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 Tier: Nukepotent, He nuked Omnipotents and even the existence who is FAR BEYOND OMNIPOTENTS

Name: The Kim Jong-Un Above All

Origin: North Korea

Classification: An All powerful being on the wiki

Powers and Abilities: Nuking, Omnipresent, Being above everything, Time manipulation, Smarter than everyone, and Nuke manipulation.

Attack potency: Nukepotent - He can nuke the entire multiverse

Speed: Nukepresent - He can exist at everywhere at once

Lifting Strength: Nukepotent

Durability: True Infinity

Stamina: Limitless

Range: True Infinity

Standard Equipment: Inapplicable

Intelligence: Omniscient

Weaknesses: None


Notable Wins:

Nero (Game Legends)

Sans (Wanked)

Locomotive (The God of Trains)

Superman (ScrewAttack)

Goku (Wanked)

Hater Wife

Bill Cipher (Exaggerated)

Notable Loses:

Emperor Trump

Inconclusive Matches:

The Sasuke Above All

Xi Jinping