It so weak, the entire Alliance lost to an deadly shit, following their imminent deaths from Malaria.
~ Duma*s Idiot, before Imminent Death


This is an Alliance of the weakest characters ever.

Joined by a bunch of Weaklings.

The Members are Miles Tails Prower (Downplayed and Lowballed), Rick Sanchez (Downplayed), The Weakest Character Ever, Jinx, Pichu (ssbm), Sheep Queen (Sheepfinity X Downplayed), Gengu Shimaduh, The Tails Doll (Truly Downplayed), Yu Yevon (Mega downplayed), Saitama (Weak Downplayed), France, and Hetteh


Tier: Always Lose, useless, none | Has yet to understand the first Letter of such a word | Too weak for tiers | Beyond being below 💩 Tier | 💩+ tier/the real bottom tier | Sheepfinity X below shit tier | So far below 💩 that you can't even imagine | 9-C at his best, 10-C, Shit Tier, Always Lose | Below the concept of losing and dying. | below 💩 | 💩 tier below tiers below all concepts feats and abilities simply one of the weakest not even godmodes can make him win

Name: The Joke Battles Wiki Losers Alliance

Origin: Joke Battles Wiki

Age: None | Probably 0 zeptoseconds because, too stupid to even have a Proper Age, and can't afford one.

Gender: No Gender | A bunch of crybaby girls

Classification: Alliance

Powers and abilities: Below None Dying (He always dies when he enters a fight) | Complete inability to command a mharti, or his own body through his own '""""""""brain""""""""""""". | Too weak for powers and abilities | Somehow gaining millions of views through borderline video theft, being bullied off of the Internet | hurting himself | Baaing with no power to it | Climbing (Because thats helpfull), Dashing Into Battle and Dying (Wait What?) | Flight, Can eat souls, Can shoot red lasers via gem, Jumpscaring, Teleportation, Creepy Voice, Failing (At his 9-C and 10-C stat) Nothing (at his shit tier stat, he is powerless) Dying (He dies when he enters a fight at his always lose stat) | Giving people autolife, Causing some of the strongest on the wiki to give up, Not being immune to instant death | below Nothing | None

Attack Potency: Below None | Had to move to a dimension where the air was light enough for him.... | Too weak for attack potency | Beyond being below 💩 Level | None | Below the concept of Attack potency X sheepfinity | Saying Gengu is worthy of Attack Potency is like saying Justin Beiber is a great singer | Street Level at his best (Can kill human beings) Below Average Level (People say that he's just a doll) Shit Level (He gets curbstomped by a FNAF character) Always Lose (Dies before this page was made) | Shit level (Gave the people tasked to kill it permanent autolife allowing him to destroy it) | below None | below tiers this made taking France very easy in ww2

Speed: Below the concept of Speed | Too weak for speed | Beyond being below 💩 Level | none | Slowler than a snail (This sheep is below speed and slowler than slow) | Not fast enough to escape | FTL at his fastest  | Below Average | Below Speed | Too weak for Speed | Slower than a statue. A statue beat im in a race by ∞ eternities | below Sub-Human | below tiers that's why Hitler took France after Poland

Lifting Strength: Below Nothing | Too weak for Lifting Strength | Beyond being below 💩 Class | none | Its too heavy for the sheep (Can't even pick up nothing) | So weak that he can't even lift a gun, so he uses toys he bought at the dollar store | Class G at his best | Below Average | Shit Level | Too weak for lifting strength | Lifting his own weight killed him | below Subhuman | none simply cannot lift

Striking Strength: Below None | Too weak for Striking Strength | Beyond being below 💩 Class | none | Tried to attack but it dies before punching | Even if he attacked Mercy for 5 minutes straight, he still wouldn't be able to do any damage | Street Class at his best | Below Average Class | Shit Class | Same as AP | He can't strike. | below Class BH | none that's why France lost ww2

Durability: Dies less than an instant | Too weak for Durability | Beyond being below 💩 Level | none hurts himself instead | Can't even survive a weak attack from a shit tier character | He gets absolutely positively ROFL STOMPED by Baby D.Va | Street Level at his best | Below Average Level | Shit Level | Too weak for durability | Killed by air. | below Human Level | Wait lol they surrender wait right Paris is taken in ww2 and the lost to Vietnam very quickly

Stamina: Below Shit | Too weak for Stamina | None | shit none | Below the concept of Stamina | I Need Healing | Infinite at his best | Below Unfit | Shit level | Too weak for stamina | '-9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 | Small, the size of a quank.none, likely lower | None

Standard Equipment: None | Just its wool with no power or defense to it | His costume he bought at Walmart, His toy weapons he bought at the Dollar Store | Knives, his gem, possibly that's it | His own death

Intelligence: More Dumb than a dumbass | Too weak for Intelligence | Neanderthalian, likely lower | Too dumb to even think about this wiki | Not smart enough to no when hes outmatched | Above Average at his smartest | Below Average | Dumbass | Too weak for Intelligence | Nothing | Below Intelligence

Range: None | Less than infinitely below planck length range of anything/nothing/whatever. | Too weak for range | Barely arm range, but he can't even lift those | a micrometer | Its too long for the sheep (Even Rainbow Dash (Downplayed) has better range than this sheep) | Pathetic | Standard Melee Range | Standard Melee Range | Shit Level | Too weak for range | None | A mindless person beat him | Small, the size of an atom.nothing | global with nukes but they too scared to use them 

Weaknesses: Everything

Key: Miles Tails Prower (Downplayed and Lowballed) | Rick Sanchez (Downplayed) | The weakest Character ever | Jinx | Pichu (ssbm) | Sheep Queen (Sheepfinity X Downplayed) | Gengu Shimaduh | The Tails Doll (Truly Downplayed) | Yu Yevon (Mega Downplayed) | Saitama (Weak Downplayed) | Hetteh | France


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