Just score a hit


The Lucky 7, is a number that you obtain when your extremely lucky, once you get this number is all over because no one will be able to stop you no matter what they do. This particular number has been known to clean out casinos faster than you can blink, if it falls in the hands of an enemy just be careful for whats to come.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Lucky

Name: The Lucky 7

Origin: Origins?, it's a number it has no origin.

Gender: 7 (Yup it has 7 genders)

Age: 7 (Yes its a kid)

ClassificationHoly shit my ass was saved, I'm so lucky, YES I GOT 777 I"M RICH!, the bane of any enemy, that one lucky hit, ass pull, dumb luck, lucky as hell

Powers and Abilities: Luck manipulation, Probability manipulation, Anti-bad luck card, able to restist 1-hit kills casually, can 1-hit kill at times, able to make you rich in casinos, will piss your friends off if you get it, can save anyones ass in any situation

Attack Potency: Class Luck (You get a Lucky hit every 7)

Speed: Omniprecense (It's everywhere and nowhere)

Lifting Strength: None, is a number dude it can't lift.

Striking StrengthClass Luck (is able to 1-hit kill an enemy if you get it)

Durability: Class Luck (gives you a lucky save by leaving you always with 1 HP/% if you ever get hit by a critical or a 1-hit kill move always)

Stamina: It's a number, wut stamina are you looking for?.

Range: Omniscient

Standard Equipment: Horse shoes, Lucky Cards,Rabbits Foot, Monkey Paw, 7 Leaf Clover, 4 Leaf Clover, Lepricauns, Rainbows that takes you to a pot full of gold, that one thing you need or have that will save your ass one day, anything that give's luck

Intelligence: IQ of 7777777777777777777777777777777777777

Weaknesses: Is the Lucky 7, no drawbacks!.


Notable Victories:

Critical Hits

1-Hit kil resitance

Cheaters (not even they could win against Luck)

Hackers  (same as the cheaters)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:




Black Cats

Broken Mirrors

any unlucky number