything and nothing