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The Stig is one of the protagonists from the british TV show Top Gear.

Profile and Stats

Tier: Some say, that he is too powerful to even be ranked in any tier

Name: But all we know is that he is called The Stig.

Age: Some say, that he was born without a month.

Classification: Some say, that underneath his helmet, is another helmet

Powers/Abilities: Some say, that he creates miniature black holes when he sneezes

Attack Potency: Some say, that he once punched god

Speed: Some say, that he runs faster when going backwards, however he goes trillions times the speed of light while doing so

Lifting Strength: Some say, that he can lift the planet Jupiter over his waist and won’t break a sweat for 10000 years

Striking Strength: Some say, he can punch harder than Superman Prime One Million and World Breaker Hulk combined

Durability: Some say, that he is already dead. But death itself is too scared to tell him

Stamina: Some say, that if he was to be lit on fire, he would burn for 10000 days


Some say, that he can solo fiction if using Prep-Time.

Some say, that he IS the one above all.

Some say, that he can change tiers as long as he wants.

Some say, Logan Paul is too afraid to fight him. And that Shadow was banned from JBW because he didn’t want to challenge the almighty Stig.


Notable Victories:

Some say, that he solo’d all of Marvel by doing absolutely nothing

Some say, that he defeated Azathoth in a matter of seconds

Some say, that he defeated every godmode there was.

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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