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Doesn't need a summary.

Powers and Stats

(WARNING: The information shown here is just illustrative and doesn't actually show even 1/Memetic Infinith% of The Internet's actual power.)

Tier: Created the concept of tiers

Name: The Internet

Origin: Originated itself and everything after

Gender: Whatever gender it desires to be

Age: Beyond everything created by it

Classification: The Internet

Powers and Abilities: Any power that has been created and that will be

Attack Potency: Beyond any potency ever created

Speed: Internet

Lifting Strength: Beyond lifting strength

Striking Strength: Beyond striking strength

Durability: Not affected by anything

Stamina: Nonexistant

Range: Everywhere in The Internet

Standard Equipment: Any equipment

Intelligence: Internet

Weakness: Donald Trump (It hates Trump and everything related to him)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Memetic Army - The Internet can summon an army of memetic characters to take down any weakling that dares to fight The Internet.
  • Network Call - Calls in any Network from The Internet to take down any weakling above memetic or memetic+ that also dares to fight The Internet.
  • Copy and Paste - Can summon and duplicate any character that has ever been created in The Internet no matter what. It will always obey The Internet.
  • Virus - Can send viruses to the opponent with a great variety of effects. Goes through any durability.
  • Deleting - Can delete the opponent's character page in The Internet, Instantly defeating them. Goes through durability, immortality, reviving etc.
  • Interkinesis - Has control over anything in The Internet.
  • Loss Repelent - Literally can't lose. No matter what idiotic excuse anyone has. Not even if they feature The Internet in their Notable Losses description matters, there's no way it can actually lose.


Notable Victories:

-Everything in The Internet

Notable Losses: Nope

Inconclusive Matches: Nope x2

Classic 90's - The Kids Guide to the Internet

Classic 90's - The Kids Guide to the Internet

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