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Enough about reality, let's focus on heroism!
I'll fight for truth and justice, no matter who's way I have to trample on!
Some of these are out of context.
I hit the red thing.
Who they love is none of your business. Unless you're interested in one or both of them, in which case it somewhat is your business.

But, even if it has nothing to do with me, I still want to help them! And, besides...

That's the spirit! Though it's rather poorly directed, given that what you're trying to prevent causes little to no trouble for them and the rest of us, while preventing it would cause a surprising amount of harm.


Oh, right, you're a kid. I can write it down if you think that you'll forget it.

~ Magia talking with child Manami in the flashback

From start to finnish, this is going to be perfect!
~ before fixing Hugtto
Sure, quote Bleach, but a scientist without an endgame is a tool at best, and a fool at worst.
~ after fixing Hugtto
The trick, m'dear, is minding that it hurts.
If you're doubting yourself, have some pride, because you've reached the knowledgeable part of the Dunning-Kruger effect.


The God Of Procrastination is a member of the Battles Wiki community, and far more intelligent than some of the matches that he has made would indicate.

I'll probably end up including my entire life story here.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, 10-C to High 1-C | Varies, High 8-C to 1-B, possibly High 1-B or 1-A | Memetic, High User via his wiki self's power | High User | 10-A, 11-A with powers

Name: Varies | Varies | Magia | The God Of Procrastination |

Origin: The Real World

Gender: Female or Innaplicable | Male, female or both | Innaplicable | Male | Male

Age: 10-ish to at least thousands of years old | 7-20 | At least a few years | Longer than Pretty Cure has been a thing (his profile is only a few years old) | Longer than Pretty Cure has been a thing

Classification: Varies | Varies | The fruit of years of godmodding | Human, fandom user

Powers and Abilities:

May include Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Creation, Probability Manipulation, Einherjar Spell, Sensory Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid, possibly up to High), Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4 and 8; Shares her existence with The Law of Identity, and will reincarnate any number of times as long as the Law exists), Changing the laws of nature, Fate Manipulation, Durability Negation, Mathematics Manipulation, Fear Aura, Multiple Personalities, Magic, Flight, Power Nullification (Can suppress Akuto's power, stripping him from his Awakening), Technology Manipulation (Yata no Kagami allows her to transfer her will into L'Isle Adams so they can disobey their programming and instead follow her orders), Spatial Manipulation (Can freely manipulate the virtual alternate dimension, an infinitely vast 4-dimensional space), BFR (Can send people to the virtual alternate dimension), Law Manipulation (Can change the rules of the virtual alternate dimension with her will), Limited Instinctive Reaction (Her body instinctively takes the most suitable course of action to protect her rice), Invisibility (Can turn herself invisible, but her clothes will remain visible), Stealth Mastery (Can hide her mana to go undetected), Extrasensory Perception (Can trace other people's mana), Creation (Can create Ame-no-Murakumo no Tsuragi, two meter long swords made of light), Heat Manipulation (Ame-no-Murakumo no Tsuragi emits an intense heat that is able to melt walls), Energy Projection (Can create mana balls), Danmaku (Yasaka no Magatama allows her to create countless mana spheres at the same time), Time Manipulation (With her angel, Kurumi can manipulate time in various ways. She can accelerate time to blitz enemies, decelerate time, stop the flow of time of whoever she hits with her bullets, summon her past self who has her physical abilities and time travel), Spatial Manipulation (Can summon spatial explosions known as "spacequakes"), BFR (Spacequakes can send anything in their path outside of time and space), Durability Negation (Spacequakes can tear away anything in their path by destroying time and space), Age Manipulation (Can cause a target or a subject to age), Clairvoyance (She can peek into the past of a target, and take a glimpse of the future), Flight, Acausality (Types 1 and 3: Even if Kurumi is killed in the past, she will always exist in the present and throughout multiple timelines, and isn't affected at all by the presence of multiple "her" in the same present), Duplication (Kurumi can duplicate herself and create clones which can send people into her dark dimension), Shadow Manipulation (Her shadow is a dimension where all her time clones reside when outside of battle), Absorption (Her shadow absorbs other's lifespans to add to her own and absorbs the powers of her opponents in range, makes unresistant people unconscious and can still weaken resistant targets), Supernatural Luck, Loli Physiology, Weapon Mastery, Inorganic Physiology (Type 1), Resistance to Extreme Cold, Cosmic Radiations (Able to fly naked through space, which is cold and filled with radiation), Law Manipulation (Can ignore the rules of the virtual alternate dimension), Mind Manipulation & Soul Manipulation (Magic Gods can look at Chimera without suffering from her Transcendental Beauty)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, May include Dimensional Storage, Flight, Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, can grant power to others, Telekinesis, Small Size (type 1), Mind Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Empowerment, Pocket Reality Manipulation All previous abilities to a greater extent, except for Small Size, plus Large Size (type 1), Sound Manipulation, Energy Projection, Petrification, can summon Negatone, Breath Attack, Absorption, Plant Manipulation (trapped Crescendo using vines), whip generation, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 [as long as sadness exists, he will return, though this seems to take time]), Transformation, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Empathic Manipulation (Can channel emotions that awaken powers, dispel evil, and heal), Morality Manipulation (Can return selfish psyches to normal), Purification, Energy Projection, Immobilization, Plant Manipulation, Bubble Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Can increase her power, speed and durability. Those who she subjugates gain a boost in power and in the effectiveness of their abilities), Regeneration (High-Mid), Weapon Creation (Able to recreate the broken Magical Lovely Pad. Can fire and create Homing Attack bear projectiles and explosive pillows. Can make whips in Wolverine-esque locations on himself), Light Manipulation, Flight, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Mind Manipulation (By stepping on someone’s head, she can subjugate them and those subjugated can also do the same thing to others), Accelerated Development (Absorbing souls allows her to level up. Thanks to her slaves passing the souls of those they kill constantly, she passively increases her level and stats without needing to do anything. Her power grows at an extremely fast rate when fighting someone on the same level as her. Can gain any power or stat boost given enough trying/training, accelerated greatly in dire circumstances), Clairvoyance (The perception of his slaves is transmitted to him via the system), Power Mimicry (Gains improved versions of the abilities of those she subjugates. Has the same adaptation as Noise (Suite Pretty Cure♪)), Magic, Fire Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Invisibility, Extrasensory Perception (The Vigilance skill allows her to perceive the surroundings outside of her field of vision), Healing (Can completely heal from the head and some of the torso being left), Limited Soul Manipulation, Possession (She is able to fragment her soul to possess things using those fragments), Soul Absorption (Everyone with the system can absorb souls in order to make their own soul bigger and heavier and thus level up), Matter Manipulation and Creation, Misdirection, limited Technology Manipulation, limited Dream Manipulation (Entered Koyomi Araragi's dream, but this could have been due to the bond between them), Large Size (Type 0), Pocket Reality Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (Was able to shut down the electricity of the False Mitakihara City), Darkness Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Summoning (She can make familiars form from the shadows and water of a city), Body Control (Has two massive hands that float alongside her), possibly Magic or Curse Manipulation (Is either using something similar to a Magical Girl or Witch as a power source), Forcefield Creation, Teleportation, Hair Manipulation with Love Deluxe (Able to grow hair to any length, grab things/people, trap objects, turn hair into projectiles, embed hair into other people for limited remote control over them), Crazy Diamond which has Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced SensesRestoration (Crazy Diamond can revert objects to a prior state with a fair degree of control, allowing Josuke to heal others, reduce matter to its components, and fuse objects together), Nobody PhysiologyNon-Corporeal, Selective Intangibility and Invisibility; Telepathy, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Elemental Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Creation, Fusionism, Information Analysis, Blessed, Power BestowalLaw Manipulation (Testament gives her the ability to make contracts called Rule of Grace, forcing people to comply to certain rules, if the rules are broken it will bring about instant death. It is an ability on the causation magic system. However the combat effectiveness of this ability is not the best due to the opponent having to make a promise in front of her for the ability to take effect), Nonexistent Physiology (Arend Deus is a figment of Abiah's imagination in Everybody Wants to Rule the World), Electricity Manipulation, limited Biological Manipulation (Capable of manipulating the electrical pulses in people), Body PuppetryMind Manipulation, Technology ManipulationEnergy Projection, Pseudo Gravity Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Power Absorption, Minor Phasing, possibly Death Manipulation (Has the same Electricity Manipulation as Oudo Miyakonojou), Soul Manipulation (Blazers can manifest their souls as a weapon), Death Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Expert Swordswoman (Comparable to Stella Vermillion, who's sword mastery is so exceptional that even Ikki stated that there were 0 wasted movements and not much he could teach her, even though she was purposely trying to make mistakes), Enhanced Hearing and Spatial Awareness, Illusion Creation and Invisibility by bending the surrounding light with heat, Social Influencing, Supernatural Luck (Her luck is A rank, deeming it to be exceptional), can use magic to boost her physical stats and create a barrier around herself, she can reduce an opponents stamina with minor blows and cause them to faint with fatal blows whilst using her device in illusionary form, Trackless Step (A technique which uses breathing and footwork techniques to become suddenly unperceivable by the opponent becoming "useless information" as far as the mind is concerned. Virtually "moving into the unconsciousness" of the opponent), Heat Manipulation (Once Stella vermilion unlocked her true powers she gained an enormous boost to the heat of her flames, with her sword and Bahamut Howl being stated to burn at the same temperature as the core of the sun, Abiah is comparable), Can wield razors as weapons, Pain Manipulation and Memory Manipulation with Scar Dead (Can re-open any wound ever inflicted on someone. Not only physical wounds, but mental wounds as well), Empathic Manipulation and Willpower Manipulation (Due to having an abnormal personality, all minus can break the heart of anyone just by meeting them, the effect is so strong that even Medaka Kurokami felt like she was going to pass out from it)

 Unconventional Resistance to Power Nullification, Power Modification, Power Absorption and Power Mimicry (Skills are inscribed into the soul which resists any outside interference unless the interference is stronger than the soul's defenses, furthermore Unique Skills and above require a strong soul to possess them), Resistance to Power Erasure and Damage Transferal (Her restored damage cannot be reflected by Encounter) and Absolute Zero (Comparable to Stella), Death Manipulation (Those with the system can resist death manipulation as long as they are stronger than the user), Time Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Possession (Was not affected by Leva and Gula's city-ranged coma-inducing spores, which would eventually corrupt the heart of humans and turn them into Jikochou), Transmutation, Power Mimicry, Memory Manipulation (Individuals surpassing A rank have high resistances, and their memories are protected by their soul), Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Superior to Holy Knights who resisted Diablo's Temptation and Demon Lord's Ambition), Information Manipulation, Data Manipulation (Magic Senses overloads the brain with so much information it would have killed a normal human, but can be used casually by her), Sound Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement, Immunity to Soul Manipulation

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Stand Physiology (Is a stand), Natural Weaponry, Body Control (Has retractable claws with similar aesthetic and properties to Wilt when wielded by Adam. Can open cracks in his body, which four of his ayes can travel across, along with a myriad of additional ones. His usage of anti-magic toxin probably qualifies as this) Mind Manipulation, Healing, Plot Manipulation, Immortality (Types 2 and 9), Invisibility, Willpower Manipulation, Existence Erasure (Can generate erasing flames using Limit Eraser, and can put in even more power to transform it into lightning with the same effect. The latter makes up the majority of his "wings"), Supernatural Luck (Has a powerful form of luck that works on the quantum level), Madness Manipulation (Ate Sayori's depression), Causality Manipulation (Via For A Hero), Attack Reflection (Via Ore na Rule da), Law Manipulation (Can manipulate legal systems. Has imitated powers from Masadaverse, even developing some based on it. Deleted every taboo in The God of Highschool), Hacking (Hacked Underworld and New World Online), History Manipulation, possibly Past Creation (Interacted with DDLC before the game started), Creation, Power Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Destroyed the concept of power limiters because Rosario+Vampire had too many to destroy individually. Later destroyed the concept of seals to protect Sakuya Kyougetsu), Durability Negation (His sheer hatred of Nasuverse renders him a sort of anti-Mystery, which ignores the durability of things more the less widely and thoroughly they are understood), Biological Manipulation (Leg destroying bullets do as their name suggests. While reading Kanao Tsuyuri's backstory, he enlarged her parent's anterior insular cortices so much it caused them physical pain. May have genetically engineered a Space Marine at some point), Pain Manipulation (Made that one girl gasp and collapse in pain with a poke. Killed Rin Tohsaka by breaking her arm), Empowerment (Due to his hatred of the "loses magic because of growing up" trope, his powers will increase exponentially when he turns twenty. Has gained multiple powers as a result of hating something), Fate Albane (Got so tired of getting this as a suggestion that he actually obtained him as a power, somehow, so that he could list him. Not sure why I was so tired), Fate Manipulation (Automatically destroys fate upon being exposed to it. Less guaranteed the more he considers it to be an entity. More guaranteed the more annoyed at it he is), unconventional Power Nullification (Can somehow resist things that have nothing to do with him), Transduality (His Aziluth causes paraconsistency to become an acceptable state of affairs, making it "both 0 and 1," rather than "neither 0 nor 1"), Transformation (Can switch between his real appearance and one that he will definitely make an image of one day depending on what he feels like), Physics Manipulation (Thoroughly restructured Nasuverse's cosmology. Removed entropy from Madokaverse), Invulnerability (Should have the same physiology as a past avatar, who was described as a "block substance" with no smaller parts. Relativity causes his Durability Negation to double as this), Invulnerability Bypassing (Frequently breaks through invulnerabilities he considers "unfair" with brute force alone. Sometimes not even using that), Statistics Amplification (Can boost reasoning ability and luck. Increased his summons' powers and physicals by infinity), Energy Manipulation and Homing Attack via Breath of the Night, Non-Physical Interaction (Has an ability that allows him to destroy Hadou God's laws through brute strength), unconventional Resistance to Holy Manipulation (Holy effects always heal and empower him, regardless of their intended purpose), Resistance to Paralysis Inducement (Completely unaffected by Red Key's anti-dodge. While this used to be achieved via Maximizer, its usage is no longer necessary to do this [either that, or it's become automatic]), Shapeshifting (Can retain his appearance when using Excessive Awakening, though this may be due to active modification of the power)

Ability Imprinting, Ability Intuition, Ability Learning, Ability Mastering, Ability Teaching, Abjuration, Absolute Access, Absolute Condition, Absolute Health, Absolute Manipulation, Absolute Piercing, Absolute Restoration, Absolute Slowness, Absolute Zero, Absorption, Abstract Existence (Types 1 and 2), Acausality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), Accelerated Development (Leveling, Passive, Training; Physical Stats, Intelligence, Abilities, Transcendence), Accelerating Regeneration, Acid Manipulation, Acrobatics, Acupuncture, Adaptation, Adaptive Regeneration, Adhesive Manipulation, Admin Privileges, Afterimage Creation, Air Manipulation, Alternate Future Display, Alternate-Self Summoning, Angel Physiology, Animal Manipulation, Animancy, Antibiotic System, Anime Physics, Animated Shadow, Antimatter Manipulation, Aquatic Adaptation, Argument Invalidation, Armor Physiology, Astral Projection, Astronomical Object Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Automatic Translation, Automatic Translation, Aura, Avatar Creation, Awakened Power, Bad Pun Manipulation, Below Average Physical Characteristics, Berserk Mode, Berserker Physiology, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Types 0, 1, 2 and 3), BFR, Biasness Manipulation, Binding, Biological Manipulation, Black Hole Creation, Blessed, Blood Manipulation, Body Art Animation, Body Control, Body Puppetry, Bone Manipulation, Borrowed Power, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Breath Attack, Broadway Force, Camouflage, Cancer Manipulation, Candy Magic, Cartoon Physics, Causality Manipulation, Chain Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Character Manipulation, Charging Reliability, Chi Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Cloth Manipulation, Cloth Mimicry, Coin Breath, Comatose Physiology, Complete Arsenal, Concept Deterioration, Conceptual Manipulation, Constructs Creation, Corrosion Inducement, Corruption, Cosmic Awareness, Creation, Curse Manipulation, Cuteness Manipulation, Cyborgization, Damage Boost, Damage Reduction, Damage Transferal, Dancing Power, Danmaku, Darkness Manipulation, Data Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Deceased Power Replication, Deconstruction, Demonic Force Manipulation, Demon Physiology, Demon Physiology (Devil May Cry), Demon Physiology (Shin Megami Tensei), Density Manipulation, Difficulty Manipulation, Digimon Physiology, Dimensional Storage, Dimensional Travel, Disease Manipulation, Divine Monster Physiology, Doubt Inducement, Durability Negation, Downplay Manipulation, Draco Magi Superior Physiology, Dragon Element, Dream Eater Physiology, Dream Manipulation, Duplication, Dynamax, Earth Manipulation, Ebolaids, Ectoplasm Manipulation, Elasticity, Electricity Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Empowerment, Encantado Physiology, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Enhanced Senses, Erinyes Physiology, Esoteric Sand Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Explosion Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, Fate Albane, Fate Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Fiction Soloing Manipulation, Fictional Mimicry, Fire Manipulation, Flawless Restoration, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Fragrance Manipulation, Fungus Manipulation, Fusionism, Future Life Power Access, Game Area, Gaming Manipulation, Gay Manipulation, Gem Physiology, Gender Manipulation, Genius Intelligence, Gestalt Monotheistic Deity Physiology, Glyph Creation, Gravity Manipulation, Haki, Hacking, Hair Manipulation, Hax Manipulation, Healing, Heartless Physiology, Heat Manipulation, Hellfire Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Existence, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Holy Manipulation, Homing Attack, Homo Magi Superior Physiology, Hypnotic Breasts, Ice Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Illusory Appearance, Immersion, Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10), Immunity (Causality Immunity, Foreign Chemical Immunity, Magic Immunity, Omni-Immunity, Temperature Immunity, Fire Immunity, to Life Manipulation, Soul Manipulation), Immunity Calling (I feel so alive!), Information Analysis, Information Manipulation, Inorganic Physiology (Types 1 and 2), Instinctive Reaction, Intangibility, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Intuitive Aptitude, Jorōgumo Physiology, Large Size (Types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11), Law Manipulation, Lewdness Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Light Hawk Wings, Light Manipulation, Loli Physiology, Longevity, Madness Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Magic, Magnetism Manipulation, Makuta Physiology, Making Fortnite Dances, Mathematics Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Martial Arts, Memory Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Mirror Combat, Meta-Teaching, Metal Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Mosquito Physiology, Multiple Personalities, Multiversal Force Empowerment, Nanotechnology, Natural Weaponry, Necromancy, Nen, Nigh-Omnipresence, Nigh-Omniscience, Non-Corporeal, Non-Godmode Physiology, Non-Physical Interaction, Nonexistent Physiology, OC Creation, OC Physiology, Omni-Creator, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnitone, Organic Manipulation, Page Editing, Outlier Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, Paper Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Past Creation, Past Manipulation, Past Replication, Peak Human, Perception Manipulation, Petrification, Phenomena Intervention, Photoportation, Photographic Memory, Physics Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Portal Creation, Possessive Replication, Possession, Powerlessness, Power Absorption, Power Bestowal, Power Mimicry, Power Modification, Power Nullification, Pressure Points, Precognition, Preparation, Probability Manipulation, Psychometry, Puella Magi Physiology, Purification, Quantum Manipulation, Rage Power, Reactive Evolution, Reactive Power Level, Reality Warping, Reflex Immunity, Regeneration (Low, Mid-Low, High-Low, Low-Mid, Mid, High-Godly), Regenerative Empowerment, RERO RERO RERO RERO RERO RERO (Types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), Resistance (to Absolute Zero, Absorption, Empathic Manipulation, Esoteric Sand Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Damage Transferal, Downplay Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Jorōgumo Physiology, Law Manipulation, Lewdness Manipulation, Life-Force Absorption, Memory Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Mirror Combat, Metal Manipulation, Morality Manipulation, Pain Manipulation, Piano Manipulation, Possession, Scary Manipulation, Power Absorption, Power Bestowal, Sealing, Sleep Manipulation, Social Influencing, Soul Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Reality Warping, Resistance Negation and Willpower Manipulation), Resistance Negation, Resurrection, Reverse Trap Physiology, Sand Manipulation, Scary Manipulation, Sealing, Self-Destruction, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Sense Manipulation, Servant Physiology, Shadow Energy, Shapeshifting, Shinsoo Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Size Reduction, Sleep Manipulation, Small Size (Types 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9), Smoke Manipulation, Smug Manipulation, Social Influencing, Soul Channeling, Soul Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Space Marine Physiology, Space-Time Manipulation, Spaceflight, Spatial Manipulation, Special Attacks, Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Status Effect Inducement, Stealth Mastery, Stellar Manipulation, Structure Merging, Subjective Reality, Summoning, Super Saiyan Transformations, Superhuman Physical, Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Supernatural Agility, Supernatural Bodily Aspects, Supernatural Breasts, Supernatural Butt, Supernatural Luck, Surface Scaling, Sword Logic, Technology Manipulation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Temporal Healing, Text Manipulation, The Dimensional Superstructure (DC Comics), The Force, Thread Manipulation, Thicc Manipulation, Thread Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Time Stop, Toon Force, Transcendent Demon Physiology, Transduality (Types 1, 2, 3 and 4), Transcendent Polearm Construction, Transformation, Trap Creation, Trap Manipulation, Trap Physiology, Transmutation, Trinity, Ultimate Regeneration, Ultipotence, Umbrageous Teleportation, Underwater Breathing (Types 1, 2 and 3), Unholy Manipulation, Unnatural Size, Unreachability, Vector Manipulation, Vehicular Mastery, Vibration Aura, Vibration Manipulation, Virtue Inducement, Void Manipulation, Wiki Creation, Water Manipulation, Wank Manipulation, Water Walking, Weapon Creation, Weapon Mastery, Weather Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Witch Physiology (Puella Magi) (Yes, other witches too), Zero-Dimensionality, Zoolingualism, Zoroastrian Deity Physiology

Attack Potency: Varies, Below Average level (Shio Kobe is a regular child. Under its own power, the staff can only deal damage using its gravity and molecular vibrations) to High Complex Multiverse level (Othinus has control over an 11-D world, including all its dimensions, which she can freely warp and destroy hundreds of millions of times in a row) | Varies, Large Building level (Base Abiah Wakana is this tier according to WoG) to Hyperverse level, possibly High Hyperverse level or Outerverse level (Winner Deus could barely fight The Demon, who the game master compared to Superman (Outlier Edition)) | Memetic (Seriously damaged Truck-kun. While the event he intervened in was a dream, since both transcend reality and fiction, this makes little difference), High User level+ via his wiki self's power (Can draw on his real self's wiki powers to adjust the statistics of himself or his opponent [though the latter will generally be reverted by other users], or even to manipulate the scenario of the battle itself) | High User level+ (Can edit any unprotected page on the wiki, including A Profile You Can Edit) | Athlete Class (Used to work out a lot, and is starting to get back into the habit), High Hypoverse level with powers (From a real-world perspective, all of his other keys are this level)

Speed: Varies from Below Average Human (Strictly speaking to at least Relativistic+ with instantaneous attack speed | Varies from Athletic Human to Infinite | Memetic (Moved his arm into the past to annoy Professor Hulk. Intercepted Truck-kun) | Athletic Human

Lifting Strength: Varies, Below Average to Class M (Kurumi scales to Origami) | Varies | Memetic (Stopped Truck-kun) | Above Average Human (Can easily drag other people around)

Striking Strength: Varies, Below Average Class | Varies | Memetic | High User Class | Athlete Class

Durability: Varies from Below Average Human level up to High Complex Multiverse level | Varies, Large Building level to Hyperverse level, possibly High Hyperverse level to Outerverse level | Memetic | High User level | Athlete Level

Stamina: Varies | Varies | Limitless | High (Can edit dozens of profiles in succession) | Above average (Can run hundreds of meters at full speed before needing to stop)

Range: Varies | Varies | Limitless | Standard melee range

Standard Equipment:

Gungnir (主神の槍 (グングニル) Shushin no Yari (Gunguniru), lit."Lance of the All-Father"): Othinus' spear, it's a 3m golden spear with a ribbon-like design intertwining with each other at the end of the handle and below the blade. With its help, she can manipulate probability, making it so that she has a 100% chance of success while using her powers through which she overcomes her previous 50% chance of success limitation. It is this weapon that makes her a full magic god. The lance itself has multiple properties as a weapon:

  • The lance was made to be thrown.
  • The lance will always hit its target once thrown.
  • The lance cannot be shot down or destroyed mid-flight.
  • The lance will always return to its owner’s hands after piercing the target.
  • That lance will destroy the symbols of human power. This last property is the one that puts Gungnir above the weapons of other gods. Rather than showing simple destructive power by blowing away a mountain or vaporizing the sea, it bluntly indicates the precedence of the god over humans. A human can not defeat a god, the convenience of the god has priority over everything in the human’s world and the workings of the world will act accordingly. Because of that, the instant the spear leaves Othinus' hands the world (universe) is blown to pieces. The world is completely destroyed as if space itself is being torn apart. s a fragment of the world approached with the force of a raging wave, it took on the shape of a giant lance. The walls of all the Phases are crushed, transformed into a swirl of deadly weapons resembling sharp shards of glass that gather in the shape of a giant lance, and approached their pitiful target as if to swallow him whole like a raging wave.
    Of course, assuming that this will work against everything, or even every human, is no-limits fallacy.

Leg destroying bullets, a Kaleidostick he made ages ago, and just started adding features to just recently.

Gungnir (主神の槍 (グングニル) Shushin no Yari (Gunguniru), lit."Lance of the All-Father"): Othinus' spear, it's a 3m golden spear with a ribbon-like design intertwining with each other at the end of the handle and below the blade. With its help, she can manipulate probability, making it so that she has a 100% chance of success while using her powers through which she overcomes her previous 50% chance of success limitation. It is this weapon that makes her a full magic god. The lance itself has multiple properties as a weapon:

  • The lance was made to be thrown.
  • The lance will always hit its target once thrown.
  • The lance cannot be shot down or destroyed mid-flight.
  • The lance will always return to its owner’s hands after piercing the target.
  • That lance will destroy the symbols of human power. This last property is the one that puts Gungnir above the weapons of other gods. Rather than showing simple destructive power by blowing away a mountain or vaporizing the sea, it bluntly indicates the precedence of the god over humans. A human can not defeat a god, the convenience of the god has priority over everything in the human’s world and the workings of the world will act accordingly. Because of that, the instant the spear leaves Othinus' hands the world (universe) is blown to pieces. The world is completely destroyed as if space itself is being torn apart. s a fragment of the world approached with the force of a raging wave, it took on the shape of a giant lance. The walls of all the Phases are crushed, transformed into a swirl of deadly weapons resembling sharp shards of glass that gather in the shape of a giant lance, and approached their pitiful target as if to swallow him whole like a raging wave.
    Of course, assuming that this will work against everything, or even every human, is no-limits fallacy.

Intelligence: Varies Mindless to, Genius via 's possession | Varies, Genius via 's possession | Unknown (Has occasionally acted partly or fully independently of his real self, but their exact intelect remains unknown), likely Omniscient (Considering what he's copied), Genius via 's possession | Genius (see feats below) | Genius

Weaknesses: Othinus is arrogant and her reality warping backfires half the time without Gungnir. Keena doesn't know how to use her magic in offensive ways. Satou has poor communication skills. Shio used to have PTSD and amnesia, but got better. These can be circumvented by possession on the part of his real self, though this would bring out his. None notable after revising their histories (so long as he doesn't possess them) | Walter and Abiah started out clueless as to their powers, the former is hurt by higher percentages of One For All and the latter is bloodthirsty due to The System. Dan used to suffer from the effects of Mad Enhancement, but this was fixed near the end of thread 5 | Tends to procrastinate, extreme hatred of depowering on his real self's part renders him unlikely to use power nullification (though he can be goaded into using nullification powers). may fail to deploy it properly if he lacks sufficient understanding of a situation, inherits some weaknesses from his real-world self, mainly mental | Tends to procrastinate, loses all passion for something for a while when he writes it down. Cringes whenever he uses the word "depowering." Also vehemently dislikes what "depowering" refers to | Same as last key

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Endless possibilities: As a Magic God, Othinus has almost absolute power. As such, all possibilities are open for her power. But that produces an omnipotence paradox, because all possibilities also include negative possibilities, like losing against a weak opponent. This paradox produces a situation which severely weakens Othinus because her absolute power only works 50% of the time. If she lands on the negative side of the infinite possibilities, she can also receive a form of backlash, hurting herself.

Wall of Explosions: Othinus can produce a seemingly endless barrage of hundreds of millions of explosions in an instant. The explosions are individually weak, but all together they are stated to be so powerful that the extreme compression of space may twist the continuity of time.

Einherjar (死者の軍勢エ (インヘリャル) Shisha no Gunzei e (Inheryaru), lit."Corpse Troop"): Othinus can bring back the dead as Einherjar, mindless flesh puppets. The process of turning a dead body into an Einherjar is not known, but it involves the insertion of several pieces of gold in the body. Only humans can be turned into Einherjar, even a failed Magic God like Ollerus is far enough to not be a valid corpse. The corpse won't decompose and will retain the abilities and skills the person had while alive. Einherjar are dependent on Othinus' power to function and will follow any commands she gives. Einherjar don't need to breathe and don't feel any emotion.

Turn into a Fairy: An anti-god spell based out of the historical fact on how pagan gods were turned into fairies during the rise of Christianity. The spell appears as a glowing stake that comes out of the user's open palms that is used by piercing the target's chest. The spell, if working properly, can thoroughly destroy the interior of the target's body and otherwise depower the target. For example, Othinus' Magic God powers were tilted towards 0% chance of success after being hit by the spell, and while it took a long time, the spell eventually almost destroyed her if not for outside interference. Ollerus himself was reduced to the level of a normal magician after Othinus used his own spell against him.

Othinus Crossbow: A spell that fires ten arrows in quick succession. All of these arrows hold enough power to destroy one or two planets, even though they are fired with such speed, that instead of causing an explosion they would pierce right through them without the impact propagating. When Othinus uses this spell the world can be heard creaking, as the world itself acts as the crossbow that launches the arrows. Because of this fact, the arrows can be fired from multiple directions: not only can they be fired from Othinus' general direction, they can fall vertically from the heavens to smash an enemy, they can be fired from behind the enemy or they can burst up from the ground. Additionally, Othinus can grant her arrows special properties, such as making them surpass the restrictions of the third dimension, making the arrow teleport and instantly appear by splitting space open; or she can make the arrow ignore the concept of numbers and cause a torrential rain of arrows that colored the night sky like stars.

Bone boat: A spell made for teleportation-like movement. It works by first moving the planet beneath Othinus to put her in the right position and then move all celestial bodies in the universe to fit the new positioning of the planet so that their position relative to each other didn't change. It is not very precise, as it is already difficult to arrive in the right country using it.

Reality Warping: As a magic god, Othinus wields a powerful version of reality warping. She can instantly destroy the universe and
manipulate and recreate it as she pleases. She can manipulate causality and change the natural laws. She achieves this due to her ability to freely create, destroy and manipulate the Phases that make up the world.

Control over the dead and living: Othinus has total control over the dead and the living, being capable of resurrecting anyone and freely manipulating the living's minds, morals and points of view. Touma speculated this was a result of her perfecting her original Einherjar spell. This spell can't control beings who can't be technically be classified as "dead" or "alive", like the Will of the Whole Misaka Network (A thought entity born of the aggregation of egos and memories of all Sisters, alive and dead) or St. Germain (Another thought entity similar to a virus).

  • Save First/Second/Third Base: Healing competences of escalating effectiveness, restoring a little bit, a sizable amount, and all of a target's HP, respectively.
  • Save Fourth Base: Revives a target with some of their HP.
  • Save Secret Base: Restores a sizable portion of the entire party's HP.
  • Furious/Special/Magic/Ultimate Homerun: Attack competences of escalating effectiveness, inflicting a low, mediocre, important, or cataclysmic impact upon a single enemy, respectively. While this competence sacrifices some accuracy/hit rate, it makes up for it with particularly immense damage.
  • Run with Courage: A special attack of the element Metal.
  • Run with Grace: A special attack of the element Plastic.
  • Run with Dementia: A special attack of the element Smoke.
  • Run with Belief: A special attack of the element Meat.
  • Purification: Not actually a specific Competence, The Batter has the power to wipe the color and life out of vast stretches of land, remove all "impure" material such as most written words and some constructed objects, summons Secretaries into the land, and can erase areas/powerful beings from existence entirely.

Additionally, his Add-Ons have their own set of Add-Ons to supplement their capabilities:

File:The Batter Battle Sprites.png


  • Saturated/Converted/Long/Entire Chain: Attack competences of escalating effectiveness, inflicting a low, mediocre, important, or incredible impact upon a single enemy, respectively.
  • Awaited Embrace: A special attack that can also afflict the enemy with Poison, continuously dealing them damage that ignores their armor and durability.
  • Requisite Embrace: A special attack that can also afflict the enemy with Blindness, causing the target to have great difficulty hitting their opponent.
  • Open Embrace: A special attack that can also afflict the enemy with Muteness, disabling all of an enemy's special attacks.
  • Impossible Embrace: A special attack that can also afflict the enemy with Palsy, paralyzing enemies and preventing them from taking actions.


  • Inverse Perspective: Cures a target of Blindness and Muteness.
  • Optimised Blur: An attack competence that inflicts a random amount of damage upon an enemy.
  • Overdone Perspective: Cures a target of Poison and Sleep.
  • Photographic Blur: An attack competence that bypasses the target's durability entirely.
  • Frontal Perspective: Cures a target of Fury, Madness, and Palsy.
  • Gaussian Blur: An attack competence that also damages the adversary's Competence points, their reserve of energy that enables them to perform special attacks.
  • Decoupled Perspective: Revives a target with some of their HP.
  • Radial Blur: A special attack that also lowers the adversary's defense.


  • Surrealistic/Abstract/Cubist/Fauvestic Tragedy: Attack competences of escalating effectiveness, inflicting a low, mediocre, important, or incredible impact upon all enemies at once, respectively.
  • Classic Drama: Increases the target's Attack, amping up their physical attack power.
  • Baroque Drama: Increases the target's Defense, improving their durability and toughness.
  • Experienced Drama: Increases the target's Intelligence, improving the power of their competences (special attacks)
  • Irrevocable Drama: Increases the target's Agility, amplifying their speed.

All For One: All For One's Quirk allows him to instantly steal people's Quirks and renders them the user's own. This Quirk can also transfer and grant Quirks (stolen by All For One) to other people, he can even combine his stolen Quirks to create powerful and devastating attacks. In addition, those who have their Quirk/powers stolen will be rendered comatose until All for One is defeated. Even then, the theft is permanent, and it cannot be returned without his consent. All For One has stolen a variety of Quirks with his ability:

  • Search: All For One stole this Quirk from Ragdoll. With this Quirk, All For One can observe and monitor up to 100 people at a time, including their location and weak points.
  • Warping: All For One can produce a black liquid that acts as a portal, similar in nature to Kurogiri's Warp Gate. It appears All For One can use this Quirk on a large scale as he produces multiple black liquid portals that transport dozens of Noumus to the League of Villains' hideout. Like Kurogiri's Warp Gate, this black liquid can also teleport people as seen when Katsuki is dissolved by the black liquid. This black liquid warping Quirk, however, has many limitations: this Quirk is not a coordinate based warping Quirk and can only warp things to and from his location. Also, the warping only works if it is used on someone with whom he has a close relationship.
  • Forcible Quirk Activation: All For One processes a Quirk that allows him to forcefully activate someone's Quirk against their will, whether they are conscious or not. This Quirk creates vein-like appendages that attach to the target and activate the target's Quirk. These vein-like appendages can also be used for offensive purposes. All For One used this Quirk to forcefully activate the unconscious Kurogiri's Warp Gate and made him create a portal.
  • Springlike Limbs: All For One is able to compress his muscles like a spring to boost the force of his physical blows as well as certain Quirks.
  • Air Cannon: All For One fires an air shockwave from his arm that was powerful enough to blow All Might through several multi-story buildings while enhanced by several unnamed strength amplifying and instantaneous impact Quirks.
  • Impact Recoil: This Quirk seemingly enables All For One to reverse the impact of an attack and make the opponent suffer from it.
  • Spearlike Bones: All For One grows drill-like bone protrusions wherever he wishes on his body.
  • Multiplier: All For One is able to grow additional arms.
  • Rivet: All For One is able to grow tough, rivet-like protrusions on his body.
  • Infrared Ray: All For One is able to see a very limited portion of the infrared spectrum, allowing him to compensate for his blindness somewhat.
  • Longevity: He appears to possess a Quirk that gives him superhuman longevity, as he has outlived seven users of One For All and has remained in fighting condition despite this.
  • Super Regeneration: All For One gave this Quirk to Nomu. It grants him the ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and a entire body from his severed head. However, it doesn't work on injuries that have already developed scar tissue.
  • Shock Absorption: The second Quirk that All For One gave to Nomu. It grants him the ability to absorb the shock of any attack, but it has a limit to how much it can absorb.

One For All: Izuku's Quirk gives him access to the stockpiled energy of the eight wielders before him, granting him a tremendous boost in power. Izuku has proven to be able to properly control a small percentage of One For All, using it to increase his strength, durability and speed. However, if Izuku doesn't spread One For All evenly throughout his body, his limbs can be extremely damaged from the force of his movements. Recently it has been discovered that in addition to the physical strength, One For All can also pass on the Quirks of the previous bearers, and the power of their Quirks are increased by One For All. Currently Izuku has manifested one of them, and has the potential to learn and control five more Quirks.

  • Detroit Smash: Izuku emulates All Might, but instead of a downward smash, he throws an uppercut to release the power upward. This attack was powerful enough to smash through every floor of a multi-story building and bust a hole in the roof, while generating a wind pressure so powerful that it shifted debris on the top floor and destroyed several of its support pillars.
  • Delaware Smash: Izuku uses One For All at full power and flicks his fingers to create a big shockwave, strong enough to generate a fissure in the water that was able to prevent aquatically-inclined villains from escaping after being pelted with Mineta's sticky spheres. It was also powerful enough to break through the waves of ice that Todoroki sent to Izuku during the Sports Festival.
  • 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash: This smash is the strongest move in Izuku's arsenal, which consist of him activating One For All at 100% during an adrenaline rush and then striking his opponent with a full-swing attack. When performing the move, Izuku first uses a full-handed Delaware Smash, then delivers a devastating Detroit Smash. At the climax of his battle with Muscular, Izuku was able to overpower and throw his opponent strong enough to create an enormous crater in solid rock.
  • One For All: Full Cowl: This technique allows him to activate up to 20% (Previously 5% which was then improved to 8%) of One For All throughout his body, letting the power course and flow through him instead of concentrating it in one location. Activating this technique gives him enhanced strength, speed, mobility, and agility. It also prevents him from breaking his bones whenever he uses One For All.
  • 5% Detroit Smash:i Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl at 5% and delivers a straightforward punch to the opponent. He has also used this move in the form of a downward punch in the air.
  • Delaware Smash Air Force: Izuku uses his upgraded gloves to direct a compressed air blast against his foe, possessing enough concussive force to stun Gentle while he was in mid-air, giving Izuku an opening to catch up to him. He can fire up to four air blasts at once.
  • One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style: A variation Izuku created to address the problem of his increasingly damaged arms, he channels the power of One For All primarily into his legs and lower torso, enabling him to use their naturally greater power to improve his striking strength and mobility by kicking his opponents.
    • Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash: Izuku leaps into the air before swinging around to deliver a roundhouse kick to his opponent's face. Izuku used this move to incapacitate Gentle, who had been empowered by La Brava's Quirk to match Izuku's Full Cowl at 8% of its power.
    • One For All: Full Cowl - 20%: Izuku uses 20% of One For All's full power and distributes it throughout his body, giving him an even greater power and speed boost. While it won't cause his bones to break, it does put immense strain on Izuku's body, causing him great pain to the point that it feels like his bones are on the verge of breaking.
      • Manchester Smash: Izuku leaps into the air and flips forward to bring down an axe kick upon his opponent. Although Overhaul managed to dodge it, it pulverized the ground thoroughly enough that Overhaul wasn't able to completely retaliate with his Quirk.
    • One For All: Full Cowl - 100%: Izuku activates One For All to its fullest extent throughout the entirety of his body, granting him a tremendous boost in strength and speed that allowed him to easily overwhelm Overhaul in his final form. However, using this ability in his current state would instantly break any limb he used, and he was only able to fully utilize this ability with Eri's help.

The embodiment of the power of the Right Hand within Christianity, which Fiamma of the Right claims has the power to create miracles and destroy all evil outright. The power itself is aligned to the Archangel Michael. The Holy Right derives its power from the prominence the right hand has in Christian lore, wherein several miracles, rituals, and traditions are performed using the right hand. The Holy Right's strength depends on Fiamma of the Right’s needs and the enemy that stands before him — ergo, the Holy Right simply defeats whatever it targets with the precise amount of force needed, no more no less. The Holy Right manifests as a mirage-like hand that appears like a malformed bird’s talon that appears to be growing out of Fiamma of the Right's right shoulder.

  • Miracles of the Right Hand: Can use any symbolism magic that has anything to do with the Right Hand: Archangel Michael cast down Lucifer and his fallen angels with the right hand, the Son of God healed the sick with his right hand, and one needs to record bibles with their right hand, plus many others.
  • The Strike That Ends Everything It Touches: This attack destroys everything it touches without any destructive force. The striking force is as much as is needed to destroy a target - if the target is humanity it can lifewipe, but will not destroy the planet. The maximum power shown was continental (all of Asia and Europe).
  • Holy Right Auto Target: The Holy Right has a function which allows it to automatically target anything that it deems as a threat. This was shown when a satellite laser from Academy City shot Fiamma out of nowhere, and the holy right blocked the laser and destroyed the satellite when Fiamma waved his arm. Fiamma had no way to even know that the laser was fired at him, nor did he even know where the orbital satellite that shot the laser was located, so the logical explanation for this is that the Holy Right has the ability to auto-target threats, that even Fiamma may not know about.
  • The Strike That Reaches Everything When Swung: This attack delivers itself right next to its target without any speed, thus allowing him to move and attack anywhere and anything at will. It is essentially teleportation.
  • Teleportation: Fiamma of the Right can teleport anywhere he wishes instantly as long as he has an open horizontal path.
  • Flame Sword: He can produce a 30~40 km-sized sword made of flame.
  • Absorption: The Holy Right is able to absorb other things, shown when Fiamma disassembled and absorbed Imagine Breaker as part of his plan to achieve La Persona Superiore a Dio.
  • Other Attacks: Fiamma has demonstrated other attacks with the Holy Right, such as creating beams or swords of light.

Index's Controller: After acquiring Index's controller, Fiamma solved the issue he had with the Right Arms slowly disintegrating in the air with each use, limiting the number of times he could use it in a row. Additionally, using the controller he can activate Index's John Pen Mode, access the knowledge of her grimoires and even have her cast magic for him, which will come from the controller.

  • St. George's Sanctuary: A high-class defensive spell which distorts space-time. Two magic circles over two meters across appear and glow before exploding into something that looks like pitch black lightning. This is described as cracking space open, with the cracks quickly spreading in front of the user and looking like a barrier preventing anyone from approaching them. Additionally, something that seems to be pulsating swells up from within the cracks, and a beast-like scent wafts in from the slight opening created by the pitch black cracks. Kamijou Touma instinctually realized that the thing inside the cracks was very dangerous, even if he didn't know what it was exactly.
    • Dragon's Breath (竜王の殺息 Ryūō no Satsuiki (Doragon Buresu), lit. "Killing Breath of the Dragon King"): A high-class offensive spell, used after casting St. George's Sanctuary. The black cracks caused by the previous spell suddenly open and widen all at once. Then a pillar of light, looking like a laser beam about a meter across shoots out from within the cracks. The spell holds the same power of the legendary dragon of Saint George and it can be fired continuously. Upon trying to use Imagine Breaker to stop it Touma Kamijou found out that his right hand couldn't negate the beam fast enough to counter its power, so the spell started to slowly eat into his hand. He also realized that the beam wasn't a solid mass and that each individual piece of light making it was different, which he speculated might be a result of Index using her 103,000 Grimoires to cast 103,000 types of magic at the same time. The spell has shown to have an incredibly long range, destroying Academy City's satellite Tree Diagram by accident when fired from Earth.
      • Feather of Light: An aftereffect of Dragon's Breath. Anything destroyed by the beam of light will leave no trace behind. Instead, any matter destroyed by it will turn into several feathers of light as pure white as the beam itself. These feathers slowly float down to the ground, and can apparently kill any human who touches them. They seem to work by frying the brain.
  • Scarlet Stone of Pexjarva: This spell causes the bones of the feet of the target knee starting to feel a deep pain as the joints between the bones are stretched apart by force. This invisible attack seems to come from the ground and seeps into the body of the target from there.
  • Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani: It's a powerful anti-Christian spell which throws a powerful bloody-red beam of light from a magic circle originating from Index's face.
  • Sulfur Rain Will Scorch the Earth: An attack that throws about 50 arrows from top to bottom that can drill and burn the target. One arrow is sufficient to turn solid stone into dust.
  • Sword of the Harvest God Freyr: Also known as the Sword of Victory, it's the magic sword of the god Freyr from Norse Mythology, which fights on its own "if wise be he who wields it", also famous for its wielder having never suffered defeat in the myths while he had it. It takes the form of a thin Western sword made of a collection of what looks like particles of light. The sword floats around and automatically moves to attack the enemies of the wielder by slipping through gaps on their defense to pierce their vitals. Multiple copies of the sword can be summoned simultaneously.

La Persona Superiore a Dio: Also known as The One Above God, a state reached by Fiamma upon completion of his plan. Having absorbed Imagine Breaker and having it used to purify his Holy Right, Fiamma can wield the Holy Righ's full output and complete his right hand's power, which now has a fully physical form instead of its normal mirage-like status. Even the world itself is changed as a reaction to this, with the sky opening up to the Phase of Heaven to respond to Fiamma's call, gathering a massive amount of Telesma that illuminates the world with a golden light. Besides allowing Fiamma to fix the distortions in the world as his plan intended, the Holy Right's power has noticeably increased, allowing him to release attacks with the power to blow away a planet or recreate any miracle/legend found in Christianity.

Communication Spells: Like most magicians, Fiamma is able to use magic to communicate with others via telepathy and various magical devices (such as a red paper plane that projects his voice) over long distances.

Hide Presence: He can successfully hide his presence from anyone to the point that even the magic god Othinus couldn't detect him.

Turn into a Fairy: An anti-god spell in the form of a stake of light based on Christianity shrinking down pagan gods to fairies and monsters. A god pierced by the stake will be turned into a fairy with less power and eventually die. Later Fiamma created his own variation of the spell using his specialization in disintegration techniques, creating a five hundred meters long stake that applies the spell 2,070,000 times in a row to widen the distortion and immediately destroy the god.

Blue Forte Wave: Using her Flower Tact, Marine launches a budding flower several times her size at her target. After the flower hits, she rotates her tact in order to make the flower sprout and release a burst of energy within the target. This move attacks enemies and rejuvenates allies.

Marine Shoot: Marine creates a ring of water and then unleashes a barrage of bubbles from water ring towards the foe.

Marine Impact: Marine charges blue energy into her fist and then hits the opponent with it, unleashing a blue blast from the impact.

Marine Dive: Marine performs a powerful diving kick.

Marine Dynamite: Marine creates a blue-colored explosion around herself.

Forehead Punch: After receiving a boost from the Heart Seed, Marine launches herself and tackles her foe head first.

Pretty Cure Giant Explosion: After holding hands with Blossom or Sunshine, Marine creates a giant explosive blast with her partner.

Transform: Aguri can use the power of her fairy companion Ai along with the Cure Loveads and Royal Crystals to transform into the legendary Pretty Cure warrior, Cure Ace.

  • Pretty Cure Dress Up!: Ai creates the Love Eyes Palette. Aguri says the phrase Pretty Cure Dress Up,

taps the royal crystals and applies eye shadows. She then transforms into Ace.

Tummy Punch: A reactive hit against someone's stomach.

Ace Shot Boom: Cure Ace's first attack. She uses the Love Kiss Rouge and applies lipstick and blows a kiss that takes a shape of a heart. Ace then fires a large red beam at the opponent that can purify them.

  • Purple Version: A purple beam that immobilizes the opponent.
  • Yellow Version: A yellow beam that binds the opponent in vines.
  • Blue Version: A blue beam that traps the opponent in a bubble.

Analystic: The ability to analyze with eyesight alone. Craftable items can then be produced. Should many items gather, a duplicate can be produced. In the case of successful skill or magic analysis, the same technique can be acquired.

Magic Perception: The ability to perceive the surrounding magical energy.

  • In addition, the user is able to observe how waves disturb the nearby magical energy, then use that information to calculate the visual, auditory and other wave-based information of the surroundings. Magic Sense also grants the ability to understand and express the intent of spoken words even if the language of the conversation partner is unknown.
  • Magic Perception enables users to be aware of their environment in battle even if blind or deaf and prevents a surprise attack.

Telepathy: The ability to communicate with others telepathically.

Thought Acceleration: An ability that accelerates the user's thought processing capability by a million to ten million times, allowing the user to react to something they normally wouldn't be able to perceive.

Power Bestowal: Abiah wields the power-granting capabilities of Rimuru Tempest

  • Supply: Whether a subordinate or not, Abiah can grant an ability unto a monster with whom she has a relationship with.
  • Skill Gifting: An ability that enables Abiah to grant her duplicated abilities to her subordinates. It's also possible to remove skills she has bestowed on her subordinates.

Resistances: Abiah has Post Harvest Festival Shuna's resistances of: Status Change Nullification, Natural Effect Resistance and Spiritual Attack Resistance.

Love Deluxe: Love Deluxe is a Stand that is bound to Abiah's hair, making it her means of attacking. Due to it being bound to her hair, normal damage to the Stand does not reflect back on Abiah.

  • Hair Manipulation: Love Deluxe can extend Abiah's hair and give her the ability to freely control it. She can use it as a third arm, grabbing objects or people to use for her advantage. There is no defined limit to how much hair Love Deluxe can generate and use. When damaged, Abiah's hair turns white.

Testament: Abiah's first Device takes form as a pair of pure white wing-like swords.

  • Rule of Grace (完全契る, lit. Flawless Pledge): Abiah's Noble Art, originally from Edelweiss, where a person makes a promise in front of her Testament and if the person were to break it, then their hearts will be torn apart. Though it doesn't have combat effectiveness, its binding power is unrivaled (within this one novel/anime/whatever. Outside of it, and technically even inside it, sufficient regenerative powers could hamper, or even negate its effectiveness).

Empress Dress: Abiah creates a dress made of flames that acts as an armor. This can also be used as an attack, due to its extreme heat.

Scar Dead: Abiah's Minus allows her to re-open any wound ever inflicted on someone, no matter how old. This ability extends not only to physical wounds, but to mental wounds as well, allowing her to leave her victims in a state of mental breakdown. Shibushi's Minus cannot be stopped by suppressants, or even her own death. Approaching Shibuki is enough for old wounds to open and merely by her presence alone. Anyone who she approaches or anyone who approaches her will have their wounds reopen.

  • Hatred Weapon Bazooka Dead: Abiah's fully powered Scar Dead, this attack can reopen wounds even at a distance. This ability can also open the wounds of non-living objects such as metal or concrete, which can cause roofs and walls to crumble and collapse due to "wounds" caused in construction.

Weighted Words: Oudo's 1st Proof of Worth, The Abnormality said to be able to control the world. The ability allows the user to manipulate electricity, and use electrical signals to interfere with the target's motor skills. It gets its name because no one can resist Oudo's orders and those who hear his words are forced to obey, regardless of their own will. Although he usually does speak his commands, he does not have to speak to control people's movements. Its use often comes off as a kind of Pseudo Gravity effect, with his targets feeling like they are being weighed down, or crushed to the floor. His electrical manipulation is not limited to people, but anyone or anything that is receptive to electrical signals. Thus, his ability affects even machines. This includes ways that do not have to do with their conventional electronic functions; for example, he can crush them or lift them into the air, again mimicking a sort of gravity manipulation. He is also capable of using his electricity in the form of energy projection, and with some support, can even create a perfect emitter.

  • Brainwashing: Weighted Words is usually used to affect the body or his target's motor skills. However, he is capable of influencing the mind as well, so long as she gives it her full focus. Given a proper setting, he can manipulate a target's mind.

Unreasonable Taxation: Oudo's 2nd Proof of Worth. The ability works by projecting his electrical waves directly into the target's heart. By doing so, Oudo steals any special or abnormal abilities they may have via mutual interference. This is not exclusive to abnormalities or personal powers, as he managed to absorb the physiology based powers of Koga, despite them coming from cybernetic enhancements. He obtained no actual cybernetic parts by absorbing her powers, but gained the abilities she gained by having them.

Power Factory: Magia's primary ability is to produce any effect his real self can imagine. This is facilitated by the reality/fiction difference letting him add whatever he wants to him. Presumably, Magi's own imagination also works.

Power Absorption: Kazer has the unexplained ability to absorb power from anything at all with just a thought. It can be temporary or permanent.

Strongest Link: A "gift" "from" the god of ruin (well, that's the character's story, in my case, I made it after watching a TapL video). Once per minute it kills the strongest, healthiest being in its effective radius. While her version could potentially kill her, mine will never even try to.

Yellow Aura: An aura given to Frisk, mainly visible with his soul. It's function is "transforms Undertale into a regular RPG." Notable effects include:

  • Any fourth wall-breaks are negated. This makes Sans incredibly easy to defeat.
  • Monsters continue to spawn no matter how many are killed. This allows the player to level up to far above.
  • There are no repercussions for killing. Even important figures dying has no repercussions... somehow.
  • MERCY (I could have sworn that it was SPARE) is replaced with RUN (run).
  • Many things are decapitalised.

When the vessel awakened it, their things actually affected Kris.

Ore na Rule da: Reflects Almighty damage, which usually bypasses such things.

Anti-reality power: An as-of-yet unnamed skill that destroys everything hierarchically above the user, compressing the cosmology down to their level and below. Since it works using reversed power, there is logically no "upper limit" to it, though there may be a lower limit. Magia used it to great effect against Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

Objective Reality: Azoth's most notable passive effect, it nullifies any subjective of belief-dependant power in an unknown radius around him.

Purification: 's ability allows him to purge things of their lore, simplifying their capabilities and traits to their most superficial level. Originally conceived for use on Puella Magi Verse, its effect alone could fix all its problems. While 's usage of it is world-changing, Procrastination is aware of an even stronger effect than even strongest usage.

Counter Counter: A guy was making a sword that was super effective against... whatever he decided on, since this was his last thing. All he had was the materials for a sword, two things that would make it counter anything similar to whatever it contained, and some normie contents for the second thing. He decided to put one of the counter things into the other, producing a sword that displays power one dimension up from its usual strength against things designed to "counter" other things.

Mind Control: His forte is grand-scale mind control, usually to make others better people.

Physics Manipulation: Magia utilises a powerful form of physics manipulation that can easily rewrite everything from verse-specific things like the proper human history and limited multiverse energy of Nasuverse to mundane things like entropy, and even power systems like Puella Magi.

Knowledge Release Procedure: This ability makes everyone in the omniverse omniscient.

Immortality: A power that prevents death and decay on a grand scale.

Hero Finale: Originally created using the systems of Shinza Banshou, this tool's effect takes the form of a Hadou Law that frees all affected by it from binary logic, allowing for things like exercising without becoming tired, as well as granting a potent form of reality warping. As

Anti-limiter: One of Magia's oldest technique. By concentrating on anything that he considers to be a "power limiter," he can destroy it.

Stand Rush: A technique based on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Due to his strength, his tend to pierce through the target.

  • Ten Years of Stand Rush: Magia unleashes stockpiled anger all at once. Due to the circumstances under which he used it, it takes the form of a flurry of kicks.

For A Hero: An ability used by Magia that its user considers to be one of his greatest innovations. It's effect makes it so that his actions took effect before the start of the universe. It would be borderline useless without Irreversibility, but thanks to it, it was Magia's most effective "erase someone from history" until he learned to manipulate space-time and its contents freely.

Irreversibility: A direct upgrade from Iihiko Shishime's Irreversible Destruction, it applies a similar effect to everything he does. Aside from affecting everything, it differs from the original in that, while Irreversible Destruction would be undone upon its user's defeat, Irreversibility can be overcome by its user, allowing them to paint over their previous actions nonetheless.

The Godstopper: an improved version of the Pariah gene, it reduces the targets' capabilities to those of a regular human. If I want to, I can even negate technique, knowledge and memory. That last one sounds dangerous.

  • The Godstopper Plus: The first time he actually used it on a god, he quickly improved it into a power that nullifies all ability, mocking the god's arbitrary dislike of warp-based or "magical" strength.

Amelioration: My "healing" works not by changing things to their "healthy" or "former" state, but rather their "perfect" state, based on my perception. This has various perks, from being able to heal "injuries" that aren't actually injuries, to bypassing all levels of resistance. However, it will do nothing about anything that I am unaware of, or if I can't decide what it "should" look like/be.

Equality: Hierarchy compression skill that removes absolutes. Its effects include not only reality-fiction differences, similar to one of his settings, but can even negate things like Servant invulnerability by making "Divine Mystery" and "mundane" equal. After reading a certain quote, he became less trigger happy with this, but still fully willing to use it if necessary.

Absolute Set: The composite Skill to end all composite Skills. It grants the effects of every Skill and Noble Phantasm at the same Rank. Having an EX Rank makes him the ultimate in Nasuverse references.

Reality Mandate-Encouragement of the World Itself: A worldview that became a superpower due to copying Neechan wa Chuunibyou's power system. Its real-world aspect is simply his dislike of "because I think so"-type abilities. In the realm of fiction (with or without his stand), it causes reality to "refuse to bow to" such perceptions. Its effect is so potent that The Covenant ceased functioning, its effects reversed, due to his attention shifting to the verse after gaining it (which was kind of as he constructed it, about 5 times).

Destruction Kiss: A deconstruction of Shido Itsuka sealing Spirits. If the kiss is successful, the recipient is severely maimed and permanently crippled (though it is survivable). Due to his vampiric abilities, Magia can drink the expelled blood for strength.

Policy: Strength: Magia overwrites the laws of logic so that the strongest entity is in the right at all times. Of course, due to how complex logic and strength are, it has no effect within his current understanding of it.

Policy: Thesis: Magia overwrites the laws of physics so that an object's strength is based on the conviction it possesses. Since most objects have no conviction, they drop to 11-C.

SPW Powers: Some of his abilities, such as Coin Breath, were derived directly from the names of powers on Superpower Wiki. These are on the border of original and copied.

Some of these have had modifications done to them, and some of the things in the other tab were remotely copies. It's mostly based on whether or not it still follows the spirit of the original.

Superhuman Speed: Barry can move at vast speeds, letting him run across vertical structures and over large masses of water. Using this speed for his various daily activities, he can near-instantly complete his different tasks, leaving him plenty of time to relax. Barry's speed is potentially limitless, according to Eobard Thawne. He is faster than the empowered Supergirl, ranking him among the fastest in the multiverse. While reaching over Mach 54 on his own in the beginning Season 1 and later enhancing himself to 14.44% the speed of light, since strengthening his connection to the Speed Force, Barry has naturally gotten considerably faster than ever. To which he outpaced Hunter Zolomon, who had become much faster after stealing Barry's original speed energy; and Savitar, who can travel at 1% the speed of light. Superhuman Reflexes: Barry's reaction time is augmented, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans. When shot in the neck on his blindside, Barry caught the bullet and minimized the damage before it could fully penetrate his skin. He can also react to explosions and even lightning. In Season 1 he could already react in 9 nanoseconds. He can also react to his movement speed.

Rapid Cellular Regeneration: Barry has dramatically heightened healing capacities. His molecules move at accelerated rates, causing the chemical reactions of metabolism to mend and even restore any damages much quicker and efficiently than regular humans. His body can heal spanning from seconds to days with no treatment or lingering effects and signs of ever happening. Even normally permanent damage, like becoming a paraplegic, will completely repair itself within days. He also has an immunity to any sickness, disease, drugs, toxins, and poisons. Even when injected with 2,000 milligrams of horse tranquillizer, Barry was only momentarily slowed down until his body burned through it. His augmented healing factor enhances his vitality, drastically reducing his aging process while extending his health and longevity. The downside is an increased appetite as compensation.

  • Extreme Force Generation: By building up enough physical force through his accelerated speed, Flash is able to deal very punishing blows. He usually uses this ability in his "Supersonic Punch", using a running start of 5.3 miles before reaching supersonic speed and punching an opponent.

Speed Vacuum: With accelerated speed, Flash can create vacuums of air. He can use that same ability via the rotation of his arms and create a wind vortex.

Bodily Vibration: Barry can vibrate different body parts on command for various effects. His control can vibrate his entire body to mask his form from being clearly perceived and distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice. Similarly, he can vibrate his cells fast enough to forcibly expel any toxins that do affect him. He can vibrate at varying frequencies and with different levels of force, letting him create small tremors to induce extreme amounts of jolt on any target he touches, letting him even disrupt the intermolecular bonds and cause it to shatter. Offensively, he can vibrate his limbs, creating a buzz-saw effect to seamlessly grind through a target as he did to free Joe from his metal confines. If he desires, he can use this technique to harm or kill a person, as he was tempted to do to Zoom.

Intangibility: By vibrating his molecules at the same frequency as air (why that frequency? Air doesn't do that), Barry can physically phase through solid objects. He can even phase people through things as he did with Joe West and Eddie Thawne, while they were persecuting criminals in a car chase. His efficiency with this skill has continued to grow as he became able to use it in phase through the highly complex material of carbine while in another universe that's vibrational frequencies differed from his own.

Aerokinesis: Barry can use his speed to generate airflow as vacuums on various levels. He can suffocate people by creating a vortex around them by running around them. He can spin his arms to create a tornado to remove air from fire and extinguish it and repel targets away. Alternatively, he can use this skill to propel himself through the air as a pseudo-form of flying. For larger scale feats, he can completely remove the physical force from massive tidal waves and stabilize a giant singularity by running around it.

Time Remnant Construction: Barry is able to "create" a time remnant by time travelling back to moments before his current self time travels, hailing from a future that no longer exists (and stops himself from going back, presumably). This effectively allows Barry to be two places at once. Barry "creates" a time remnant during his race against Hunter, allowing him to free Joe while the remnant Barry sacrifices himself by generating his own pulse to counteract the Magnetar's, saving the Multiverse.

Time Travel: Barry's speed can breach the temporal barriers. This lets him travel forward or backwards in time, allowing him to enter different timelines. Initially, this power was random, only accessed accidentally when under extreme stress. After his final battle with Zoom, Barry learned how to safely travel through time and arrive at a destination with pinpoint accuracy. He is shown able to use this power in one of two ways; either travelling to timelines independent from himself and unaffected by his actions or perform a time skip/do-over, wherein he essentially "merges" with his temporal counterpart to be fully immersed in the timeline and can change events to create new outcomes if not new timelines.

Electrokinesis: When moving at high enough speeds, Barry can produce yellow electricity from his body and can use it in many ways. He can generate enough friction on a specific part of his body, such as his hands, to produce a strong static shock. After training by Hunter Zolomon, Barry learned to hurl lightning bolts from the electricity he produces. Barry is can also electrify water by rapidly running on it. The amount and intensity of the energy Barry generate if focused properly as attempted by Zoom, can potentially destroy the entire multiverse.

Speed Mirages: Barry can make it appear like he's in many places at once when in reality, he is simply bouncing back and forth too fast for the human eye/mind to perceive the difference. He can create dozens of after-images, allowing him to disorientate his enemies and then catch them off guard. Or, he could just blitz them, seeing as the speed gap is that big.

Vectors: Mind limbs that are more like The Flash than Star Platinum (they're made of vibrations. Or just do it a lot). Their frequency changes their effects. At the lowest frequencies, Vectors can harmlessly phase through most materials, which can be used to attack organs, nerves, and blood vessels directly, and she can even remove organs directly. Given his superiority to Lucy, he can use her Vectors at this frequency to stitch together the cells of herself, or others. At higher frequencies, Lucy can use his Vectors as bludgeoning or cutting weapons, to throw other objects and defend himself, to lift himself into the air in a manner that [appears to be levitation.

Thanks to occasional godmodding over the years, Magia possesses an infinite number of Vectors of infinite length, which can move in at least six extra dimensions.

While they are extremely dangerous weapons, the true purpose of Vectors is to infect others with the Diclonius virus, rendering women infertile and making it so that any children a man has will be Diclonii (not sure why the first one happens. Probably a bug).

Lacking both a pineal gland (apparently, you don't capitalise "pineal" here) and horns, it is unlikely that he will lose control of them. Also, if he did, he may be inclined to interpret "lose control" as "they attack wildly," depending on the circumstances, so caution is to be exercised when trying to cause that. Or you could just not. That is an option.

That's all, foalks.

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic: Natsu is adept with his Dragon Slayer Magic and makes use of it in many different ways in combat. As with all Dragon Slayers, he can consume his particular element, except that which he has created, to replenish his energy reserves, and deal more damage to Dragons. The heat of his fire can increase in temperature, which is proportional to Natsu's emotional state. Natsu subconsciously used this against Erigor; his flame's heat significantly rose as he got more enraged. This is also called the Flame of Emotion. He incorporates the flames he ignites into his fighting style, considerably increasing the damage of his blows. As such, Natsu's Magic revolves around the usage of fire that can spout from any part of his body. Natsu's ability to eat flames gives him immunity to most types of fire and allows him to spew fire from his lungs. This fire is exceptionally scorching. It is thought to be equivalent to that of a real dragon, being able to cleanly through metal and vaporize sand on contact. He can even use his flames to create a propulsive effect. The type of fire he uses can be changed. For example, it can be solidified to cling to surfaces. Also, the sudden change in temperature caused by his rapid bursts of flame affects nearby air currents can manipulate air currents to an extent.

  • Fire Dragon's Roar: Natsu's signature Dragon's Roar in which he quickly gathers and releases a large quantity of flames from his mouth at his target.
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist: Natsu engulfs his fists in flames and punches the target.
  • Fire Dragon's Claw: Natsu ignites his feet in flames, thereby increasing the power of his kicks. The flames can also be used for jet-propulsion purposes.
  • Fire Dragon's Wing Attack: Natsu rushes towards his target and grabs them, before subsequently setting hands ablaze, sending them flying.
  • Fire Dragon's Sword Horn: Natsu lights his entire body ablaze and headbutts the target at high speed.
  • Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow: Natsu creates a stream of fire from his elbow, propelling him forward and increasing the strength of his punches.
  • Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang: With his hand lit ablaze, Natsu swipes at the target in a claw-like fashion, burning them.
  • Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame: Natsu ignites both his hands in flames and then brings them together, creating a fiery explosion. In the anime, rather than generating an explosion, Natsu creates a large fireball to throw at his enemies.
  • Fire Dragon's Grip Strike: Grabbing his enemy and supporting his arm with his other, Natsu blasts the foe at a close range.
  • Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist: Natsu rapidly punches his target, with his hands lit ablaze, creating a fiery explosion after each subsequent contact. Such a spell was shown to be able to defeat Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon Slayer, who, at the time, was utilizing his Iron Dragon's Scales, and destroy the entire Phantom Lord Guild Building. In the anime, Natsu also used this spell to defeat Erigor.
  • Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade: Natsu swipes his arms in a circular fashion, creating a powerful, and highly destructive, torrent of flames that barrages his target. Natsu habitually uses this spell as a finishing move, having employed against Laxus Dreyar at the end of their battle, used against Gildarts Clive as a finisher, which, notably, caused the mighty Mage to take a few steps back, and once more against Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, with which he completely overpowered the two, who were in Dragon Force, defeating them.
  • Dragon God's Brilliant Flame: An alternate version of Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame, Natsu engulfs one hand in the flames from his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and the other in flames from Fire God Slayer Magic, and brings the two flames together, generating a highly destructive blast that is capable of destroying a large area, and defeating Zancrow, a member of the Seven Kin of Purgatory (also the guy who gave him the god part) in one hit.

Heat Magic: Covers his hands in flames, increasing his strength vastly. I think that that's what it meant

File:Fate Extra CCC Golden Grail.png

Aurea Bocula: Golden Grail: BB's own "Golden Grail". It is a decadent counterfeit that serves as an antithesis to Christ's words to not pile up the wealth of the Earth, becoming a "genuine" Holy Grail by granting wishes without heed to right or wrong. When used in combat, BB draws the Golden Grail out of her body and pours its muddied contents onto her foe, nullifying special abilities and dealing massive amounts of magical damage. This attack was powerful enough to instantly defeat Gawain, dealing "99999" damage. As a Holy Grail, it should also be able to grant wishes that are asked of it, but BB has not displayed this function due to already having control of the Moon Cell and the Bishop Staff of Rulership.

  • Bishop Staff of Rulership: BB's primary weapon, it normally takes the form of silver baton, but reveals its true appearance once BB changes her class to Moon Cancer. Also known as Domina Cronam: Crowns of Ten Rulerships, it maximizes her authority as an Advanced-level AI, allowing her to freely change he "game rules" of Moon Cell, exchanging the physical and magical laws with those of her choosing at will. Even if her authority over her foes is nullified, she is still able to utilize a variety of abilities with this device in hand.
  • Domina Cronam Capitoline: Crowns of Ten Rulerships/Hill of One: BB renders herself temporarily "invulnerable" to damage or negative effects.
  • Domina Cronam Caelius: Crowns of Ten Rulerships/Hill of Five: BB temporarily raises the potency of her magic.
  • Domina Cronam Viminalis: Crowns of Ten Rulerships/Hill of Seven: BB fires a powerful heart-shaped beam at her foe, which she playfully calls Sakura Beam.

Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia: Excalibur's sheath, a Divine Construct of the same origin. Passively, Avalon bestows immortality and regeneration upon its wielder; they stop aging and can regenerate even from blows that remove most of their torso and their heart. It cannot, however, restore a destroyed brain. Its real power is in its active use as an "absolute defense." It puts the user in Avalon, the land of the fairies, the unreachable utopia that the king strived to reach in life. It dissipates into magical particles and becomes a "portable fortress" that blocks off any interference, even up to the sixth dimension. It is on the level of true magic, and not even the Five Magics can bypass the barrier.

File:Báthory Brave Erzsébet.gif

Okay, leave it to me!
Báthory Brave Erzsébet!
I made a legend again!

~ Elizabeth Brave using her Noble Phantasm
Báthory Brave Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Tornado Demoness: Elizabeth Brave's Noble Phantasm. She paralyzes the opponent in midair with her "supersonic dragon breath", then begins spinning at high speeds and thrusts through them before they explode (gotta maximize the own weapon damage).
File:Fate Extra Cursed Cutting Crater.gif
Wanna hear my singing voice? I'll let you hear the greatest hit of the Servant World! It's the Finale! Báthory Erzsébet!
~ Elizabeth using Báthory Erzsébet
File:Kilenc Sarkany.gif

Kilenc Sárkány: Dragon Cry Thundering Voice: A power reminiscent of the legendary thunder dragon Sárkány, converted into a Noble Phantasm. Through her dragon's blood, Elizabeth possesses tremendous lung capacity, allowing her to amplify sounds and vibrations in her vicinity to bring forth heavy rain and wind to assault her foes in a manner akin to a dragon's breath. In addition to the physical damage caused by this attack, Elizabeth's poor singing voice is combined with her Charisma to dishearten and torture her foes' minds as well. The fact that Magia can "remix" it by using Aida Mana's singing voice is one of the most concerning prospects still existent.

  • Báthory Erzsébet: Fresh Blood Demoness: The true form of Elizabeth's Noble Phantasm, which she uses in place of Kilenc Sárkány while acting as a Berserker-class Servant. It summons Čachtice Castle, the castle in which she reigned and the setting for her gruesome torture and murder of hundreds of young women for her daily rituals. After becoming a Servant and attaining a dream to become an idol, the castle has been converted into a stage with enormous speaker sets installed along its walls, amplifying her already deafening voice to "sing" a "song" better described as hell on Earth.

Now... rejoice. I'll remove you from this universe.
Operation: Cursed Cutting Crater.
The voices are quiet... My shadows, covering the world.

~ BB utilizing C.C.C.

C.C.C.: Cursed Cutting Crater: Taking advantage of her authority as the Earth Mother Goddess that is the root of all creation, BB purges the world by rewriting its events and making maximum use of the EX skill “Potnia Theron”. It is an Anti-World Noble Phantasm that outputs information like an ultra-precise 3-D Printer, overriding the previous world with the world that BB desires. The space eroded by this attack becomes imaginary space and a curse that consumes and bores a hole in reality to achieve her ends. In addition to scattering all objects inside on an atomic level and reconstructing them, it is capable of writing over and rewriting information of fields such as luck and coincidence. She can also distort the time axis by interfering with gravity fields and rewriting the law of cause and effect. When used in combat, BB’s has her familiars, the shapeshifters, engulf the target, allowing BB to wipe them out of existence unopposed.


BB Channel! Oh, this won't do! But don't worry. This is a job for BB-chan!
Absolute Recovery: Cursed Cupid Cleanser!
Fufu, did the injection hurt?

~ BB activating her Noble Phantasm

Cursed Cupid Cleanser: C.C.C.: A Noble Phantasm BB devised after growing bored of Cursed Cutting Crater. BB enters imaginary space before rewriting reality with a special version of her BB Channel Reality Marble, where she is the producer, host, and game master. She then plunges her opponent into complete chaos as she herself transforms into an "invincible nurse" that injects all the curses of Cursed Cutting Crater into her target. This Noble Phantasm was originally shown Fate/Grand Order, but since this is a derivative Noble Phantasm of Cursed Cutting Crater and BB Channel, her Extra self should be able to use it as well.

Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory: King Arthur's most famous and powerful Noble Phantasm. It is a Divine Construct; more specifically, it is a "Last Phantasm," one of the ultimate weapons built by the gods; or, in this case, it's the crystallization of humanity's wishes forged by the planet itself. Much like Excalibur Proto, it is a weapon designed to protect the earth by defeating those that would destroy it. Due to its incredible potential for destruction, its real power is restricted by multiple oaths, though in Magia's case, they can be overridden. "If it's not time to use it, I just won't."

When activated, it converts Saber's magical power into light that is then released as a destructive wave of energy on the level of Divine Thaumaturgy. Despite the appearance of this function, only the tip of this energy wave can do damage, as the rest of the light emitted by Excalibur is the dislocation of everything it has destroyed along its path. Excalibur also boasts one of the fastest activation speeds among Noble Phantasms, matching the charging speed of both the original Pegasus and Iskandar's chariot, completing its activation in less than a second (that would be kind of long, wouldn't it?). Saber has also demonstrated the ability to partially invoke Excalibur's power in both melee combat and its activated form, dispelling Invisible Air to cut down Assassin in a single strike and forcing Gilgamesh to dodge an attack with a thinner beam that was charged while in motion.

Excalibur Proto: Sword of Promised Victory: The strongest holy sword, and King Arthur's most famous and powerful Noble Phantasm. It is a Divine Construct meant to save the world by defeating those capable of destroying the planet. It is locked by two seals, one of which is Invisible Air and the second of which are the Restraints of the Round Table, set upon the blade by the Knights of the Round Table. Its true power only shows once over half of the seals have been released, and the seals are as follows:

  • The enemy must be more powerful than oneself.
  • The battle must be one-on-one.
  • The enemy must not be an Elemental.
  • The battle must be one against evil.
  • The battle must not involve personal gain.
  • The battle must not be inhumane.
  • The battle must be honourable.
  • The battle must be for the truth.
  • The battle must be to live.
  • The battle must be to save the world.

With but one Restraint released, upon activation, Excalibur Proto fired a thin but powerful beam of light that easily overpowered the Sword of Paracelsus, and a second attack overloaded the sword. With an unknown amount of Restraints released, he was able to destroy Gilgamesh's Star of Destruction and stop the Surge of Utnapishtim. When over half of its Restraints are released, it shows its true power as a Divine Construct meant to save the world, capable of defeating beings capable of destroying the Earth. Not just the glass cannons, either.

Gate of Babylon: The King's Treasure: Gilgamesh's grand treasury. It is a storehouse that contains the countless treasures of the world collected by Gilgamesh, and by using Key of the King's Law, Bab-ilu, he can open an invisible door to its contents to summon them whenever he pleases. It contains the prototypes of all Noble Phantasms, which are fired from his vault as projectiles, though he can also gather them directly into his hand for when he wants to fight up close. Due to the sheer number of Noble Phantasms he possesses, one can't try and take them head-on as they possess various unknown abilities to properly counter virtually any Servant recorded in the Throne of Heroes. The rate and power of the Noble Phantasms he releases depend on the situation he is in, as well as how Gilgamesh will use them and who he is facing against.

Additionally, he can also have them summoned right next to his opponent or from all directions to either attack them in surprise or to overwhelm them. It is through the usage of this Noble Phantasm in this way, having adopted this manner from his fight with Enkidu in life, that makes him summoned into the Archer-class. It has an incredibly efficient mana cost, needed only to open the gates, to begin with. He can prepare and produce hundreds or even a thousand Noble Phantasms at once if he wishes and can return them to the vault whenever he pleases, even mid-flight.

The Gate of Babylon contains all the treasures in the world, including the "wisdom of humanity" or in other words, the basis for all things constructed by humans throughout human history, from the works of the Library of Alexandria, to board games, to even airplanes and submarines. The only technology he lacks are things that would be created by humans with entirely new concepts, and the technology of extraterrestrial races. In addition to the "wisdom of humanity," he also possesses the Prototypes of all Noble Phantasms, as all heroes' myths and legends are derived from his in some way, due to his status as the original hero. As such, he can overwhelm any Servant by targeting their weaknesses with the Noble Phantasms. While he does not possess Noble Phantasms that were made before or after his time, such as some Divine Constructs, or Noble Phantasms that are formed from a Heroic Spirit's life and legend like God Hand, he would possess something that could be considered their prototypes, even if it was a paradox.

Notable items within the Gate of Babylon include:

  • Anti-Spirit Incense: An ash-like powder that attracts walking corpses like those summoned by Angra Mainyu.
  • Auto-Defensors: A series of golden discs that float around Gilgamesh and can defend an area as large as a single floor building. They defend Gilgamesh from virtually any projectile by shooting them down with innumerable lightning bolts as they approach. It provides sufficient protection against even a storm of surprise attacks from Enkidu. However, a sufficiently fast projectile, such as True Archer's arrows, would be able to bypass them completely.
  • Command Spells: In Fate/Extra CCC, Gilgamesh has collected several Command Spells that would generally be used to bind Servants like himself and can provide them to a new Master if he wishes to establish a contract with them.
  • Curtain of Night: A magical item mentioned in passing as a means of counteracting Gawain's Numeral of the Saint, possibly by blotting out the sun.
  • Dáinsleif: A demonic sword from the Nibelungen. It is a cursed Noble Phantasm that contains a powerful curse of "reparation" to be used on its target, and it also drives the fate of its possessor to ruin and causes them to die inevitably. Within the Skáldskaparmál, it is possessed by the Danish king, Hogni. He became locked in eternal combat with the king of Serkland, Hedinn, due to the sword's curse, which requires it to always kill a man once drawn and does not allow it to return to its sheath until such is accomplished.
  • Durandal: The Peerless Sword: Originally the sword of Hector, he converted it into the spear Durindana. After it later lost its features as a spear, it became Durandal. It was then later said to have been granted to King Charlemagne of the Frankish Empire by an angel and awarded to Roland. It is noted as the symbol of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass told of in the Song of Roland. Although Roland attempted to break the sword when he was on the verge of death to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy, it proved to be impossible. Still, it was later prominently featured in Charlemagne's legends, acting as a symbol of Roland's bravery. The sword is a splendidly forged "symbol of power" much like King Arthur's Caliburn, and it is said to hold three miracles within it. It will not lose its sharpness even should its user's magical energy be depleted, proving indestructible even when Roland tried to destroy it.
  • Gáe Bolg: The spear of Cú Chulainn, a massive two-meter long weapon with the ability to always strike the opponent's heart. See below for more information.
  • Golden Axe: One of the few weapons Gilgamesh prefers to utilize personally. It's a mighty axe that seems to be able to cleave targets along with the space around them with a spinning chop.
  • Golden Drill: A weapon Gilgamesh uses in the Moon Cell, and one of the few that Gilgamesh prefers to wield personally. It's used to drill and tear into targets while firing at them with its machine gun and cannon functions.
  • Golden Lance: A weapon that Gilgamesh prefers to use personally, to skewer targets in close quarters combat.
  • Golden Swords: A pair of swords that resemble the weapon Enki which his Prototype self wields. They are one of the few weapons that Gilgamesh prefers to use personally in close quarters combat.
  • Gram: The "Sword of the Sun" wielded by Sigurd in the Völsunga saga of Norse mythology. It is said to be the "strongest demonic sword" that equals the "strongest holy sword," so it possesses the unique characteristic of "dragon slayer." The version Gilgamesh owns seems to be before it being reforged.
  • Houtengeki: A halberd passed down in Chinese culture and the only type of halberd out of many to attain the rank of Noble Phantasm, probably due to the use of Houtengageki by a famous military commander. It is a polearm with many different purposes, such as thrusting, swiping, pulling, parrying, and various others. Chinese halberds have a spearhead at the tip of the shaft and a blade attached to the side, and the distinguishing characteristic of a Houtengeki is a unique crescent-moon shaped side blade, the “Moon Fang.” Weapons with only one of these blades are called Seiryugeki. It is said that a great deal of skill is needed to handle this weapon, though its versatility and ease of use once mastering it allowed for it to be used to serve the appropriate role for any combatant.
  • Immortal Slaying Scythe, Harpe: The Snake Hunter's Scythe, a divine sword from Greek mythology used by Perseus to kill the Gorgon Medusa and one of the many weapons inside Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon. It is described as a monster-killing holy sword with a distinctive shape similar to a scythe, having the cutting edge on the inside of the blade, though it isn't an outstanding sword by itself. Its real strength is its trait of Refraction of Longevity, which is a divine ability that nullifies the "undying attribute" of immortals and inflicts wounds that cannot be restored by any methods other than healing in accordance to the natural laws. Of course, "in accordance to the natural laws" will vary from place to place.
  • Merodach: The Original Sin: A mighty sword Gilgamesh uses to determine if his opponent is worthy of facing Ea. It is the prototype of "the swords of selection across the globe," making it the prototype of both Gram and Caliburn. Due to being Caliburns prototype, its strength as a Noble Phantasm is incomparable, allowing it to shatter Caliburn in a single clash without any resistance. Despite the difference in appearance, its "true nature" and "soul" are nearly identical to its successors; as such, it utilizes the same power, a "light that can burn away everything it touches," that could kill Berserker in one slash.
  • Mountain-Piercing Spears: A series of unnamed spears that can easily pierce mountains. At 6-C, they tend to do that.
  • Potion of Youth: A Noble Phantasm that returns the user to their youth, contained within a small translucent bottle. It is the herb of immortality that Gilgamesh sought and found after the death of his closest friend, Enkidu. While he lost it and came to terms with his mortality, he still tried and found it again for the sake of having it in his treasury. When he drinks it, it returns him to his child self, altering his personality and appearance. He only uses it to blend into the world and tolerate modern society, such as within the ten-year gap between the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail Wars, or when he sees something as a childish game that isn't worthy of his full strength. He can forcibly reverse the effects whenever he pleases to return to his older self.
  • Rho Aias: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens: The shield used by Aias the Great to stop Durindana, the spear of the Trojan hero Hector, tearing through six of its seven layers of cowhide but stopping at the final layer. As a result, it has been sublimed as a virtually absolute Conceptual Defense against thrown and launched weaponry.
  • Ship of Light: A vehicle that enables Gilgamesh to travel faster than the speed of light. It allows him to instantly return after he is sent to the edge of the Moon Cell's Imaginary Space hundreds of light-years away.
  • The Great Cup of Uruk: A powerful artifact that is equal to the Holy Grail in worth. It contains a vast amount of magical energy that allows it to function as a flawed wish-granting device that the Three Goddess Alliance could use to reshape the world of Mesopotamia in their image.
  • Vajra: A weapon appearing in the Vedic mythology of ancient India. It was a weapon crafted by Tvastar, the maker of divine instruments, using the bones of the sage, Dadhichi. It became a symbol of the divinity of Indra, the god of lightning, and the indestructible diamond pounder weapon carried by the gods of Buddhism. It was held in one interpretation to be a manifestation of Indra’s lightning, which is supported by its deceptions as a golden projectile and its appearance unbefitting of a conventional weapon. Vajra was initially known by its proper name of Vjaya when Indra was first introduced to India as a phenomenon that spread from the Aryans. Along with Indra, whose name changed to Taishakuten, his divine symbol also had its name changed and became known as Vajra after the age of Buddhism as India's main religion began. It is a simple weapon that can only be shot only once for fixed B+ rank damage separate from the user's magical energy supply.
  • Unnamed Anti-Magic Sickle: An enormous sickle that drains magical energy and can cut through magical implements such as Saber's armor or Berserker's Knight of Owner.
  • Ig-Alima: Green Field Cutting Through the Thousand Mountains: A massive blade, also known as the Mountain-Felling Sword, it is a Divine Construct that can easily tear apart entire forests only from the force of being swung. However, due to its incredible size, Gilgamesh cannot technically wield the sword, instead of using it solely as a projectile from the Gate of Babylon to crush opponents under its weight. This Noble Phantasm was seen when Angelica was using Gate of Babylon via a class card.

Gáe Bolg: An ominous cursed spear given to Cú Chulainn by Scáthach following his training in the Land of Shadows and his most famous Noble Phantasm. A red spear as long as two meters, it was created from the skull of a great beast, Curruid. Additionally, it is said to have descended from both the Norse God Odin's "Gungnir" and the lance "Brionac: The Five Roaring Stars" wielded by the Celtic God of Light and Cú's father Lugh. Due to its length and size, it was said that no one but Cú Chulainn himself was powerful enough to wield and throw it, where it would also split into countless thornheads that will skewer the enemy upon hitting its target. In some Celtic Myths, it was even said that Cú threw the spear by the fork of his toes to increase its power; the technique also being named "Gáe Bolg." In Fate, the spear has two unique functions that can even classify them as separate Noble Phantasms themselves:

Imaginary Spiritron Trap: A Noble Phantasm representing BB's mastery of Imaginary Number Space, which BB can manipulate at will and weaponize against her foes. She can shape it into tendrils and "black noise" that will strip away the powers and abilities of those that come in contact with them and allow BB to alter their data to her liking, changing the nature of their existence and adding their abilities to her own with her Self-Modification skill if she so desires. She can also seal away her foes in a pocket of Imaginary Number Space to remove them from the battle.

Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King: A mysterious wind that hides Excalibur's identity. It is a Bounded Field, closer to regular magic than a Noble Phantasm (Then why is it here?), presumably created by Merlin. The powerful winds around the blade distort light, rendering Excalibur completely invisible and its shape near-impossible to discern, keeping her opponents confused and unable to properly gauge its size and length, or even what kind of weapon it is. Once they figure it out, however, it becomes useless in this regard. It takes on Excalibur's sharp edge, and Saber can use it to form a defensive wall of wind large enough to envelop a building. Once the barrier is released, the compressed wind surges around her and can be released as a single-shot weapon, known as Strike Air: Hammer of the Wind King. She can also use it to propel herself forwards at greater speeds.
File:Six Realms Five Planes, The Divine Figure of Kurikara.gif

I place my trust in the heavenly god of the Tenman Shrine, the deity of absolute freedom.
Nioh Kurikara, Shotenshou!
Let's go, the drawing of the master's blade...
Ishana Daitenshou!

~ Musashi utilizing her Noble Phantasm
  • Rokudou Gorin – Kurikara Tenshou (Six Realms, Five Rings – Acala Celestial Phenomenon): Musashi's Noble Phantasm, a sword-roaring quick draw technique that is performed while Musashi is wielding two swords. First, she takes a firm stance and performs the Lesser Celestial Thrust, a series of attacks that overpowers her opponent with the energy from her sword, before finishing off her opponent with the Greater Celestial Phenomenon, her final blow which takes the form of an energy beam that cuts her opponent. This Noble Phantasm can be considered an embodiment of the sword of “Zero”, the concept of “Void” that Musashi has yet to master. While it is classified as an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm, it is in actuality an Anti-Fate Noble Phantasm, as it utilizes her Heavenly Eyes to their fullest potential to cut fates and achieve her desired outcome. Due to cutting fates, it wards off all forms of untimely deaths, karmic damage, curses, and tragedies in a single sweep.
    • Kengou Battou: Ishana-Daitenshou: Following her fight with Saber Emperio, she fully mastered her technique. She is now no longer limited to choosing existing possibilities. She can now create new ones entirely, and find an answer that lies outside the bounds of possibility. With this, she was able to counter Yagyu's ability to account and find a counter for every possibility in a given scenario, despite her having technically no possible way to win. It is the ability to "slash through the unbreakable heavens themselves." Her blade has become one that shaves down all of existence to a single possibility. This is the true form of Zero, a technique designed to create an inescapable end, even against the gods or The Buddha.
  • Maken Yaburi, Uketamaru! (I Was Told There Would Be Magic Sword-Busting!): A special sword technique that Musashi only used once in her life. It involves the use of a special Saint Graph that mercilessly insults, disparages and crushes swordsmen who degrade themselves to sorcery, dark arts or heresy. However since no one has seen it and lived to tell the tale, Musashi is the only one who knows what the technique really is. This Noble Phantasm is also known as an Anti-Swordsman/Anti-Blade master Great Bounded Field. Given 's disposition, one cannot expect a demonstration anytime soon

Muscular, nervous, vascular, lymphatic tissue—Pseudo-magic circuit conversion, complete!
This is everything I have! Quintett Feuer!!

~ Illya activating her Noble Phantasm
File:Quintett Feuer FGO.gif

Quintett Feuer:Multi-instrumental Saturation Bombardment:: A technique used by Illya in her Kaleid Liner Zwei form which materialized as a Noble Phantasm upon being summoned as a Servant. It changes Illya’s entire bodily systems, that being her muscular, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic, to that of magical circuits, granting her a massive increase to her magical output that can rival the light of the planet. In her home world, she was even able to use this against the child form of Gilgamesh and clashing with his Enuma Elish, eventually coming to overpower it and winning their duel. Increases own NP generation and critical star generation rate by ∞% forever before activation.

Isn't it about time for the interlopers to leave the stage? Hehehe, ahahahaha! This is the five-string biwa, the pillar that consumes all. Disappear.
Saraswati Meltout!

~ Meltlilith using her Noble Phantasm

Saraswati Meltout: Benzaiten's Five-String Biwa: Meltlilith's Noble Phantasm, derived from the Hindu goddess Saraswati and the Japanese Buddhist goddess Benzaiten, who preside over knowledge and the arts. With their authority, Meltilith is able to control anything "that flows", whether it be natural phenomena like wind and water, or man-made concepts like speech, prose, and music. This takes the form of the massive vortexes that Meltlilith creates as she battles as well as the "honey" she secretes for her Melt Virus, she is able to wash away her foes' body, common sense, morals, mind, society, and civilization to such an extent that it would be classified as an Anti-World Noble Phantasm rather than Meltlilith's preferred use of it as a targeted attack.

In the setting of Fate/Grand Order, it has been reclassified as an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm upon Meltlilith's summoning as an Alter-Ego class Servant and due to no longer fighting in the Cyberspace. In this iteration, Melt instead summons a torrent of water around her target as she dashes towards them at high speeds where she meets them and attacks with a flurry of ballet-like spins before ending it with a fatal straight kick of her bladed legs.

Magia can use both of these, due to how his copying works.

  • Virgin Laser-Padillion: This Love(Grief) is Like A Meteor(Star): An EX rank Anti-Fortification and Anti-World Noble Phantasm utilized by Meltlilith and Passionlip as a combination attack. By transforming herself into liquid form, Meltlilith is shot as a projectile with Passionlips space compressing ability, that acts a catapult, resulting in an extremely long ranged attack with high firepower. It’s an attack based on the Greek Goddess, Athena’s spear, who paradoxically led to the fall of the fortified city, Troy. In cyberspace this Noble Phantasm, allows Meltlilith to exceed the speed of light and travel back in time, but at the cost of irreparable damage to her Saint Graph that would eventually cause her to fade away.

Unlimited Prisma Cosmos: Infinite Fantasies: A variant of Quintett Feuer that is roughly level 1.5.

∞ Black Bean Paste: An item in MHX Alter's possession, made through the six fundamental forces of Desire (Soul), Sugar (Power), Sales Location (Space), Cost Price (Reality), Production (Time), and Demand (Mind). While it is said to grant its wielder infinite power and turn half of the universe into a confectionary factory with a fingertip, MHX Alter does not know how it functions. It is a parody of The Infinity Gauntlet

Altreactor: A mana conversion reactor empowered by Alternium crystals in her body. It converts calories and sugar to magic energy, allowing her to receive a steady supply of mana by consuming food. Wait, can't all Servants do that?

Authority of the Beast: As the second Beast representing the Sin of Regression, Tiamat possesses this Anti-Humanity skill, granting her authority over all humans and those born from them, including heroes, gods, and all life on Earth, magical or not. As a result, it is exceedingly difficult for them to resist her attacks. In addition, this skill is passed onto all of the monsters she gives birth to.

Battle Continuation: A skill that reflects one's exceptional vitality and endurance, allowing the user to fight on despite grievous wounds and escape safely even when defeated. In Magia's case, one would have to destroy his mind and body in such a way that he couldn't ignore or recover from it, and that would still only be a "soft" death, which would be undone should he be repaired somehow.

Breast Valley: A skill that manifests in a simple trash box centered in the middle of her breasts, it can store an infinite amount of matter and information to the point that not even Passionlip itself knows its full contents. However, since the trash and dust data cannot be returned to their original shapes, it is ultimately a pointless function aside from being able to keep the remnants of her victims close to her. And as a theoretical offence.

Breath of the Dragon: As one descended from dragons, Elizabeth has the ability to release a torrent of mana from her mouth as a weapon. Her element is "supersonic", and her lungs have been turned into a miniature spirit world of their own, gaining immense lung capacity. She attacks with ultrasonic waves as her dragon breath, and she can amplify them to even greater strength with her Noble Phantasms.

Cloud Shine: A skill representing Ryougi Shiki's enhanced abilities while holding a blade, allowing her to instantly cut down her opponent from as far as nine meters away, closing the distance between herself and her opponent in an instant.

Charisma: The natural talent to command an army, which increases the ability of allies during group battles. At a Rank of EX, Magia's boosts his allies infinitely in all aspects (wouldn't that include weakness?), and is otherwise completely redundant, due to mind control being his specialty.

Child of Nature: A skill representing the miracle of her birth and the hope of her parents who wish for her to live a normal life, granting a blessing unto the young girl. Grants self Invincibility for 1 turn. Increases own NP generation rate for 3 turns.Crime Ballet: A skill representing Meltlilith's ballet-like fighting style where she created this as one who adored ballet by adapting herself and the use of her bladed legs for combat, creating many techniques through several stories and using them while showing off her adoration for the classical dance style.

Discernment of the Poor: Having been irritated by the circumstances that lead various characters to obtain this, he set out to learn it "just because," knowing full well that there was a motive, if a less critical one. A Skill who's name is meaningless in the world he creates, it makes it virtually impossible to lie to him or deceive him with petty feints.

Divinity: The measure of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, reflected in high ranks by the user becoming part Divine Spirit. At A-rank, it is even an indicator as one who has reached the Throne of Gods. Additionally, it possesses another effect that allows one to reduce "Anti-Purge defense" in proportion to the rank of their Divinity, allowing them to break through defensive abilities such as Protection of the Faith and Saver's Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig. Magia boasts an EX Rank, wielding miscellaneous effects such as bolstered defence against Sun God's descendants,. It would normally be lower, given his thoughts on about 50% of all gods, but he maintained this Rank through sheer stubbornness before he had the bright idea to power mod (as he was making this edit [outdated, check revision history for when it was added]).

Double Class: In addition to being a Saber, Elizabeth Brave also possesses the abilities of a Lancer and a Caster. However, the skill otherwise grants no benefits.

Eye of the Mind (False): The natural ability to avoid danger based on an innate sixth sense refined through combat experience. At a rank of EX, it makes failure an impossibility, so long as success is remotely possible.

Favored Princess of Japan: Magia's copy of this Skill can be mistaken for an erasure Skill, due to how quickly he drops other's power levels to below that of the atmosphere, and then to zero.

Final Eli-chan: A skill whose canon effects are unknown.

Giant Beast Hunting: A skill representing one's vast experience in combating giant enemy lifeforms and magical beasts. Having knowledge on how to defeat virtually every giant creature ever conceived, Magia possesses an EX Rank in this skill.

Golden Rule (Calamity): Actually just Golden Rule. It might do other things, but that's pure speculation.

Goddesses Divine Core: A skill that expresses being a perfected goddess from birth. It is a composite Skill that comprises the Skill Divinity, preserves the absoluteness of the mind and the body, repels mental interference and prevents the body from changes and growth, though the last one doesn't seem to be in effect here.

Grow Up Grow: Kingprotea's first unique id_es skill, a mutation of the "Experience Points Bonus" skill. As a result, Kingprotea is always gaining experience points, which she uses to continually grow.

Heroic Great Principles: The ten codes of a hero, functioning as a lead-up to a protagonist's grand turn around in an action manga. Granting invulnerability and a boost in willpower and massively increases Noble Phantasm charge-up. Magia not only has the ability to use this indefinitely, but can also simulate such an effect by giving the opponent a bad time. Though, his real departure from a typical protagonist comes from his willingness to

High Servant: An artificial Servant made by synthesizing the essence of multiple myths. Given that this roughly describes Magia's creation (albeit with various fictional works, as well as his creator's own tinkering), Magia would probably have this if actually summoned as a Servant.

Huge Scale: Kingprotea's other unique id_es skill, a mutation of the "Self-Modification" skill. Due to this ability, Kingprotea will never have an upper limit for her growth, as the limit will constantly be adjusted upward as she approaches it, allowing for "infinite growth of infinite growth". At her highest she would have been able to become a "planet destroying, universal level disaster" but due to her loss of intellect overtime through her growth, she would be unable to bear this skill long and will self-destruct. Magia not only wields the EX-rank variant, but can use it with considerably more stability than it's original user.

Independent Action: The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply from the Master. At the higher ranks, it is also possible to remain for extended periods of time in this world without an established contract. It is both useful and troublesome depending on the disposition of the Servant and the rank of Independent Action. Acting in autonomy from the Master's Magical Energy supply, the Master can concentrate their own Magical Energy on large spells, or the Servant will be fine even in the case they can not supply Magical Energy due to injury. Due to having used mind control on the world, as well as many other factors, this ability does not come into play. If it somehow did, it would allow him to operate without a master or source of mana indefinitely. Basically, it's 2-A Resistance to Existence Erasure.

Independent Manifestation: A skill of the Beast class that allows for unrestricted manifestation across space and time without the need for a Master to provide magical energy. Utilising three flavours at once, Magia is immune to instant death, can summon himself, copies of himself, and mooks wherever and whenever he wants.

Infinite Magic Energy Supply: Wielding the abilities of a Kaleidostick, Magia is capable of utilizing an infinite mana supply to perform his attacks and many other abilities. Thanks to his magic potential being well outside the confines of Nasuverse, Magia could dump the entire mana plain into a single spell, or just as-is.

Innocent Monster: An attribute possessed by Servants' whose true lives have been distorted by their monstrous reputations, deserved or not. Magia draws from 7.5 different "monsters", granting him everything from being a sound dragon to sharp claws and powerful magecraft and possibly being a conceptual embodiment of Halloween.

Innocent Monster (Aberrant): I think that this makes you into a demon, but I'm not 100% sure of that.

Innocent Monster (Blaze): Yes, it does.

Innocent Monstrosity: An evolved version of the Innocent Monster skill, it allows Mecha Eli-chan to fire missiles, fly, and discharge electricity through the "secret power of video editing". It also slightly distorts Mecha Eli-chan's mindset, who believes that her theme song should be playing in the background at all times.

Instinct: The power to "feel" the most favourable developments for oneself during battle. At an incredible EX Rank, it is actual precognition which renders the senses redundant.

Item Construction: Lets him make all the things. Also increases own debuff success rate by ∞%.

Kiss Demon: A skill representing the young Archer’s constant desire for mana despite no longer needing it to sustain herself thanks to Chaldea supplying her with it, Chloe will often try to find any with magical energy to provide her own through an act of lip contact.

Light of Possibilities: It makes a rainbow when enemies show up. It is decent detection I suppose, but it's two-way detection, so it's a little awkward.

Legend of the Crimson Heroine: The greatest secret art of a hero akin to Tamamo-no-Mae's Goddess Metamorphosis, which tremendously boosts Elizabeth Brave's strength. However, it has a variety of random factors that make using the skill a gambit.

Magic Resistance: A skill that grants protection against magical effects. Differently, from the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. At a rank of EX, it's one of the reasons that Independent Action is redundant.

Magus 100-Shot Volley: A skill that allows Mecha Eli-chan to summon the 100 mass-produced Mecha Eli-chans to turn the battlefield into a bloody banquet of gore. She can then finish her opponent by having them combine into a massive spear to run through her foe.

Mana Burst: A skill that allows for an increase in performance by infusing one's weapons and body with magical energy, for both defensive and offensive purposes, effectively recreating the effects of a jet burst. In Magia's case, he can take Mana, and use it to produce any force or counter-force he wants, even possessing the range and precision to use it as a sort of telekinesis. He should can also to enhance things like physical prowess, luck endurance, the former of which leads to probability manipulation, while the latter serves as pseudo-healing, and even senses. Can someone help me with the semicolons here?

Mana Burst (Courage): The ability to store magical energy into one's weapons or body and release it in a massive burst. Unlike most Mana Bursts, Elizabeth Brave's version is internalized, boosting her defensive power.


Mana Burst (Flames): A skill that allows Karna to project his magical energy throughout his body, weapons, and armor, greatly increasing his strength, speed, and durability. In addition, Karna's Mana Burst takes the form of searing flames that are said to be like the sun itself, allowing him to constantly imbue his weapons with it to set anyone struck ablaze. He can also utilize it for ranged attacks, projecting the flames and compressed projectiles or arcs of flame that can demolish entire plateaus with ease. At full power, it allows him to withstand Balmung with the help from his armor. The flames also allow him to fly, by creating wings of fire that work as a jet pack. In addition, he is able to use the flames internally to burn away Vlad Tepes' stakes even after their curse allowed them to skewer Karna from the inside.

Mana Burst (Pumpkin): Caster came first. Makes pumpkin spirits, and stores them in weapons, which are then boosted in times of festival.

Masochistic Constitution: A skill that causes one to be the target of her foes' abuse in group battles. An apparently negative trait, it allows Passionlip to function as an excellent escort due to drawing her foes' attacks away from her allies. Due to her A Rank in this skill, it has the additional effect of boosting her defensive parameters when she is attacked and eroding away at her foes' composure as they continue to attack her until they can think of nothing but attacking her directly.

Melt Virus: Also known as All Drain, is Meltlilith's unique id_es skill, having evolved from the Absorption skill. She first injects her target with a special "honey" secreted by her body, fusing parameters such as experience, skills, and capacity before melting down the target into something she can absorb and make a part of herself, regardless of whether or not it is organic or inorganic. However, she has greater difficulty absorbing the spiritual nature and skills of her foes, converting them into nutrients to use instead. Since Magia is the eppitemy of overkill, and is somehow more fluid than the flowing user who can become water, he can do so more easily.

Mental Disorder: A skill that denotes that one's mind has fallen into disarray. As a Berserker, Elizabeth gains this ability, she gains mental "super armor" and becomes capable of easily ignoring the pain of others.

Military Tactics: The tactical knowledge used for battles where armies are mobilized. It has the additional ability to give bonus modifiers when facing or utilizing Anti-Army Noble Phantasms.

Monstrous Strength: Remember when Tiamat's bio said that this only goes up to A++? Well,, and

Multiple Barriers: An ability which surrounds the user with multiple barriers. Defensive barriers prevent the entry of magic power. Except for overwhelming the barrier with magical power, it is nearly impossible to break a barrier. Even the most basic barrier has more than two layers.

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception: A so-called "superpower among superpowers", Shiki's Mystic Eyes are of a grade beyond compare, allowing her to see the Lines of Death that crisscross along all things that are "alive". Even some concepts are not exempt from this ability, allowing her to cut down the concept of distance to instantly erase a gap between herself and her opponent, the concept of sickness to cure someone's appendicitis, the telekinetic spirals of Fujino Asagami, and the predetermined future created by Mitsuru Kamekara. In addition, all wounds created by severing these Lines of Death cannot heal by normal means, requiring victims to create a new body if they wish to survive repeated slashes from Shiki. But if the point or line where all the other lines converge is severed, no amount of regeneration will save the target.

Nega Genesis: Tiamat possesses a conceptual-level bounded field that overturns and opposes the concept of evolution and all predictions of Earth's genesis. As a result, she bears extreme resistance to any attack created as part of proper human history. I'm not sure how A leads specifically to B, and yes, Magia's version is better.

Nega-Summon: A skill that negates and demolishes any attack from Servants by completely nullifying their Noble Phantasms through invulnerability, invalidation, absorption and reduction. It's effective against any Noble Phantasm owned by the Servants recorded in the Throne of Heroes except for Solomon's Ars Nova.

Pleasant-Type Mystic Code: The mystic code magical stick named Ruby-chan, formally known as “Magical Ruby.” It is a natural human-made spirit contained in the form of a Kaleidostick created by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. It has an unnatural obsession with magical girls, and while it does support its owner, it will stubbornly refuse anything other than magical girls.

Potnia Theron: The authority of the goddesses whom BB compiled and absorbed from the Abyss of the Moon Cell. It is the embodiment of the power of creation possessed by the mother goddesses, originating from a forgotten goddess approximately 8,000 years ago (the goddess of Çatalhöyük), and branching to Tiamat and Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Athena, Astarte, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc. Since all life on Earth originated from the Earth Mother Goddess, it is impossible for those born of the Earth to defy her authority as they would be rebelling against the concept of life itself, eliminating resistance to her powers and nullifying any damage she takes by making it so the attack "never happened". In addition, since the Earth Mother Goddess fed man with her blood before devouring them herself in a never ending cycle, BB also obtains authority over life and death. Her authority is such that even Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes and humanity's oldest hero, would have no counter for it when summoned as a Servant in spite of his nearly infinite treasury.

Protection of Faith: A form of divine protection which gives "absoluteness of one's body and soul" to those who have sacrificed themselves in the name of their faith. While it is a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing given by a higher existence, but a defense granted by the user's unshakable devotion to their beliefs. Being an atheist, not even a very devout one, and someone who is always trying to become more "correct," this ability's EX-Rank is merely a testament to his stand's incredible powers of mimicry.

Revised Overload: Mecha Eli-chan can sacrifice her own physical health to rapidly charge her Noble Phantasm and prepare it for use.

Riding: The Class Skill of Rider and Saber, is the ability to ride mounts. Rider-class Servants will typically possess a high rank, and A-rank can allow for Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts to be mounted. It is said that dragon type mounts are an exception, requiring a different ability other than Riding. With a rank of EX, however, Magia can do the last one anyway.

Rings of Solomon: Ten rings given to Solomon by God that represent his mark as the king and progenitor of modern magecraft. As long as he has all ten, Solomon can negate and control any magecraft performed by mankind.

Sadistic Constitution: A skill that augments one's aggressiveness during battle. Able to retain his composure through a variety of methods, what remains is a purely positive power skill.

Saint Graph Expansion: A special skill of Meltlilith that allows her to make herself behave as if she was a liquid herself, an ability similar yet different from the Shapeshift skill that is derived from her essence as water and due in part of the influence made by Saraswati and that of the Leviathan.

Sea of Life: As the second Beast and a primordial goddess, Tiamat is able to cycle an infinite amount of True Ether from the Age of Gods to sustain her existence and power her abilities for as long as she remains in the sea. In addition, she is constantly releasing a black mud into the area around her. All those caught and drowned in it will be forcibly modified to be able to shapeshift, transform and fuse with life, and multiply themselves. At the same time, the mud inflicts a geas on the cellular level that forces the victim to obey Tiamat and become an enemy of humanity.

Self-Modification: After breaking down and escaping the Moon Cell's influence, BB began expanding her functions rapidly, enhancing her functions but breaking down NPCs and other beings to employ as part of her memory, absorbing even Servants in the process. As a result, she is able to constantly evolve and grow even as a hyper-grade AI by absorbing the data of other beings.

Self-Sealing: A negative skill obtained from Tiamat. At a Rank of EX, it would normally destroy him instantly. While normally sealed to prevent this, it is sometimes unsealed to provide "ammunition" for Encounter.

Sovereign's Invisible Hand: A skill denoting lessons taught to her by Agravain, instructing her on how to be a dark emperor. Functionally similar to Charisma, it allows her to bring out the capabilities of her equals to their utmost potential while reading the flow of battle of her enemies.

Summoning: A magecraft that allows for the summoning of spiritual bodies from the past, present, and possibly even the future.

Suspicious Drug: A mysterious drug that Ruby has crafted in a length of time (what length of time). Its efficiency is thought to be extraordinary (in what?), but due to the behavior of the Kaleidostick (being a pervert), it is generally advised for the master to refrain from its use.

Taijitu: A skill copied from both Shiki Servants, ultimately based in Taoist philosophy that reflects Shiki's dual nature as one with both a male (Yang) and a female (Yin) personality, representing the dual nature of existence as existences must be destroy to continue that of others. By using this skill, he either sacrifices some of his mana supply to quickly heal his wounds and restore his physical health, or sacrifices his physical health to restore his mana so he can continue fighting longer.

Torture Techniques: The possession of exceptional skill in torture, granting bonus modifiers to damage when using torture tools, and adding more and more damage due to the bleeding it causes. Thanks to almost studying it with the amount of fictional torture "he" has watched, and an imagination that is quite macabre when he allows it to be, his actual skills in it are quite good. Also, it further boosts his damage when he's fighting women.

Trash and Crash: Passionlip's unique id_es skill, having evolved from the Monstrous Strength skill. It allows her to crush anything, no matter how large or strong it may be, for as long as it can fit "between her hands", turning whatever they crush into trash data in the shape of cubes about five centimeters wide that can never be returned to their original forms, instantly killing them in the process. The condition is also relative, for as long as she can obtain an unbroken view of her target such that she can fit its image between her hands, she will be able to crush them regardless and completely ignoring the concept of distance. However, larger objects take longer to crush.

Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi: The legendary technique of the swordsman Sasaki Kojirou, who is said to be capable of cutting down a swallow mid-flight. Through human means, he achieved a Mystery on the level of a Noble Phantasm, a skill mindlessly refined to the point that it has become a legend in itself. Under the Fuyuki system, it is not acknowledged as a Noble Phantasm but is instead a skill. However, it is registered as such under the FATE system. The technique, through an application of the Second Magic, bends the laws of physics to make three perfectly simultaneous slashes from three separate directions. It is a sword of infinity that renders the finite existence of a single slash into multiple possibilities to create a future that not even the gods can escape from. In Fate/Unlimited Codes, Assassin can use a technique called Hikan: Tsubami Mai, which is a series of six high-speed slashes he performs on his enemy before getting into position and ending it with Tsubame Gaeshi.

It is Assassin's most important technique. He never normally takes a stance but does so for Tsubame Gaeshi. The technique is complemented by the range offered by Monohoshi Zao, allowing him to cut off escape. Even if one strike is blocked, the other two will land. As it is just a skill refined to the level of a Mystery, Assassin can use it without expending any more magical energy than he needs to move. The only requirement for its execution is level ground, as performing it on an improper level ground will only cause it to form two slashes rather than the three it normally should make.

At the peak of this technique, instead of just attacking with three overlapping possibilities, he attacks with infinite answers. Normally, within the limits and laws of Space and Time, one would be bound to a single attack existing at any given time, but his skills have long surpassed Space, Time, Existence, Essence, etc. Using Infinity, his blade has become one with Endlessness. Accepting countless possibilities at once, and creating many more. This is the ultimate purpose of Kojiro's Swallow Reversal, to create a future that not even the gods nor the Buddha can avoid.

Uncrowned Arms Mastership: You know, one thing that I've noticed is that some Skills don't actually originate from the summoned person themselves, but rather how others perceived and interacted with them. While this can be useful (Innocent Monster), it can also be negative (Weak Constitution), and really destroys any new experiences that one might have in new environments after summoning. Back to the skill at hand, so long as this skill is in effect, anyone who sees or thinks about him will lowball his capabilities to the best of their ability. Knowing his name or identity will not help whatsoever, only outright resisting the effect will allow one to perceive him normally.

Vitrification: Due to Assassin's serene state of mind, he is immune to mental interference. In addition, his B+ Rank in this skill allows him to conceal his presence if he pleases, allowing him to simulate the True Assassin's Presence Concealment skill to a limited extent, making it difficult for even Servants to detect along with his lack of mana and a true Noble Phantasm.

Similarly to her mother's wire-based magic, Illya can turn strands of her hair into high-performance familiars resembling doves through a technique called Engel Note: Angel's Poem. The bird's names are Storch Ritter: Knight of Stork, and those that shoot bullets are Zelle. They can defend against and shoot down Rin's Gandr shots. She can turn them into Degen, a powerful sword-shaped barrier with enough speed and strength to shatter Rin's Jewel-based barrier so fast that she could barely register what had happened.

Dress of Heaven: The Mystic Code of the Einzbern family, summoned through the sacrifice of Leysritt, which allows for the use of the Third Magic, Heaven's Feel, the materialization of the soul itself. This will enable her to transfer the souls of others into new containers, trapping Shirou in a doll in one bad ending and, in the True Ending of Heaven's Feel, rescuing his soul from the destruction of his body and giving him a temporary, small body made from bits of her own. She cannot use the full power of the Third Magic, instead of wielding an incomplete replica. Theoretically, it could be used to achieve true immortality by materializing the soul, preventing it from dispersing and returning to Akasha.

Age Regression Curse: A deaging curse BB created to suppress Kingprotea, forcibly reverting the target's age back to that of a child whenever they reach or surpass a certain point. Even if one were to possess a growth skill that would age them to their prime, this curse would once again take effect to turn them back into a child. This curse is also contagious, affecting those who come into contact with Kingprotea's inner self (presumably the regular body for other targets), but can be resisted if one is well-versed in the use of curses themselves.

  • Babyfication: The effects of the Age Regression Curse. It de-ages anything in the user's vicinity, including themselves. Due to his resistances, Magia only displays the external effect of this curse. There also seems to be a "minimum age" option, below which it will not take effect.

Blessing of the Lady of the Lake: Saber has also received the blessings of Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, who bestowed Excalibur to the young king. As a result, she can walk on water as if it were solid ground without any change in movement speed or traction.

Farewell Albrecht: Meltlilith performs a dance based on the character Albrecht from the ballet, "Giselle", pirouetting in place to become temporarily immune to all conventional attacks.

Ioannes to Cage: Passionlip attacks her target and seals their ability to use conventional physical attacks.

Magical Prosthetic Arm: A magical prosthetic arm made by Touko Aozaki, the greatest puppet maker in the world. It is able to grasp intangible objects and beings like ghosts from a distance and possesses greater physical strength than her normal arm.

Manipulation of Game Rules: As an AI and an Alter Ego approaching BB's level, Meltlilith is able to affect the Laws of the World through her authority in the Moon Cell. She primarily uses this to swap out physical and magical laws for those she prefers, overwriting the "lack of sense of time" on the Far Side of the Moon with "the lack of hit detection for Meltlilith", rendering her functionally invincible for as long as the law remains in place as reality perceives her as "not being struck" by any attack.

Odile, the Demon Who Invites the Prince: Meltlilith's final and most powerful dance. Based on the demon Odile from the ballet, "Swan Lake", Meltlilith furiously assaults her foe from all directions with a series of rapid kicks performed at blinding speeds before ramming her legs through her opponent's head.

Salome Smiles: Passionlip increases her already monstrous attack power.

Salome to Degenerate: Those who try to break Passionlip's guard immediately suffer losses to their defensive ratings (For how long?).

The Secret Room is the Bell's Box: Passionlip attacks her foe to deal damage and stun them.

The Name on the Heel is the Cursed Sword Giselle: Meltlilith performs a dance based on the eponymous character from the ballet, "Giselle", unleashing shockwaves of energy whose power increase as the target becomes more damaged.

The Siren Who Burns Entrails: Meltlilith performs a dance based on the siren from the ballet, "The Prodigal Son", heating up her leg before ramming it through her target, she then proceeds to drain the life out of them to heal her own wounds.

Unforgivable Hilarion: Meltlilith performs a dance based on Hilarion, a character from the ballet, "Giselle", allowing her to drain magical energy from her foes with every attack to replenish her own reserves. Somehow.

Buki Buki no Mi (Arms Arms Fruit): is a Paramecia type Devil fruit that gives the user the ability to change their body parts into weapons, which lets the user become a Full-Body Weapon Human (全身武器人間, Zenshin Buki Ningen). It was eaten by Baby Five.

  • Buki-morphose (武器変貌(ブキモルフォーゼ), Bukimorufōze, literally meaning "Weapon Metamorphose"): Baby Five transforms part of her body into the weapon that she wants to be. In the Viz Manga, this is called Arms-morphosis and in the FUNimation subs, this is called Weapon-morphosis.
    • Espada Girl (剣女(エスパーダ・ガール), Esupāda Gāru, literally meaning "Sword Girl"): Baby Five turns into a large sword, while her legs serve as the handle. It is strong enough to cut Franky's General Shield in conjunction with Buffalo's rotational abilities. "Espada" is the Spanish and Portuguese word for "sword".
    • Missile Girl (ミサイル女(ガール), Misairu Gāru): Baby Five turns into a large missile; Buffalo then uses his "Guru Guru Toshaho" to launch her; this only provides her the additional momentum, as she can move on her own. This combination was first used against Franky. It caused a huge explosion that toppled Franky shogun but otherwise caused no damage to it. After impact, Baby Five is blown to pieces and she reforms from those fragments unharmed. Baby Five called the effect of this attack "flaming passion".
    • Revolver Girl (拳銃女(レボルベルガール), Reboruberu Gāru, literally meaning "Pistol Girl"): Baby Five turns into a giant gun barrel and fires rapidly. This was first used against Franky Shogun but dealt no damage.
    • Sickle Girl (鎌女(シックル・ガール), Shikkuru Gāru): Baby Five transforms herself into a Kusarigama-like weapon, with her arms combining together to serve as the chain and the legs together into a massive sickle, allowing her to be spun around and used by Buffalo. It was first used against Franky, where their combined attack was strong enough to pierce Franky Shogun's armor.
    • Gatling Girl (ガトリング・ガール, Gatoringu Gāru): Baby Five transforms her right leg into a Gatling gun and fires it rapidly. It was first used on a subordinate for laughing at Pica's high-pitched voice. This technique has yet to be shown or named in the manga, but was introduced on the cover of volume 70.
    • Revolver Leg (拳銃脚(レボルベルレッグ), Reboruberu Reggu): Baby Five transforms her leg into a firearm, shooting her targets at the same time as a kick. It was first used on a subordinate for laughing at Pica's high-pitched voice, and named when used against Dagama.
    • Flying Disk Girl (フライング・ディスク・ガール, Furaingu Disuku Gāru): Baby Five transforms into a and allows herself to be thrown at the enemy by Buffalo at high speed. The attack was easily deflected by Franky Shogun's Franken.
    • Fire Girl (ファイア・ガール, Faia Gāru): Baby Five transforms her upper body into a flamethrower. The effectiveness of the attack can be increased by Buffalo creating a gust to fan the flames, increasing their spread and ferocity, but it was still not enough to harm Franky Shogun.

Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit): A Paramecia type Devil Fruit, this fruit turns the user’s body into rubber. The fruit’s major strength, as demonstrated by Luffy, is that the person can stretch their body like rubber at will, and makes them almost entirely immune to blunt attacks. The user’s ability to stretch and twist like rubber to extreme lengths not only makes them immune to injuries that originate from such, but it also allows the user to drastically increase the range of what would otherwise be a powerful close range attack, turning it into a devastating mid range attack. A stretched limb can also be used to store potential energy like a stretched spring, increasing the power of an attack. Owing to rubber’s insulating properties, the user is also highly resistant to electrical attacks.A Paramecia type Devil Fruit, this fruit turns the user’s body into rubber. The fruit’s major strength, as demonstrated by Luffy, is that the person can stretch their body like rubber at will, and makes them almost entirely immune to blunt attacks. The user’s ability to stretch and twist like rubber to extreme lengths not only makes them immune to injuries that originate from such, but it also allows the user to drastically increase the range of what would otherwise be a powerful close range attack, turning it into a devastating mid range attack. A stretched limb can also be used to store potential energy like a stretched spring, increasing the power of an attack. Owing to rubber’s insulating properties, the user is also highly resistant to electrical attacks.

  • Regular Techniques:
    • Gomu Gomu no Pistol (ゴムゴムの銃ピストル Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Pistol/Gun"): Luffy's signature attack; he stretches his arm back then throws a devastating punch. In other words, it is a standard straight punch, augmented with stretching. This attack can be used from short to long range. Luffy would typically increase the striking reach of fist by 'charging up' by means of first repeatedly swinging his un-stretched punching arm around before using the spinning force to both stretch his arm to its limits, and to maximize the hitting power. This is called Gum-Gum Pistol in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub, Gum-Gum Blast in the 4Kids dub, Rubber Pistol in episode 1-53 of the Odex dub, and Rubber Rubber Pistol in the Odex dub after episode 53.
      • Gomu Gomu no Pistol "Shot" (ゴムゴムの銃ピストル「散弾」ショット or 「散弾」ショットガン Gomu Gomu no Pisutoru Shotto or Shottogan?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Pistol/Gun: 'Buckshot'"): Starts off as an ordinary Pistol attack, after which Luffy "twangs" his stretched arm, causing his fist to connect multiple times. This was first seen being used against Crocodile after Luffy wet his own body with water. In the anime this is called Gomu Gomu no Pistol and Shot (or merely called Gomu Gomu no Shot/Shotgun). In the Viz Manga, this is called Gum-Gum Pistol Shotgun, while in the 4Kids dub, it is called Gum-Gum Quake.
    • Gomu Gomu no Bazooka (ゴムゴムのバズーカ Gomu Gomu no Bazūka?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Bazooka"): Luffy stretches both his arms far back, and then hurls them forward, striking his opponent with both instantaneously with a double open palm strike with both hands, that frequently sends the recipient(s) flying off the other direction. This is usually used as a finishing move, he often prefers to do it at point-blank range, sometimes running up to his opponent as he's charging it. This was first seen being used to defeat Buggy. This is called Gum-Gum Bazooka in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub, Gum-Gum Double Barrel in the 4Kids dub, and Rubber Rubber Bazooka in the Odex dub.
    • Gomu Gomu no Bullet (ゴムゴムの銃弾ブレット Gomu Gomu no Buretto?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Gun Bullet"): Luffy stretches one arm, far behind him while running, then snaps it back to deliver a short-distance, one-fisted powerful blow to an opponent. This was first seen being used on Don Krieg. This is called Gum-Gum Bullet in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub and Gum-Gum Burst in the 4Kids dub.
    • Gomu Gomu no Bow Gun (ゴムゴムのボーガン Gomu Gomu no Bōgan?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Bow Gun"): Taking hold of his opponent from behind, Luffy repeatedly twists his torso vertically around his hips before grasping them with his feet and then rapidly untwisting, creating a snapback that sends his opponent flying upwards. This was first seen being used against Wapol. This is called Gum-Gum Bowgun in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub and Gum-Gum Crossbow in the 4Kids dub.
    • Gomu Gomu no Rifle (ゴムゴムの回転弾ライフル Gomu Gomu no Raifuru?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Rotating Bullet"): Similar to the Gomu Gomu no Bullet, but Luffy twists his arm around as he stretches it behind him and hits the opponent at close range, massively increasing the velocity of the punch as twisting the arm stretches the arm even further without having to draw it back any longer which also saves the amount of time the kick-back takes. This attack is called Gum-Gum Rifle in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub and Gum-Gum Drill in Grand Adventure. This was first seen being used against Enel.
    • Gomu Gomu no Cannon (ゴムゴムの攻城砲キャノン Gomu Gomu no Kyanon?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Siege Cannon): Luffy builds up speed and momentum with a long series of quick punches similar to Gomu Gomu no Gatling, stopping just short of the target(s) at first, and finishes with a single double-palm blow similar to Bazooka. A powerful technique that can pierce strong armor, and, in combination with Zoro's Three-Swords Style, is devastating enough to puncture a hole through a massive tidal wave. This was first seen being used against one of the Franky Family's "Kairiki Destroyers". In the Viz Manga, FUNimation dub, and video game Grand Adventure, this is called Gum-Gum Cannon.
    • Gomu Gomu no Muchi (ゴムゴムの鞭 Gomu Gomu no Muchi?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Whip"): Luffy stretches his leg and kicks in a wide circle, striking multiple foes. This was first seen being used against a group of Marines in Shells Town. This is called Gum-Gum Whip in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi (ゴムゴムの槌 Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Mallet"): Luffy stretches out his arms while twisting them, and then takes hold of his opponent. He then untwists them, rapidly spinning his opponent, while bringing him crashing to the floor. This was first seen being used against Richie after he and Mohji destroyed Chouchou's master's store. This is called Gum-Gum Gavel in the Viz Manga and Gum-Gum Hammer in the 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Kama (ゴムゴムの鎌 Gomu Gomu no Kama?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Sickle"): Luffy grabs an object behind his opponent and pulls himself towards them. He then stretches out his other arm and clotheslines his opponent. This was first seen being used against Buggy. This is called Gum-Gum Sickle in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub and Gum-Gum Fist in the 4Kids dub.
    • Gomu Gomu no Yari (ゴムゴムの槍 Gomu Gomu no Yari?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Spear"): Luffy holds his feet together (with the bottoms of each touching each other) and kicks with both simultaneously via his toes (giving off the image of an actual spearhead). This was first seen being used against Kuro after Luffy dodged his attack. This is called Gum-Gum Spear in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs. There are instances where this attack is also sometimes performed via his two feet stomping on his target's face, making it akin to a two-legged Gomu Gomu no Stamp.
    • Gomu Gomu no Ogama (ゴムゴムの大鎌 Gomu Gomu no Ōgama?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Scythe"): Identical to Gomu Gomu no Kama, but he uses both arms for the rocket and the clotheslining. This was first seen being used on a group of Krieg's pirates that were attacking the Baratie. This is called Gum-Gum Giant Scythe in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Ono (ゴムゴムの戦斧 Gomu Gomu no Ono?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Battle Axe"): Luffy stretches one leg high into the air, then brings it crashing down via a high-gravity stomp on an opponent or structure, for massive damage, strong enough to destroy large buildings and ships in a single hit. Usually when Luffy executes this attack, after stretching out his leg, he brings his foot down immediately below him, however sometimes (mainly in the anime and in the video games) he keeps his leg extended and brings it down, like a vertical version of Gomu Gomu no Muchi. This was first seen being used on the front porch of the Baratie. It was also used to destroy Crescent Moon Galley's ship in the First Romance Dawn although not named. He also defeats Arlong with this move. This is called Gum-Gum Battle Axe in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub and Gum-Gum Axe in the 4Kids dub.
    • Gomu Gomu no Ozuchi (ゴムゴムの大槌 Gomu Gomu no Ōzuchi?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Big Mallet"): Similar to Gomu Gomu no Mallet, but he performs it using the feet and legs instead of hands and arms while in mid-air. He performed this while he was trapped inside Krieg's net, sending the latter crashing into Baratie's front porch. This was first used against Don Krieg. This is called Gum-Gum Giant Gavel in the Viz Manga and Gum-Gum Giant Hammer in the 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Kane (ゴムゴムの鐘 Gomu Gomu no Kane?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Bell"): While latched onto an enemy, Luffy stretches his neck backwards, then snaps it back for a devastating head butt to the opponent's face. This was first seen being used to defeat Kuro. This is called Gum-Gum Bell in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Kazaguruma (ゴムゴムの風車 Gomu Gomu no Kazaguruma?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Windmill/Pinwheel"): A technique that was used once in the Arlong Arc. Luffy planted his feet into the ground to steady himself, then twisted his body around tightly. He then grabbed hold of Arlong's pet Momoo and unwound, spinning the Sea King around rapidly to crush the Fish-Men surrounding him. After spinning around several times, Luffy then let go of Momoo and threw him far away. While it took out most of Arlong's Fish-Men, it however had the disadvantage of getting Luffy's feet stuck in the ground. This was first used against the Arlong pirates. This rather reckless move was inspired by the sight of the pinwheel on top of Genzo's hat by Luffy. In the Viz Manga, this is called Gum-Gum Windmill while in the 4Kids and FUNimation dubs, this is called Gum-Gum Pinwheel. Luffy also used an alternate version of this move in the video game One Piece Grand Battle and Grand Battle Rush! where he merely twists his midsection as he unwinds with both arms out to smack around himself 360 degrees; another version is also during his fight with Rob Lucci, where he simply grabs his target and twisting his mid-section before unwinding, and throwing his opponent. Both these alternate versions do not involve planting his feet on the ground prior.
    • Gomu Gomu no Stamp (ゴムゴムのスタンプ Gomu Gomu no Sutanpu?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Stamp"): Luffy stretches his leg out and hits his opponent with the bottom of his foot, leaving an imprint, or "stamp", of his sandal. This was first seen being used to finish off Mr. 3. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub this is called Gum-Gum Stamp, and in the Odex dub this is called Rubber Rubber Stamp. Sometimes in a few instances, the aforementioned Gomu Gomu no Yari is performed akin to a Gomu Gomu no Stamp, only with both of Luffy's feet close together.
    • Gomu Gomu no Baku Baku (ゴムゴムのバクバク Gomu Gomu no Baku Baku?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Chomp Chomp"): Luffy stretches his mouth wide open, and attempts to bite or swallow his opponent. This attack was named after and copied from Wapol's Baku Baku no Mi powers. In the Viz Manga, 4Kids, and FUNimation dubs, this is called Gum-Gum Munch-Munch. This technique was first seen being used against Crocodile.
    • Gomu Gomu no Marunoko (ゴムゴムの丸鋸 Gomu Gomu no Marunoko?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Buzzsaw"): Luffy grabs his opponent from afar with both arms and winds himself up like with a bow gun. He then kicks off from the ground and spins towards his opponent to deliver a powerful head butt. In the Viz Manga, 4Kids dub, and the FUNimation dub, this is called Gum-Gum Buzzsaw. This was first seen being used against Crocodile after Luffy wet his own body with water.
    • Gomu Gomu no Kazan (ゴムゴムの火山 Gomu Gomu no Kazan?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Volcano"): Similar to Gomu Gomu no Ono, except Luffy's foot is stretched upwards to break through a roof, and is not followed by a stomp like Gomu Gomu no Ono. This was first seen being used against marines at Enies Lobby. In the Viz Manga, this is called Gum-Gum Volcano. In some instances such as a few video games, it is often the starting technique for the upward version of Gomu Gomu no Storm.
    • Gomu Gomu no Gatling (ゴムゴムの銃乱打ガトリング Gomu Gomu no Gatoringu?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Gun Battering"): Luffy uses his stretching ability to bring his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms, however he does not actually grow more arms so he can still be stopped by an opponent fast enough (as Enel, Rob Lucci and Usopp have demonstrated). This was first seen being used against a group of Black Cat Pirates after being accidentally hypnotized stronger by Jango. This is called Gum-Gum Gatling Gun in the Viz Manga, Gum-Gum Gatling in the FUNimation dub (and sometimes the Viz Manga), Gum-Gum Rapid Fire in the 4Kids dub, Rubber Gatling in episode 1-53 of the Odex dub, Rubber Rubber Punch during one scene in the Warship Island arc in the Odex dub, and Rubber Rubber Gatling for the rest of the Odex dub.
    • Gomu Gomu no Storm (ゴムゴムの暴風雨ストーム Gomu Gomu no Sutōmu?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Storm (Rain)"): An extremely powerful move and is easily one of Luffy's strongest attacks. Luffy first uses Gomu Gomu no Balloon and twists his body around tightly, then blows the air out behind him while untwisting to fly in forward while spinning towards an opponent, where he delivers a constant barrage of powerful punches similar to Gomu Gomu no Gatling, with power greatly enhanced by the momentum of his launch. This was first seen being used to defeat Crocodile. This attack was powerful enough to beat Crocodile through an extremely thick ceiling of solid bedrock and cause a huge earthquake in Alabasta, and then propel him several hundred feet into the air. This technique can be used going sideways, upwards towards airborne targets, and downwards while Luffy is airborne. In the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs, this is called Gum-Gum Storm.
    • Gomu Gomu no Stamp Gatling (ゴムゴムのスタンプ銃乱打ガトリング Gomu Gomu no Sutanpu Gatoringu?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Stamp Gun Battering"): Similar to Gomu Gomu no Stamp, except he makes multiple strikes with his foot. This was first seen used at Marineford against the Three Admirals, crushing a mast frozen by Aokiji. In the Viz Manga, Funimation sub and dub, this is called Gum-Gum Stamp Gatling.
    • Gomu Gomu no Ame (ゴムゴムの雨 Gomu Gomu no Ame?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Rain"): Luffy jumps into the air and performs a strong, rapid-fire punching attack while spinning. Similar to Gomu Gomu no Storm, except without inflating himself beforehand, and he punches while descending like rain. It was first seen being used on gaolers of Impel Down. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, this is called Gum-Gum Rain.
    • Gomu Gomu no Hanabi (ゴムゴムの花火 Gomu Gomu no Hanabi?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Fireworks"): Luffy jumps into the air and spins around rapidly. He then stretches and wraps himself in his own arms and legs like a rubber ball. When the rubber rebounds and the 'ball' is unwrapped he unleashes a flurry of punches and kicks of increased speed, that go in every direction due to his fists and feet bouncing back and forth. This was first seen being used against the White Berets in Skypiea. In the Viz Manga, the English version of Pirates Carnival (dubbed by 4Kids) and the FUNimation dub, this is called Gum-Gum Fireworks.
    • Gomu Gomu no Tako (ゴムゴムのたこ Gomu Gomu no Tako?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Octopus"): A technique in which Luffy makes his appendages go limp that they resemble the tentacles of an octopus. In the anime, he takes a deep breath which inflates his head to a large size and his limbs go limp when he exhales. This was done in an attempt to figure a way to fight against Enel's Mantra ability. This is called Gum-Gum Octopus in the Viz Manga and FUNimation dub.
      • Gomu Gomu no Tako Hanabi (ゴムゴムのたこ花火 Gomu Gomu no Tako Hanabi?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Octopus Fireworks"): Much like Gomu Gomu no Hanabi except, due to the previous move, Gomu Gomu no Tako, his limbs bounce off of walls without losing speed. Because his limbs are limp, Luffy cannot predict or control where they will go if they ricochet off of an object, much less the unlucky opponent(s). This is completely advantageous against a Kenbunshoku Haki user as they also cannot predict where Luffy's punches and kicks would come at them. This technique was used against Enel during Luffy's battle against him. In the Viz Manga and the FUNimation dub, this is called Gum-Gum Octopus Fireworks.
    • Gomu Gomu no Boh... (ゴムゴムのボー Gomu Gomu no Bō...?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Dunno..."): A technique in which Luffy "switches off" his conscious mind, allowing him to avoid attacks entirely on instinct. This made him immune to Enel's mind-reading Mantra ability. The disadvantage is that he can neither think nor attack in this state. This was first used against Enel. This is called Gum-Gum Space-Out in the Viz Manga, Gum-Gum Daze... in the FUNimation dub, and Gum-Gum Airhead in the FUNimation subs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Rocket (ゴムゴムのロケット Gomu Gomu no Roketto?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Rocket"): Luffy's main method of traveling long distances fast. He stretches out one of his arms or both and grabs a handhold, then retracts them, projecting himself high into the air at high speeds, over great distances, or even into an opponent. This was first developed when Luffy was a child, along with Ace and Sabo, battling against the king of Mt. Colubo, a giant tiger; Ace gave this attack its name. This technique is often times reckless especially if not done properly as Luffy could accidentally propel himself into a body of water or worse. Indeed, Luffy has little to no control after launching himself, being unable to change directions in mid-flight, and is only able to (barely) decelerate before landing. This was first seen being used to propel Luffy to the top of the Marine Base in Shells Town in the manga. In the anime, it was first seen being used to crash into Alvida's crew. This technique is also capable of landing devastating attacks against larger opponents as shown against Dorry. A humorous usage of this "attack" was accidentally against Ace and Smoker in a restaurant, who are both Logia users but did not have the reflex to counter the charge.
    • Gomu Gomu no Fusen (ゴムゴムの風船 Gomu Gomu no Fūsen?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Balloon"): A technique where Luffy inflates himself rapidly through his mouth, further increasing his resistance to blunt attacks. With his inflated body, Luffy is capable of deflecting projectile attacks back at his attackers. This is not necessarily always an attack as Luffy can also use this technique for other purposes aside from deflecting projectiles such as escaping Smoker's Smoke Snake technique or using himself as a cushion when his ship is in for a hard landing. This can also prevent Luffy from sinking under water, making him bounce off the surface. This was first seen being used against one of Buggy's cannonballs after Luffy insulted Buggy. This is called Gum-Gum Balloon in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Tate (ゴムゴムの盾 Gomu Gomu no Tate?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Shield"): Luffy grabs the fingers of one hand with the other, and stretches them before his face to block blades that pass between the fingers. This was first seen being used on Arlong. This is called Gum-Gum Shield in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Ami (ゴムゴムの網 Gomu Gomu no Ami?, literally meaning "Rubber Rubber Net"): Luffy entwines his fingers making a net like shape and then stretches out his fingers making a larger net in an attempt to trap his opponents. This was first seen being used on Arlong. This is called Gum-Gum Finger Net in the Viz Manga and 4Kids and FUNimation dubs.
    • Gomu Gomu no Thank You Fire: Luffy first absorbs the projectiles the way he does normally and then accurately rebounds the projectiles at an enemy with twice the power as when they hit him.
    • Gomu Gomu no Snake Shot: Luffy moves his arm in a snake-like fashion and grips the enemy, possibly inflicting piercing damage. Like everything.
    • Gomu Gomu no UFO: Luffy rotates his lower half of the body to act like a helicopter and levitate in the air.
  • Gear Second:

Luffy pumps his blood rapidly with his legs to kick start the process which in turn, increases the speed of his blood flow, thus providing more oxygen and nutrients to various parts of his body which makes him faster and much stronger. It uses even more oxygen and energy, hence using up more food and he has to breathe harder. The increase in his metabolism causes him to be hungrier than usual or even a paralytic type effect after a long usage of it. Can be used to achieve a full body effect, or an effect on any single area of his body (e.g. the arm). The techniques in this mode are basically the same as the regular attacks, but greatly augmented by his enhanced attack speed and, consequently, attack power. The known Gear Second specific techniques are listed below.

    • Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk: Luffy uses his Busōshoku Haki in conjunction with Gear Second to ignite his arm and strike his opponent, creating an explosion upon contact.
  • Gear Third

Luffy pumps air through his bones to make them gigantic. This gives his arm more mass and a larger area to attack with far greater strength. Previously Luffy turned into a chibi form after canceling the technique but after the timeskip he no longer shrinks in size. The techniques in this mode are basically the same as the regular attacks, but greatly augmented by his increased mass and power. The known Gear Third specific techniques are listed below.

    • Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun: After pumping air into his fist to drastically increase its mass, Luffy uses his Busōshoku Haki to harden it (appearing to be significantly harder than his regular Gear Third which has been likened to steel in the sense bullets ricochet off his Gear Third limbs instead of bouncing off), turning his arm black in the process. Luffy then attacks in a similar motion to when he uses his Gigant Pistol, launching his fist towards his opponent. This attack seems to be more densely pumped with air at the tip compared to the Gigant Pistol, forming a large round ball at his forearm, whilst the rest of his arm remains at the same size, although stretched.
    • Gomu Gomu no Thor Elephant Gun: An enhanced version of the move in which Luffy launches himself into the air with Gomu Gomu no Rocket first, before striking, discharging electricity when it lands.
    • Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling: After enlarging and imbuing both his arms with Busōshoku Haki in a similar manner as Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, Luffy uses his stretching ability to bring his fists forward repeatedly in a blurry, rapid barrage of strong punches that creates the illusion of him having multiple arms.
    • Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum: After enlarging and imbuing both his arms with Busōshoku Haki and gaining a considerable distance from his opponent, Luffy stretches his arms back and strikes with open palms simultaneously while in the air.
    • Gomu Gomu no Tsuppari: After enlarging his arms, Luffy strikes his opponent with an open palm. This does not require the use of Haki.
      • Gomu Gomu no Gigant Tsuppari: A more powerful version of Tsuppari in which Luffy stretches his arm very far back, and as it shoots forward he inflates it greatly before striking his opponent with a massive open palm.
  • Gear Fourth:

In order to activate the technique, Luffy coats his arm in Busoshoku Haki before biting into his forearm. Similar to how he activates Gear Third, he blows an incredible amount of air into his body, but this time he inflates his muscular structure before distributing the air throughout his body, with emphasis on his upper half. Luffy's proportions become warped and his body becomes much larger in size, with his arms, upper torso, and legs coated in Busoshoku Haki. The coating across his torso resemble the wispy ends made from flames, giving it the appearance of tattoos, and he also gains shading around the inner and outer edges of his eyes. Gear Fourth also increases Luffy’s metabolism. Once Gear Fourth reaches its limit, it automatically deactivates and Luffy is left exhausted and unable to use Haki for ten minutes. Even afterwards, Gear Fourth is extremely taxing on Luffy's body and stamina.

    • Boundman: Luffy's proportions become warped and his body becomes much larger in size, with his arms, upper torso, and legs coated in Busoshoku Haki. In this form, Luffy is continuously emitting steam in this form. As a side-effect, he is incapable of standing still on the ground, and instead constantly bounces on the spot. While Luffy is using Boundman, his physical strength and speed are increased whereas before, Gear Second's lack of strength and Gear Third's lack of speed made them ineffective individually.
      • Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun: After compressing his fist into his enlarged forearm (and making it look like an actual cannon), Luffy unleashes a devastating short-range punch with enough power to break through Doflamingo's own Haki-enhanced defense and blow the Shichibukai all the way from Dressrosa's palace to the middle of the city.
      • Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider: After compressing both legs into his body, Luffy delivers a double flying kick. It has enough power to send the opponent crashing through dozens of buildings and across a town center.
      • Gomu Gomu no Culverin: Luffy delivers a punch like a regular Gomu Gomu no Pistol, but if it is dodged, he can redirect his punch an unspecified number of times, without losing momentum, to still land with tremendous force. In addition, this punch does not need to retract back to his body right after being "fired" as the regular Gomu Gomu no Pistol does. It can sharply change its trajectory multiple times until it hits its desired target.
      • Gomu Gomu no Double Culverin: Luffy pulls back his arms before punching his opponent with them.
      • Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka: Luffy winds up his two arms and launches them out with open palms, releasing a blast of air that can send a close ranged target flying at incredible momentum. It is executed very similarly to his Gomu Gomu no Bazooka.
      • Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ: Luffy fires off several Kong Gun punches in rapid succession. This attack is similar to his Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun, and seemingly shows Luffy firing off dozens of punches simultaneously.
      • Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun: Luffy blows a large amount of air into his arm, drastically increasing its size, before compressing his fist and unleashing a devastating blow. This was first used to defeat Doflamingo, and was powerful enough to break through the Shichibukai's Spider's Web and God Thread techniques simultaneously, as well as send him flying into the city below with enough force to completely level the town and cause the ground to be torn apart.
    • Tankman: Luffy takes a form similar to Bound-Man, but his torso is enlarged to the point where he basically looks like a Rubber-Ball. This form focuses heavily on increasing his defenses and the harmonization between his Haki and Gomu-Gomu powers.
      • Tankman: Manpuku Version: So far the base form of Tankman is unknown. To activate this form Luffy has to consume copious amounts of food, which makes him consequently grow to an enormous and bloated size. Tankman gives Luffy tremendous Haki-based durability to which it is stronger than that of Boundman. Furthermore, this form further increases the power and magnitude of Boundman's compression-based offense by using Luffy's enormous stomach as a launcher.
        • Gomu Gomu no Cannonball: The Gear Fourth version of Gomu Gomu no Fuusen and Gomu Gomu no Ore Fire. After trapping an enemy within him by compressing and withdrawing his stomach, Luffy launches them forward and into the air with incredible power and speed.
    • Snakeman: Luffy takes a form similar to Bound-Man, but he appears much skinnier, and this form focuses heavily on the use of homing attacks and a dramatic increase in speed.
      • Python: An attack method employed by Luffy in both Bound-Man and Snake-Man. He sends his fist out and continuously changes its path in order to land hits on opponents who try to evade it. The more his punches miss and stretch, the faster they become.
      • Gomu Gomu no Jet Culverin: Similar in nature to Bound-Man's Culverin attack, but much faster.
      • Gomu Gomu no Black Mamba: Luffy uses a mix between Python and Gomu Gomu no Orgun, sending a flurry of attacks that home in on the enemy should they deflect or dodge the initial punches.
      • Gomu Gomu no King Cobra: There is no clear use to this attack, but Luffy enlarges his right arm and sends it out from random vectors until it strikes his opponent with great force. His most powerful attack in this form.

Ishi Ishi no Mi (Stone-Stone Fruit): A Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. The Devil Fruit's primary ability is the power to merge and assimilate with any form of stone. This allows the user to take control of anything made of stone that they come in contact with. While under the user's control, the stone gains a surprising level of flexibility and dexterity it otherwise would not have, as seen by Pica's ability to stretch and reshape in a surprising manner of ways. In Pica's case, he can control the Dressrosa castle as if it were his own body, as it is entirely made of stone. It appears that the strength of this particular fruit is directly proportional to the amount of stone in the user's environment. Because of this, at sufficient amounts, the user can withstand having pieces of their body destroyed to no end.

  • Pulpostone (蛸石 (プルポストン) Puruposuton?, literally meaning "Octopus Stone"): After assimilating with a large mass of stone, Pica produces tentacles out of the stone and directs them towards the target in an attempt to crush them. Pulpo is the Spanish word for "octopus".
  • Charlestone (舞踏石 (チャールストン) Chārusuton?, literally meaning "Dancing Stone"): After assimilating a vast stone area, Pica makes a multitude of giant stone spikes erupt from it.
  • Ishiusu (石押 (イシウス) Ishiusu?, literally meaning "Stone Press"): Pica creates two horizontal pillars of stone with spikes on the end that he slams together around an opponent, crushing and stabbing them.
  • Bitestone (噛石 (バイトストン) Baitosuton?, literally meaning "Biting Stone"): Pica creates a replica of his head out of stone and uses it to bite an opponent.

Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow-Snow Fruit): Having eaten the Yuki-Yuki no Mi, Monet received the power to turn in to, create, and manipulate snow. She can even go as far as making snow storms.

  • Kamakura: Monet forms a barrier of snow around a nearby person or object.
  • Kamakura Jussoshi: Monet creates a snow hut with ten overlapping layers of Kamakura, which is obviously much stronger than a single-layered one.
  • Yuki Gaki: Monet creates a solid snow wall.
  • Mannen Yuki: Monet completely turns to snow and then proceeds to surround an opponent's body with the snow, weakening and immobilizing them with the severe cold she exudes.
  • Tabira Yuki: Monet freezes the feathers on her wings, transforming them into sharpened, solid snow-blades.
  • Yuki Rabi: Monet swings her wing to release numerous solid hardened snowballs with small rabbit-like ears, whiskers, and eyes.
  • Fubuki: Monet releases a stream of snow from her lips that quickly surrounds an enemy and traps them within a blizzard.

A mysterious power which originates from an individual's spirit. Haki is separated into three categories, or "colors": Kenbunshoku Haki, which grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and limited precognitive abilities; Busoshoku Haki, which allows the user to use their spirit as armor to defend against attacks or to make their own attacks more potent; and Haoshoku Haki, a rare type of Haki only one in a million can use which grants the user the ability to overpower the will of others.

Haōshoku Haki (Color of the Conquering King): Luffy is the standard for Proficient Haoshoku Haki use. He is capable of generating a massive aura that can cover over several kilometers with such intensity that the air seemingly discharges electricity when coming into contact with any resistance.

Busōshoku Haki (Color of Armaments): Luffy has displayed a high level of proficiency with Busoshoku Haki. He's capable of covering a large portion of his body with Busoshoku: Koka on a whim, and at his highest intensity, can cover almost all of his body at once. He has somehow found a way to harmonize the armored defense of Koka with his Rubber body, forcing almost all physical force to bounce straight off (of anything in the universe).

  • Busoshoku: Koka (Color of Armaments: Hardening): This technique somehow uses Busōshoku Haki to drastically harden the body (or parts of it). How exactly it works is currently unknown. When Luffy uses it, the arm he applies it on becomes black and shiny, much like vulcanized rubber. Pica is capable of applying Busoshoku: Koka to his entire body, greatly enhancing his striking power and durability.

Kenbunshoku Haki (Color of Observation or Mantra): Luffy has displayed some proficiency of Kenbunshoku Haki. By the start of Wholecake Arc, he was capable of seeing premonitions of the future without the need to focus intensely while also displaying several kilometers of range with the ability--sensing targets from a large distance away. By the end of Whole-cake, Luffy can see several seconds into the future while focusing intensely, matching the likes of Charlotte Katakuri in this field.

Psychic Whirlwind: This is an anti-psychic technique. By making her psychic signals move in circles around her, Tatsumaki can create a whirlwind capable of harmlessly redirecting or deflecting psychic attacks. She developed this technique during her childhood.

Psychic Binding: An ability used to suppress the power of another esper.

Energy Punch: On her own, Cure Black can perform punches radiating with golden energy. With the Sparkle Bracelets, she can amplify this move to a much higher degree and performs a punch that seemingly turns her into a meteor.

Energy Kick: On her own, Cure White can perform kicks radiating with golden energy. With the Sparkle Bracelets, she can amplify this move to a much higher degree and performs a kick attack that seemingly turns her into a meteor.

Marble Screw: Black summons black lightning. Afterwards, using one hand to hold each other's hand, Black and White fire a stream of black and white lightning from their other hands towards their foe. By using both of their memories simultaneously, Miden is able to perform this attack by himself.

Rainbow Therapy: Cure Black, along with Cure White, call on upon the power of their respective-coloured aura and unleashes a rainbow aura towards their target to relieve them from curses or evil possession.

Rainbow Bracelets: Poron grants items that significantly augment the Cures' speed, strength, and durability.

  • Rainbow Storm: Using the Rainbow Bracelets, Cure Black and Cure White hold hands and shoot a beam of rainbow-colored energy in a similar manner to Marble Screw.

Marble Screw Max: An upgraded version of the Marble Screw.

Marble Screw Max Spark: The Marble Screw Max augmented by the Sparkle Bracelets, items that are much more powerful than the Rainbow Bracelets which increases the Cures' speed, strength, and combat potential. Cure Black and White fires a rainbow-coloured energy similar to the Rainbow Storm, only this time, it also has the black and white lightning attributes.

Luminous Heartiel Action: Miden puts his hands in front of him, creating a yellow energy disc which paralyses anyone in it's path.

Extreme Luminario: An attack where after Shiny Luminous unleashes a rainbow-coloured light, Cure Black and Cure White hold hands and create a rainbow-coloured heart in front of them. They then let loose a shining explosion of light from the heart. It also has a Max version which is so powerful, that it's explosive light spread across the vastness of space and can be seen from other planets in the solar system.

Bloom Shield: Bloom projects a golden-coloured shield dome to protect herself and fend off foes.

Twin Stream Splash: Holding hands with Egret, Bloom calls upon the spirits of the earth and sky. After being charged, Bloom and Egret then let loose a jet stream of blue and green water, respectively, towards their foe.

Spiral Heart Splash: An upgraded version of the Twin Splash Stream that requires Spiral Rings created by Moop and Foop. The attack sequence is the same with the difference being that the green and blue water merges into a heart and fires a stream of spiraling blue-green water.

Cure Bright: Cure Bloom's alternate form that she gains later in the series. In this form, she gains the ability to fly and can fire green energy projectiles of sizes that can range from as large as her palm to over multiple times her size.

Spiral Star Splash: An attack that requires Bloom and Egret to be in their alternate forms. Holding hands and calling upon the powers of the moon and wind, they unleash a stream of pressurised pink and green water at the foe.

Spiral Heart Splash Star: A group attack where the Cures and Kiryuu sisters team up. They gather all their energy and fire a powerful blast of multicoloured water, which traps and destroys the opponent in a ball of light. This attack was used to defeat Goyan.

Dream Attack: Dream summons a pink butterfly from her left hand and launches it towards the enemy, which explodes upon impact.

Crystal Shoot: Dream summons her Dream Torch. She then spins around and then fires a tide of pink-coloured crystals towards the enemy.

Rouge Fire: Rouge summons a butterfly composed of pure fire from her left hand thrusts it towards the enemy.

Rouge Burning An upgraded version of Rouge Fire where she summons a fiery butterfly with the Rouge Tact. While the attack is very similar, it's significantly stronger.

Lemonade Flash: Lemonade spread her arms and creates a large flock of yellow-colored energy butterflies and sends them towards the foe, with each butterfly blasting the target after hitting them.

Lemonade Shining Lemonade summons the yellow butterflies with her Lemonade Castanet. While the attack is very similar, it's significantly stronger.

Mint Protection: Mint raises her arms and creates a green barrier to protect herself and allies from attacks.

Mint Shield: An upgraded version of the Mint Protection. Using the Mint Leaf, Mint raises the item above her and creates a green forcefield around her. Unlike the Mint Protection, this move can actually be used as an attack, damaging enemies who comes into contact with the barrier and unleashing a point-blank blast after sending the Mint Leaf in front of the enemy and creating the Mint Shield from it on the spot. It's radius is also much wider and can be expanded.

Aqua Stream: Aqua will summon a stream of water on her right hand, which spirals around her before thrusting the pressurized water towards the target.

Aqua Tornado: An upgraded version of the Aqua Stream. Using her Aqua Ribbon, Aqua fires intense pressurized water at the foe. While the attack is very similar, it's noticeably more powerful. The Aqua Ribbon can also be used to create a blade made of compressed water energy, which Aqua normally uses as a sword.

Five Explosion: A group attack where all five members will combine the items that enables them to use their upgraded attacks into a single item called the Symphony Set. The Symphony Set then enlarges itself into the point the Cures can ride on it, flies at high speed, and then crashes into the enemy with the Cures evacuating, completely unharmed.

Shooting Star: Dream crosses her arm, which forms a pink butterfly symbol in front of her, and dashes toward the target at high speed while creating a pink trail behind her.

Fire Strike: Using her soccer skills, Rouge creates a ball of flames in front of her and kicks it towards the enemy. She can actually create several of these balls of flames and kick them all at once. It's worth noting that the blast radius of this attack is significantly larger in her Powered-Up form.

Prism Chain: Lemonade's hands glows yellow and unleashes a chain made of yellow butterflies on each arm, which she uses to either restrain the enemy or destroy them entirely. It's worth noting that she can create more chains in her Powered-Up form.

Emerald Saucer: Mint raises her hand and creates a large green disc above her head. She throw the disc in a Frisbee-style fashion towards the enemy as an attack or use it as a shield to block incoming attacks. It's worth noting in her Powered-Up form, she can expand the size of the disc.

Sapphire Arrow: Aqua creates a bow made completely out of water and fires a water arrow at the foe. In her Powered-Up form, she can shoot several of these water arrows at once.

Rainbow Rose Explosion: Another group attack performed by all five Cures. After obtaining each of their personal Cure Fleurets, the Cures point their energy blades at the foe and fires a rose of their respective colour towards the enemy all at once. The five different-coloured roses then combines into a huge rainbow-coloured rose and pulverises the enemy right after hitting them.

Milky Rose Blizzard: Milky Rose puts together the pen on the Milky Palette and presses on all the buttons to activate the powers. After saying the incantation, she points at the enemy with the device and a giant blue rose appears before her, pointing the same way. After swinging the Milky Palette, the gesture makes the rose separate into numerous petals attacking the enemy. The latter is then surrounded by the petals, which together forms an even greater blue rose afterwards. The blue rose then explodes.

  • Milky Rose Metal Blizzard: Natts calls the power for Milky Rose, the Milky Note appears, pressing together the buttons resembling a red and blue rose each. The Milky Note then sends out a blue rose to Milky Rose's Milky Palette. When the rose touches the Milky Palette, they fuse together and become the Milky Mirror. Milky Rose then repeats the same way she uses Blizzard, except the Blue Rose now has a more metallic appearance, being grey and reflective.

Unnamed team attack: Milky Rose teams up with Cure Dream, and fires an energy beam. This attack is unnamed, but closely resembles Marble Screw Max.

Love Sunshine: Peach forms a heart symbol with her hands and fires a stream of pink energy from it.

Love Sunshine Fresh: Using her Peach Rod, Peach trace a heart with it, creating a heart-shaped projectile and fire it towards the target.

Espoir Shower: Berry forms a spade symbol with her hands and fires a stream of blue energy from it.

Espoir Shower Fresh: Using her Berry Sword, Berry trace a spade with it, creating a blue spade-shaped projectile and fire it towards the target. Berry will sometimes throw her Berry Sword in a certain direction to distract her opponent.

Healing Prayer: Pine forms a diamond symbol with her hands and fires a stream of yellow energy from it.

Healing Prayer Fresh: Using her Pine Flute, Pine trace a diamond with it, creating a yellow diamond-shaped projectile and fires it towards the target.

Triple Fresh: Peach, Berry, and Pine use their respective signature attacks at the same time towards the enemy for a triple attack.

Happiness Hurricane: Using her Passion Harp, Passion strokes its strings and summons a typhoon consisting of hearts and feathers in the target's location.

Lucky Clover Grand Finale: A group attack that requires the Clover Box to execute. After Peach calls the power from it, each Cure creates their respective-colored leaf and combines them to create a giant multi coloured clover to drop on the target. The foe hit by the attack will be imprisoned in a crystal and then implodes within it.

Loving True Heart: As Cure Angel, the Fresh Precure create a large hearts, which imbue feelings of being loved by children.

Pink Forte Wave: Using her Flower Tact, Blossom launches a budding flower several times her size at her target. After the flower hits, she rotates her tact in order to make the flower sprout and release a burst of energy within the target. This move attacks enemies and rejuvenates allies.

Blossom Shower: Blossom summons a ring of flowers around her and then blows them towards her enemies.

Blossom Butt Punch: Cure Blossom rushes towards and rams into the opponent with her rear.

Blossom Flower Storm: Cure Blossom spins very fast and turns into a pink tornado with pink petals surrounding it.

Blossom Screw Punch: Cure Blossom thrusts her fist forward and then releases a stream of pink flower energy towards the opponent.

Blossom Full Punch: After amplified with a Heart Seed, Cure Blossom performs a full body tackle.

Blossom Impact: Cure Blossom gathers a ball of pink energy in her hand and hits the target directly with it, causing it to explode upon impact.

Blossom Double Impact: A stronger variation of the Blossom Impact attack. She creates a ball of pink energy on both hands and hits the enemy with both of them.

Speed Up!: Cure Blossom uses the holy power of the Heart Seeds to temporarily increase her speed.

Forehead Punch: After receiving a boost from the Heart Seed, Marine launches herself and tackles her foe head first.

Blue Forte Wave: Using her Flower Tact, Marine launches a budding flower several times her size at her target. After the flower hits, she rotates her tact in order to make the flower sprout and release a burst of energy within the target. This move attacks enemies and rejuvenates allies.

Marine Shoot: Marine creates a ring of water and then unleashes a barrage of bubbles from water ring towards the foe.

Marine Impact: Marine charges blue energy into her fist and then hits the opponent with it, unleashing a blue blast from the impact.

Marine Dive: Marine performs a powerful diving kick.

Marine Dynamite: Marine creates a blue-colored explosion around herself.

Gold Forte Burst: Using her Shiny Tambourine, Sunshine launches numerous flowers at her target. After the flowers hits, the flowers forms into a sunflower and release a burst of energy within the target. This move attacks enemies and rejuvenates allies.

Sunflower Aegis: Sunshine creates a sunflower-shape energy shield in front of her. She can also launch this shield towards her foes to attack them.

Sunflower Protection: Sunshine creates a forcefield around herself and nearby allies.

Sunshine Flash: Sunshine creates a ring made of yellow energy. She then fires multiple yellow-colored energy bullets from it.

Sunshine Dynamite: Sunshine creates a yellow-colored explosion around herself.

Pretty Cure Giant Explosion: After holding hands with Blossom or Sunshine, Marine creates a giant explosive blast with her partner.

Silver Forte Wave: Using her Flower Tact, Moonlight launches a budding flower several times her size at her target. After the flower hits, she rotates her tact in order to make the flower sprout and release a burst of energy within the target. This move attacks enemies and rejuvenates allies.

Moonlight Silver Impact: Moonlight gently places her hand upon her target and unleashes a powerful blast of purple energy upon the target.

Moonlight Reflection: Moonlight creates a reflective barrier on either or both of her hands. She can also summon these reflective barriers at any given space.

Pretty Cure Floral Power Fortissimo: An attack usually performed with Cure Marine. Cure Blossom and Cure Marine gather the power of flowers and charge themselves with energy, in which they fly toward their opponent at full speed.

  • Pretty Cure Shining Fortissimo:A group attack with her teammates Cure Marine and Cure Sunshine. Cure Blossom and Cure Marine perform the Floral Power Fortissimo while Cure Sunshine performs the Golden Forte Burst. The former two then fly into Cure Sunshine's field of flower energy, in which envelopes Cure Blossom and Cure Marine in a golden color, amplifying their power. The two then charge at the opponent at full speed.

Blossom Shoot: Cure Blossom unleashes a barrage of pink energy bullets from her hands.

Super Silhouette: An upgraded form for Heartcatch Precure. Using the power of the Heartcatch Mirage and Super Pretty Cure Seed, they gain new and stronger forms: the Super Silhouette.

Pretty Cure Heartcatch Orchestra: A group attack with Cure Blossom Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, and Cure Moonlight. In their Super Silhouette forms, they summon a giant maiden in a white dress, who the four command to perform a massive punch.

Straight Punch: Infinity Silhouette charges her right fist in a similar matter to the maiden who appeared during the Heartcatch Orchestra attack while saying her attack and hits her enemy's chest. After the hit, an explosion comes from the hit and purifies the enemy's heart. A heart comes out the chest and the enemy vanishes. It is unclear whether or not Miden can use this technique.

Passionato Harmony: Melody and Rhythm join hands, and fire an energy beam from a G clef.

Music Rondo: Melody/Rhythm summons Miracle Belltier, which Miri inserts itself into, and fires a ring using it.

Miracle Heart Arpeggio: Reri enters the other end of Miracle Belltier, and it splits. This allows Melody to fire a fiery heart.

Fantastic Piacere: Dori enters the other end of Miracle Belltier, and it splits. This allows Melody to fire an electrical heart.

Music Rondo Super Quartet: After switching half of their Belltiers, Melody and Rhythm perform a combination of Passionato Harmony and Music Rondo.

Beat Barrier: Beat uses the Love Guitar Rod in guitar form with Lary in the top; she creates forcefield large enough to shield multiple people.

Heartful Beat Rock: After moving her guitar's body to the top, Beat fires a disc from it that resembles Music Rondo.

Shining Circle: Muse creates four duplicates of herself, the five of them draw a pentagram of light, creating an electrifying barrier.

Sparkling Shower: Muse creates a mass of bubbles that trap and destroy the target.

Piano Ball: Primarily used while she wore a mask, Muse creates a piano in front of her, and plays it. This sends the keys towards her target. It can either trap or protect the individual.

Suite Session Ensemble: Melody, Rhythm, Muse and Beat enter Crescendo tone, and charge into the enemy.

Light Manipulation: Happy wields the power of holy light. She can fire streaks of pink-colored light beams from her fingers or hands, unleash bursts of light, shoot torrents of pink lasers in rapid succession, deliver punches with her fists covered with light, gains enhanced jumping and dashing capabilities and is capable of flight, in which she leaves a pink light trail behind her when she performs the latter two actions. She is also has the ability to transform into a large angel and she is even capable of creating a rainbow-colored forcefield. When she powers up, she glows pink and her entire body is radiating with holy light, which strengthens her and dramatically increases her fighting capabilities.

Happy Shower: Happy traces a heart with her hands, grabs it, and then unleashes a beam of pink light from her hands at her foe. She can also use this move to propel herself through the air.

Cinderella Happy Shower: A significantly stronger version of Happy Shower that requires her Princess form to use. Happy creates a large pink heart of light above her and fires it towards her target.

Happy Shower Shining: Cure Happy becomes surrounded with pink energy, which forms a heart, and fires a massive stream of light at her opponent while being within the heart-shaped energy. She can also fire this technique into the air to unleash a rain of multiple pink light beams.

Fire Manipulation: Cure Sunny wields the ability to use fire. She can heat her entire body, snap her fingers to create fire, eject powerful flames, coat a kendo stick with fire to use as a weapon, release flames within her physical attacks that complement her strength, which is great enough to lift large monsters and create tremors by punching the ground. She can even create a red-colored forcefield. When she powers up, she glows red and is covered in a fiery aura.

Sunny Fire: Sunny creates a ball of fire overhead and then spikes it towards her opponent in a volleyball-styled fashion. She can also use this move to give herself a boost while riding a vehicle and release a burst of fire upon impact after punching the enemy.

Sunny Fire Burning: Sunny creates an intense and enormous ball of flame with her hand and unleashes a powerful stream of fire from it.

Fire Shoot: A combination attack where Cure March creates a giant ball of wind and Sunny combines it with her fire before launching it towards the enemy.

Electricity Manipulation: Cure Peace wields the power of lightning. She can summon lightning from the sky to strike her enemies and channel electricity through the objects she touches or happens to be nearby. She can also discharge electricity from her body to electrify her blows, fire electric projectiles, or shock nearby foes. She can even create a yellow forcefield. When she powers-up, she glows yellow and electrical currents starts flowing around her.

Peace Thunder: Peace will form a peace sign over her head and summon a bolt of lightning upon her. She then spins around and launches the bolt of lightning at her foe.

Peace Thunder Hurricane: Peace forms a peace sign over her head but summons a massive surge of lightning instead of just one bolt. She then fires the massive amount of electricity at her opponent.

Air Manipulation: March has the ability control the air. She can create gusts of wind with the wave of her hands or legs to blow away incoming projectiles or attack enemies. It also complements her fast running speed into the point she can run on walls and she can create a green forcefield. When she powers-up, she glows green and streams of wind flows around her.

March Shoot: March/Spring creates a ball of compressed wind, which she can create of varying sizes, and kicks it towards her opponent in a soccer-styled fashion. She can also create over a hundred of these balls around her and kick all of them in quick succession.

March Shoot Impact: March/Spring spins incredibly fast with the wind surrounding her and one of her legs glowing with power. She then delivers a powerful kick directly at her foe. She also uses this move to redirect projectiles back at her opponent.

Fire Shoot: A combination attack where Cure March creates a giant ball of wind and Sunny combines it with her fire before launching it towards the enemy.

Ice Manipulation: Beauty wields the power of ice. She can freeze anything she touches, create snow or icy winds, and forges projectiles, shields, or weapons (Which are usually swords) out of ice. She can also create a blue forcefield. When she powers up, she glows blue and freezes her entire surrounding, which she can take advantage of due to the change of terrain such as using the icicles within the area for weapons and projectiles and having more control in the battlefield.

Beauty Blizzard: Beauty uses her hand to create a snowflake in front of her and fires a beam of ice.

Beauty Blizzard Arrow: Beauty combines two of her ice swords in order to form a bow. She then fires a gelid ice arrow towards the target. She's capable of firing several of them at once.

Thunder Blizzard: A combination attack where Cure Beauty will create a giant icicle and Cure Peace electrifies it before launching it towards the foe.

Rainbow Healing: A group attack that requires the Smile Cures being in Tiara Mode. The team join hands and is covered in a rainbow-colored sphere which then explodes and attacks the foes nearby.

Rainbow Burst: Another group attack where the Cures have to be in their Princess forms. They summon and ride on their respective-colored pegasus to summon an enormous pegasus which fires a massive rainbow-colored beam. They have a stronger version called the Royal Rainbow Burst, which summons an enormous phoenix instead. Ultra Rainbow Burst is an even more powerful version which is used in the Smile Cures' Ultra Form. The strongest version is the Miracle Rainbow Burst, in which they team up with Candy and summon a phoenix larger than the Earth. During the attack, Cure Happy herself emerges out in her giant angel form to deal the final blow. The last version defeated Emperor Pierrot.

My Sweet Heart: Cure Heart's first attack. She channels her power through the emblem of her outfit and fires a pink wave on energy that purifies the corrupted emotions and people have have petrified.

Pretty Cure Heart Shoot: Using the Love Heart Arrow, Cure Heart fires a heart shaped beam. Similar to My Sweet Heart, it purifies corrupted emotions and bad energy.

Pretty Cure Lovely Force: A group attack she uses with her fellow teammates, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, and Cure Sword. Using the Love Heart Arrow, the four shoots a gigantic heart shaped beam that purifies opponents. It appears as a combined version of the Pretty Cure Heart Shoot attack.

Powered Up: The DokiDoki Precure can grow stronger by growing in spirit. This increases their power, speed, and durability.

Heart Dynamite: Using the Magical Lovely Pad, Cure Heart creates a field of hearts that combines into a larger heart above the opponent. She then drops it onto the enemy, trapping them and immobilizing them.

Twinkle Diamond: Cure Diamond's first attack. She fires a spectacle of icicle shards that can freeze opponents and purify them.

Pretty Cure Diamond Shower: Using the Love Heart Arrow, Cure Diamond casts a blast of icy cold wind that can freeze anything in its path.

Diamond Swirl: Using the Magical Lovely Pad, Cure Diamond creates a whirlpool of water beneath the enemy that then spirals into uproar of water.

Rosetta Wall: Cure Rosetta's first attack. She creates two clover shaped plates at the palms of her hands and defends against oncoming attacks.

Pretty Cure Rosetta Reflection: Using the Love Heart Arrow, Cure Rosetta creates a clover shaped barrier that protects her from oncoming attacks.

Pretty Cure Rosetta Reflection (Ver. 2): An upgraded version of the original Rosetta Reflection that allows her to fire a beam back at her opponent.

Rosetta Balloon: Using the Magical Lovely Pad, Cure Rosetta summons a giant balloon that pops into a swarm of yellow colored ribbons that binds the opponent. She can also summon a gigantic form of Lance.

Holy Sword: Cure Sword's first attack. She slashes a screen of purple light then a barrage of violet-colored swords flies toward her opponent.

Pretty Cure Sparkle Sword: Using the Love Heart Arrow, Cure Sword fires a barrage violet-colored blades are her opponents.

Sword Hurricane: Using the Magical Lovely Pad, Cure Sword creates blasts of wind that carries violet-colored blades around her opponent.

Pretty Cure Lovely Force: A group attack she uses with her fellow teammates, Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, and Cure Rosetta. Using the Love Heart Arrow, the four shoots a gigantic heart shaped beam that purifies opponents. Is seen as a combined version of the Pretty Cure Heart Shoot attack.

Ace Shot Boom: Cure Ace's first attack. She uses the Love Kiss Rouge and applies lipstick and blows a kiss that takes a shape of a heart. Ace then fires a large red beam at the opponent and can purify them.

  • Purple Version: A purple beam that immobilizes the opponent.
  • Yellow Version: A yellow beam that binds the opponent in vines.
  • Blue Version: A blue beam that traps the opponent in a bubble.

Ace Mirror Flash: Using the Magical Lovely Pad, Cure Ace creates a mirrors that surround the opponent. She then moves her hand in a triangle pattern, creating a reflecting light that bounces off the mirrors around the opponent, blinding them.

Pretty Cure Lovely Straight Flush: A group attack she uses with her fellow teammates, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, Cure Sword, and Cure Ace. Using the Magical Lovely Pad, they all create a deck of cards and give them to Cure Heart. She then proceeds to throw it against the opponent.

Pretty Cure Royal Lovely Straight Flush: A group attack she uses with her fellow teammates, Cure Diamond, Cure Rosetta, Cure Sword, and Cure Ace. Using the Magical Lovely Harp, the Cures are granted with wings that allows them to fly. They then use the power of the Magical Lovely Harp to fire a purification beam that disperses and showers the opponent.

Parthenon Mode: Cure Heart's final form. Using the power of her teammates and the Three Sacred Treasures, she gains a powerful new form to defeat the final villain, Proto Jikochou

  • Afterimages: Parthenon Cure Heart can create afterimages.
  • My Sweet Heart (Parthenon Ver.): A more powerful version of the original My Sweet Heart. She channels her power through the emblem of her outfit and fires a pink wave of energy that purifies the evil hearts. It is the final blow dealt to Proto Jikochou.

Pinky Love Shoot: Cure Lovely creates a large pink heart, and punches it into the enemy.

Passion Dynamite: Miden briefly flamenco dances, then releases a burst of flames.

Poppin' Sonic Attack: While dancing, Cure Lovely creates a mass of explosive musical symbols, which rain down on the surrounding area.

Lovely Punch: Cure Lovely punches, firing a pink beam from her fist.

Lovely Heart Restruction: Cure Lovely fires a heart-studied beam from both hands. That's actually a word, by the way.

Lovely Explosion Bomber: Cure Lovely shoots a fireball from her fist.

Lovely Shield: Cure Lovely creates a forcefield.

Lovely Beam: Cure Lovely makes glasses with her hands, and fires a beam from her eyes.

Lovely Punching Punch: Cure Lovely punches, firing a large pink fist from hers.

Lovely Rising Sword: Cure Lovely creates a sword.

Lovely Rising Bat: Cure Lovely creates a bat.

  • Lovely Home Run Cure Lovely scores a home run with her bat.

Lovely Rose Tormenta: Cure Lovely creates a tornado of petals.

Lovely Fire Festival: Similar to Passion Dynamite, except it surrounds the target.

Lovely Powerful Kiss: Cure Lovely blows a kiss, sending a purifying heart towards the opponent.

Blue Happy Shoot: Cure Princess creates a large blue target, and punches it into the enemy.

Arabesque Shower: Cure Princess performs a ballet, making her opponents fly away.

Hawaiian AlohaOe: Cure Princess performs a hula, making her opponents dance with her, before flying away.

Princess Dangan Machine Gun: Cure Princess fires repeated blasts from her hands.

Princess Ball: Cure Princess Creates a ball, and throws it.

Princess Tornado: Cure Princess creates a strong gust of wind.

Princess Pariran Bomber: Cure Princess throws balls of energy at her opponents.

Princess Barrier: Cure Princess creates a forcefield.

Blizzard En Tournant: Cure Princess twirls, creating a snowstorm which can freeze people solid.

Princess Windy Wink: Cure Princess winks, then unleashes a green tornado.

Twin Miracle Power Shoot: Cure Princess and Cure Lovely create a projectile together, and kick it into the opponent.

Sparkling Batton Attack: Cure Honey shoots a beam into space, which creates a portal, out of which a giant clover drops, landing on the opponent.

Ribbon Heart Explosion: Cure Honey dances, then makes an explosion.

Maracas Rhythm Spark: Cure Honey waves her maracas, compelling others to dance with her.

Honey Teleport: Cure Honey raises her batton, calls the name of the attack and teleports a short distance.

Honey Ribbon Spiral: After changing her baton to ribbon mode, Cure Honey wraps the ribbon around the opponent.

  • Honey Throw: Honey throws her bound opponent to the ground.

Honey Healing Rhythm: After changing her baton to maracas mode, Honey heals a designated target. It can be used on two people at once.

Honey Super Sonic Spark: Cure Honey fires a barrage of clovers at her foe.

Honey Temptation: Cure Honey puts her hands together, releasing many beams of light at her opponent.

StarDust Shoot: Cure Fortune creates a large purple star, and punches it into the enemy.

Fortune Starburst: Cure Fortune spins the dial on her LovePreBrace, and puts her energy into her palm to push the enemy back.

Fortune Star Ring: Cure Fortune fires five rings at her opponent.

Star Stream: Cure Fortune fires a stream of bullets.

Starlight Ascension: Cure Fortune fires a large wave of light.

Oriental Dream: Cure Fortune dances and uses her tamborine. At the end of it, those around her fall asleep.

Emerald Illusion: Fortune uses Shining Make Dresser to fire an emerald, which imprisons the target.

Happiness Big Bang: Happinesscharge Precure use Shining Make Dresser to create a large, multicoloured heart.

Innocent Purification: An attack used in innocent form. After singing a quartet, Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, Cure Honey and Cure Fortune launch themselves towards the opponent.

Miracle Love Motion: Super Happiness Lovely and the other Happiness Charge Cures fire a large heart, then ram into it, producing a large explosion.

Floral Tourbillon: Miden creates a circle of flower petals and gather them with her hands. She then launches a burst of flowers from her hands towards the enemy where the flowers encircle around the enemy and they explode.

Rose Tourbillon: Using the Crystal Princess Rod and Rose Dress Up Key, Cure Flora creates a large rose and fires its petals, which can restrict the targets movement or repel physical attacks.

Lys Tourbillon: using Crystal Princess Rod and Miracle Lily Dress Up Key, Cure Flora creates a large lily and fire its petals towards the enemy.

Sakura Turbulence: Using the Music Princess Palace and her Premium Sakura Dress Up Key, Cure Flora creates a large pink circle around her with a massive sakura tree growing behind her. She then unleashes a storm of sakura petals from the tree towards her enemies.

Mermaid Ripple: Cure Mermaid will summon bubbles around her which will form into a water ring and fires a stream of water from it towards the enemy above her.

Frozen Ripple: Using Ice Dress Up Key and Crystal Princess Rod, Cure Mermaid summons a large snowflake from it, which can either block attacks or shatter into shards of ice to freeze the surrounding area.

Bubble Ripple: Using the Crystal Princess Rod and the Miracle Bubble Dress Up Key, Cure Mermaid creates a large bubble which burst into several bubbles when launched at the foe. The foe is then trapped in the bubbles.

Coral Maelstrom: With the Music Princess Palace and her Premium Sango Dress Up Key. Cure Mermaid summons a large wave of water with pink corals and dolphin composed of water and uses them to attack the opponent. She can also absorb the dolphins to power herself up.

Twinkle Humming: Cure Twinkle summons a large star in front of her and launches it at her target. The target becomes trapped within the star and then it explodes.

Full Moon Humming: Using with the Crystal Princess Rod and her Luna Dress Up Key, Cure Twinkle summons a crescent moon, which then turns into a full moon. The moon can be used to block attacks or launched at enemies like a buzzsaw.

Meteor Humming: With the Crystal Princess Rod and the Miracle Shooting Star Dress Up Key, Cure Twinkle fires a large star with small stars surrounding it above her, which explodes and creates a meteor shower of small star towards the enemies.

Galaxy Chorus: Using the Music Princess Palace and her Premium Ginga Dress Up Key, Cure Twinkle creates a small galaxy above her. With a wave of her hand, she summons a rain of large stars from the galaxy to shower opponent with.

Trinity Lumiere: is Cure Flora's group attack that she performs with Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle, where she needs the Crystal Princess Rod and the Elegant Dress Up Keys. They draw a rainbow colored crown which sends forth a powerful gust of energy towards the enemy.

Trinity Explosion: is Cure Flora's second group attack that she performs with Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle. They create a rainbow colored crown which sends a powerful rainbow-colored blast towards the enemy.

Phoenix Blaze: Cure Scarlet plays a few notes on her violin and summons a large phoenix made of flames. She then sends the phoenix flying towards her target which it then engulfs it in a sphere of elegant fire and explodes afterwards.

Scarlet Illusion: After inserting the Hanabi Dress Up Key into the Scarlet Violin, Cure Scarlet plays a tune and then creates a red forcefield around her.

Scarlet Spark: Another move performed with the Hanabi Dress Up Key inserted into the Scarlet Violin. Cure Scarlet plays a quick tune and then unleashes a stream of fire from her violin bow.

Scarlet Flame: Cure Scarlet plays a small tune on her violin and then unleashes a large pillar of flames towards her foe.

Scarlet Prominence: Inserting the Premium Sun Dress Up Key into the Music Princess Palace, Cure Scarelet creates a magic circle which transforms into a small sun that showers flames over the enemy.

Éclat Espoir: Cure Flora's third group attack that she performs with Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet, where she needs the Music Princess Palace and her Premium Sakura Dress Up Key. After the Cures summon a palace around the target and changed into their new Elegant Mode, they fire their respective-colored stream of light which surrounds the enemy before exploding.

Grand Printemps: Cure Flora's fourth group attack that she performs with Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet, where she needs the Music Princess Palace and the Royal Key. The Cures will trap the enemy within a giant palace and transform into their Royal Elegant Mode. They then create a giant Royal Crown, which fires them through four rings, with each ring representing a color of one of the Cures, and charges at at the enemy on the palace, creating an explosion of flower petal upon the collision.

Grand Libération: Cure Flora's fifth group attack that she performs with Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet, where she needs to be in her Grand Princess form. Upon creating the Gold Dress Up Key, the Cures in their Grand Princess forms raises their staff towards the Gold Dress Up Key and transforms it into a massive key made of pure light and launches it at the enemy. This attack was used to defeat Dyspear.

Halloween Eclair: Cure Flora's sixth group attack that she performs with Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet, where she needs to be in her Mode Elegant Halloween form. All the Cures fires a beam of their respective color from both of their hands towards the foe at the same time and creates a fireworks in the shape of a pumpkin afterwards.

Linkle Pink Tourmaline: Miracle summons a wind of petals towards her target to free them from possession or corruption. Cure Felice also uses this move to create a pink flower-shaped forcefield.

Linkle Tanzanite: Miracle creates a blinding flash of light from her Linkle Stick.

Linkle Amethyst: Miracle creates a pink portal to transport herself to another location. She uses this move to escape from the foe's attack and surprise them by attacking them while teleporting nearby.

Linkle Garnet: Miracle fires an orange butterfly, which seemingly changes the properties and physics of any object hit by it. It was used in making the ground ripple and unstable.

Linkle Peridot: Cure Miracle summons a storm of clovers from her Linkle Stick that hits and latches on the enemy.

Linkle Aquamarine: Magical summons her Linkle Stick and creates a cold blizzard from it, which freezes enemies.

Linkle Peridot: Magical summons a storm of clover leaves from her Linkle Stick that can stick on the foes.

Linkle Moonstone: Magical use her Linkle Stick to summon a magic shield shaped like a full moon to block and repel attacks. She can also use it as a platform to jump from.

Linkle Tanzanite: Magical summons a shining light that can blind the target. This spell is actually more powerful than Miracle's version since it can also be used to eliminate any darkness and dispel dimensions.

Diamond Eternal: A group attack Cure Miracle performs with Cure Magical. They trap their foe in a giant diamond and launches the said diamond into the depths of space at high speed, creating an explosion right after. By using both of their memories simultaneously, Miden is able to perform this attack by himself, though his variation simply launches the diamond at the enemy.

Ruby Passionale: A group attack that requires the Cures being in Ruby style. While holding hands, they dash pass the enemy at high speeds while covered in red energy. The foe is then trapped in a giant red bow before exploding.

Sapphire Smartish: A group attack that requires the Cures being in Sapphire style. Holding hands and pointing their Linkle Sticks towards the foe, the Cures creates a blue pentagram that fires a stream of water which traps the foe in a bubble and causes them to explode right after.

Topaz Esperanza: A group attack that requires the Cures being in Topaz style. The Cures draw a zigzag which summons a yellow tornado that enlarges their Linkle Sticks and uses them to trap the target in a lightning pentagram. The Cure them sending the target flying and explode, causing an eruption of lava.

Emerald Reincarnation: Using her Flower Echo Wand, Felice draws an infinity symbol, which splits into two flower rings and fires a pink blast of energy with the circles being on each side of the beam.

Extreme Rainbow: A group attack that requires the Cures being in Alexandrite style. Miracle, Magical, and Felice creates a gigantic rainbow-colored pentagram and fires a massive rainbow-colored beam from it.

KiraKira★Kiraru: The main form of attack of Ichika and her friends when in their Precure forms. This manifests in the form of magical “batter” within their Sweets pact, from which they are then able to create numerous constructs to fight their enemies with. As Cure Whip, Ichika has shown the ability to use her batter in various manners, such as enveloping her foes with whip-like lashes of batter to restrict their movement, launch pink energy blasts with her wand, and wrap her enemies with a colossal encasing of frosting that then creates an implosion on them. As Cure Custard, Himari has shown the ability to use her batter to envelop her foes with whip-like lashes of batter to restrict their movement, launch yellow energy blasts with her wand, and wrap her enemies with a colossal encasing of frosting that then creates an implosion on them. As Cure Gelato, Aoi has shown the ability to encase her fists in ice that she can use to freeze her foes with her punches or to create ice structures (ex. spheres of ice) to launch at her foes with, as well as use it for combining her attack with Whip’s and Custard’s to perform a group attack together. As Cure Macaron, Yukari has primarily used it for attacks in the form of blowing a flurry of explosive purple bubbles and project powerful energy slashes from her claws. As Cure Chocolat, Akira has shown the ability to use her batter in various manners. So far, she has primarily used it for attacks as well as defending herself and others from enemy attacks (either by swiping it around her and others in batter or creating force fields shaped like chocolate bar squares) and shooting a stream of energy that homes in on the enemy to immobilize them in place

Whip Decoration: Miden fires a large wave of batter.

  • KirakiraKirarun★KiraKiraru: A more powerful version of the original incantation. This gives Whip the ability to summon a large snake-like structure of batter that coils around before launching itself at the foe. The resulting impact from the tip sends them flying away.

Custard Illusion: A solo attack where Custard spins the glass ball on the Candy Rod and yells her incantation. This summons a yellow light that causes a cherry to appear before bursting into a series of yellow light after the two cherries hit each other. Cure Custard can then use this to send it at her foe.

Gelato Shake: A solo attack where Gelato spins the glass ball on the Candy Rod and yells her incantation. This creates a giant ball of ice, where she then punches rapidly fast against that then causes to scatter into dozens of ice shards and pieces to rain down on her enemies.

Macaron Julienne: A solo attack where Macaron spins the glass ball on the Candy Rod and yells her incantation. This causes a pair of cookies to form that then merges into a giant macaron whip that Yukari uses to attack her foes with. Once it makes contact with the target, claw-like blades jut out from the sides of it, surprise attacking the target as it damages them.

Chocolat Aromase: A solo attack where Chocolat spins the glass ball on the Candy Rod and yells her incantation. When finished, she summons a large quantity of chocolate at the target that shoots out like a giant swirling stream that then captures inside of it and implodes.

Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!: A group attack Cure Whip performs with the other four Precures and when all five are in use of the Candy Rod. This attack is done through several preparations: Cure Custard first goes by creating some magical batter, next comes Cure Gelato who freezes up the batter, then Cure Macaron slices up the frozen batter followed by Cure Chocolat summoning some frosting, which is then finalized by Cure Whip herself adding even more frosting to it along with some strawberries to the mix. This results in five strawberry cakes that stack up one after the other to make a five layered cake that completely envelops the target, whereupon the Precures then spin the glass rod on their Candy Rod before shouting “A La・Mode!”. They then finish it off by raising them in the air, where the cake layers light up the respective Cures colors before creating a grand explosion that damages the foe trapped inside.

Un・Deux・Très Bien! Kirakuru・Rainbow! - Ciel will spin her Rainbow Ribbon to create a string of rainbow that summons a giant cup which the enemy is trapped within. She then tosses in all the ingredients used in making a parfait in the cup. After the parfait was made, the attack ends with a rainbow explosion.

Fantastic Animale: KiraKira Precure use their creamers to enlarge their spirit animals, then ride them in a circle, creating a giant cake made of Kira-Kiraru. the spirit animals assemble in front of it, and it explodes.

Parfait Étoile - Ciel creates and launches three rainbow hoops at the enemy to restrain them. The hoops restraining the enemy then explode.

Heart For You: Using her Pom Poms and her Preheart, Cure Yell launches a large heart-shaped projectile at the enemy.

Flower Shoot: Using her Melody Sword, Cure Yell fires a flower-shaped energy projectile at the foe.

Healing: Cure Ange has the ability to heal.

Heart Feather: Using her Preheart, Cure Ange creates a heart-shaped energy shield composed of blue feathers. This can be used to block enemy attacks and Ange can also throw the shield at the enemy or ram the foe with it.

Feather Blast: Using her Melody Sword, Ange grows wings and fires feather-shaped beams of blue light at the foe. She can also use this attack like a whip to restrain foes and swing them around. This attack can be combined with Cure Etoile's Star Slash to create a soaring bird for Cure Yell to ride on and penetrate certain attacks.

Heart Star: Using her Preheart, Cure Etoile creates a rope composed of small stars with a larger star at the end of it. She can use this move to entangle the enemy and weaken it or lasso it around herself for protection.

Heart Slash: Using her Melody Sword, Cure Etoile creates multiple star-shaped projectiles and launches them at the foe. The stars can also be spun and flung like saw blades and Cure Etoile can actually ride on these stars. This attack can be combined with Cure Ange's Feather Blast to create a soaring bird for Cure Yell to ride on and penetrate certain attacks.

Trinity Concert: A group attack with Cure Ange and Cure Etoile. Using their Melody Swords, the Cures plays a symphonic tune and creates a giant rainbow-colored energy ball and launches it at the opponent. If the target happens to be a victim who was unfortunately corrupted, they will emerged from a tree, completely unharmed.

Heart Dance: A duo attack she performs with Cure Amour. Using their Prehearts, Armor and Macherie creates a red and purple heart, respectively, and combines it to form a giant red and purple heart. They then launch the heart at the foe.

Twin Love Rock Beat: Another duo attack she performs with Cure Amour. Using their Twin Love Guitars, they play a song with their guitars and simultaneously fire a purple and red beam of heart-shaped energy.

Macherie Poppin: A solo attack. Macheirie fire a red heart-shaped energy projectile from her guitar.

Heart Dance: A duo attack Cure Amour performs with Cure Macherie. Using their Prehearts, Armor and Macherie creates a red and purple heart, respectively, and combines it to form a giant red and purple heart. They then launch the heart at the foe.

Twin Love Rock Beat: Another duo attack Cure Amour performs with Cure Macherie. Using their Twin Love Guitars, they play a song with their guitars and simultaneously fire a purple and red beam of heart-shaped energy.

Amour Rock 'n Roll : A solo attack. Amour fires a barrage of purple heart-shaped energy projectiles from her guitar.

Cheerful Attack: Another group attack that requires the all Cures, including Amour and Ma Cherie, being in their Cheerful Forms and Memorial Cure Clock. The team launches a clover-like emblem towards the foe.

Tomorrow With Everyone: After changing into their Mother Heart Style and using the Mirai Brace and Memorial Cure Clock, the Cures summon a giant golden maiden named Mother Heart, who embraces and defeats the the target, restoring the flow of time in the process.

All For You: Another group attack. Using the Mirai Bracelets, the Cures borrows the power of all 50 Pretty Cure predecessors and unleashes a heart-shaped blast larger the galaxy at the foe while restoring time within the world.

Star Punch: Star will create a yellow star in front on her. She will then wind her arm before punching it towards the enemy.

  • Taurus Star Punch: Using the Taurus Pen to enhance her attack, Star punches the pink-colored star projectile that creates a large explosion upon impact.
  • Aries Star Punch: Using the Aries Pen to enhance her attack, Star punches the red-colored star projectile at her foe.
  • Pisces Star Punch: Using the Pisces Pen to enhance her attack, Star punches the light pink-colored star projectile at the enemy.

Southern Cross Shot: Star, Milky, Soleil and Selene summon their twinkle sticks, and fire a four-pointed star at their foe.

Miracle Universe Twinkle: The KiraKira, Hugtto, and Star Twinkle Cures assemble, with Star at the top. Using the power of the Miracle Universe pen, they create an enormous dress, and ram into their opponent like a comet.

Healing Oasis:

Absorption: Fusion can absorb the attacks of his opponents to make himself more powerful and can even utilize and mimic the attacks he absorbs.

Asupower: An aura that serves as the Hugtto Cures' source of power. This aura can be channelled to enhance the Cures' strength and power. It also makes them resistant to time-stopping abilities.

Ice Figure Skates: Cure Etoile has the ability to create skates made of ice. She can use it for combat and perform elegant manoeuvres.

Teleportation: Thanks to her Red Pickrun, Passion has the ability to teleport into different locations and positions. She can effectively use this ability in combat to attack her opponents in multiple angles, sneak and surprise her opponents, and even teleport objects and beings. While the limitations of this ability remain unknown, she is able to teleport a large cargo ship out of the city and back to the docks with no effort.

Device (デバイス, Debaisu ) are weapons that a Blazer can manifest from their souls. Magia has far to many to not list here:

  • Azure: Amane's Device is multiple short silver cross-like swords.
  • Intetsu: a black katana type device, originally wielded by Ikki Kurogane.
  • Lævateinn: Stella's Device, it takes a form of a golden broadsword with red markings on the hilt and is clad in the Dragon Breath's flames (some of the time, anyway).
  • Testament: Edelweiss' Device takes form as a pair of pure white wing-like swords.
  • Tora-Ou: Yuudai Moroboshi's Device, which takes the form of a spear.
  • Yoishigure: Shizuku's Device, which takes the form of a short sword with Silver Blade.

The devices can be deployed in 2 forms:

  • Illusionary Form or Phantom Form: This form works based on "Wrong Impression," as explained by Sirius, it works similarly to a strong suggestion that works strongly on the mind. Despite a Device not being able to cause damage to an opponent or kill them, attacks that are overwhelming enough can put people in a comatose state, however, if someone has enough willpower or has a will that is not his own, then the Illusionary Form would not affect them.
  • Material Form: This form deals physical damage just like any other material sword would.

The device, due to being a Blazer's soul, if broken, will deal huge mental feedback and in more cases than not, rendering the blazer unconscious. Ikki however due to his high psychological resistance is not as affected by this and can continue fighting even if he's unconscious, such as when Edelweiss broke his sword, not only was he able to stand up again and stand in her way, but fight back, copy her technique and even land a hit on her. However, a device cannot be easily broken, the device cannot be broken by physical damage; it was impossible to even for Wallenstein to break a device, also using his physics manipulation. Someone can only break a device with more magic capacity than the owner of the sword.

Black Box: (絶対的不確定, Zettai-teki Fukakutei, lit., "Absolute Uncertainty"): Utakata's Noble Art which can manipulate the outcomes of events, however, he can not manipulate something that has a zero percent chance of happening, as he can not bring something out of nothing. The ability can render almost any attack ineffective. However, it's useless for attacking as, due to Utakata's weak physical condition, the ability cannot grant him the power to defeat opponents stronger than him, as he has no chance of defeating them without the ability. This last part is, in fact, false. Especially considering quantum mechanics.

  • Event Manipulation: Utakata's ability. He can rewrite events by manipulating the outcome, so long as it's not zero percent. Using this Utakata could erase Ikki's injuries. It's one of the strongest defensive abilities, as it can rewrite almost any attack.

Doubling Physical Power: Ikki's ability as a Blazer. Ikki was able to use his superhuman body control and willpower to ignore his survival instincts, which resulted in his own Noble Arts, Ittou Shura and later Ittou Rasetsu.

File:Rakudai ittou shura kurogane ikki.gif
  • Ittou Shura is the Noble Art, in which Ikki can amass all his bodies vigour and stamina while ignoring the survival instincts that prevent humans from using their full strength, then multiplies this over 10 times granting him tremendous power, which can be maintained for just one minute and as such, it is referred to as his strongest minute.
    • Ittou Rasetsu is an improvised version of Ittou Shura, in which Ikki had shut down all his five senses along with all his bodies' function such as being able to breathe as well as mustering all the strength that he had within himself for a single second instead of the usual single minute increasing his statistics hundreds of times.

Template:Nihongo: Kuraudo possess a unique reflexive sensitivity that no human is able to mimic (isn't he a human? I am, too, and I copied it). Even before Kuraudo started being serious Ikki estimated his reflex speed at 0.05 seconds (around 3 times that of both Stella and Ikki, as well as 9 times that of a normal person). As such, he is able to perform actions at a much faster rate than most Blazers would be able to, dodge attacks aimed at him, then retaliate at almost the same moment. After getting serious Kuraudo started doing attacks that Ikki who had perceived every attack normally up to that point started to see 2, 4 and eventually 8 attacks at the exact same time (his reflexes were so high that he could attack from that many directions at the exact same time, meaning with Marginal Counter Kuraudo can make 24x more actions than Ikki or 72x more than a normal human). Marginal Counter, however, consumes more stamina than usual because must do more moves in order to be more effective, thus disabling Kuraudo from fighting long battles while using it. During the SSSAF arc Kuraudo starts using 2 swords, amplifying the effects of his Marginal Counter 2 times. These numbers are, of course, bogus, as everyone discussed above is at least 1/10th the speed of lightning. OK, Ikki and Stella are slightly below.

Nameless Glory (過剰なる女神の寵愛ネームレスグローリー, Nēmuresu Gurōrī, lit., "Goddess' Excessive Favor"): First thought to be a form of precognition by many, Nameless Glory is unique ability Amane has that realizes his every wish. The process through which these wishes are realised is unknown and usually unimportant to Amane, however his will is absolute. Nothing he wishes can fail to happen, even some of the strongest and most capable blazers were making rookie mistakes in mana control and even Ikki who is one of the best swords fighter was slipping or tripping mid fight. This ability is so strong that even Edelweiss spoke of it's strength to Ikki after he passed out, indicating that this ability would be a threat even to her. The way this ability materializes ranges from Probability Manipulation capable of bringing out that almost non-existent chance for experts to make mistakes, to Fate Manipulation where his belief even affected fate itself when he wished for everything to go smoothly in their school attack. 

  • Dark Aura: With his own will, Amane can generate and manipulate dark aura which takes the form of hundreds of hands. This aura can transform its targets to the desired outcomes directly without the process itself. In Ikki's case, Amane desired death and destruction. Therefore, the aura could turn everything it touched to ashes and kill Ikki by merely touching him.

Kusanagi (月輪割り断つ天龍の大爪 lit., Moon Severing Sky Dragon's Talon): Ouma's strongest Noble Art. By condensing his magic into Ryuuzume, Ouma can compress the surrounding air into his Device, creating powerful storm like blades that can easily surpass 50 meters in height. The Kusanagi's full strength easily surpasses even Stella's Kalsariteo Salamandra and was able to turn Hagun Academy's school buildings, practice arenas and asphalt paving the roads into rubble. Kusanagi, however, has a flaw, evident when Ouma noted a decrease in power by the third usage during his short fight against Nene.

Shinkuuha (真空波): A popular offensive technique among wind users that tears through air, creating a small corridor of vacuum.

Mukou Kekkai (無空結界): Ouma creates a powerful updraft to deprive his opponent of oxygen and mobility. This technique leaves the opponent with only ten minutes worth of oxygen if they don't do anything, and one minute if they continue to fight.

Fuujin Kekkai (風神結界, Wind God Barrier): A defensive Noble Art, where Ouma stabs the ground with Ryuuzume, creating a tornado around him.

Raikiri (雷切 lit. Lightning Cutter): Touka's Noble Art, an ultra-electromagnetic Battoujutsu where Touka creates a powerful magnetic field with her thunder ability around the blade and scabbard of Narukami, hanging on her waist, and then shoots the blade out.

Reverse Sight: By cutting off her eyesight, Touka becomes capable of sensing the subtle electrical signals of her opponent's body thus allowing Touka to know her opponent's state of mind and planning.

Rule of Grace (完全契る, lit. Flawless Pledge): Edelweiss' Noble Art, where a person makes a promise in front of her Testament and if the person were to break it, then their heart will be torn apart. Though it doesn't have combat effectiveness, its binding power is unrivalled.

Shippu Jinrai (疾風迅雷 lit. Lightning Speed): Touka's Noble Art, by stimulating her muscles with the power of lightning, Touka can increase her performance to its limit. So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum.

Takemikazuchi: Touka holds Narukami horizontally, creating a magnetic field in the air before her. Plunging into that magnetic field, Touka accelerates her body to a devastating speed for a powerful but hazardous thrusting attack. The technique is used in conjunction with Shippu Jinrai, and it works similar to a railgun using her body as the bullet.

Propaganda that some ableist government came up with that really fails here, as his mimicry makes it so that even his "talent" is constantly updating.

Overall Ranking S̵̜̙̗̹̯̗̠̥̘̄̃

Physical S̵̜̙̗̹̯̗̠̥̘̄̃

Luck S̵̜̙̗̹̯̗̠̥̘̄̃

Offense S̵̜̙̗̹̯̗̠̥̘̄̃

Defense S̵̜̙̗̹̯̗̠̥̘̄̃

Magic Cap N̸̨̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛͖̮̜͖̭̤̫͍͈̪͍͍̬̹͇̹͎͖͔̗̻̬̮̠͓͎͍̪̪̝͉̯̤̼͓̻̼̯̦͇͙̫͎͇̼̗̯̹̞͐̀͆̒͛͛̿̊̑̀́̀̏͆̅̍̀͌͒̈́͌̊̏̋̄̃͒̀͊̈́͌͐̍̈́̂̓̿̏͑̊̽͐̽̎͊̂̓͑̆̀̿̂̋̓͒̅̔̄̓̓͋̅͋̉̒̂̾̂͒͑͑̃̐͆̌̉̌͒̒̊̂̍̃̈́̂̇̋̀̈̃̏̂̏̈́̑͂͗́̔͂̔͂̄̐̒͒̋̃̏̄̆̅̐̇͑̔͒̊̆̈́̈́͊̆̂͂̇̄̾͂̂̔̄̂̄́̉͗̽̈́̓̽̿̅̓̈́͒̈̽͌̈̔̀̎̾̽̏̒̈͗̏̾͗̄̌̑̈̇͑̈́̿́̃͑̉͒͋͋̏̑̏̋̚̚̚͘̕̕̕͘͘̚̕͘̚̕̕͘̕͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅơ̵̢̡̡̢̢̡̢̢̢̢̧̧̨̧̡̧̡̨̢̛̛̛̛̛̼̪̙̫̗͇̲͙͎̖̤̯̹̮̺̹͎̳͍̜̠͔͖̰̱̺͙͈͖̰̞̹̦̺̤̗̭̫̟̖̱͎̤̟̜̙̠̹͍̭̜̻̬̝̥͎̞̹̲̞͇̻͍̘͔̬͖͍̮͇̰̠̘̻̬͖̘͎͕͔̤̻͖̪͍̺͎̳̜̞̯͚͓̱̬͔͈͎͈̳̣͉̘͙̮͚͎̥͉̟̯̣̪̹̮̯̥̤̠̥̼̰̻̼̰̩̹̳͈̥͈̘̬̮̝͍͙̪͎̞̘͉͓̲͎͉̜̣̣̜̻̹͚͎͔̗̤̜̥̬̰͍͇̤̪̙̙͇̻͚̪̭͕̭̻̼̯̭͙̭̘̯̳̻͍̤̥̰̲̻̹͔̦͇̳̱̗̮͎̻̠̩̭͉͍̝̜̲͚̙͇̻̪̯͙͉̥̭̻͕̯̭̠̤͖͎̩͍̳̱̞͙̼͖̠͔̲̝̜̅̀̑̒͌̓̽͛̈́́͌̂̅̓̈́͆̽̍̆͑̾̿̓́̓͒̔̍͆͒͂̎͑̊̔͋̔̒͒̂̑̍̎̾̈́̽͋̂͆́̀͛̅́̀̈́̇̂̍̈͒̄̋̋̔̃͐̑͑̅̈́̇̉̄́͑͒́̈̅̐̽̍͆͆̎̔̿̍̓̋̀͗̃̌̏̈́͗̃̆̈́̇͆̍̈̊̅̒̎̒͌̈́͐̉̌̂̃̇̿̍̐̀̒̂̌̂͑͂̓̆͗́̊͑̈́̽̂̒̽̌͋͆̃͛̒̅́͌͗̈́́͗̈́̀͛̇͛̔̍̿͗͌̀̒̈́̑̈̋̔̈̽̊̈́̐̏̓̑̌̈́́̋̀̈́͂̈́̍̀̾̇̀̍̂͊̀̋͛̀̃̒͑̀̇͌́̎́̄̈́̉̋̓͂̽̃̀̑̈́̆̋̀͆̃̾̂̌̒̀͆̃̅͆͂͛́̔͐̽̀̑̇̑̌̆̾̎̑͐̃͋̉͐̆̈́̀̾͑̒̎͂̍̈͊͐̒̈́̆̚̚͘̚̚͘͘͘̚͘̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅt̶̨̧̢̡̧̡̨̧̡̧̧̡̧̢̢̢̧̡̡̧̢̛̰̗̲̥̥̼̖͚̠̟͉̼͎̳͕̟͇̙͔͓̼̤̳̟̩̬̰̗̭͖͍̻̖͕̞̳̙͉͚̫̣̤͕̙̳͕̳͇͓̫̗̲̟̣̣͓̱͍̤̣͍̤̯̠̦̹͈̝̣̰͈͍̻̺̗̜͖̟͕̪̝̝̦͍͉̣̜̘̱̜̖̬̝̪̦̰͖̬̩̤̖̰̻̩̮̗͚̜̟͓͇̬̝͚͔̼͚̖̣̩̙̫̭̯̞̯̩̜͙̙͎̣̰̬̞̮̱̪̗͉̬̜͉̬̞̱̥̥̰̖̯̬̥̫̮̼̹͓̳͔̙̗̰̭̺̪̟̼͓̩̦̟̰̗̯̘̩̥̱͎̱̱̣͖̪̼̮̪̝̯̱̖͍͕̞̱͉̺͚͇̘̜͇̟̯̩̮̮̼͚͕͇̦͔̦̠̥̯̩̭͎̰͔͖͕̣̳̖̗̤͙̪̪̘͇̞͈̣̪̖͇͉̮̲̞̥̠͍̆̈̃̽̃͛̿̽̋͋̉͌̈̽̄́̇͋̊̋̂̀͑̿̒͊͋͆̂̏̂̿̈̋̈́̎̏̾̏̈̓̏̃̑͊̌̉͛̄̊̑̒̈͛͆͋̍̈́͂͗̇̈̑̊́̏̊̽͋̂̂̾̈́̑̀̈͗̀̓̔̄̄̾̈̈̽̈͌̈́͋̔̅̈́̂̉̈́̇̍̋̈̈́̔̏̀͌̾́̉̒͌̔̇̾̀̈̒̈̋̿̀͌͆̆̿̃͌͌̀̃̍͌̽̿́̔͗͋̊̿́̒͛͋͊̂̉̓̋͗̀̌͛͑̒̾͋͐̾̀̿̌́̈́͛̽̅̑́͌͌̔̃̐̂̐̇̄͘̕͘̚̚̕͘̚̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̵̧̛̛͎͓͚̟̦̙͚͖̙̰̈͛̽̎̈́͑́̆̎̽͒͆̈́̃͒̐͌̒̈́̌́̊͒͗́̅͋͗̎͒̈́̈́̎̿͑̈̈̃̽̿̃̃̐̿̇̊̔̅̓͛́͑͑͗̾͗́̅̽̅̅̒̈́͋̈́͐̑͒̾̏͐̌̈́̋̈́̂̎̅̈́͒̅͂̈͂̉̓͛͌͐̏́̿̈͋̊͛͐̓̓̋͗̂̃͌͐̇͗̅͐̌̈́͐͐̿̀̀̐͒̌͊̌̊̈́̆̓́͐͆̀̓̈́̔́̆̉̑̾̽̑̐̔̂̾̈̍͐̎͗̈͛͋̏̅́̽̈́̇̓̃͐̀́̿͑̿͋̓̇̉̿̉͗̄̎̏̀̊͛͛̒̐͒̀̒̈́̓̈́́̂͒̍̓́̓̃͒̄̋́̍̓͛̋̾̃̓̾̃̈́̀̇̌͆̋͐̎͑͂̿͋̑̋̽͂̃̇͘̚̕̚̚̕̚̚̕̕͘̚̚̚̕̕̕̚͘͘̚͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͝s̵̡̡̡̧̨̨̧̧̧̢̡̢̡̡̨̨̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͇̯̝̻͓̹̩͚̯̮͖̦̪͇͕̘͇̫̳̙̥̪̦̱̝̬̤̝̪͙͈͉͎̮̹̤̭̮͍̲̻̳̘̗̟̥̭̳̘͚̺̪̰͕̼̞͔͓͙͔͔͇̲̩̱̟̖͇̘̳̣̺̮̟̜̪͚̩͍͔̯͔͉̦͍̬̬̳̻̪̫͇̣̭̘̖̻̤͙̭̠͙͉͎̬͙̳̦͍͎̦̼̼̗̥̞͙̖̩̭̺͕̱̳̠̙̟͙̣̫͖̘̳͓̹͎̦̳̦̱̥̠̥̣͕̫̰̭̬͍͖̩̙̣͙̯͖̓̽͐́̌̀́̓̑̏̅̂͛̓͗̍͛͗̇́̔͆̀̋̉̾̊̄͐͆̐̍̈́̊͛͛̓͂̇̐̊̍̃̿͒͆̉͊́͌́̋͑́͌̎̂̒̿̔̒̿̾͛́́̈́̃̿͋͐̇̈̐̀̿͊͂̅̈́̋̓̈́̀̾̒̈́͌́̈́̈̐̈́́̀̓̿̽́̌̿͊̓̀͑͗̔̈̀͂̎̈́̂̏̋͌͒͗̆̐̈̏̋͑́̄̀̍̎̽̄͊̈͊̆̏̌͗̑͂̍̇̀̓̆͐͆̋̒̍̆͗̄̎̓͋̒̑̿́̒̑̎̀̆̎̓̽̀̏́̐̈́͋̄̌̉̒́̃̓̑͗̆͊̅͆͂͑̾̈́̎̇̄̀͑͐̉͒̎͂̆͑͊̌͌̃̃̉̈́̔̄̈́̊̍͆́̃̾̐̄̍͋̒̏́̊̒̇́͐̏́̚͘͘̚͘̕̚̚͘̚̚̕͘̚͘͘̕͘͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅụ̶̢̢̧̧̢̨̠̗̹̹͍͇͔͔͈̺̝̘̰̤͇͚̞͉͇̙̠̜̲͇͇͉̯̣̠̺̞̞̟͓͉̦̯̦̯͕̖̯̟̳̞̬̬̻̖͎̜͉͎͎̦̍͐͗͜͜ͅͅr̶̨̧̨̧̨̨̧̢̨̨̛̛̙̩̗̤͓̱̟͚̼̟͖̦͖̺̗̜͎̹̩̝̣̙̳͖̝̙̫̟̝̫̠͎̺͖̲͓̼͙̰̰̥̪̬̳̦͕͈͔̳̤͚̰͚͚͖̗̹̲̪̺͍͍̟̺͕̞̮͔͍̟͈̬͔̞͚̬͚̞̦̘̠̫͓̻͕̪̟̟͕̺̹̝̺̳͎̖͔̟͓̜̭̖̻̥̲̠̣̘̻̻̹̯̘̲͇̱͊̓͂̈́̓̓̐͆̀̒̓͊͂͆̓̃̓̑͂̂̀̇̉́̑̑͒̄̓͐͌̐̑̂̑̔͗̔͛̎͋̉͆͋́͒͗͂̈͛̋͐́̏̆̈́͆͐͋̊̌̄̏͗̅͌́̀̾͑̀͛̓̀͑͐̂̾͂̏̏͂̆̈̃̔̆̀̾͑̃͌̾͆̋͌̎̌̾̀̒͑̏͗̃̅́̐̈͒̓̐̎͆̆̀̀̇̍͑̉̆̓̄͐͂̌͐͐̋̐̌̈́͆́̀̃̐̉̀͒͂̇̈̓̎͛͛̓̍͊͒̋̒̅̍̄́̑̍̉͒͂͛̽̊̄̉̓̈́̽̏́̽̉͂̐͋̈́͆͂͗̌͒̕͘̕͘͘̚̚͘̕̕͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅḛ̴̡̡̨̢̨̢̢̧̡̢̧̛̛̖̙̼͈̼̮̮̖̪̫̝̲̣̭̫͉̲̰̫̠̺͈̩̠̪̩͇̟̩̮̤̙̤͕͎̫͔̺̰̲͖̭̪̜̲̹̯͎̯̯̜̳̳̻̫͓̠͓̤͓̪͎̟͓̗̣̬̪̬̞̺͙̥͎͇̲̻̤̟̳̜̙̻̝̦̟͕͈̖̖͔͙̹̓̒͐̇̐̋̈̅̂̈́̀̾̈́͋̿̐̈́͂̄̈̅̈̔́̎̍̋̐͋̒̉̔̀̇̈́̈́̔́̈̅͆͊͋̇͌̍̍͌́̾̑̎̀́͗͌͐̎̅̏̀̎͋͌͘͘̕̚͜͝͝͝͠ͅ ̷̢̢̛̛̛̛̪͈̖̲̱̤̮̲͇̘͔͙͓͈͉̗̣̪͕̪̘̩͚͖͓̞̥̹̐̌̂̿́̾̉͆̓͒̿͐̓̈́̌̀̋̓̄̽͌̽̐͋͂̿͑̓̓̈́̈͒̋̈̈́̈́͑͌̀͋̐͋̓͊̽͑͂̂̉̽͆̀͋͑̄̅̈́͊̓̎̌̋̇͂̂̀̾̀̎̐͒̅̃͂̄͐̂̓̒̅́̉͛͊̾̉̒̏̇͛̌̋̉̓̈́̂͌͌͒̉̎̑̾̈̑̅̾̄͆̔̄́̓͒͌̍̓̈͗͋͗́̊̔͋̅́̾̓͑̔͌̓͂̏͋̑͌̎̆̐́͐́̀̽͗͑͋͊̈́̀̈́̈́͗̎͆̏̊͗́͛́͗̄̌̈́̂̈́͋̐̋̓͒̐͋͊͗̿̉͗͗͒͐̋̅̅̊̾̂͋̓́̑̑̉́̒͒͌̈́̆̾͛͐̏̐̆̇̉̑̀̊̀̆̉̋̀̀̈́́̾͆̈́̇̐̀̈͗̀̽́́̂̀̽̉̅̕͘͘͘̕̕̕̚̚̚͘͘͘̚̕̕̚͜͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅi̷̢̨̡̧̢̢̢̡̢̨̛̛̛̜͓̹͖̤͈̘͙̲̟͍̪̙͖͈̫͎̩̥̤̝̞̺̮̦̜̣͓̹̮̻͚̻̩̘̰͕̬̯̙̟̞̟̟̝̠̗̼̹̙͇̲̱̣̩̬̣͕̯̯̳̮͕͖͍͖̭̍̐̍̋̍̍̂̈́̇̄̂̂͑̔̐̿̈́̓̆͌̈́̆̅͊̒̍͑̌̈́̏̉̑͊̉̂͐͆͂͆̅̌̂̂̽̓̑̆̉̌͊̇̈́͛̀͛͌̋̐̓̐̓̉̋̋̂̿̒́̒͛̇̓̀͆͛͑̍̈́́͐̄̂̈́͌̅̏͑͂̓̑̂͂̓̏̄̂̌̏͋̽̔̾̎̄̍͂͗͒̒́̑͆͋̂̑̅̂̔͋̉̎̀̎̅̃̇̓͒̓̐́̾̉̎̓̾̈́̓̌͌̓̀̑͆̃͂̽͋̎͊̎̂͋̒̈̓̌̈́͒̄̒̈́̈́͋̏̈́̑̏̅̍̿͛͌̆̽̽̾͂̈́̀̽̔̈͛́̀͌͐̿́̓̂̈̉̔̑͌̉͐̎͊̓̈́̊̿̈́͌̇̀̌̀̽̎̾̀̀͐̆͋̔͑̓̕̚͘̕͘͘̚̚͘͘̕̚̚̚͘̚͘̕̚͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͠͝ͅͅf̷̢̧̧̨̢̨̨̢̢̢̧̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̬̲͈̣̳̦̲̙͉͇̮̙̭̞͇̹̳̤͔̪̼̹̠͓͙͈̝͈͙̟̗͔̘̭͙̟͇̲͍̟̗̭̻̭͉̰̪̹̭͔̰̺͈͈̤̗̹̙̜̰̦̟͍͕̲͕̳̦͍̪̮͎̠͖̘̲͖̱͉͔̺̳̗̮͈̠͚̰̯̩̦̪̭̪̫̘̟̩͓͎̰͇̦̫͉̜̗͕̫̙̪̳͉̩̠͔̟̺̱̠̝̣̬̯̥͎͎̱̤̠̲͈͓̬͕͍̜̲̥̫̗̬̜͖̩̥̝̺̮̥̩̦̥̜͙̲͚̲̘̼̤̻̩̲̭̗̰̟̲̻̪̺̝̰̦͙͖̱̦̲͇͖̮̦̝͖͍͉̼̺̠̥̱̺̤͉͓͍̹͍̗̘̺̺̙̮̺̥̫̖̙͙̯͍̣̪̣̗̘̹̖͎̣̮̘̱͙͓̗̝̬͔̩͈̗̥̦͊͑̆͆̐͂̈́̀̏̿͌̏͛̂̍̇̽̀̇͑͑̈́̐̉͗̂̈́͒͌́̅͗̉̈́̾͑̔̓͛̏̐͛͒͐͛̓̀̆̃̈́̈́̂́̑̉̒̾̾̀̎̔̅̾̔͗̐̈́̄̂̑̔̏̎̆͑͒̓́̂͊̒̔̐̅̈́̂̔̈́̋̀͐͊̈̓̇̍̓͑́͋̃̆͊̈́̋̽͛̒̿͒̑̽͐͋̃̈̂͊̒́͑͊̊͋̓̐̂̊͗̏̇̒̐̏͂̽͂͑̋̓̈́̏͛̆͛͗̈̒́͑̒̒̀̔̏̋͋̒̍͛̒̋̈́̔̈̆̔̄̅̓̔̊̀̽͂͒́͆͋͆̔͆͛͆̑̏͗̿͒̃̏̒̊̈́͗͋̀̀̈̊͋̍͗̊̉̔̋̋̉͆̇̅̀̀̎̈́̂̎͊͊́̊̃̇͒̾̊̔̉̑̇̔̃͊̀̎̅͑͊̉͂͋̄̊͑̈́̿̆̆̓̄̈́̈́͛̍̇̓̾̑̎̏͆̚̚͘̚̕͘̚̕̚̕̚̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͝͠͠͠͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠ͅͅ ̵̡̨̡̧̢̧̧̡̨̡̧̧̨̧̛̛̛̛̛̤̤̦͉̬͕̟̟͙͖̪̣̘͈̹̲̺̜͖̥̬̬̯͕͎̜͕͖̫͙̻͍̭͎̜̰̖̻̼̲͇̯̤͚͚̟͓̖̝̜̬̭͇͎̪͔̪̱̼̝̘̜̘̙̙͚̙̮͈͚̲̯̪̯̯̱̲̦̗͉̬̰͇̼͎͇̥̳̭̖̟̘͓̲͉͚̜͖̞͓͎̹̦͕̦̭̤͙͕̪̲̼̦̲͔̞̭͖̣̣̦̗̰̻͎̼̣͎͉̙̝̝̰͑̽̊́̿͗̌͋̇͋͐̍̏̅̐̒͛̔̂̈́̆͌͂͗̈́̽͛̑̿̀̊͛̑̆͋̾͊̅͌̄̾́̉͋̀̏̈̈́̆̾̉̏̇͑͑͑̋̑͊̌̊̂̔͒̉̈́͛̐͑̂͊̑̍̈̿̂̋̏̓̾̄̓̈́̑̌̀̈̈́̾͛͂͆̏͗̅̃͒̃̌̆̂̎̾̔̅̀̇̎͐̍̽̔͌̋͛̆̈́͒̓̀̿̄̒̃̓̋̈́͋͊̄̔̔̊̓̀̇̊̊͐̉̓͌̇̓͐̉̑̀̓̈̀̌̇͐̃̒̓̍́͛͆̇͑̉̃̈̃̋͋̈̓̋͊̅̀̽͊͒͐́͊̊̔͗͐̓͛̀̈͆͑́̎̅͌͂̇͑̎̽̀̅͆̐́̎̉͐̃̀̈́͌̀̊͗̋̌̅̂̔̌̽̿̓̓͌̂́̏̀̏̇̆͒̈́̓͆̾̇͒̿̽͌̈́͊̉̒̔̑͋̿̋̕̚̕̚͘̕̚̕̚̚͘̕̕̕͘͘͘͘̚̚͘͘̚̚͘͜͜͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅt̸̨̢̨̧̡̡̧̨̧̨̛̛̛̠̫̺̝͉̠̟̩̫͕̳̤̳̲̜̦͈̰͉̥̞̝͔͖̥̼̟̳̭͍̹̣̦̳̖̺̪͎̼͓̯̲̬̖͕̩̖͉̟̣͓̣̫̯̦̳̟̹̙̣̣̺̹̮̹̻̣͕̞͉̝͎̱̟̤̺̺̰̞͙̰͈̱̤̥̰̼͈͉͍̥̩̖̺̫̟̰̹͓͇̩͙̪̣͍̜̦̼̟̫̮̹̜̖̦̲̳̞̹̯̠̮͎̞̯̙̮͉̤̻̱̲̣̲̜͍͉̹͇̹̙̭͈̳̩̗͕̘͕̫̬͍̻̾̅̀̈́͌͌̈̊̓̽̋̿͂̿̍̀̅̃̏̊͐̒̂̀̂̿͂͒̓̏̊̆͒̄́̊̑̀͑͑͂͐̐̔̌̀̉͊͒̈̓̄̔͐̂̔́̿͊̿̓̐͐̃̏͑̋̄̑̈́̔̍͛͌͊͒́͊̈́͋̆̋̿̌̈̄͌̈́̈́͋̚̕̚͘̕̚͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͠ͅͅh̸̡̡̡̢̧̧̡̢̢̢̡̡̛̛̛̛̛͈̯̬̠͎͇̙̝̫͎̜͚̦̼̰͙̞̥̤͈͇̻͎͇͓͎͖̳͈̲̝̼̫̪̹̟̱͕̻͚̰̫̮͚̻̜̖̪͈̟̮̝̘̰̠̼̥̟̳̩͎̳͚͔̦̬̟͕͎̱̰͈̯͎͙̙̟͚̥̭̰̘̘̖̫̞͓̝̜̰̙̥͚͈͙̙̱̻̩̞͇͖̟̠͙͚̥̬̤̳̩̺̳̼̦͔͍͔͈̞̳̦̙̼̻̹̯́̽̀̅̈̍̽̒͂̔͊͋̄̓̌͊͊̓̃̀͑̓͊̎̌̂͛͒̽͛̈̍̈̋̐̈̔̈́̽̄̔͂̑̃̀͛͐̓̇̍́̈́̅̆̍̈́̒͊́̑̾́̊͌͗͂̈̈́͆͛̈́̐͂̅̓̊̆͗͒́̎͂̐͛͌̽̾̏͗̐͆͆̋́̈́̿̉̇̂̒͗̆̃̃̾̔̀̓̒̈̆͊̒͐͋͌̈̃̅̈́̔͛̈̃̄̀̐͐̇̈́̊͗̉̅̂̈́̄͑̇͌̓͐̎̎͆̀̄͂̍̀͒̇̈̽͂̈́̅̑͒̉̓̆́̐̀̐͆͑̽̄͛́͋̾́͊̿̈̇̋̈́̍̓̄͗̈̓̓̃̿̇̎̈́͊̅͗͑̆͋̓̊̏̎̀͋̽̄̒̍̒̋̏́͂͋͛̉͋̽̈́͂̐̒̎́͋̿̕̕̕͘̚̚͘̚̚̕̕͘͘̚͘̕͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠ͅͅi̷̢̢̢̩̣̞̗̪̝̫͈̖̼͚͈̦͓̻̯̟̣̦̦̫͓̩̦̰̟̰̳̦̻̩̦̘̞̯͙̪̤̮͇͖͖͎̲̖̟̞̺̟̮̜̪͕̊͒͂̋̓̏́̑͋̒̏̽̃̋̓̀̀͗̑͋͜͝ͅs̵̨̢̛̛̛̩̝̭̟̩̜͔͎̼̖̘̳̞̝̘̪̮̉͛̈́̄͌̀̉̈́̑͌͐̒̒͑̓̄̂͛̽̾̋̀̇̓̑̽͂̌̑̌͑̊̀͌̈́̍̓̒͗̃̊̏́̋͂̓̓̒̈́̈́́̉̔̽̈́̍̆̈́̈͗̄̀͛̒̈́̈͌͋͛͒̐̔͂̉̅̄̋͛͆̋͒̆̎̇̀̈́̐̉̈́̆͑͆̓̀́̂̌̑̋̆̆̅̀͆́̈́̍̋̐̿̇́̉͆̐̈́̍̅̈́̊̌̾̾̆̓̄̾̑͊̓̏͌̒̇͛͛̊̅̒̑̓́̇̐̓̅̍̈́̅͗̓̂͑̉͗̇̆͐̆̆̅̓̏̂̑̈́̈́̐̐̒͒̋̃̽͊̾̏̈͑̈̉͆̾̒̀̑̏̆̒̊͌̆̄̄̍̍͆̎̆͊̌̇̾̀̉̅̿͆̎̊̋̀̇̂͒͒͂͗͌͗͊͋̈́̆̈̿͛͊̚̕̚̚̕̚̕̕̚͘̕̕͘̕͘̚͘͘̚̕͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠ ̴̧̧̢̨̧̨̨̨̡̧̨̨̡̨̧̧̢̡̧̨̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͈͙̱͚̖̜̤̤͕̦̭̟̝̠̣̰̦̳̦̲͚̘͍̻̖̟͍̝̤̘̰̙̖̺̳͔̙̰͇̼̟̟̰̘͖̤̯̺͎̝̻͈̭̗̬̻̮̦̳͖̘̬͙͕̩͍̰͎̥͎̬͔̼̬̼̟̺̮̝̞̗̹̰̰̫̮͚͉̪͎͙̫͚͙̭̠͖̙̻̼̘̯̬͈͖͍̭͖͈̲͕̜͙̝̯͔̳͉̹̖̦̮̩̮͙̪̻̙̹͔̲̰͕̫̣̰̤̜̰͓͚̳͎̗̯͈̹̣̖̰̟͉̙͍̣͙̫̹̬̥̰̬̯͕͙̪̠͓͉̰͍̫̲̤̣̬̺͚̹̦͖̲̠̰̻͈̙̦͍̖̖͕̗̖̱͖̫̘̹̤̬͙̼̩̪̟̯̝̭̲͖̘̞͈̥̆̌͑̽̈̊͒͑͌̏̎̉́̀̋̊͑͊̃̾̅̌̒͗͗̓̔͑̍̎̍͂̃̾̀̋͆̀̊̎̀̀̑͑͋́͑͆̀̀͆͂͊̑̀́́̈́̽̊́͋̇̅͆͛̿͂̿̑̑͑̾̂͊̇̔̉̓͂̒̇̏̔̽̽̎̀̆͗̌̈́̈̏̈́̎̿̔͒͊̂͑̈́̄̓̊͐̓̊̾͗̑̓̓̔̈́́̽̉́̀͊̍̓̾͂͆̊̔̄̿́̀̀͗̽̍̑̈́̄̄̀̒̋͋̀̾̂̈̓͒͐̋̃̄̉̿͑͂́͌͛̒̿̆̒̍̔̍̈́̅̓͗̀͘̚̕̕̕̚͘̚̕̕̕̚̚̚̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͠͠͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅi̵̢̨̢̨̡̨̢̨̧̡̨̨̡̡̨̡̨̧̢̡̡̢̢̡̛̻̤̞̥̟̯̭̘̪̠̺̮͉̫͈͕̮̞̫̜̹͍̖̤̱͙̬̰̘͇̪̰̙̰͔̗̣̤̻̤̺̦̟̙͉̣̟͔͖̙̭͔͔͓͖͕̞̱͔̱̟̦͎̯͎̳͔̼͚̼̳͕̼̯͚͇̼̖͍̤̪͉͍̺̹̻̣͎̱̝̳̱̙̬͓̼̰̹̠͉̻̙̙̞̗̞̱̳̜̼̬͖̝̭͓̺͔̪̟͖̪̺̗͓͓̯͙̻̩̞͎̮͖͕̪̝̫̗̲̙̯̱͕̻͙̣̲͈̘͖̪̞̝̲͉̪͙̗͚̗̤̫̮̟̭̬͈̜̰͙̣̗̤͔͉̖̟̥̩͍̯͇̩̪̙̠̞̬̗̭̖̱̹͓̪̼͕͇̘͙͎̠̜̼̖͇̳̥̩̜͍̠͊̾̅́̈́̌̿̀̐̊͐̍̈́́͑͆̈̌͐̅͋̾̋̂̈́͒̂̋̏̏͐̅̈́̉̈́̑͛̽̍̍́̓̔͆͛̌̓̏̾̀̉̈́͗̈̍̀͒̂̍̀̆̎͐̒͛͒̈́̿̐͒̋̄̂̓̎͊͛́͌͌̊̀͑͗̓̈́̎̂̆̄̀̓̽̽́̍͛̓́̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅs̵̨̢̢̡̢̡̡̨̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̤͈̰͍̲͔͈̜̤̭̦̮͙̘͙͍̮̞̪̳͇͉̟̱̟͎̖͚̮͇͍̭̗̩̥̼͎͓̪̤̣̩̹̘̖̳̺̟̮̘̦̝̳̥̟̳̮͙̤̝̭̹̬̤͍̼̫̜̩̦̩̜͈͙͈̥̼͍̠̮̼̳̲̰̯̞͍͇̭̻͎͇̪̫͗̄̌͛́̑̍͗̍̉̔̃̔̈́̔̎̋̔͌̔̌͆́͗̓͆͒͋͒̒̓̌̿͂̐̒̍̈́̀͌̃̒́͆͌̀̔̓̏̽̇̄͒̉̃͆̏̎̽̄̂̂̅̐̉̉̉̑͑́̓̉̈́͋̒͂͌̉̏̈́̃̐̋͑̈́͂̋͗̈̈́̌͗͋̊͋̾͛́̌̓̌̀͛̓͂̔̇̀̑͂̍̋͗̇͐̋̒͌͋̇̇͋̀̎̈́͛̅̎͌̍̄͒̍̓͛͌̿̄̐̑̓͒̉̓̃̾̑́͗̇̇́̀͆̃̌̅̍͆͋́̾͆̑̓͌̆͒͋́̈́̅̐̿̀̈͒͑̍́͂̍́́́͂͌̏̒̀̓̏̎́̾̇̌͑̽̋̈́̄̓̿͐̇̓͛̈́̽̓͊̑̒̒̊̑̇̓͗̋̅̓͊̌̈́̒̓͌̈̑̽̋̓͆͂̓̈̄̍͐́͘̕̚̚̚̕̕͘͘͘̕͘̕̚̕͘̚͘̚͜͜͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅ ̸̡̧̢̨̨̧̢̧̡̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̣͓̺̞̥̗͔̭̠͉̙̬̯̪̗̳̲͚͉̗̳̬̻̣̜͕̣̞̦̲̗͔͚̭͚̲͍̹̟̟͙̣̫̰͓̣̺͈̻͙̰͙̠͈̙̥̼̟̗͓̭͕̞̮̣̮̝̱̙̯̬͔̼̺͇̖͙͈̭͉̰̬͕͔̼̤̩̫͙̜̮͖̥̀̆̿͛̿̓́̔̈́̂́̈̾̒̈́͌̾̓̉̌̊̓̏̅̔͒̓͛̌̃̏̊̃̈́͋͒́̏̽̎̽̿͛̀̅̂͑̀̒̉͐̈́͛̎̓̋͊͌̐̇̾͛̐́̓̅́̈́͑̊̾͆̂͐̏͂̅̆́̅̌̌̅̇̈́͋̏̃́͂̈̑͊̈́͒̈́́̌̐̓͒̓̉̓̏̌̃̒̈́͛̐̎͒̆͛̃̈́̀͛̎̓͂̓̇́̅̌̇̈́̉͋̿̈́̏̑͊̓̕̕͘̕̕̕͘̚̚̕̚̚̚͜͜͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͠͝ͅm̴̢̧̧̢̢̨̡̨̢̢̢̢̨̡̨̡̧̨̡̢̡̧̧̡̢̧̨̧̡̨̧̡͎̼̯̩͍̟̹̭͉̩͍̠̪͖̝̻̝͔̭̭͇͕̫̩͔̖̰͙̟̦͕̞̬̲̳̭͎̣͚̗͇͉̞̯̹̜̼̦̪̭͈͉̪͎̪͍̣͍̰̘̭̜̙͈̬̙̹̣̪̯̩̪̬̦̤̠̜͉̬̲̼̗͉̯̗̝̪͈̥̮̞̬̝͙̰̻̘̺̣͎̞͕̘̫̞̱̦͔̲͖͍̮̼̞͎̳̪̻̘̹͎̫͓̞̰͎̹͔̪̜̙̣̯̼͕͔̙̜̞̯̱̞̯̮͓̩̮̙͉̖̖̞̜̬͉̰̜̜̜͕̠̥̮͉̦̗̫̪̜̱̠̳̼̻̜͚̠̱͓͈̻͍̤̬̩͖̘̝̻̞͈̠̦͚͙̹̜͙̫̩͈̥̘̥̼̦̣̣͈͓̠̼̪̖̻͍̱̙̱̯͓̼͎̖̝̤͍͉̋͑͒́̅͐̀͆̽̉̋̅̌̈́̌́̈͜͜͜͜͜͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅa̴̡̡̢̢̨̨̢̧̧̡̧̧̢̡̡̡̡̨̨̨̡̨̩̦̟̣͎̰͈͈͉̦͈̖̹̞͖̘͍͈͕̫͈̻̼̰͔͖̰̻̥͉̣̬͉̲̟̣͔̺͖̝̲̟͈̙͚̟̖͇̥̩̩̝̼̥̫͔̠̙̳͔̪̗̙̖̮̹̩̬̟̠͚̰̣̲̳͍̠̳̬̙̹͉̜̼̖̟̝̦̗̹̻̻̩̥͎̟̥̩̹͍̝̥̖̯̲̘͇͚͚̣̣̙̞̱̭͈̟̘̩̯͍͉͈̠̺͚̭̥̦̤̫̣͖͚̞̤͙̯̭̘̟̙̭̼̝̣̦̘̫͇̞͈̳̫̼͔̭͕̩̼̫̤͚̪̪͙̫̫̯͙̣̟͕͕͇̫̖̳̭̯̯̦͉͙͓̰͚̝͖͉̻̺̺̬̦̝̤͍͍̮̰̣̺̞̻̯̪̗̖̬̘̪̗̘̜̠̫̣̰͕͕̰͉͙̼͖̐̅̾̑̓̆̈͜͜͜ͅͅg̶̡̨̢̡̡̧̧̨̢̨̛̛̯̙̝̣̖̩̱͇̬̘͇̞̥͕̭̖̥̠̘̪̻͓͎̲͖̦͇̦̮̜̩͖̰͓̠̤͉̗͚͙̖͇̗͓͙̬͓̩̲̩͕̼̟̱̳͕̞̘͖̤̻̬̘͓̗̤̟͖̪̲͚̫̼͇͇̯̘̖̬͈͕̱̯̲̬̹̫̰̗̯̣̳͎͇̫͓̹̞̘̼̰̱̫̹̟̝͈͍̭̞͚̼̘̠̹̱͚͈̙̜̲̲͙̯̫̯͚͖̞̲̭̼̹̜͉̱̖̩̎̿̅̆̐̂̍͂̔͒͗͛̋͋͂͂̋͊̃̃́̉̿͛̅̅̃͐̈́͛̒͗́̐̄͂̔̆̇̅͋̑̈́̒̈́̅̐̅̎̈́͑̏̓̃̿̿͊̄͒̉̔̓̽͐́̾̈́̊͆̌͂̈̔̊͂̓̓̈́̍͒̎̀̿͆́͘̚͘̕͘̕̕͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅi̵̡̡̧̡̨̢̧̡̢̡̡̢̧̨̘̱̱͈̮̻̩̩̬̰͖͇̤̼͍̱͚̬̩̬͈̲̙̰̥͔͉̩̟̘̠̫͍̪͕͚̭̫̙̮̭̘̹̼̫̭̣̯̘̲̫̣̙̰̰̞̤̲͕̹̱̘͓̙͈̻͇͕̜͕̻͎̳͉̜̱̮̭̩̙̥̗̩̳̟̜͉̱͎̣̦͚̻͖̥͒̈́̈́̅̾͐͛̌͊̏͊̔̀̈́̔̓̉̐̒͋̎̋͒́̌͗̆̈́̇̽̓̿͒͆̑́̏̏͗̓̎̒͆͌͐̇̎͊̊̈́̑̾̀̏͑͒̈̋͛͆̑̿̆̋̐̎͑̎̾͒̾͌̈́̑͂̐̇̒̒͛͋̐̌͋̈́̆͐́̓̇̀̀̃̐̾͐̆̄́͐̒̽̇̐̈́̓̊̂̐̅͆̽͆͋̀̐͂̌̐̋͒̑̈́͛͛̒́͆͒͒̅̊̀̀̚̕̕̚̚͘͘̕̚͘̚͘̕̕͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅc̸̨̧̨̨̨̡̨̢̨̛̛͉͓͕̤̯̞͚̟͚̝̰̰̰͕͖̱͍͇̫͇̪̲̯̲̰͈͖̮̖̭̻̙͇͎͚͓͉͖̥̹͙͍͔̩͎̝̳̤̲̙̝̪̟̥̻͙̥̼̹̱͚̠̭̗̠̟̫͇̳̻͍͓̙͓͕͉̺̼͇͓̝͓̜͎̬̟͎̹͉̣̝̣̻̫͎̥̼̳̠̱͍̮̮̯̘̤̰̬̟̦͎̘̦̖͚͖̺̖̗̲̝̭̦͚̯̣̹͉̯̦̥̣͎̟̜̥̫̺̼̼̰͇͕̲͎̳͆̍͑̄͐̐̓̋̅̒̀̓̐̈́̑̇̃̐͂̉͋͊̀͒̓̀͂̀͗̓̄͂̈́̄̈́͐̈̉̏̈́͂̇̋̅̍͑̃̒͋̌̋̾͛͐͗̐̓̊̄̇̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅ ̸̧̨̧̛̛̪͕̳̞̱̻̤̻̯̭͈̗̗̟͉̖̼͍͉̯̭̩̖͕̻̫̳̝̥̤̲͈̦̠̹̠̻̲̟͎̞̞̖̩̠̩̪͍̍̏͆͑́̄̉̍́̓̎̿͝ͅc̷̡̡̨̧̛̛̛̛̥̺͎̣͉̹͕̦̻̹̰̙̪̯̗̦̦̟̥̬̺̲̯̰̘̠̤̘̺̱̲̤̙͓͕̮̤̱̬̪̩̜̮̦̗͚̻͈̀͗͑̑̿̆͐̋̾̏̉̾̓͗̈͆̔̏͌́̏͆̄̓͊́̍͋͗̓͛̏̍̈́͑̋̂̔̂̍̓̒̈͆̒͗̔̄̒͑̇̊̿͛̏̈͂̿͒̀̀̈͋͐̈́̽̇̏̓̈̇̀̀̈́̅̊͒́̈́̀̋̃̂̊̉̏̊̌̃̈́͊̾̉̈́̾̅́͗̓͌̌̋̓̓̍̈͐̈̔̓̉̌̃̅͌͆̾̓̎̚̕̕̚̕̕̕̚͘̚͜͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅä̴̧̢̨̧̢̧̨̨̨̧̨̨̢̛̛̛̛̛̫͚̜̖̦̝͙̜̠̲̯̺̮̜̤̹̰̱͖̠̹͇̲̦̮̺̘̪̦̜̦̬͈͉̖̱̫͈̥̣̞̗̳̼̪̞͖̯̬̺̯̞̯̼̭̞̜͎̘̞͎͚̥̳͕̝͕̳̟̖͍̲̱̖̥̜̟̩̻͍̘͓͖͚̦̯̭̙̮̩̼̜͕͍̭̺̪͈̖̬͉̪͓̬͖͕̦̻̱̜̹̞͎̯͚̻̳̲̰͈̩́̄͊̾̑́̓̋̅̆̈́̿̑̑̿̀̋̐͌̏͊̏́̎̾̓͆̂̋͑́̓̾̒̏̒͌͋̃͐̀̈́̌͌͆̑̀̿̈́̓͆͛̓͐̅̈̓́̾͋̍̓̽͆͊̉̓̄̒̇͋͆̀̉̍̃͆̅̄̄͆̏̌́̐̀͑̂͑̍̔̅̀̎̋̆̍͆̈́́̓̓̇̀̑͒͑͒͌̑͊̈̓͒̑̄̈́̊̃͒̀́̆͐͌͂̾̽̀̄̊̓͋͐̑̽́͛̓͋͌̎̓͆͋̔͋̀̀͗̅̂͌̾̇̿̔̌̃́̇̽̓͐̇͌̃̅̎̾̀̆̌̈́͗́̓͛̔̍̃̆̍́̀̓̅̊̍̔͑͊̅̋͐̀̾̆̉̽̽̐͐̅̈́̕̚̚̕̕̕͘̕̕̚̕͘͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅp̷̢̨̢̧̨̨̢̨̨̢͙͚̳͈̗̜̩̫̙̪̰͎̬̮̲͖̜͙͓̩̖̜̰̲̤͖̬̮̳͙̰͔͈̝̼͔̤̹̺̘͈̘̗̜̥̯͖̪̝̝͉͚̺̯̼̩̹̬͓͈̝̫̩̹̺͎̱̙̖̳̪̥͇͎͙̖͚̝̼͍͚̰̜͚̖̤͓̺͚͇̬̪̄̃͋͒̎͐̍͋̈̇̽͛̋̀͆̈̓̿̈́̇͂̏̈́̓͂̈́̉̈̏̉͗͒̀̇̂̊̅̊͊̊͑̉͜͜͠͝͠͠͠ͅͅͅͅ ̵̢̨̨̢̢̛̛̛̛̛̖̲̺͈̻͖͙͕̩̳̗̼̘͚͉̦̫̫̭͔͖̮͎̖͎̭̤͓̻̥̝͙̦̤̩͚̱̘͕̫̟̦̭͎͍̻͗̾̀̍̀̿̈́̓̆̋̋̀̀̑͛͋͊̈́̇̋̎͛͛͗̔̆̀͊̾̋͗̓́̈̀̆͆̀̌̂́̄̀̋̐̈́͋́̑̓̎̀̑̓̽́̉̆̎̽̎̿̓͆͐̿́̋͌͒̈́͌̇͒̂̑̆̄́̈͐̔͛̐̂͑͛̿̀̓̀́̀̄̏̔̒͛͆̐̊̓͋̈́̓́̅̐̑̌̈́̒̄̈́͐́̒̍̈́̒̍́̌̑̿̇̌̑͐̏̀̔͐̏͗̒̈́͘̕̚̕̕̕̕̚̕͘̕̚̚̚͜͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠ͅa̷̢̧͎̯̜̯̯͍͍̪̪̖̥̬̮̟̯̼̻̮̠̺̹̣͓̪͓̩̬̹͊͛͐̄͊͂̌̆̆̿̓̀̃̊̈́͑̄͛̕͘̚͝s̷̢̢̧̨̨̧̧̨̢̨̢̢̨̧̧̧̧̢̡̧̡̧̢̢̨̛̛̛̮͉̻̰̝̩̞̙̺̹̩̞͖̝̻̰͖̞̝̻̜̟̬̲̬̺̪͍̮͓͇̬̲̗̳̰̜̝̙̙̺̭̳͍̟̰͍̳͕̣̱̲̺͎̙̳̰̥̝̪̹̯̘͙̝̳̤͈̖̥̬̳̳̣͉̭̣̱̝͓͇̘̼̰̣̻̟͈̩̦͎͍̰̠̫̞̪̻̤͍̳̪͈͖̬̼͉̗̪͎̠̫̮̜͍̞̖̳͙̟͎̹̞͍̹̟̥͙͙͖̜͔̯͈̭̻͇̠̬͍͈̙̲͎̣͎͈̣͚̘̺̳͍͚̼̜̲͙̻̘̲͔̘̘̞̯̫̘̜̝͍͖̲͕̺̲̙̙͍̞̪͎̺̼̲̻͖͖̳͕̯̞̲̠̗̺̯͔̫͙͎͖̩̙̮̱͈͔̩̮̲̼̱͇̭̪̬͙̻̘̲̲̰̝͎͔̦̩̳̜̣̪̪͛̑́̈́̽́̎͊̓̎̾̀͛̈́̏̓̏̾̔̒̌̎̌͛͐̃̂̓̽̾́̉̀̀̀͂̄͗̂͌̏̃͂̀̀͂̏̾̓̀͗̉͒̏̍̊̑̊͂̋̅̑̈́͆̽̉̿̎͗̾͗̌͆̅̆̇͆̔̋͂̀͐̍͌̔͋̚̕̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅ ̴̡̡̨̨̛̛̛̛̗̲̝̗̼͈̲̟͙̺̰͓̺͔͇̻̺̦̦̜̤̩̱̰̺̖̭͓̺̖͎̬̬̣̟̙̳̮̥̣̯̣͉̝̤̖͓͈̠̭̞͍̘̰̭̹̫̱͓͈̪͍̮͓̰͖̙̭̺̠͂͊̀̌͌͋̉̇̈́̇̿́̑͊͐̌̓͊̇͗̀̈́̊̽͋͌͆́̓̀̿͑̈̋́̒͌̏͒̅̾́͊̽̄̀͂̔̉̈́̃̾͋̐̔͐̌̉̌̽̐̎̍̔̒̓͆̒̎̐́̈́͗̾̈́͊̾̈͋̈́̇̏̈́̀̊͐̐̑͐̐̔̈́̾̀͋̓̽͗͆̽̐̍̓͌̈́͋́̑͒̇̈͂͛͗͘̕̚͘̚̕̚͜͜͝͠͠͠͠͠͝͠͠͝͝͝ͅį̴̨̧̧̢̨̧̡̧̧̛̛̛̛̰̟͕̲̟͉̝̼̩̙̪̩̹̼̞̣̬͇̥͖̙̞̼̼͎͓̯̣̜̻̗͙͇̦̝̥͉͉͉̞͚̞̜̱̯̙͎̹̳̪̭͇̙̻͓͙͖̲̮͖̮͓͉̰̜̞̫̯͍̭̙͚̙͍͈͔̹̺̩̗̹̺̫̗͍͖̰̥̭̖̜̞͉̯͎̥͇̼̰̣̟̘̟̫͔̙̘͙̣͕̪͍̫͔͚̟̙͓̞̬̞͓͛̋̀͑͑̓̓͆̄̃̆̎̆̀̄̔͒̄͊̈́̎̍̃͒͊͗̋̉̊́̍̀̄̆͆̀̾͛͑̈́͐̒͊̋̈́̈̍̏́̐́̌͆͂̒͂̊̏͋͋̿͛̉̈͂̿̇͒̂́̽̒͗̀͑̌̔̓͐̾͛̄͋̀̑͗̋̾̔̓͆͗̊̒͋͛̆̐̓̏̏̉͒̒̉̈́̾̄͒͑̓̓̒͆̏̍͛̃̈̋̒͗͐͌̈́͊͛̀̔̒̎̓̋̄̆̌͘̕͘̕̚̚̚̚̚͘͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅn̶̡̛̛̙̻͈̱̝̦̗̹̙̠͖͖̦͕̪̩̳̦̪̝̪̜̮͕̜̳̯̲̻͎̼͙͕̪̖̜̘͔͔̺͔͙̗̣̞͇͎͎̻̭͖̜̯͇͔͙͓̩̦̳͉̏͂̀̇̎́͐̉̋̎̈́̂̈́͂̾̓̌̑̉̈́́̊͒͋̋̾͆̅̌̑̿̃͛̊̈̍͋̏͋̀̍͌͋̀̄̑̃̀̓̽͊̽̀́̒͒̆̓̇͆̈́͒͗̍͒͌͛́̋̄͑̋͒̇̽̏͋̈́̅̆̽̒̀̅̌̃̂̎̓̍̓̅̇̑̀̈̒̇̄̅́̓̉͊̈́̉̈́̅̀͛͆́̍͒̽͗̀̿̀̒̄̍͒͒͌̐̀̽̓̿̏͗͑͆͆̈́͊̓̒̃̓̅̐̓̀͂̋̅̓̓̈͋̊͗͊̒̐̀͋̅̈͐͗͆̅̽̆̋́̽̂̓̈́͒̈̀̑̽̀̾̅̽͐̄̎͋͒̐̽̚̕̕̕͘͘͘̕͘̕͘̕̕̚͘̕͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅ ̵̡̢̡̧̨̢̧̢̛̛̻̥̟̖͉͖̻͉̟̗̭̬͇̪͓̳͔͕̣͍̳̬̙͖̭̦̻̫̳̯̲͉̭͓̼̞̝̥̹͔̻̟̭͍̻̜̮̯̼̜͚̠̭͈̰̞̙͙͓̹̦̜̟̱̝͇̭̝͕̫̹̼̩̒̿̅͐̌͊̀̎̍͒̒͊̐̇̽̉̅̿́̆̄͑͛̈́̑̓͑̕͠͝͠ͅ"̵̧̨̨̨̧̢̧̡̛̛̛͕͎̣̼͚̻̦͇̞͔̙͇̻͉̟̙͉͔̥̺̖͓̻̗̫̣͎̟̬̥̝͎̮͓̭͔͔͔̭̏͆͆̋͗̇̂̃̌͗̐̔̿͌̈́͐̏̒̋̈̒̀̐͋̔̅͐͗̅̊͛͐͐͋̔͂͛̌̋̾̿̀̐͑̽̿͛͛̊͐͊́̆̃̿͒͋͆̈́͌͊̄̀̿̓̏̇̿̀̈́̓̒̎̆̂̓̄̋̉͑̈̂̑͆̆̀͛͂̑̃̅̓͛͐͘̚͘̕̕̚͜͜͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅḿ̶̢̡̢̧̨̡̛͚̤͍͈̺̺͓̰̭͇̞͎̳̝͎͕͔̼̲͈̙͎̦̼͉̟̲̼̺̲̻̫̳̖̳͈̩͍̪͓͕̹̤̭̘͓̖̪̫͎̙̬͚̠͉̺̪̳͙͖̙̹̤̪̖͎̥̗̱̳̘̲̮̞̘̫̹̠̰̫̀̆̒̈͌͐͐͐̉̌͋͌́͛͒͑̽͛́̑͂̑̒̒̈́̄̅͂̂̓̎̄̾̊̉̑́͑̿͒̓͛̅͆͂̐̔̊̋͐̓̃̈̓̈́͑̓̓̓̂̉̅͆͑̀́̾͊̈̒͊̉̇͒̓̉̈́̇̐̑͗͛̇̀̽̒̍̂̐͐̃̓̈̏́́̓̓̎̄̆̚͘̕͘͘̕̚͘̚͜͠͠͠͠͠͠͠ͅa̸̢̢̨̡̨̧̡̨̢̢̧̢̡̧̡̨̛̛̛̛̝̩͉̞̫̺͍̙̜̱̘̘͈͎̬̣͎̜̤͇͙̪̪͎̬̞̟̪͚̠̦̝̣̭̺͕͈͍̥̺͖̞̻͇̥̫̖̹̰͓̖̹̹̲͖̙̖̩̣̞̗̬̞͇̞̼̤̮̩̻̮͕̭̳̤̦̣͇̭̥̘͇͎͎̮̝̘͕͓̞͈͇͖̰͎̟̞̤̽̃͋̾̅̔̌̈̆̃͂́͑͒̾̌̈̍̐̀̎̈͒̌̽̎̔̄̓̍͑̃̌́̄̄͗̏̏̾̃̾̓̑̈́̍͐̌͌̃͛́̈̄̊͗͊̂̍̒̈̀̍̉͐͆̋̂̌̔̊̐̂̋̄̋̌̔̍̏̀̄͌̈́̍̈̂̽͋̈́̓̊̀̊͊͂̈̀̒́̋̅͐͌̈́͒̏̽̑̉̊̽͊̂̈́́͒̊́̀̏̓̈̔̀̽̇̌̌̒̓͋͛̎̇͑̏̏̽̂̽̏̆̂̐̔̑̉̊͛͒̕̕̕͘͘̕̕͘̕͘͘͘͘͘̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅg̷̨̧̡̢̧̢̢̧̛̛̻̖̩͎̮̱̖̥̖͈͔̥̞̳̞̙̫̝̤̘̯̭̥͍̗̜͎̭̟͓͓̘̞͉̹̥̮̠͖̜͓̳̺̭͈̩̹̖̱̬͓̭̙͉̟̘̱̖̱̰̟͕̰̖͉͇̼͓͈͚̣̭̲̤̖͕̯͕̭̩̟̼̳̳͍͍̦͓̝͈͔̫̦̞̟̳̬̖̙̹͔̘͕̮̩̙̼̘̪̜̜̪͖͙̠̈͗̏͆̈́̇̈̂̓̓̓̉͒̃͑̑̍̄̒̅̓̆̈́̽̄̍̽̌̉̾̃̋̉̒̆́̽̒́͂̒̄́̇͗́̌̈́͐̈̿̃͊̓̽͑̋̂̓͆̋́̀́̽͐̏̿͂̍̿͑̈̆͊̆̄̌̃̈́̈́̄̏̓͌̓̿́͂̆̾̕͘̚͘̚̕̚̚͘̕̚͘͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅi̶̡̢̧̧̢̡̧̛̛̛͉̣̜̦̻̰͓̼̹̺̟̫̹̲̘̦͖̗͙̝̗͉̺̤̪̼̗̻̞̙̩̭̪͉̪̖͔̥͔̰̥͖̫̱̮̬̲̬̰̭̹̼̙̮͖̼̰͈̣̇̑̆̀̐̎͌̅̈́̆̑̃̊́̆̓̊̊͐̊͛͋̓̂͌̈́̿͛̿̾͋͋̇͋͒̆̐͛͊͌͆̌̽̀̈́̀̍̐͋̋̇̀̏̏̃͛̍͊̎̀̔̉̽̀͆͂̏̓̅̅̈́͑̍́̍̄́̀̆̔̇̑͐̄̑̋͂̈́̐̉̌̓̌̈́͋͋̇̋̾͊̂͌̃́̌̌͗̾̑̑̓̌́́́̈̔̎̂̋̎́͆̍̃̓͌́͐̓̀̄̃́͗̈́̒̆̑̍͂̏̍̅̅͑̔̒̽̀͊̈́̃̃͗̔̋͌̓̽́̅͗̔̊̑͘̕̚͘̚̕̕͘͘͘̕̚͘̕̕̕̚̕͘͠͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅc̶̨̡̨̧̧̢̡̡̨̡̨̨̧̢̢̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͉̰̫͇̺̝͔͎͕̱̺͔̺͇̦͉̼̘͇͙͖͎͈̭̠̤̦̬͈̖͇͙̯̤̘̗͖̥͈̠͈̭̠̝̯̰͍̼͖͚̮͚̝̼̞͎̤͈͉͔̙̺͙̖̤̻̮̖͉̪̞̻̫͙̘̮̼͍̟͕̣̖̳̜̱̘̖̤͍̣͉͉̣͚̘̦͙̬̳̹͕̭͙̦̺̻͚̠̜͍̜͇͕͙̰̖̪̜̰͙̙͈͇̹̳͓̤̠̩̳̣̟͔̺̝̭͙̖̪̟̦̗̹̺̙͍͎̥̪̟͙͓͚̣͖̤̤̦̟̣̟͇̠̯̮̞̬̰̖̣̮͇͆͒̈̅͛̏̈̽͌͑̑̀̎̉͑̆̈́̋̌̓́̅̌̍͊̏̋̀͐̈̄́͗͆̿̾̇̀̽̇̋̓͋̐̑̑̑͌̽̌̈́͛̐̉̈́͌̔̉͗̉̾̐̈́̅̓̒̅͋̎͗́͂̈́͊̐͒̍̊͛̽͂̿́̒̇̑̀͆̀̐̀̈́̈́͗̇͂́̍͐͊́͂̎͗̑͑̌͌̊̔̉̆̓̏̽̍͊̅́̾͆͂̀̈́̏͗̈́͌́̓̀͗̓̆͊̿̍̈̓̅̄̀̃́̓͋̈́̈́́̑̅̅͗̈́͌̃͛͋̉͆̇̎̈́̿̔̆̿̚̕̚̚̚̚͘̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅ ̵̧̧̧̨̡̢̧̡̡̧̡̡̨̨̧̡̡̧̢̡̧̧̛̛͖̱̲̖̞̘̗̺̪͕̥̟͇̩̠̭͖̪͙̬͖̥͕͎̘̯̪̱͍͓̭̩͓̣̹̹̩̱̩̘͍̦̪̻̠̤̪̤̰̘̞͈̞̘̗̺̗̭̯̘̳̘̮̥̤͕̪̣̩͎͚̱̘̱̙̼̰̮̭̟͙̦̟̹̮͍̦̪͚͉̹̭̪̩̱̱̘̮̟̯̮̞̩̩̩̙̹̹̲̲̩͍͇̲͈͔̯̝͙̖͉͙̫͕̯̜̺̘͚͍͔̱̣͉̣̻͙͇̰͔̲͉̘̻̦̜̱̲̮̜̱̬͖̦̜̻͇̯̻̦͙̱̙̯̗̗̬̯̱̠̫̪̮͉͙͉̳̳̳̣̪͉̲̱̦̰̮̱͍̗̺̺̜̭̬͚͙͍͇̹̬̗̱͓̺͍̬͉̳͇͙̮̞̟͙̼̹̼̺̬̻̿́̀͆͆͊̍͂̊̀͛̍̈̈́͒̊͌̃͊̅͌̐̾̏̽̿̈́͐̐̿̈́̓̅͌̍̅̃́̀̑̈́̑̈̈́̉̅̈́̒̌̿̇͗͆̉́̃̆́͆̋̃̏͋̋̅̍̊̎̒͒̑̃̈́́͛́͌́̊͌̇̿̍̀͂͊͛͆̐͐̃̈̽̑͑̿̈̇̊̌͂̏̄̽͛́̈́̌̓͒̋̓̎̒̈́͑̽̆̎̿͌̈́͛̏̀͐̐͐̈́̇̒͂̋̓̈́͊̒̏͛̓̐́̾̄̋̈̄͑͂̀̿̄̓͊̚̕͘̚̚̚̚̚̕̕̚͘̕̚̚̚̕͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅç̵̧̢̡̢̢̡̧̢̧̨̢̢̡̭̣̭̮͈̣̭̜̼̹̣͙̰̘̥͚̝̬͔̺͙͇͎̯̯͓͙̼̦̩̘̪͎͈̝̖̖͍̜̺̝̙̻̭̙̗̙̞̬̪̟̟̙̜̮̼̘̩̱͚̞͕͕͓̬̫̩̰̗̤͉͕̬͙͕̤͉̣͇̜͓̣̹̼͇͖͙͉̪̖̦͍̯̘͓̜̼̥͔̫̣͇̞̝͔̮̯̣̺͕̠̮̼̘̰̣͙̜̲̤̜̝̩̩̟͖͓͙̼̮̙̪̉͊̆͊̌̑̂́̒̀̽̉̍̈́̃͜͜͜͜͜͠͝ą̶̛̛̛̛̛̛̝͉͎̮̖͇̗̖̭̰͇̜̫̮̪͙͉̥̲̭̯̗̣̦̭̹͙͎͓̙̳̩̤̞̟̯̞̣̏͑̿̌̐̇̌̆́̐̐͊̒̔̉̓͑̍̈́̆̋̓̈́͊̈́̏̔̿̆̄̽͂̏͑̑͛͛̓̀̍̂͑̈͒̔̅͆̑͆͗͂͗̾̉̒̈́̀̈͑̈́͋̏͌̈́̆̑̐͆͂̎̈̈́͊̑̀̀͋͂͋̀̒͒̔͑̏̏̋̏͂̉̿͂̏̚̕̚͘͘͘͘͘̕̚͘͜͜͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅṗ̵̧̡̢̡̢̢̧̡̢̢̨̧̧̛̜̮͕̣̦̹͍̘̮̗͔̣͎̗̣̞͖̝̻̩̠̲͕̹̠͔̳̼̰̖͓̠͇̤̤͓̠̯̯͓̖̙̱̠̩̹̯̫̗̲̩͉̭̬̖̜͎̣͚͔͈̲͇͚̹̩̫͓̲̳̮̜̳̠̲͖̜͎͓͎͍̭̗̯̖̫̻̘͈̰͈͍̫̬̗̱̭͎͚̘̞͚̥̱̪̯͙̦̺̗̣̳̗̮̑̎̈́́̒̓̔͊̊̓́̍̅͆̒̄̈͂̊͊̄͒͛̔͒̈́̆͑͆͐̍̌͊̃͊̋̇̍͋̓͐̌͊͒̔̓̿̍̈̏̐́̊́̔̓́̆͛̏̈́́̿̂̄̌̃͌̑̉͐̅́̏͑̃̽͛͂͗͊̔̈́͘͘̚̕̚͘̕̕͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅą̶̧̢̢̡̡̨̧̢̨̡̨̨̨̡̨̨̧̡̨̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̣̹̥͕̰͔̤̹̼͖̪̣̮̱͚̖͙̳̦͙̪͈̭̟̺͇̝͍̩̯͙̪̬̠̣̖̮̲͉̭̲͈̦̺͍̗̤̻̜̖̖͖̱̦̥̩͖̹̹̫͓̲͇̞͎͖̖̗̙͉̮͎̹̰̼̼͖̗̠̘̟͉̗̙̠̱͇̬̙̞̪̖̠̟̘̙̰̩̲͕̹͚̫͉̹̟̜͍̫̰̜̼̟̙̬̗̣̼̙͖̳̳̞͙̩͓͉͙̣͖̺͕̬̭̮̳̤̩̤͈̤̻̩̘̝̮̻̬͍͔̹̞͈̟̝̘͓̩̱̯͍̪̣̦̳̟͈͍̘̟̜̤̬̩̗̜͚̞̣͔̦̬̟̝̝͍̦̣̘̩͈̰̞̘͇̰͎͚̬̦̺̳̬̭͔͈̝͇̘̗͕͕̖̖͇͚̯̞͚͚̫͈̳̫͇͇̦̲̭͚͓̥̏̆̆͛͒͋͒͛͋̈́̑̔̀̆̍̇͂̅̿͛̀́͒̐̏̑̓̓̋̐̀̃̈́̀̾̄̄̓̊̈́̈́̀̾̆̈́͋̿͗̉̽̂̎̇͐̔̂͋̓̑̓̀́̈́̏͊͒̿̔̈́̎͛͐̾̈́͆̇̌̔̾̾́̊͋́́̆̒̍̓̆́̓̉͋͐̊̎̏́̑̅͆̽̀̆̒̏́͊̃̍̒̀̔̊͐̽̀́̐̀͋̐̾̈̑̔̀́̉͂̀̐̽̈́͗͋͆͊̍͌͂̈́̃̿͛͂̃̋̈́́͛̄̊͆͌͂̈́̃̓̒͘͘̕̕̚̕͘̚̕̕̚̚͘͜͠͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅc̶̡̡̧̡̡̡̧̨̧̧̢̡̧̨̢̢̨̡̧̢̨̡̨̨̡̧̢̛̛̛̹̱̼̩̹̪̳̙͎̪̭͕̘̥͚̪͙͙̟̦͕̜̲̻͍̮͇͎̲̠͙̗̲̲̖̥̠̫̪̦̣͚̼͖͉̘͕̙̤̗͎̩̫̫͈̪̺̺̫̝̞̱͚͙̫͔̙͖͈͉̮̫̻̙̞̥͍̩̪̠̺͕̼͕̠̬̘̣̼͎͇̲̳̹̝̜͎̣̞̟̜̩̮̞̰̱̱̻̣̹̲̜̦̥̗͙͕͔͖̼̟͍̼̫͚̩̳̗̤͙̗̖̖̞̳̜͎̻̰̯̘̤̙̳̱͖̥͉̼̱̩̤͕̩̯̭̝̻̼̜̞̜̝̣̯̤̩̤̭̝̙̱̗̝̩̞͙̤͍̭͕̻̤͔͇̤̤͙̠͈̬͚̫̫͍̘͕̹̥̻͚̱͈̯̬͙̫̬͈̩̫̮͉͖̲̮̺̯̣̘͈̯͙͙̖̲͕͔̲̪̮̟͈̣͍̹̱̀͑̂̌̑̊̊̆̆̊̄̿̊̌͆̅̐͒̓̀̍̊́̄̽͐̀͂̾̀̒́̑̐̿̐̾̈́͆͋̑̇̒̊̓̆̋́̆̀̆̽̐͐̈́̇͛̌̀̈́͂̍͋̀̅́̌̋́̑͛̅̈́̓̓́͗̈̈́̄̓̊͛̑͋̒̂̐̊̋͒̇̎͑̈́̐̍͂͛̋̉̅̍̈́͌̎̏̿̏̓̆̽̀̆̇̐̾͊̆̃͋̀͆͊͆͌͐̂̀͂̎̎̊̀͐͗͗̏̈̌͐̊̍̏̿͐̓̑̾̓̓́́̏̽̇̈̋̓̑͗̈͒̀̍̂͐́͌̅͆͛̋̓̈́͊̃͐͑̇̉̏̆̆͆̑͒͂͂̽̓͌̅̈́̊͐̍̈́̔̐̔̎̚̚͘̚̕͘̕̕͘̚̚̕͘͘̕͘̚͘̕͘̚͘̕̕̚͘͘͘̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅi̶̡̨̧̧̧̧̢̡̨̧̧̢̧̨̧̡̢̡̨̛̛̛̛̠̖̮̖͎͉̝̲̗̘̜̗̯͕̪̪͙͓͓͕̭̯̦̘͈͉̣͎̠̬̤̺͎͔͉̙̜̯̪̯̮̹͇̲̻̤͚̘͙̝̙͖͎͈̲̥͚̱̟̺̰͚͍̤̠̼̻̰͈̝̬̰͖̼̮͓̙̦͙̭̮͙̲͔̻̯͓̝͓̥̤͕̪̻̞̖͇̺̘̭̻̼̗̰̗̝̲̹̟̭͔̞̲̱̯̩̥͚̪͚̮͚̬̭͓̮̠̙̣̣̖̺̼͕̣̝͙̰̣̝̭̫̘͓̥̱͈͖̣̰͇̗̭̠̱̮̪̲̞͙̬̬̠̹͚͍̫̮̞͔̬̝̜̬̬̥̜̣̹̱̱̩̳̘͇̲̻̟̭̻̹̰͚͎̟̤̘̼͇̖̼͙̟̘̗̦͇͙̟͈̻̞̪͇̜͕̤͉͍̳̟̩͒̄͑̆̓̎͒̂͆͛̃̀̾͆̽́̍̍́̓̈́͌́̂͑̈́̾̍͋̋͒̈́̄̀̇̉̀͒̀̄̓͊́̓͊̈́̒̆́̂̀̇͑͂̊̈́͆̓͗͂̈̏͛̐̓̌͐͗̓̔́̿̔̈̎̀̂́͌̐̆̈͊̇̿͐̇͐͗͂̾̆̑͐͊̄̍̋̾̐͒͐̈́̓̅̈̔̎̊̀̐͊͒͐͆͂̃̀͐́͋̏̒̈́͛́̀͐̎̿̎̽̄̔́̀̇͒̌̅̅̈́̓̎͂̋́̍̃́̓̇̄͆́͗͛̏̑̔͌͌͗̽͗̅͐́̉͐̇͋̒̀͑̀̓̎͛̄͐̓̾̊́͋̀͂͑̂̓̔̕͘̚͘̕͘̕̕̕̕̕̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅẗ̷̨̢̧̢̢̨̨̡̧̡̢̧̡̡̨̧̛̛̛̛̠͎̠͈̳̺͕̫̹̰̫̦͇̪̱̬̞̜̰̤̜̥͍̦̥̠̜̠̺̳̮̺̗̖̟͍̱͔͎̗͎͙̞̱̙̦̙̹͖͕̞͕͍̙̫̦͕̖̰̩̻̤͇̘̼̘͖̖͚̠͈͖̪̞͎̮͔̣̖͎̝̙̙̺͈̻̖̞̣͎̝̺̱̠͔͚̱̩̮̪̰̺̤̘̟̪̤̟͚̣͍̳͈̙̜͙͈̬͍̩̰͔̰̥͔͕͎̩͈̱̯̯̣̦̖̗̝̯͖͙̬̱̘͇̻͇̼͎̘́̓̔̓̍̄̃̎͆̇̍̾̋̊͌͛̆̏̅̆͗̈́́͒̏̈̈͒̓́̿͑̾͑͛̄̆͑̀̔̃̈́͗̅̓̂̔̾͊̊́͐̔̆̓͗̑̈́̍̂̈̔̔͌̉͌̆̉̉̾̈́̀̆̋̂̎̒̿̈̅̾̑͐̀̈́̒̍̃̆̍̎̊͑̓̏̾͋͋̾̇̅͋̄̂́̿̏̐͛̈̀́̆͘͘͘̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅỷ̸̳̤͈̣̲͕͚̺̱̼̬͓̬̯̪͑̊̉͂̓͒̑́́̿̈̋̏̀̅͑͛̉͘ͅ ̸̧̡̢̡̡̧̡̨̡̢̨̡̢̧̡̧̢̢̢̡̡͎͍̙͍̖̦̙̪̝͈̥̲̯̪͙̗̜͈̩̩̦͔̙̜̯̝̦̙̩̠̯̠̮̫̤̮͇̖̠̱͙̼̻͚̻̲̗̳͉̺̟̠͚̹͍̘͚͚͚͓͉̙̩̼͈̣̱̗̗̤͕̩͓̘̯̗̠͕̦̩͓̻̥̻̮̰̰͙͙̝͎̺̫͖̹̘̮̠̻͈̦̖̩̗͉̯̬̜͙͍͓̥̞͚̜͔͕̙͍͖̫̫͍͚̣͕̼͇̤̺̟͈̳͉̭͈̞̤̰̳̥͓̤̞͕͎̦̠̙̩̫̟̣͙̹̪͎̱͉̦̠͎̰̺̙̫̞̭̞͈̩̘͕̖̭̲̩̲̜̰̫̻̝̙͖̟̙̲̗̠͔͍̹̞̹͖̗͗̏̌͑̈̏̽̇̅̓͋̾͒͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅc̴̢̨̢̨̢̢̨̢̧̨̛̛͍̠̗̫͔̦̫̬̦̘̠͙̣̩͕̪̻̮͇̲̠̺̼̦̤͙̳̗̯͙̥̪̞̖̤̪̩̪͈̦̠̜͓̱̠̙͖̹̻̼̩̗̪̯̤̗̬̣̫͍̖͈̰̱̹̙̜̺̱͓̝̲͈̰̗̟̲̣͎͇̱̱̞̖̠͍͉͎̰̗͎̯̱̭̲̺̹̦͈̟͚͙̱͓̬̳̙͉̗͚̥͙̤̹̩̠̗̪̜̾̅̋͑̇̾͊̄̒̐̀̓̑́͗̅́͋̋̏́̉̽̂́͒̋̅͗͗̌̈́̅̎͒̑̋́͆͋̀̀͆̋͒̔̊̓̇̽́͒̐̉̃̈́̇̍͛̋͗̀̅̉̆̄̀͐̀͑́͆̑̋̎͊͌͛̅̍̀̈́̃̽͐̃͆̃̋̓̿̋̍̉̑͐́͌̄̕̕̕͘̕̚̕̚̚͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅą̴̨̧̧̡̨̢̡̢̢̢̡̧̨̡̡̢̧̡̧̢̨̢̢̢̦͈̝̹̳͕̟̜̣̱̬̫̮̘͕͎̘͎̖̤̯̰͔̤̩͍̫͇̯͕̠̗̻̖̬͉̲̪͍͕͉̞̜̲͚̮̗͚͎͉̻͕̝̘̲͚̙̜͚͎͈̥̪̦̜̜̰̦̥̙̺͉̪̦͉̲̠̲̬̼̻̟̞͉̳̲̭̬̖͔͕̙̯̥̣̱̮̻̙̖͚̟̻̪͇̟̱͔̬̟̘̙̺̥̝̗͖̳̰̰̰̼̟͍͚͓̣̦͍̩͔̦̫̘̜͙̫̲̰̺̰̣͖̜͎̟̼̬̲̞͕̼̞̘̻̬̤̮̦͎̱̠̼͔̼̩̼̖̞͚̩̲͍̘͓̥̥̝̠̭̗̰͕͉̤̯̮͚̠̰̹̪̤͎̲̤͔̰̰̣̜͉̫̻̘̥̲͓͈͖͚̫͔̤̦̼͙̼̠̫͎͓̲͎̖̖̣̰̦͖͔̲́́̈́̀̿̌̇̈́͋̒̑͗͂̂̌͑̈́̎͆̆͑͊̎̍͆́̉͒̓̐̌́̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅp̵̨̧̧̧̡̨̧̡̢̢̧̧̨̡̨̨̛͉̮̖̝̟̺̲͚̟̟̩̭̱̲̦̪̯͇̜͕̪͍͈̺̱͙̣̭͕͙̰̮̥̟̦̻̲̖̻̼͖̮͍̲͎̦̲̱̪̗͙̹̮̖̘͚̥̥̼͙̻͔̝̞͍͔͓̖̩̯͕̗͎͎̮̼̳̰͎̭̼̟̯̘̝̫̥͖̙͎̤͔̳̱̦̥͖̲̩̤̤̼͔̲͇̱̥̪͖̘̗̰̪̜͈̦͍͓̪̬͇̗̳̥͙̪̰̮̪̦͉͔̪̯̗͉̱̫͍̟̙͈̱̗̞̼̪̪̬̳̱̝̺̤͓̭̲͍̖̲̼̝͔̲̺̗͇͍̙̼̞̰̏̊̓̔̊̿̃̅́̊̌̌̌͂̔̅̎͋͌̃̃͐̊͗̔̽̀̉̾̇̅̋͗̀̿́́̊͐͆͑̇́͊̀̑̀́͋̈̍͊͛̀̽̊̅̑̄̇̀͆̈́͆̆͒̌̐͆͌͆͆̀̌̐̈́͌͒́̽͒͛̏̈̓̈́͊͗̏̄͂̀̀̂̔̊̄̓͆̒̿̆͆̔̈́̂̋̊̈́̋̅̈́̋͐̓͂̀̄̀̂̈́͒̋̉́̀̒͒͐́͋̀̀̃̐̅̈́̓̓̆́̓̇̊́͋̍̋̇̌̀̅̍̅̆̃̅̓̊̌̓͊͋̓͑͋̀̀̓̃̓͆͘̚͘͘̚̕̕̕͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅ"̵̡̨̢̡̨̧̨̧̨̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̖̤̦̩̞̳͈̘͉̹̰̗̠̫͕͙̠̜̣̙̺̣͎̻̟̪͈̱̮̼͉̗͉̲̼͔̫̦̟̘̮͎̝͇̙̫͙̗͙̣͇̣̫̳̖̯̲͉̘̞̗̮̯̼̝͕̳̺̲̰̜͔͕͔̮̭͉̼̞͇̠̘̬͕̞͇̰̺̘̲̾̉̂̐͌̐̐̽͊͒͗̒͐̔̽͑͛̾̋̾̓͊͋̍͊̉̀̏̊͊̅̃̅́̂͊̀̃̎̾̂̃̽̎̿̒̀̎͐́̈̇̾̈́͌̇̓͗̎͗͋̎̌̎̆̀͗̏̄́̒̽̏̒̏̀̏̔̽̄̄̾̅͋͌̿͗̑͆̃͐͐͂͒̊̓͗͛̈̔̅͂͗̓͗̎̽͛̄̏͊̇͊͋̍͊͂̓̽͗̾͌̏̎͌̔́̎̒̽̎̔́͊͂̒͛̾͂͌̈́́͋͋̇̿̄̀̏͛̈́̋̅̄̊̿͌͊͌̏̂̓̋̓͋́͐̌̑̀̋̅̎̇͆̌͗͌̉̄̓͌̓̀̃͛̐̈̔͛̊̓̂̈̈́͆̌̊̐̇̀̋̈́͊́̊̚͘͘̚͘̕͘̚̕̕̚͘͘͘̚͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅ,̸̡̢̡̡̧̨̝̣̲̦̬͕̺̯͎̥̫̖̮̭̞̭̱͚͚̞̖̗͈̲͙̙͔̪̫͖̹̙̙͍̬͖͚̹͓̬̱͚͙̝̦͍͚̻͚͇̬͕͓̗̲̟͚͎̗͇̲̣͓͔̻͓̼̲͉̙̣̬̺̣̥͉͍͙̫̟̤̤̠̜̱̮̇̅͐̽̀̊̈̋͆͗̈́͋̿͋͒̔̇́̒̔͛͗̏́̀͆̃͌͋̈́̌̋̓͌́̌͌̏́̾̂͌̀̿̈́͊͛̋̋̈́̅̋̓̉́̏̑̄̇̅̃̀̀̔̃̃̂͋̈́̇̒̊͆͗̌̓̔͂̃̊̈̎̈́̅̀̒̓̎̄̋̚̚̕͘͜͠͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅ ̵̨̧̢̨̨̡̧̢̢̧̡̢̛̛̹̜̟̻̣̭͇̘̤͈̭͔̤̪̲͕͙̖͖͚͍̠̼̳̻͉͓̙̳̻̯̯̯̙̻̠̳͈̣̯̪͎̝̞̗̥͈̻̖͓̰̹̱̝͕͕̼̪͙̠̹̬̫̮͖̙̭̬̬̭̮̖͎̪̼̠̘̖̻̘̞͔͉̰̫̬͉̗͔̜̱͕̲͙̯̹̥̜̪͕̫̟̣̫̜͉̙̙̹͚͈̼̪̬̙̫̭͔̲̖̫̟̖͕̖͍̗̜̣͍̙̙̫̘̬̗̤͙̩͉͉̼̼̗̘̰̟̳̰̠͙̬͙̪̗͉͍̺͎̙͚͖̐̉̆͗̄̏̓̍̈́̊̃̂̾̒̈́̎̓̍̾̀̈́͋̌̒̿̅̀͒̉͂̈́́͋̈́̆́͒͗͑̿̄͐̈́̐͐̈́̀̓͐̈̈͋̏͗͑̀͌̆̽̃̅̽̑͒͂͐̈́̾̈̈́͂̆̅͂͒̑̔̓̈́͑̆̋̒̿̾̅̈̐̑̈́̈̿̀̈̂̓̏̾̀̇͌̈́̔̇̍̃̔̿̑́̑̊̊̃̈̍̓́̿͐̈́͊͐́͐̒̑̅̐͊̋́͐̅̔̈̏͂̒̿͋̒̉̈́̌͌́̈́́͐̌͌̈́̓͊͊͐̊̋́̉̅̓͗̆͐̿͆̎̉̀̃͊͒̀́͋̌͛̑̿̉́̈́̂̎̾͊̈́̏͛͌̒͐́́͆̈́̆͘̚̚̕̚̕̕̚͘̚͘̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅì̶̧̢̨̢̨̧̧̧̧̟͚̩̪̩̤̩̜͇͎̦̝̜͚̦̟̳̣̼̪̹̖̝̣͔̬͙͍̜̰̜͖̬̠̻̼̘͍̩̺͍̩̙̜̳̯̘͉̻̗̪̣̺̟͕͍̬̱̬͈̺̭̮̱̯̞͙͙̩̜̮̻̥̥͈̜̪̦̮̹͕̞̘͚̥̝̩̻̦̳̞̳̹͓̤̞͚̰̭͔̯͔͕̲̱̪͖̙̺̰͈̲͔̮̩̟͚̪͍̞̼̜̪̗̮̣͈̳̇̋̀̄͜͜͜ͅͅn̶̨̧̧̧̨̧̡̡͕̰͓̜͎̗̖̯͙̫͓̲̺̙̖̹̭̱̹̼̮̱̠̯̦͇̜̲͈͈͓͖̠̜͈̜̩̤̻̪̟̭̰̟̪̰̪̘̝̜͓͍͇̫͖͕̣̩̠͚̩̝̩̞̖͍͉̘̓̈̃̉̀̀̋̅͂̈́͌̎͂̈̌̅͛̇͊͛̂̀̀͂͋̉̾̽̌͐̾͆̂̐͆̈́̾͌͂́́͒̐̏̿̄̓̄͑̅̅̀̾̈́͒̉͋̒́̈́̐̔͆͂̄̅̈́͆̊̋̊̄̚͘̕̕̚̕͘͜͝͝͝ͅͅ ̷̡̧̨̧̢̢̧̨̢̧̨̢̨̧̡̛̦͉̟͈̫͖̫̯̠̳͙͚̤̺̦̻̫͍͙͈̼͙̠̖̠͇̪̩͙̰̹͔̮̞̫̯̠̞̘̤͈̟̝͖͕̩̞͇̤͎̻̥̞̳̻̳̬͙̯̪̠̜̘̜͔̭̩̻̰̬̣͖̼̥̲̯͔̮̲̥̪͇͖̜̤̥̬͈̟͔̱̗̠͔͖̗͎̱͕̳̩͚̜͚̦̦͙̞̥̼͖̭̝̳̠̰̜̦̲̥̺̺͖̼͇̪̬̻̳̩̫̲̟̗͈͚͎̹͉̩͇͍̪̼͍̮̳̼̽̒̂̀̆͆̋͒̑̓̑͋͗͊̈́͑̏̑̄̐͐̊̐̉̈́͋͒͗͋̈́͗́͋̆̓̄̀͑̈́͛̆̈́̍̂̐̇̎̑̊͛̓̏̍̄̌͊̓͊̒͌́̀̈́̓̄̒̉͂̐͗̉͋̓̎̈͗͗̃͊͂̿̌̓͛́̕̚̚͘̚̕͜͜͜͜͠͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅw̵̨̨̨̡̡̢̧̡̡̢̧̢̧̢̧̨̨̨̡̧̢̛̱̤͚̫̬̲͔̺̮͇̼͕̳̞̯͓̰͖̖̪͙̱̮͍̗̝̯̱̰̪̝̬̩͖̤̻̺͉̜͖̬̻̠̗̘̹̖͙̥͉͈̦̙̹̙̦̟̞͇̞͎͍̦̞̱̦̣̫͔̗͎̣̜̙̣̩͇̫͉̭̫̞̘̭̙̫͇̘͔̩̹̘̞̪̰̲̮̘̭̹͈͔̞̟͍͙̟̭̱̮̹̪̙̞̳̖̣̙̮̪̥͈̲͚̩̘͈͓̰̹͎̰͕̰̮̲̰̘͓̱͙͉̤̺̳̭̜̞͇̟̟͉͓̹͎̝̰͔̥̮͇̻̘̭̞͚̞͙̲͔͍͈̰̞͔̺̞̻͙̯̭̣̰̫̹̘̦͈̜̱̪̩͈̤̱̥̬̖̟̼͈̩̤̠̲̭̮͓̤͍̖̣͖͕̬͎͚̮͒̾̂̀̋̎̒̉͆̇͒́͗́͛̀͒͛̈͊͗̓͒̆̅̄̈́̍̈́̎̈́̈́̈́̈́̍̌̀͒́͐̉̈́̔̋͐̓̇̒̉̊͆̽̊̊̌͋͂̆̏͊̉̋̏̎̑͆̿̀̓̍̓̄́̒́̊͊̄͒̽͂͋̈͛̀̔͋̄̈́̔̆͆̃͒͊͑̈̔̊̾͐͗̉͆̀̏̔͒͂̂͆̿͆̉̉̄̒̾̏̑̕̚̚̚͘̚̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅḩ̶̧̨̧̢̢̧̡̡̧̢̢̡̨̧̨̧̨̧̧̡̡̢̧̨̛̛̛̛͎̹͙̱̟̮̣͙̖̦̥͍̮̰̥͈͓̭̙̯͎͓̣̥̰̠̹̠̙̠̲̭̱̹͙̟̮̤̱̞̥͇̗̠̜̭̣̜͇̮̤̥̟̫̗̭̼̥̻͓̖̫̻͇̝͙̪̠̰̠͙͉͖̤̼̟̺̮͎̹͙̩͚͈̹͔̳͇̪̰̝͚̬̗͔̩̼̳̜͖̤̠͙̗̖̱͉͓̲̠͍̖͇̭̭̖̺̬̭̭͚̠̱͖̖̘̤̹͇̼̖͖̹̫̬̲̯̯̟̺̫͉͔̩͈̣̹͚̥̻̲̥̰̭̱̭̞͚̥͉̼̟̳̙͔̥̻̤̰̹̜̩͙͎̺̦̭͔̳̹̰̲͍̳͖̙̩̮̗̤̼̯͉͇̲̹̺̻͇̦̠̭̱͕̰̹͇͙̣̰̺̺̦͚̳͍̬̖̐̃̄̅̈̋͑̓̅̈́͂̈́͒͌͑̏͋̀͗́̅̎̓̎͋̈́́̿͊̍̂͋̄̈́̌̆͊̍̍͗̀̔̍͗͋̈́̎̒̋͗̋̏̀̒́̒̈́̋͊͐̇̓̉̇͂̌̓̇́̐̏̌̇̽͊̂̈̓̐̌̀͋̃̋̒̂̏̉͌͐̀͒͐̽͐̓̆̊͐͋͌̔̌͗̐͐̓̈̑̑̓͑̈͌͋̽̓̾͋͊̔̂̄̓͋̽̒̃͆̈͛̑́̇̅͐̅̉̎̊͆̐̏̇̊͐͆͐̕̕̕͘͘̚̕̚͘͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅí̶̡̨̨̢̢̢̛̛̛̛̛̫͓̱͓̬̙̤̪̱̲̮̪͍̦͉̲̞̞̹̤̲͕͎̼͉̘͙̺͚̼̹̯̝̺̮̹̣̫͙͈̯̩̤͚̰̼̬͈̗̹͓̝̣̠̞̱͉̹̳̗͙͎͔̘̤͎̱̪͇̝̱͎̲͙̳̟̫͔̼̗̬̬̰̳̭͙͍̤̻̜̠͚̭̦̘̼̺̖̬̹͇̭̠̐͋̀̋̀̿̄͑͌͗̌̓̅͗̈͆̈͑̇̒̊͂̔̌̄̓̈́̓̉̉̇̈́̈́̉̂̇͌̇́͊̐̄͗̃͂͂͛̂̈̎̾̃͐̐̀̒̉̓͑́͆̽́͂̆͌̓̿̓̿̃͌̓̓̏̽̅͊̄̐͌̋͑͊́̀̈́͂̄͆́̓̈̆̀̄́͊͒́̈́̋̔́̊̔̏͛́͑͂̈̏̔̆̍̐̒̋̊̂͛̆̄̿̄̎̆̈̒̂͐̋̇̾̏̒̂͊͆̂̄̂̐̍͐̏͗̾̿͗͋͌̏́̔́͛̋̑̈́̾̎̂͂̊̉͒̉̔̍̎̋͊̌̏̿̏̓̃͌̋̂́̉͊͑̒̈́͌͋̅̐̂̍͗̅͂̇͒̿̃̍̑̽̑͘̚̕̕͘̚̚̚̚̕̚̕̕͘̚̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅç̶̧̢̧̧̨̡̧̢̧̡̢̢̧̛̛̛̫̞̭͇̰̺̲̘̲͉̬̠͓̻̮͉̯̠̼̮͉̩͚̤̫̣̻̻̲̩̜͓̼̙̲͖̰̦̝͙̜̱̮̫͙̬̘̪̙̹̺̙̤͈̣̹̣͔̱̼̞̗̪̤͙͚̩̯̗͓̹̰̟̦͎͚̞͕̩̞̬̦͕͔͍͎͚͙̮̬͍̞̘̲̗̳̱̗͕̬̝̭̠̙̟͈̘̼̯̪̦̜̻̻̞̖͉̳̞͍̠̼̫̬͓̝̫̼͉̦̱̝̙͇̞̮̞̯̫̫̯̙͉͕̦̊̈́̃̎̿̎̌̒̆͆̀̏͂̔̍̓̈́̌͑̀̌̓̋̈́̊́͋͗̍͑͐͐̈͐̐̾̍̀̉̒͛͊̎̈́̊̑̇͌̄̈́́̾̔̊̌̂̏̐̏͐́͋͌̎̈́̃̇̍̆̎̈́̉̔̾̉̔̎̓̏̄͑̅̋̅̿̋̉͐̓͋̄̀̀̋̊̎̂̂̔̽͂̂̈́̑̈́̌̋̀̅͒̽̋̐̐̀̎̑̽̔͌̒̆̏͂͋͂̇͑͋̚̚͘̚̚̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͠͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅh̶̛̛̛̛̥̮̲͉̤̓̔͊͊̆̎͆͂͐͌͗̈̋̉̅́̇̇̅́̌͆͐̅̐̋͂̐̄̓͗͌͑̒̈́̅̉̏̔̂͊̌̇̈́̈́̍̈́̂̊̒̅̽͆̂̃͌̈́̋̔̊̏̈́̃̋͋̅̇̆̔̈̐̂͂̀͐̆͒̇̄̃̂̓̐̀̾̈́̈́̉̀͑͋̄̋̌̅͑̊̈͒͛͐̈́̑̍͛̑̂̍̊̄́̿̌̀̓͆̊̽͗̀̆̐͌̈̓͆̓͑͂̓̀͆̔̀̅̽́̓̀́̉̇̿̏̽̿̈́͆̋̌̓̄͗̐̅̇̿̆̎̓̊͆̓̓͐̾̈́̈̂̎͐̋̈́̃̐͂̂̀̕͘̚̚͘̕̕͘̕̚̚̕͘̕̚̕͘͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͝ ̴̨̧̧̧̢̡̡̡̧̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͍̩̠͕͍͚͔̣͇̜͍̗͈̯̟̟͉̪̭̞͙̣̫̩͎̱̖͚̻̰̬̙̻̠̗̰̺̺͎̗̮̹̩̪̥̝̮͔̘̙͎̳̜̤͈͔̻̞̩̺͍̟̗̩̞͔͈̩̜̦̻̠̯̹̰͕̤͓͇̹͙͍̩̭͚̥̙̪͈̜̥͇̮̲̩̖͈͚͍͖̓͐̑̀͛̓̈̾̔̐͑̃̄̈̄͐͊̂͒́͊̋̄̍̐́́̆͌͂̿̉̉̍͊̄͗̋̋̅͊̈́̅̐̎̑̐̍̎͂̃̓͗̇̂͐̈́́̿̀̔̔̉͌͛̉͗͗͊̉̀́̆͂̑̀́̓̌̌̇͐͗͛̎̍̋́͊̌͂͛͛͑̉̍̓́͂̎̇̍̈́́̀͂͊̋̈́͗̀͐̍̄͐̍̿̌̈́͌̌̾͒̍̍͆̇́͑̈́̐̑̐̌̒̇̒̄̈́̋́͑̓̾̄̒̾͐͂̆̈͋͌͗̓̅̓̃̑́͑͛̈́͗̈̂̀͌̇͋̑̓͋͗͂̊́͆̌̾̊̌̈́̄͗̈́̈́̌͐̀̑͑́̿̿͋̒́̍̏̓͌̌̏̓̅̓͂̊̿͗̒̎̾̒̄͛̈̇̓̓̉̉̏̓̅͐͗͒͐̓̊͌̓̍͋͘̕̕̚̕̚̕̕̕̚̚͘͘̕̕͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͠ͅͅç̸̨̧̢̨̡̨̨̡̡̡̨̡̢̡̢̨̧̨̡̨̧̧̢̧̡̢̡̢̛̛̛̞̝͙̩̜͎̰͕̹̜͙̥̮̦̩͖̜͚̱͇͙̝̞̺͉̯̭̳͎͇̰͈̭̻͖̲̗͉̮̮̣͓̲̟̟̣͉̮̪̳̟̯̭̘̲̗̤͈̩̻̺͖̩̤͍͉̬̭͎̭͙̠̬͎̪̘̯̼͉̥̻̮̰̭̤̻̗̲̻͉̥͕̗̮̲͈̗̣̝̲͎̘̣̜̼̼̙̦̤͈̖̜̫̥̫̣͚̹̺͉̝̮̲͓͖̰͓̳̪͙͓̳̪̤̜͍̗̮͓͍̭̱̜̹͈̜̭͔̰͓̙͓̟͔͈͎͕̮̣̭͎͙̥̹̲͉͍̼̜̖͇̰̩͖̳͕̠͓̥̣̮̱̖͕̟͇͉̘̙̤͕̲̩͔̞̣͓͍͇͇̜͚̥͔̗̬͖̥̩̱̘̞̯̱͍̥͚̥̗͚̟̰̣̣̫͉̖͓̜͖̯̺̰̫͍̯̙̻̹͖̅̀̌̇̋́̐̈́̈́̾͐͗̾͗͒̑̌̔̐̀͑͌͆̏̃͆̊̓̍͗̔̆͗̈̽͒̉͆̈́̎̓̈͊͑͛̈́̇̈̌̑͐̍̄̅̄̄̂͊̂̂̃̈́͋̓͊̿̓̿̏͛̿̿̏̓̔́͛̈́̿͋̈̈̃͐̄̑̍̽͆̀̐̓̀̓̀̍͆̉͒̔̅͆̀̓̓̀̈̅̀͐̈́̄̽͂̉͆͂́̈́͑̀̈́̌̋͑̏̃̋͗͋͛̆͑̀̔̃̐̈́̅͂̒̿́̎́̈́͂̌̒͊́͛͐̈͛̽́͆̑̄͌̾̓͊̾͐̊͊͊͋͂̃͛̇̀̾̇̀͋̐̽̉̀̌̎̊̿̇̑̋͆̊̈́̅̆͐̉̓̀̉̾̅̂́̀̐̋̎̾̇̈́̿̓̏̽̾͗̆̎́̀̈́̂̐͛͐̃̎̑̐̆́̎̈́̂͌̆̍͘̚̚̕̕̕̚͘̚͘͘͘̚̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅá̴̢̧̢̢̡̧̨̨̡̢̢̡̧̢̡̧̧̠͈̭̩͖̯̭̝̺̖̯̳̠̪͍͉̦͎̠̞̤̪̟̘͍̗̙̼͓̬̼̤̹̝̻̲͈̦̰̣͕̤̱̟̟̹̫̠̹̤͚̩͈̺̹͇̻̬̯͕͇̯̱̲̼͙̜̩̲̺̱͓̻͍̜͕̹̤̮̝̺̦̫̰͕͉̠̼̲̱̹̩͇̻̯̻̭͇̞̲̱̦͇̰͇͇̙̯̙͎͓͕̬͔̲̬͉͎͕̙̰̫͖̫̯̲̪̠̣̳͓̩͖͇̱̣̥̗̗̣̰̯̖̲̝̩̩̤̣̫̺͖͉͙̭͚͚͕̟̺̮̜͚̩̬͎̘̘̭̹̫͕͍̭̤͙̘̩͔͚̙̼̮̣͕͍͙̱̖̱̫͇͖̻̪̟̰̖̻̣̤̩͉̥̖͓̤͓̪̯͔̌̊̓̿̽̀̐͆̊́̌͑̓͊̅͌͑͊̓͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅs̸̢̡̡̨̧̧̨̢̢̢̧̧̧̨̢̡̢̢̧̡̧̢̢̨̧̧̡̛̛̛̖̺̖̥̺͚̤͚̤̲̟̺͓̠̞͇̠̩͚̟̮̖͚͔̮̭̺̺͈͖̼͙̰̯̻͓̰̫̙̰̫̞̙̳̣͇̪̲̺͈̣̤̜̱̳͙̫͔̻̼̮͙̪͇̰̻̤̭͈͖̙̤̝͎͔͎̖̦̜̻̘̗̞̭͔̙̭̜͙͓̪͍̻͍͕̼̯̤͚͕͉̲̣̺̳̭͚̥̘̫̪̜͇͖͍̳̼͍̻͙̗͖̫̜̱̲̫͉͈̤̝̱̘̠̰̳̭̮̲͙͙͕̦̭̘̟̤͍̰͓̟̞͕͇̗̮͔̟͉͙̫̣̲̦̫̣̫̩̭͈̘͉͖͔͇̗͚̊̓̈́͒͛̍̒̇̅̅̈̐̍̋̃͒̎͆̋̏̊͛́͌́͊̍̐͂̆̈́͋̀͑̀̈̈́̋̌̈́̆͊̍̈̉̆̊̓̏̒̍͆̎̅͋̚͘̕̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅe̷̡̡̨̨̢̧̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̖͉͕͓̺̤̩̬͉͍͕̦̩̙̬͙̤̳̯̱͕͖̲͉͇̜̣̤̖̩̖͈̲͈͖̘̯̞͔̝͖̲̻̖̖̙̫̲̳̲̹͖̮̘̲͓̗̥̒͛̅̌̓͆͌̎̍̃̽̄̄̊͋̅̃̐̈̊͗̄̔̃͆̄̓̓͛̂͌̾̔͒́͊̌̔͛̔̓̓̾̋̆̀̓́̋͌̾̾̒̋́̌́̋̔̅̈́̄̆̃̍̏̐͆͛́͆̈̈́̈́͗́͒͐̍̐̂̋̊̈́̄͑̈́̌͛̌̄͊̑̓̇̀̏̋͆̏̓͋̓̈͆̍͊̅̒͒͂̇͗͛̽̋̊̒̿̀͂̔̓̒̊̒͂̇̕̕̕͘̚̕̚̚̕̕̕̚̕͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅͅ ̴̨̧̡̧̢̧̡̡̧̡̡̨̡̨̡̧̨͎̹̻̱̤̤̙͉̥̞͓͚̺̗͍̭̪̳͎͇͕̖͕̮̼̼̞̬̰̜͍̹̤̫͙̩͎̹͇͔̟̝͔̙̮̙̣̙̫͓̬̪̥̤͎̩̭̹̺̟͇̹̝̦̳̤̺̖̼̣̙̺̫̟͕͖̝̭̯̜̺̘̰̮̫̪̱̮͖͚̼̝̯̫̹͇̠͚͈̥͇̬̩͉̭̠̘̭̱̫̙̣͈̲̙̖̬͎͙̳͇̼̫̭̙̺̗̙̼̱͍̳͇̺̮̰̠̙̥̮͉͎̠̤͉̱͔͉̩͎̹͎̭̟̹͇̘̟͚̺̫̯̬̖̯̙͍̺͇̮͖̲͎̟̙̠͙͈̖̙͚̟̭̯͍͚̼̳̪̺̬̞̮͍̮̖̝͕̰̗̯̜̘̖͇͓̯̺̫̖͎̰̮̹̣̜̼͉̰̳͕̥͓̘͙̝̟͇͉̙̭̦͍̣͉̟̼̲̪̠͂̑̀͑̈́̀͋́͋̀͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠ͅͅͅͅī̶̧̨̨̡̨̡̨̧̨̢̢̨̡̢̡̨̧̧̧̛̛̛̠̜̟̖͙͕̱̭͍̝̤̰̲̼̬̲̝̰̤̮͚͍̙͕̭̤̝̬̪̠̯̝̳̗̗̦̠̗͕̳͍̰̝̬̤͙̭͍̩͕͈͔͎͙̲̱̮̼̠͚͔̘̝͔͙͈͉̬̣͈̻̖̬͍͖͚͍̰͈̪̱̦̪̜̯̩̹̹͔͓̲̭̭̥̺̥̯̝̯̖̲̠̻̜͔̟͙̫̟̗̮̱͎̭͚͉̹̥̲̠̝͚̻̳͙̳̥̜̳̩̤̝͙̝̫͎̤͖͚͎̣͇͚̪̣̖̠̤̓͊̌͗̎̒̄͗̉͆͋̏͗̐̌͆̈́̋̈́̄͋͂̌̌̅͆̈́̑̑̋̐̈̏̄͐̈́̌̔́́͊́̓̐̅̃̓̉̽̓̓̓̂̈̔̌̃̌̃́̎̈́̚͘̚͘̚͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅt̸̢̡̧̛̝̟͓̜̥̬̩͉̠̜̰̜̙͓̺̠̠̙̦͚͚̤̳͙̳͇̀̑͊̇͑̅̀̈́̏̔͂̈́̒͗̿̏͆̎̄̇͛͆̋̔͊̍̃͊̃̑͛̿͗́̆͋͂̓̎̇̔̑̀̆͌̉̅̄͑̀̑̅̄̌̓̏̈́̓͗̈́͌̓͊͗̄͆̀͑̓̏̌̈́̓̃̄̓̈́͆͛̂̓̃̾̇̑̆̾͐͌̈̊̾̈́̾͌̇̀́̈́̈̄̿̂́̋̅̋͗̋͒͌̎̃̅́̊̇̔̐͛̾̊́͐̿́̊̾̽̓͌̀͋̆͒̈́̆̈́̈́̔̀͒̚̕͘͘͘͘͘͘͘͜͝͠͝͝ͅͅ'̶̡̧̢̢̡̧̢̧̨̢̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̜͙͓͇̫̲̤̗̯̲̝̹̯̼̱̯̰̲̼̙̤̘̞̺̣͔̣̻̼̝̱̪͇̲͚̱͉̲͇̩͎̩̜͓̻̳̪͖͓͔͙̝͔̗̺̙̣̤͙̹̜̳̫̯͙̯̞̰͍̻̠̯͈̹̙̟̤̳̗͕͆̈́̏̓̀̈́̽̌̏͒͆͌͂̐͂̂̈̋͑̐̏̽̑͊̊̀͋̑̒̐̽̀̾̈́̒̂̀̇̓͂̊̊̑̑̿̓͊͑͊̉̓̓̅̂̌̆͆͗̆͊̅̽̓͐̽̏͂̾̓̊͗̿͒͊̈́̈́̓̈́̈̌̐̓̓̄̓̽̂͒͗̾̓̍̃̄̎͌̅̇̓̅̎̓̅̃̍̋̄̎̐̀͗̓́̄̍͊͌͛̏̾͆̿̾͊̑̐́̈̇̄͌̽̎̑͗̈͆̂̈͛͊̍̏̽͆͂̽̂̋̿̒̾̿́̽̈́̒̅̄͐͒̏͛͋̿̐̀̐͊͌́̋͊̒̈̃̈́̍́͑͂́̌̂̒͐̇̎̈́̾̍̀͒̊̈́̿͒̽͊̄͊̿͋̌͐̑̍̈́͊̏̈̃͂̓̆̀͊͛͊̃͑̄͊̐̋̅̉̄̃͊̀̓̈́̊̏̑̍̇̈́͑̄̓̾̉̚͘̚̕̕̕̕͘͘͘̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅs̶̢̡̡̢̡̢̧̧̢̡̨̨̧̧̨̨̢̧̢̢̢̧̧̡̧̡̢̨̢̛̛̛̛̛͚̳͚͕̤͍̺͙̳̤̘̩̝͚̺̺͙̣͈̯̘̙͕̞̜͎͍͇͍̝̼͉̲̣͙̱͕̞̮̘̰̣̗͖̣͚̲̮̫̪͚̤̞̮̘͈͖̮̞̱͙̬̻̹̼͍͇̥̖̭̱̮̗̞̤̳͕͓̫̘͕̠̝̬̰̲̮̙̭͍̼͈͉̪̲͙̩͓̰̤̗̼̱̣͓̹̙̯͕̼̣̘͙̗͖̫͈̥̦͓̼̦̼̺̹͇̳̜̥̭͍̠̻͈̬͉̱͉̱͕͔̞̦̯̥͖͕̩͉͇̺̖̺͉̳͎̟̻̰̦̯̭̖̜̭̯͓̜̤͖̣̱̺̘̫̰͔̣͕͓͎̫̙͕̮̤̤̮̫̤͔̩̝̙̹̥͇̱͍̣̥̜̈́̀̌͂̽̾͛̐͗̈̆̏̈́̈́͋͐͋̈́̅̏̈̋̐͗̍̅̎̀̈͂̂̆͗̏̽́̑̏̒̆̔͌̆̌̓̏̈́͌̔̍͊̑̇̅̌̇̓͑́͋̈́̉͑̅̎̿́̂͒͊̓̌̀̾̇̓̐̾͗́̎̈͂̓̏́̏̊̆̽̃͌̈͐̒͌̎͑̈́̑̀͗̏̔̑̈͛͋͆̿̉̉̉͐̅͂͆̽̾͊͐̍͑̀͑̍̾͊͘̕̚͘͘͘̚̚̚̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̶̧̧̛̛̛̛͇̭͓̝̳̫͉̤̥͚̦͇̺̖͇͍̳̹̼̭̞͎̖̜̘͈̻̬͍̙̟̖̟͇̱̪̜̙͔̮̟̭̪͔̖̲̞̦͈̥̋̈́̈̎͌̊̏͂̈́̒̈́͒̓͆̏̈́̎̓̓̎͛̀̋́͆͐̓̒̍̄̈́͌͂̃͂͒̇̂͐̀͆́̀͗̊̌̄̓̔̈́̐͆͗͂̓̽̋͗̈́̓̍̔́̊̾͌͌̎̌̾͊̆̄̊̋̄͒́̏̅̈̓̈́̋̽̇̉͆̑̿͐͆̾͗͊͑͐̌̊̓̈́͘̚̚͘͘͜͠͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅn̸̡̨̧̛̛̛̛̛͉͕͕̟̤̖̞͈̲̥͉̪͎͈̮̳̣̲̭͕̭̹͉̭͎̭͉̰̣͈̱̩̝̖̫̣̻̝̾̓̃̓́͐͐͂̄́̔̓̅͌̆͌̀͑̓̃͊̈́̀̔̅̇̈͂̿̀̈́̈́̀̈́̂́͗̂͑̈͂̊̃͐̈́͌̄͛͐̌̈́͆̾̐̍͐̎͒͌́̌̏̈́͐͋̈̚̚͘͘͜͜͜͠͠͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅơ̵̢̢̧̢̡̨̢̢̡̧̢̧̢̧̢̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͙̹̗̘͈̹̩͍͇̺̘̮͓̠̼̯̯̟͉̮̙͉̹̙͓͓͍̭̫͍̫͇̩͕͎̜̞̫̦̘̻̞̫̜͈̤̝̦͉̱͍̗̼̪̠͎͍̦̗͖͓̬̺̹̖̹͕̝͈̦̗̱͎͍̰̩̘͖̞̠͇͇̯̰͙͚̯̲͓͙̹͚̲̹͎͖̱̭̤̳̘͎͍̲͓̳͖̦͖̞̞̪͕̗̗̫͍̯͍̭̻͉̪̖̜̝͔͖͚̹̥͎̠̻̳̜̟̪̱̯̬̱̠̱̹͕͓̘͖͙̹̱̬͕͔͔̲͙̠̳͈̗̜͙̼͕͔̲̖̟̇̈́̓̂͒̈́̔̒̌͆̓͋̍̽͊̉̅̉̏̾́̑̆̾̂̉̐̍͂̈́̅͛̈͒̇̐́̀̀̈́̌͋̊͊̍̋͋̂͊̒͊́̑̽̏̎̈́͗͂̈͗̓̌̂̇̒̒̉̇͛͒̓̓͋͐̓̀́͛͊̿̃̐̃̒̂͛̒͆̍̈́́̌͑̍̐͛͗̀̏̅̓͌̊͑̏̌̍͋̅͊͋̾̀̈͑̈̏̂̉̄̔̀̂͑̀̊͌̒͑͊͋̊̈́̃̓̈́̽̋̈́̋͂͆͒̊̑͛̾̈́̇̓́̇͐́̿̌̉̉̿́͂̀̈́̍̅̈́̎̉̉͋̿̉͋͊͑̓̀̈́̐̽̎̓̐̔̈́̌͛͆͑̿̌̑̊̋̃͗̌̿͊̿̈́͋̋́̓͌̆̒͒̂̍̒̍͑͋̕̚͘̚͘͘̚̕̕̚͘̕͘̕̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅṭ̵̡̧̨̡̧̢̢̨̡̡̢̡̨̡̢̨̡̢̢̨̨̢̨̨̨̧̛̛͇̭͎̖͓̞̜̟̗̟̖̬̝̼͍̬̖̗͚͙̦͕̞̭͙͍͍͈͓̜̜̙̱̠͓̣̙͉̻͇̞͎͈͇̱̗̜̠̪͉͈͓͖̝̥͉͚̱̪̺̼̩͙̠̹̣͚͕̹̹͇̺̠̮̩͔̪̫͖͖̱̣̱͈̹̜̻̰̠̼̫͍̳̩̯̱̥̲͎̬̜͈͎̣̟̫̯͇̩̹̬͔͉̣̠̟̩̹̻̟̯͓̰͎͓̘̫̘̜̭̖͙̯̟͉̫̦̭̩̥͎̖͚̳̰͇͈̩̦̼̪͖̤̹̙̺͇͎̯̤̩̣̣͔͙̙̱̳̪̱̭͇̫̙̭̼͉̻̤̱͙̬͎̼̹̱͈̬̟̼̥͍̼̰̮͎͇̥͍͔̪͙͙̥͚͚͚̰̯̲̜̲͕̳̭̹̝̲̝̮͙͖̩̬͙͓̪̬͇͎̗̜̭̭͉̍̓͒̇͗͊͛͑̀̈̋͑̾͊̋̀̌̈́̽̊̓̊̑̍̿͒̈́̒̏́̀̓̅̇̓̋͑͛́̆̑͆̅̀̍͋͗͌̅̌̓̍͒́̅̉̒͂̊̅̒̈͑̈́͗̑̒͌̈́̈́̌͋̾͛͂̈́̄͒̆̆̓͑̈́̋̔̒̾́̽̀͗̆̑̂̇̒̇̔̔͂̈͑̂̒̀̓̋͗̿̀͐̃͋̀͌̃̅̏́͋̋̈̋͂͂̉̄̌͋̔̂͐́̾̆̇̉̒̌͛́̑̈̂̀̓̌̀̂͛͑͑͋̿̈́́̓̏̃̉͂̌̈́͒̎̽͊̓̑̈̍̓̑̃̓̈̑̄͋́͗̒̆̅̃͒͂͋̈͒̈̈̈́́̏̍̀̑̉́̽̃͘̚̚͘͘̚͘͘͘̕͘̕͘͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̸̢̧̧̧̧̢̧̡̧̧̛̛̛̛̖̬̖̱̠̘̠̭̣͉͙̰̜̱̻͔̪̯̤̠͇͕̳͖͈͖̯̙͇̬͕͚̟̜̗̜̘̦͈̦͍̹̰̩͚̰͚͙̥̝̹̰̩̗͔̝̮̘͚̺̣̱̺͙̖͔͙͙͈͕͍̘̤̻̟̯͕̩͇̩̪̗̖̣͚͖͖̰̖͙̥̖̣̟̲̺͚̦̭̘̪̹̘͕̩̗͍̻̥̳̤͖̹̹͎̭̤͙̮̻̯͇̫̖̦̫̥̦̱̳̩͎̰̘̯͔̰̱̆̃̐̂̄̔̒̎̇͛̓̽̊̊͑̀̃̂̎̎͌̊̔͒͌͂̊̐́͂́̊͗͆̀͌̃̋͛̋̿͗̉͒͛̈́̍̐̈́̉̈́̐̀̐͌͑͋̈̑̑̽̂̀̉̾͋͛͂͗́͋̈͆̀̆̉̆́͂̂̒͋̌͛̌̽͊̍́̂̓̈́̅̎͌̃̄̾́͗̍̕͘̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠ͅą̵̨̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̗̳̭̖͈̫͙̦̰͖͖̲̲̖̼̺̙̯̰̖͖͕͙̆̂͛͗́̆͗͊̾̎́̇̈͆̉͊͗̃̑̀́̅̿̔̍̂͛̔̈́̆̂́̈́͛̅̿̎́̑͒̑̔͋̀͌́̋̿̄͐̈̐̀́̓̓̊̏͊̂̐̾̉̔̊̑̏͊̓̍̈̓͗̈́͋̓̄̌̈́̉́͌̀̌̀̉̾͌͐̈́̒̓̃̎́̿̃̋͛̑̍́̃̔̃̈́͊̇̇͛̉͗̊̽̓̐̓̉̊͐̿͂̾͊̂̄͗̔́̉̉͆͂̎̋̔̒̿̽̑̓̔̓̌̋̍̀͂̈́̎͊̄́̈̆͋̾̒̒́̀̎̅̄̓͂̆͂̂̎̽̒͋̔͗͑̇̍͐͋̾̓̎̾̒̐̈́͛͗̃͑̈́̉͐̅̍͗̋̇̕̕̕̚̚͘̚̚͘̕̚̚͘̚̕͘̚̚̚͘̚͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅp̵̢̨̡̢̧̧̨̛̛̠̜̻̤̣̗̪͇̱̞̙̮̹̲͔̠̬̳̝̘̗̳̦͕͈̰̹͎̯̭̳̯͕͎͉͇̮͇̠̙̘͉͈͍̳͇̹̭̺͇͉̮̜̹͈̪̱̠̬̝̱̱̑̒̃̀̔̃͐̓̓͊̂̎̿̀̆̎̂̈́̍̈̂͐̓̄͆̽̇̾͆͌̅̓̋̏́̍͊͒̿͒̌͆͑͌̆̍͗͆̅͌̉̿̄̑̂̾̂̍̌̀̋̃̎̌͒̂̇̔̈́͒͛̃̈́̑̑͆͂̈́̀́̀̈́͗̀̈͆͑̈́̆̾̐̀̊̔͗͛̿̎̏̔͂̒͐́̾̒̂̎̌́̇́̽̈́́̓̈̂̈́͌̋̌́̎͑͗̈́̈́̀̎̃͋͋͑́͆̽̎̏̎͋̋̽̒͛̾̿̽̅͒͆̍̏́̈͛́̈́̕̚̕͘͘͘͘͘̚͘̚̚͘̚̚͘̚͜͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝ͅp̷̢̧̡̢̛̛̛̖̝̗͉͍͇̖̳͇̘̙͇̼̟̺͔̮̜̖͙̦͚͙̺̠̘͓̤̣̝̥̯̲̟͇͕͇̗̄̈́̑̓͋̏̆̓̅̀̏͗̾̑͗̑̆̈́̿̇̾̐̂̂̅̑͋̒̓̔̎͛͛͐͆͒̅̍̿̋́̉́̽̓͊̄̌̽̄͒̇̒́͑͊̈́̔̅́͑̍̋͛͌̑̽̒͑̀̎̎͛̊̈̒́̈́̏̌͗͌̐̏̓́̇̒̌̍̃́͒̔̄̈́̆͂͐̀̓̾͌̔͋̿̔̌̐́̋̀̌̈́͒͌̾̒̏̈́̓̈́̕̕̚̕̕͘͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅl̷̡̢̢̨̢̨̢̧̨̡̧̡̡̡̛̛̛͓̫̩̙̜̮͉͔̬̻̳̞̳̣̮̜͉͈͈̖̖̦͙̙͚̩̱͈̬̺̫͈͕͓̙͙̼̥̗͖̻̱͈͚̣͚͙̜̰̥̼̬̤̣̻̖̟̤̺̲̳͉̲̦̫̻͉̞̝͔̬̥̞̤̥̘͇̫͕̝̖̠̥͚̼͎͈͕̤̺̥̰̞̪̠͚̝͉̼̠͍̲̘̣̻̬͍̙͉̻̱͉͕̭̳͓̲̼͔̞̹̟̘̪͈̽̑̽̿̅͒̿̐̌̈́̐̽͂͐̾̋̊̊̈́̊̀̀̔́̒̐̏̔͒̿̇͗̇̉̽͘̚͘̚͘͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͠ͅį̵̧̡̨̛̲̞͖̲͇͈̞̝̮̲͓̮̳͍̭͈̺̲̣̻̟̦͚̠̦̗̫̤͕͓̺̞̫̱̞̼̞̟̯̫̤͙̻͚͚̝͉̳̯̞̰̦̜̳̤͚̐̏͊̀͌̃͊͊̀̿̿̓̀̔̓̂̈̈́̾̌̊͑̿̏̔̏̊͆͌̾̒̄̑̇́͛̎̎̒̕̕̚̚͜͠͠͝͠ͅc̷̡̧̢̧̨̧̨̧̡̢̨̢̛̛̛̛͍͉̞͔̫̱͔͎̩̤͙̯̟̟̥̹̩̳̣̯͔͕͙̙̮̞̫̲͖̦̟͓̬̹̻̭͓̱̜̥̟͖̜̩͉͙̮̟͚̻̗̠̠̞͚͚͉͎͍͚̯̱͚̝̝͉̭͓͉̳̗͔͚̰̺͍̬̩̖͙͙͕̝̲̹̹̣̈́̎͋̋͗̎̽̇́̌͂̋̃̇̈́́̈́͑̄̀̾̀̀̿͌̔̓́̄̔̋̑͒̋̔̔́̓̐̑̊̈́̀̒̓̈́̽̌̽́̓̿͐́̌̿̑́̔͗̀̅̀̀̈́̆́̈̋̅̂͌̐̾͊̇́̏̂̐̈́̐̔́͑̆͊̚͘̕͘̕̕͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅa̴̧̧̡̧̢̨̡̡̧̢̨̧̨̢̡̡̧̨̢̢̧̨̧̛̳͖͔̼̜̝͇̩͍͖͈̲̳̯̣̭̳̟͖͓͇͚̜̮̥̱͇̩̯̤͕͓̪͔̜͇͔̠̰͍̼͍̥͔̩̠͉̻͖̬̩͈̬̠͓̰̻̲̘̦̦̲͙̪̰̦̳̘̞͔̻͈̱̥̜̙͈̪͉̮̤̲̳̰͎͎̹͓̙͓̯̜̭͎̩̫̥͖͇̪̥̦͉͚̰̳̘͉̯͖͚̹̭̻͈̫̗̱̮̦̣̳̙̪͙̖̦̱̝̞̘̭̹̮̞̳̗̘̠̬̝͖̠͇̳̣̮̬̯̬̘̣̯̮̣͕͍͇̗͖̝̻͖̳͔͍͇͉̣̹͙͍̥̫͚̤̤̣̘̣̘͚͎̝̠͕̹̘̟̟͔̩̙͍̝̲̦̩͍̳͎̪̪͕̰̮̺̩͈̙͖̲̼̖̩͈͉̦͎̼͓͙̦͈̘̦̞̼̗̦̻̹͍̳͙̟͕̦̳̬͉̯̖̰̱̹͕͙͓̠͔̝͈̠͖̮̼̒̿͆̉̀̌̀̓̀̏̃̇̈̃̔̆̃̍͆̍̽̓͂̈͆͑̔̚̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝ͅͅͅb̶̢̧̡̢̡̧̡̨̡̧̡̢̨̡̢̛͓̖͖͖̰̩̩̭̻͍̞̭̲͈̳̭͓̳͈̤̩̝̫̱͖̖̭̱̭͓̳̠̝̼̪̮͉̯̪̺̬̺͉̫͉͙̘̭̩̘̱̠̣̯͇̘̩͇̙͚̱̱̣̟̥̳̭͈̬̻̤̟̩̙͍̭̘̣̪̳͉̟̖̘̗̱͈̩͔̞̘͉͉͔̯͙͎̬͇̟̙̳̳̳̯͈̯̙͇̂̽̃̑̋̔̐̌͒̀̈́̋́͒̆͗̔̃͆̐̿̃̊͌̇͒͛̈͋̈̿̓̓̎͛͑͐̐́̿̑́̒̈́̓̈̽̈̎̑̓̏͐̑͆̊̽̀́̂̿̂̓͒̇͌̋̀̓͌͘͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͠͠͠ͅl̸̢̛̛̛̛͈̙̝͚̰̗͔̝͈̖͚͚͍̯͎͉̟͛̀̈́̾̈̑͐̎̿̊̀̄̂̀́̋̑̏͗͌̇͌̀̈́͊̓̔̈́̍̔̄̎̎̀̈̓̎̈̔̐̌̃͒͑̌̔̎̇̿̓͌̽̇͑͐̽̀̂͌̾̆̅́̍̀̈͆̿̀́̓͊̃͆̈̊́̓́͂͛͌̀̉̈̌̆́̋̍̾̅͊̂́̇͒̏̀̋̉͐͗̈̓͑̎́͊̇̾̅͐̿̾́͆̔̀̃̈͐́͘̕̕̚̕͘͘͘̕͜͝͝͝͝͝ȩ̸̧̧̡̨̡̡̧̧̢̨̡̢̨̡̨̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̙̳̩͕͓̟̭̭̭̣̮̼̜̟̥̮̺͈̰̖̥̳̙̜̦̣̞͔̣̲̰̖̻̰̱̞̮͍͎͕̘͇̝̻̩̬̖͈̘̜̥̻̬̼͙̭̘̺͈̱͔̘͇̳̫͙̯̖͔̙̭̟̬͇̙̲̦͉̪̤̭̠̻͉̫͉̼͔͕̮̤̭̼̱̟̬͙̝͙͔̳̮̙̳̗̟̞̪̫̞͖͈̟̼̥͙͍͚͙̗̦̰̤̻̖͚͔̜͕̱̼̤̳̥͙̦͉̮̖̻͙͕͓̙̼̱̼͙͙̯̱̻̳͉̘͈̭͈͈̫̮͔̬͎̻͈͍͔̟̩̫̺̜̟̤̮̦͉͚̯̻̹̭͈̗̘̺̭̃̾̍̈́̄͐̀̈̍͐̐̅̄͆̌̊̈̽̂̔͊̋͛̊͗̑̎͑͆͋̈́͌̌̈́̓̃̾̉̋̇̓͐̅͐̂̿͂͌̆͒͗̅̀̿̓̔́͒̂̆̐͗̀̆͐̈́̃̏̐͑̽͐́͋̀̓̓̄͐͊̓̃̋͆̈́́̈́̇͆̂̈́̋͋͆̈́́̑͑͂̄͌̆͋̊̓͗͊̽̈́̈́̈̓̒͂́̾̓͑͌̾̅̉̀̋́̈́̾͑̑̇̽̃̌̓́̏̇̈́̇̔́̀̉͆̓̋̆̎͋͐́̆͆̓̓̓̎͒͊̓̓͗̌̐͌͒̊̇̉̿̒̐̽͂̅͗̅͑̆͑͆͆͘̚͘͘̚͘̚̕̕͘͘͘͘̚͘̕̕̕̚̕͘̚͘͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅ,̴̛̛̛̛̛̛̺͈̙̱̟̺͍̣̫̲̟̫̬̬̩̃̏̃̓͆̅̂́̐̓͒͆̌̇̂͒͗̽̑̆̍̍̀͒̋̒̈̒̓̉̄̑̅̈́̍̉̈́͐̓̓̏̄̐͂̌̇́̓̒̀̌͐̔̊͐̒̈́̽̊̂͗͋̍͑͋͆͋̐̽̇̓́̑̈́̋̏̆͋̒̏̇͒̀̏̀̀̓̍̆̉̉̎͗̓͐͑̎̾̃̎̊̈̎̔̍̿͊̋̍̃͌͛̎̉̅̃̾̐͊̾̏͑͋̐̒͋̀̃̂͊̉̽̃̇̏̓̅̾̆̀́̒̑̃̓͊̆͂͌̏̒͐̂̽̑̾͗̃̑͊̄͐̒͒̍̉͋͛̀̇̏̋̑̌̏͆̀̀̀̀̔̌͑̆̄͑̐̈́̉͐̎͂̈́͑̊̈́͌̄̇̊̇̈́̓̏̀̅̃́̿̿̀̓̆͛̐̄̓̆͗̇̓̉̅̐̄̍̑̀̅́͌͘̚͘̚̚̚̚̚̚̕̕͘̚̚̚̕̚͘̚̚͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͝͝ ̵̨̧̨̢̧̨̨̨̗̼͖̱̪͎̗͈̬͍̺̗̰̱̫̜̪͉̱̫̬̖̱̫͙̠̜͇̲̞̱̞̔̿̀͋̅́̐̂̿́̉̊̂̈̀͒͆̔̀͛͐͒͂̔̅̽̀̽̍̽̂̊͑̒̋̈́͊̉͘͜͝͠͠ͅǫ̷̡̢̢̧̨̢̨̧̧̧̨̧̧̡̨̨̧̢̡̧̡̢̢̧̛̛̛̛̛̛͙̙̥̗͔͖̠͔̻͙͉̠̖̙͓̥̘̟̳̲̭̱͇͚͙͚̼̥͇̲͉͇̦̜͚̭͙̹̖̣̣̭̯͎͓̘̥̰̠̘̪̫̘̥̩̹̣͙͓̲̝̲̻͈͔̹̩̝̟͍͚͚̖̟̙̩̫̳̮̩̗̝̤̩̥̘̖̮̞͉͙̙̫͓͙͔̭̞̣̯̫̞̤̫̮̭͎͍̦̻͎̟͙̫̟͎̹̝͍̮͖̥͔̙̞̼̞͓̭̰͕̥̲͎̼̙̹̩̲̲̯̗̻̘̙̪̦̼͈̙͈͚͔̲̦͕̪̠̣̞͈͚̫͙͖͔̣͎̝̰͔̜͚̝̙̜̫͓̥͈̱͈͙͙̰̹̞̹̞̺͇͉̪̩̣̭̯͙͚̯̼̜͇͖̱̪̝̝̩̖͔͈̱̫̮̲͚̩̱̹̜̩͉̻͖͈̠̞̼͙͙̲̠̺͖̩̖̩͖̩̩̼̈̏̄͆̋̀͒̇̈́͑̅̽̈͂̆̈́͌̓͐̄̏́̊̑̓́̌́̈́́͊͒͆͆̆̓̄̈́̈́̉͗̽̆̈́̇́̔͑̾̔̋͌̍̈́̿̍͊̄̈́́̄̑͂̌̒̀͌̿̇̒̌̑̑̎̿̋̎͊͛̈́̏̿̏͌̃́͊̾̆̀͐̇̉̈́̑͒̉̿̈́̈́͒̅̏̀̊̈́̈̈́̀̇͋͌̉̆́̾̽́͛̇̈̇̐̉̒͆̈͑̀̾͗̏̊͑̓͊̏͑̈́̏̏̀̓̈́̀̄͆̊̂̽͛̊́̄̂́͐̑͑́̔̂́̀̆́͛̈̾́̂͐̋̊̍͂͊̈̽̂́̄̅͂̀̔̔̉̍̈́́̿̓́͂̍́͌͒͑̀̈́̈́̊̐͐́̂̍̓̀̒͒͆͆͑͊́̃̍̑̎̌͊̔͂͑̀͋͊̑̈́̽͌͗̄̅̔͋͌͑̄̍̃́͊͐̄̄͋͂̍̚̚͘͘̕͘̕͘͘̚͘̕͘͘̚̕̚͘͘̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅŗ̶̧̡̡̢̢̧̡̨̧̢̛̛̭̥͕̗̺̭͇̳̞͓̲͉̘̩̰͎̜̺̟͙̤͎̬͈͕̼͚̮̦͕̠̰̭̪͕͖͔̗̗̰̥̦̗̰̯͓̘͙̬͔̱̣̰̹̗̦͙͔̭̼͙̻̪̜̥̺̘͔͖̪̤̯̤͍͕̻̺̗̲̲̬͕̺̜͇̱͍͎͓̩̰̤̗̬̬̳͉̩͕̭͓͚͉̤̞̗͖̳̰̭̫̮͍̖͔̪̖̗̎͌̋̍̂̄̊͑̀̽̎̔͂͐̈̀͑̃̿̎̽͌̎͐̔̈́͒́̿́̃̾́̈̃̍̎͌̿̾̑̓̓̀̓̐̈͂̓̈́͒̏̔̍͌̏͑̓̋̔̈́́̉̈̏͊͋͛͗̔̈́́̑͛͐̂͑͂̈̍́̇͐̅̓͐̊͂̒̇̈́̋̍̎̆̉̂̈́̍̊̀̊̽͆̄̽̏́̔̌̈́̍̈́̈́̏̒̀͐̅͋̀̾̈́̂͒̿̏̂͗̄̅̆̈́̌́̉̀̽͑̐̏̉͋̿̈́͛̈́͌͗͗̍͗̊͑̌͗̑͆͂́̈́̍́͂͒̊͋̈́͑͌̽̀͘̚̚̕̕̕̕̚͘̚̕͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅ ̷̡̢̨̧̧̧̧̧̢̢̛̛̛̛̰͕̠͇͉̝̰̺̳̦̠͍̝͍̘͍̺̠͍̰̖͉͓̭͉̰̭̪͕̖̲̯̪͇̙̦͇̗̥͉͓̪̮̬͓͔̱̻̲̩̥̟̗̖̗̱̞̱̮̮̮̫̘͚̲̪̳̲͍͕̻͙̘̩͚͖̦͓̜̙̹̫̻̳͚̩̰͙͕̰̝͙̦͓̺͍͉̰̰̞̭͖͎̥̘͙̼̱̱̫͎̳̩͓͔̼̩̖͓̝̥̻͖͕̣̩̮̖̺̹̜͒̾̎͌̃̒̔̇͌̂̄͛̊̃̀́͑̐̈́͂͐̔̐̿̔̐̒̀̽͐̌͌̉͋̌̏͑̒̊̄͊̅̄͒͌̾̈́̓̾̋͋͛͌̇̈́͊̈͗̾̔͋́́̃̽̈́̀̈̉̊̋͊̊̈́̈̉̃́͋́̏̎͒̔͗̈́̌̊͑̿̓̇̍̏̾͛̈́̇̿́̉̈́̀̐͌̓͛͐̅̃͛̿̍̄̌͑̉̉͗͌̇̅̊͋͂̆̓̓̇͌̍̀͆͗̋͂͋͛̽͆́̆͒̍̈͐̀̒̍̽̈͌̋͛͆̽͆̊̈͂̃͒̂̒͆̂͂̒̀̔̍͊̑̏̓̑̉͛͒͌̏̋̿̌͒̑̍͊͊͋̉̈͗̚̚͘̚͘͘̚͘̕̚͘̕̚̚̕̕͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅj̴̧̡̨̨̡̨̨̢̢̨̢̨̛̛̛͉̫͍̥͉͖̟̳̥̺̻̪̥̝̣̣̪̜͇̞̪̬̥̘͈͈̥̻͈͇̗̥͓̭̬̜̼͈̣͍̤̝̳̯̣̥͈͓͉͉̘̻̞̗̣͉͈̜̣̹̰̠̼̠̫̯̯̜͉͇̣̥͉̺͍͓̪̺̫̲̝̜̹͎͇̙̳̝̻͇͒̔̽̉̆͑̓̌̔̇̀̊̋̑̆̎̎͆̄̇̾̇͋̅̑̊̈́͒̽̑̍͑̔̽͒̓̋̀̏̾̿͑̂̎͛̈́̌͐̄̐̃͐͊̈́̒̐̐̑͒̅̔͐̍͒̇̏̈́͒̋̂͊͗͆͒̂̾͋̈̅̓̑̎̎͒̃̆̈̎̈́̒͒́͊̑̀̀͛̎͗͗̀̉̆̋͒̈́́̎̋͗͌̿̇̈́͊̑͋́̈́̈́̽̒͋̑̔̈́̄̓̊̿́̚̚͘̚̕͘͘͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͠͝ͅͅư̷̡̧̧̨̧̡̨̨̢̨̨̢̨̡̧̧̢̨̢̧̡̢̡̧̢̛̛̛̛̛͈̬̹̟̫̩̝͎̞̗̻̠͓̠̣̰̗̰͕̭̮̲̯̩͚̬̳̤̞̯͓̖͈͍̞͚̗̠̜̬̜̖͕͍̠̥̥͍͙̠̺̫̭̹̺̟͔̥̲̥̼͈̗̬͓̘͙̠̻̙̼̺̹̟̮͎̺̻̺͇̩͍͎̲̫̠̘̙͈̼͓̞͇̲̖̞̼̲̺̣̟̲̝͉̯̘͔̼͖͕̳̘͈̱͈̝̹̩͈͎̥̼̳̫͍̝̙͎̼̲̝̳͉͍͍̣̠̟̜̹̯̻̩̣̜̤̹̫̯͚͖̳͔͇̹̜̲̠̗̤̣̫͍̮͍͈͍͕̥̻̮̖͚̪̰̞̻̣̟͚͓͓̤̩͍̠̝͇͍̹͈͖̬̝̮̻̟̻̬͕̮̤̦̹͙͎͈̝̯̦̪͉͎̬̗͙͔̲̭̳̭͕̫̻̞̹̬̺̞̺͍̹̩̫̖͔͍͖͇̮̞̬̼͇͖̇̇̈̎̓̂̽͐̿́̑͑͋̊̈́̈̃̄̓͌͑͆́̀̈́̐͋͒̐̌̒͊̃͆̽̃̈́̐́͂͒̄̄̅̊̏̃̆̏̅̒̊̈̽͐̋͋̓̉̒͋̇͋̂̇́͛̒̓͛́͒́̉̀̊͆͛͊̍̔̈́͐̽̑̾͆̓̀̅̆̓̿́̾̏̔̈̔̊̈̅͊͒̏̄͑̌́̾͆̇̈́̋͂́̊̋̒̔̈́̃͋͗̃́͒͗̓̔̔͊̈́̌͋̍̂̐̂̆͒̈́͊̆̒́͗́̈́͋͗̚͘̕̚̚̚̚̚̚̕̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅş̵̡̡̧̢̡̡̛̛̛̛̛̼̻̤͎̰͍̥̺̜̺̫̘̮̻͕̺͉̫̘͎̱̞̫̝̦͈͕̯͎̪͈͔͓̰͉̤̹̭͍͇̖̩͙̱̯͎̻̞̹͕̤̮̘̙̬̻͖̞̙̘̦̑̊͌̑̌̈́̂̽̉̔̓̇̔͒̑̈́̄̈̉͐̈̒͒͛̀̒͂̑́͑̈́̀̈́̃̾͂̃̒̀̂͋̂̓̍̈́̓̂̀̑̈̾̾̈̈́͛̇̀̾̀̐͑͛̽̓͛̆̒̃̆̂́̑̈́̂̀̐̅̀̊̆͂̑̈́̄̐̓̃̆̾͒̾̏̆͗͑͗́̆̈́͛͆̋̃̍̉̏̈̅͗̍͛͑̈́͗̏̎̓͊̋̒̑̓̍̉̍̐̇́̓̏̑͐̏̔̓̀̄͌̓̐̎̈̊̈͘̚̚̚̚̕̕͘̚͘͘̕͘͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝ͅṭ̶̨̡̡̨̛̦͓̟̖̰̮̲̫̮̯̳̻̰͎̠̪͚̟͍̥͉͓͔͉͖̭͓̭̹̱͖̩̞͈̦̟̝̯̖͇̭̬̣̳̼̱̖̲̼̞͓̪̝̼̥̞̜̱̩̭͇̼̳̟̝͙̺̪̫̖͐̅̾̈́͑̒̿͋̆̽͊̌̅̈́̈́̏̏̅̀̾͌̄̂͌̄̾̀̋̊̈́̊̔̔́̏̂̓̂̓̇̍́̽̓̓͂̓̆̒̽̃͗̀̈́̄͌̉̒͗͗̅͐̓̇̈́͆͊͆̅̋̏̈́̋͊̅͗́̄̾̄̍̊̈̎̂͂͊̊͌̓̎͆̾̌̋͛͆́̿̇̊͋̓̇́̓̎̾̑̈́̑͒͌́́͛̂̆̈̈́̌͌̌́̎̅̈́̈͂̏̈̔͐͐̄̂̿̒͌́̉̽͒̈́̈͌̏̄̆̊̿̆͋̋̈́͂͒̏͐͋͂͒̋͋̃̊́̽͋̊͌̽̑̊̏̔̚̕͘̕̚͘̕͘̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͠͠͠͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅ ̶̢̡̧̧̨̧̢̢̧̨̡̢̨̡̢̢̨̢̢̧̢̧̨̡̨̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̣̮̥͍̯̞̮͖̼̯̫̲͕̱͍͙͈̠͚̘̮̭̣̣̠͇̤̼̦̘͕̹͔̥̘̗̪̺͚͕̬̤͈̟͙̺̤̝̩̼̠̩͈̜̲̤̮͔̦͇̠͚͇͓̩̤͉̟̠̠̥̜̗̞͈̬̗̭͚̲͉̹̱̦̰̞̥̲̭̫̼̘̲͍̥̳̞̼̪̞̪̺͔̱͔̙̮͓̺͉͉̺̖̫̬͈̞̬̝̟̤͍̥͕̖̠̰̗͈̬̘̩̖̤̤̣̳̣̦͍̣̞̰̳̠̠̪̮̖͔̲̭͎̼͍̤͔̫̝̲̙̘̟̖̹̦̘̩͇͙̦̭̗̥̩̦͍̳̘̟̟̘̣͖͖̝̠̞̥̼̣͚̤̳̰̬͔͙̣̺̦̥͎͙͚̱̰̜͔̪͙̘͎̲̘̬͖͈̯̗̝͎̫̪͍͈̳̳͓͉͖͓͍̗̣̠̳̥̝͇͚̦̃̏̓́̐̐̍̉͆̍̎̆̂͑͑̆̒̾̄̈́̓̂̐̓̓̃̈́̐͆̌̓̐̈́̆̾̃̊̉͆̂̆̑͌͛̀̍̒̏̓͆̃̀̉̐̇͛̔͊̍̓̌́͗̂͆̀̈́͑̌̀́̓̃͂̃̐̍̈́̌́͊͛͆͛͑̄̐͂̇͊̌́̂̿̌́̽́̓̋͊̑͂͒̀̀̄̐̃̓̀͌̈́͑͛̑̍̀̑̾̐́̐̄̒̓̅̓̈́́̿͒̃̐̑̓̓̒̔͋̓̾̇̓͋̽͂̐̓̓̐̅́̆̏̍̆̋̽̀̀̈̑̋̅̔̅͆͗̔̎̌̍̽̐͆̂͋̓͛̓͑̿͌̆̾̿͐͒̔͐̀͊̈́͛̍̑̎̈́̌̈́̋̓̕̕̚̕̚͘̕̚̚̕͘̚͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ"̵̛̛̛̛͉̟̺̂̐̓̈́̂̒͐̋͐̂́̍͂́͋̇͒͊̔̑͆̒͂͆͒̈́͂͛̏̂̓͗̅́͒͑̓͛̊̽͋̽̊͐̎̌̓̃̀̅͒͊̇̈́̉̀̌̆͗̈́̇͐̀̅̈́̇͆̐͗̇͗̈́̔̔̾͋́̇̑͒̊̈́̆̇̋̌̽̃̄̇̔̇̀́͐͗̈́̃̊̆̐̓̔̈́̑̾̇͋̐͐̇͂̓̑́͒̄͋̃͗̽̈̑̄̏̀́̽̍͆̿̌͆͋͑͋̿͌̔͆͑̽̽͊̇͌̀́͌̈́̈̍̑͑̔̒͒̇̌͒̀̈́̄̏̂̎̋̇̑̇̏͐͌̄͊̈͌̾̿̊̑͂̃͘̕͘̚̚̚̕̕̕͘̕͘͘̚͘̚̕͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝m̵̢̨̢̧̨̢̧̢̢̢̡̧̢̢̨̧̨̧̻̙̳̬͓̭͈̣͈͓̥̲̱̺͖̙̼͚̻͓̣̭̥̻̼̟̠̮̦̙̠̳̫̹͓͓̰̯̖̮̪̪̤̘͍̖̻̞̻̱͚̟͎̭̱̥̠̰̳̻̟̯͍̰̮͕̼̥̱͈̠̫͉̥͉̪̼͓̫͚̝͈̰͖̦̮̣̠͇̯͖̮̞̦̮̤͇̬̺̜̺̹̮̪͎͚̥̺̠̣̟̦̹̪̤̙͉̳̻͔̟̥̦̞̠̱͙̪̺̬̤͙̜̝̳̗̝̱̰͍̬̼͎̣̘̬̫̙͉̗͕̺̺̳̳̻̼͖̞̹̙̻͙̬͈̖̪̘͈̳̭̣̼̹̤̙̜̠̣̠̞̰͕̟̻̞̻̆͆̒̄̉̋̅́̏͋̽͋̿̅͋̎̐̀͛́́͋͗́̋̋̌̉̄͛̀̒̆̾̽̿̍̓͂̏̍̔̊͌̽̅̊̊̉̆̅̇̀̉̇̿́̐́͐̈́̀̔̀͊̀͑͆͆͗̈́̉̀̀̐̒̒̾̈̈́͑̔͛͑̏̽͛̆͘͘̚̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅą̵̢̨̢̧̧̡̢̧̢̨̢̡̨̛͓̩͍̺̘̖̖͔̥̲̜͚̖̹̩̫̟̭͇̣̺̙̼̪̼͉̪̪̝̩̭̘̥͚͙̮̫̳̤̦̜̹͙̯̳̰̝̜̺͈̘̰̲̰͇̞̟̞̭͙̳͎̟͉͖̟̞͇̹̥͔͚̘͇̞̣͇̮͖͉̫̮̩̜̱̲̟̳̲̱͖̟̣̘̮̱̠̠͕̘̼͚̮͈̝̱̙̩͓͔̪̮̟̙͍͎̬̬͓̱̠̹̭͔̖͎̳̫̭̻͕̹̟̩̹̯̣͇͓̬̬̝̜̖͖͉̩̟̖̰̝͖̫̼͔͔̭̜͇̼̪͍̮͖̮̣̺͙͎̮̤͓̺̞̥̯̻̹̠̞̬̬͈̦̺̘̞̻͚̻̘͔͓̗̳̭͙̅͐͛̐̈́̊̔͌͋͆̈̐́̊͊̽̃̂̑̅͌͐̓͆̈́̑̆̿̅̐̆̓͊̾̈́͑̐̅̆̋̓̿̿͗́̈́͌͊͑̿͆̚̕̕̕͜͜͜͠͝͝͠ͅģ̸̡̧̢̢̡̢̧̧̢̡̧̢̛̘̻̬̳̯̫̫̖̻̙̖̯͈̠̣̤̜̳̝̥̥͕̦͖̰͙͉̻̭̦̫̹͔̩͓̞̖̘̮͙̘̬͇̠͓̦̪͎͔̤̗̦͓̦̲͈̱̣̥̠̟̫̗͖̠̤̮͉͕̭͎̻͉̯̮͓̥̻͕͇̰͕̮͍̼̰̬̰̤̥̮̠̮̜͖̠̜̺̹͚̙͍͖̫̳̩̩̟̩̘̤̖̖̪̯̫̞͕̫͙̩̤̲̙̰̖̭͎͖̮̆́̄̄̑̽̉̾̈́̈́̃͐́̉̔̈̆̾͋̾̎̀͆̎̊͂͒̂̆̀́̈́͑̍́̄̔̌̈́̆̉̄̔̎̀̀͋̊͆̅͋̈͗̔́̾̋̂̈̒̀͌̈͊̒̒͒́̇̐̍̒͂͊̇̑͛̅̈̽̈͋̍͐̀̈͑̒̓̍͗͂̃̑͗̍́̍̓̒̇͐̓̓͒͛̊̊̈́̍̈̊̈̐͂͆̆̎̚̕͘̚͘͘̕̚͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅì̶̧̨̨̡̨̧̢̨̡̡̡̢̡̡̢̢̧̡̨̛̛̛̗̰̞͙̝̜͎̥̫̹̘̖̖̹͓̜͕̗̺̹̯̤̬͍̱͔͉̩̖̳͚̲͉̬͇̥͚͍͍̭͔͎͍̰͉̦̤̫̤͖̻̣͎͉̝͚̦͓͇̝̤͚̩̙̻͉͎̳̩͓͙̩͇̫̜̱̘̲̦̺͚̥̟̟̫͈̠̞͕̞̱̥̣͍̞̟̫͈̱͎̱͚͓̘̟̻̱̞̝̺̤͚̥̲͇̼̫̗̹͍̫̫͈͈̲̻̰̗͖̬̦͇͓̀͒̂̊͆̉̈́͋̎̈́͊̀̋̿̔̋̏̃́̒̊̉͆͆̓͒̉͑́̈̋́̀͐̎̾͌̏̑̓̉̋͋̐̊͆͌̋̃̈̄̀̒̄͒͐̂̋̒͋̾̓̈́͌̉̏͗͐̓̍̓͊̎̈́́͌͌͋̊̽͑͑͘̕̕͘͘͘͜͜͜͠͝ͅͅͅç̸̡̧̡̡̧̨̨̢̧̧̡̨̡̧̢̧̨̢̨̛̛̛̹͉̘̳̱̠̱̦̞̪̼̞̼̠̘̲̫͉͍̹͉̻̖̲̭̺̞͖̙̦̳̥̭͍̩̣̜̲̹̟̯̪̘̪͕̻͉̪̬̩̠̤̙̦̙͈͕̠̮͍̮̜͙̳͖̟͖͚͉̩̤̲̙͔̗̯̥͓̩̗͔̗̬̩̜̜͍̬̥̤̹͖̠͎̪̯͇͇͔̼̭͚̤̮̞̦̪̯̩̦̪͓̘̯͕͈͓̠̭̠̹̫͇̣̻͔̘͉͓̺̭̪̬̭̻̪͎̟͈͇͚̗̣͔͙̜̳̙̖̺͕̱͔͈̭̳̞͇͎̻͎̮̥͉̜͙̝͍̲͓̙͎͇̘̯̰͕̘̬͓̲͙̰͍̮͎̼̬̺͉̲̩̱̝̼͓̥̰͉̥̯̲̱̹͍͎̹̪̩̲͉̙̼̜̒̈́̊͐͊̔͌͛͒̌̋̋͗̅̅̂̇̇̄͊̀͆̎̅́͐́̐͋̽͗̽͗̍̈́̊̔̍͛̃̔̿͗̅̈́̉̀̓͑͌̑̈́̀̾̓̿̏͛͐̅̽̍̑́͌̒̓̾́̕͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅ ̷̧̨̢̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̦̠͔̲͙͔̹̣̥̜̱̱͍͍̞̜̪̝͈̯͉̹̜̥̟̱̭̩̘̺͇̰͇̺̻̲̞̳͖̞̙͚̦͚̯͍͈̜̞̰̺̙̼̖̣͙̤̠̗̮̬̞̤̹̠̠̪͚̦̯̝̺͔̪̯̟̼͚̱͚͔̲̰͙̼̠͉̟̣̩̭̃̍̿̄͆̈́̊̐͋̓̽̐͊͑́́̈́͑̽̊̑͐̉̈́͊͑̈́̈̋̏̎͒̄͛̍́̂͂̑̀̄̊͌̔̃̾̊͑͐͐̆̋͗͆̅͋͋͒̈͗̓̽͐͗̌͐͋̑͆͒́̄̍̽̐͂̓̍̋̂̎̄͌̀̎̑̇͐̊̀̇́͌́̽̄͂̆͋̿̅̇̌̈́́̈̌̋͐̐͐̄̋̀̽͗̀͗̋̏̀͛̎̀̾̇̋̋̃̃͋͗̌́̆̃̅̀͌̈̏̎̍̐́̒̇̍̿̆̄̔̃͂͒̄̈́͊̀̐̈́̊́͌̋́̄̓̀͂̆͑̍̋̉͌̇̀͛̓̅́͛͑͑͂́̇̑̄̾͋̈́̕̕̚̕̕̚͘͘̕̕͘̕̚̕͘̕͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠ͅč̶̢̢̢̧̧̡̡̧̧̧̢̢̢̛̘̹̪̗͙̻͚̰̺̻͕̦͙̰͉͖͖̯̪͇̞̪̠̯̤͓̠͖̹̬̜̩̪̹̻͖̠͚̹͇̹̰͉͈̟̳̰̮̦̲͕̻̫͕̮̻̟͓̜̫̯̹̘̪͈͖̲̗̭̝͕͕͎̳͎̥͍̬̣̥̹̞̣̝̠͍̪̜̪̝̖̞͔̯̣̙̺̩̹̺̥̙̬̱͙̦̞̝̭̥̲͈͕̘̠̖̻͚̗̺͍̰͔̼̥͔̦̭̳̻̯̝͇̗̲̦̼̠̻̂̏̽̆̄̏̔̓̉̈̒͛̎͌̂̀̂́͂̉̀͋̽̒̀̍̉̇̇̈̋̓̎̑̄̈́̄̇̌̏́̍̾͐̾̎̀̄̑͊̀̀̀̒͗̂̿͊̿̿̂͊͑̑̓͂͗͋̽̈̀͛͑̾͐̉̐̊̍̄̄̋̔̐̒̚̕̚̕̚͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅa̵̡̨̡̨̡̢̢̢̧̡̢̡̧̨̡̡̧̡̛̛̦͖͎͍͕̱̪͉͍̻͎̙̘̙͈̘͚̦̠̼͔͖̖̬͙̦͚͈̠̠͖͍̪̬̹̟̗͚̙͖̝̖̗̰̪͔͕͇͎̹͓̞̦̱̣̗̫͈̜̭̲̳͍̜̣̟̩̙̗͕̤̥̹̖̙͎̞̘̖̫̟̹̣͙̰͍̪̲̲̭͉̹̟̩͙̠͉̗̺̣͙̺̩͎̣͎̞͚̳͚̟͕̮̪͈̘̼̞̲͓͖̳̫̼̘͍͕͍͙͍͍̹̙̱̜͓̫͍̱̜̟͖̣̹͖͇̼̘̲̯̟͈͕̹̥͙̜͓̮̺̣̼̼̳̥̻̯̯̳̬̺̥̰͓̲̖͔̞̲͓̦͕̼̮̳͚̺̥̰̝̪̟͖͊̂͑̀̍͐̿̀̃̌̑̿͊̏̈́̆̽͊̄̽̔͋͌̂̒̐̂̉͂̔͐̅̆͆̉̅̇́̓͌̌̈́͗͒̈́̅͗̽̇̑̈́̍̾̄̄͂̇͛̃̈́͒̌̂̎̀̇̑͛̊̒͒̕̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅṕ̵̢̧̡̡̡̡̢̢̡̨̨̧̨̛̙͉̭͙̩̹͙̦̪̞̗͖͚̤̳̬̼̖͙͉̝̤̟̬̗̣̦͙̥̟̻̲̦͖̦̗̲͍̖͔̹̺̞̠̬̞͕̦̳̭͈͍̦̤̣̫̫̟͕̯͖̝̩̫̩̞͓̫̬̘̲̲̝̺̦̞̟̟̱̮͖͔̙̺̲̤̥̻͍̳̝͚͕͎̗̹̟̩͙̠̼̦͕̥̯͔̗̫̘̮͍̠̪̣͚̯̪̰̞͉̖̩̹̰͇̖̪̫̦̞̯̤̹̹͚̮̦̪̤̤̬͕̙͓̦̰̟̯̖͉̘̩̬̙̃̒͒͜͜͜͜͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅą̶̨̧̢̨̛͈̞̯͙̤͔̱̬̙͖͙̻̬̳͇̻̲̤̮͍̦̜̬̠̯̩̫̪̪̤̯̼̲͚͈̱͔̦̺̦͔̘̗̟̩̭͕̙̲̮̤͗̋̾̑̽͊̃̋͐̃̔͆͂̿͊̊̉̒̆̒͒̀̀̈́̉͆̓̽̅̓̂͆̿̍̍̑̈́̊͂̈́̽̇̈͂̕̚̕͝͝͝͠͝c̶̢̧̧̡̢̛̛̛̛̛̛͍̻̺͔̳̘͚̰̮͔̗̣̥̰͕͈͇̫̺͎͚͎̜̱̗̟͓̲̞̱͚̭̻͍̮̱͖̀̆̆̓̐͐͆͗̀̈́͒̈́̅̀̓̓̋̄͗͊̽̓͐͑̌͊̃͊͐̈́̓̽̄̔̋̑̎̾͊́̓͒̂͑̅̾̍̾͋͑̃́̉̐͒̐̎̓̓̇̾͊͂̾̋̃̀̾̈́̒̍̍̓̉͆̎̆͌̏̂́͐̾̓̈́̈́̀̀͐̈̅̈́̈̽̈̓̀̇́̑̽̂͐̑͑̅̑̃̀̂̐́̉̐̃̀̓̐̎̆̓̀̋̈̆̀̂̈́͗̊͌͒̈́͂͒͊͂̓͑̿̋͒̂̀̅̊͛̽̾̓́͆̏͗̓̑̆͛̊̅͒͆̔̍́͂͂̌͂̇̑́̆̽͊̏̚̕̕̚̕̕͘͘͘͘̕̚̚̚͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ỉ̷̢̡̨̢̧̢̢̡̨̧̡̡̧̧̨̧̛̛̹͖̞̼͔̱̯̘̬̪̫̱̣͉̞͖̭̻̯͎̖̠̹̲̭̗͖̺͖͍͓̬͓̞̻͔̱̤̟̺̺̮̼͍̙̥̳̗͖̦̣͚̖̝̺̩̺̺̙̦̟̝͎̹͕̹̗͉͇͇͎̣͕̺̬̘̻͎͓̠̮̝͍͙̭̺͖͓͕̬̜̖̜͖̗̫̯̠̠͕̞̜̫͈͉̱̣̜̣̟̼̳̝̝̯̼͚̗͉̱̣͙̩͙̺͔͉̪͉̭͈̻̠͕̱̝̘͚̘̗̯̗͚̘͎͔̗͖͎̝̩͊̔̏͌͊̆̆̐̀̀̓͌̃̄̊̂̇̋̇͑̀̎̎̈́̇̔̾̽͋͗̐̓̄̓̾́͗̅͒͒̋̇̋͑̄̂̄̋̎́̈̑̑͋͋̍̇̊̊͐̍̀͐̅͒̐̃̏̅̿̈́̽͊̐͑̈́̑̔͑͊̓̒͗̆͛̈́̈̒̄̐̄̽̋̋̌̉̊͊̔͋̄͌̒͗̓̍̓̌͋͆̀̏̐̈́̏͌͑̀̒̇̑̽̀͛̍̆́̂͊̆̌̈́̅̃̀̈̽́̀́̄̽̎͋̀̐͗̐͑̂͂͊͆̑̈̀̅̋̂̓̎̑͋̑͛̀͗̾̌͑͛͆̐̑̎͋͊̓̕͘̕̕̚̚̕̕̚͘͘͘̕̚͘̕̚͜͜͜͜͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅt̵̘̗̙̙͚̥̼͓̮̲̥͖͚̪̯̭̦̮̹̭̤͈͓̰̭̤̤͙̮̀͂͊̿̈́͠͝ͅẙ̷̛̛͎͙̮̿̎͑̊͆́̈́͑́͆̔̈̎̉̾̑̅̄̌̎͛͗̾̐̊́̋̂̔̒̂́̊͛̎̒̾̽̈̔̆̌͋̈͑̿̀̀̽̾́̄̒̽̓̈́̓̒̍̀́̆͐̊́́̾͋̆̇͂͑̈͑̒͂̈́͛́̓͆̓̒̅̇́̆̆̂̾͌͐̽̏͆͑̐̿̔̈͌̄̈́̏͂̊̀̒̿̐̑̾̐́̿́͑́̂̒̓͂̓̈́̕̕͘̕̕͘͘͘̚͘͘͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͝"̷̨̢̢̧̨̧̧̨̡̧̧̢̡̨̢̨̧̢̧̧̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̞͚͕̙͇̝͍͙̥̹͔̥̣̗̜̼͕̼͈͈͓̙̻͓͕̙̼͔͎̰̘̟̖̺͕̞̯͓͔̣͙͖̻̼̳͉̙͕̩͇͖͈̩̥̼͖͓̜̻̻͙̣̣͎̰̟̗̻̼̙̰͈̟̺̦̬̲̜̦̥̲̩̺̩͇̜̩̞̳͚͈̣͉̗̥͚͚͔͓̼̳̟̪͖͚̳͔͍̙̯̦̥͇̦̫̱̣͕͈͍͍̫͚̪͖͔̫̰͇̻̯̳̭̘͚̜̥̩̻̤̖̗̝̪̯̪̫̺̩͈̲̺̳̙̩̱̯̳̫̻̰͙̪̹̻̯̯̭̻͔͍̫͉̹̘̳̥̘̥̹̥̥͓̥͔̥͖͎̬͓̜̘̥͓͖͔̗̺͍̬̘̘̥̻̺̭̯̼̟̝̱̣̭̗̖̖̭̰̭̭̯͈̯͕̩͈͇̰͕̤͗̔̊̑̄͐͑̀́̃̈́̈͛͊͂̀̈͂̀̽̑̾̈́̀̆̍͐͆̓̓̅́͂̈́̓́͋̑͐̀̊̂͐̇̌̈́͑̅̂͗͛̈́̈́̈́̈́̈͂̃̋̂͆͆̉̋́͊́͂̒͗̄̈́̌̉̅̐͑͐͂͊̉̐̐̍̇̄̾͆͒̀̃̇̂̈̍̋̾̋̓̐͑͐̅̇͊͗̆̆͛̅̓̂͆̍̈̈́̔̿̌̿̍͒͑͛̀̈̃̇̈́͑̆̓̇́͒̅̀̓͂̇̿͛͒̌̾͑͑̃̔̈̀̉̅͐̒̒͆̅̅͗͊̌̿̀̈̑͗̇̊͆͆̄̈́͐̏̓̏͑̅̄̀͆̉̂̃͆͛̏̋͐̆̄͐́̍̀͆̔̎̓̐̈͘̚̕̚̕͘̕̚̕͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅ,̵̧̧̢̨̢̧̢̨̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̲̫͍̭͍͚͈̩̭̝̹̺̖̖̖͓͎͇̦̥͙̟̥̺̝̟̫̣͈̼̤̤͓̬̹̤͎̝̺̦̻̪̞̲͎̰̪̠͇̖̥̜̤̱͖͙͙̜̮̯̩͎̣̻̞̺̣͙͉̻̟̗͎͚̦̗̙̖͍̱̗̘̲̬͉͍̹̺̹̤̮̤̲̟͕̣͉̰̹̅̿̌̅̀̑̊̃̉͗͛͂̆̊͐͐̀̀̂̔̅̿̎̿̋̆̃̑̓̾͊̇̈̒̽̓̈́̉͆͛͆̿̈́̈́̈̈́̾͛̾͗̂̎̒̈̈́̒̑̐̄̇̄͒́̓̈́̇̾̄̉̊̈́̿̏̈́͑̔̏̔͂̓̀̆̄͊̊͋̾̊̅̏̈̌̀̈́̎̍̏̍̆͗̍͗̌̽͗̓͐́̐͊̈͑̀͗͑́̐̓͒͆̄́̿̔̈̿͒͒͑͊͘̕̕̕͘͘͘͘̚̚̕͜͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅ ̷̡̢̢̡̧̨̧̡̡̧̡̧̡̧̨̡̧̡̧̧̡̧̛̛̛͚͉̯͓͉̺̲̖̣̱͔̤̟͈̲͙̮̳̪̞͕͓̬̪͇̹͍̜̜̻̞̣̭̰̝̫̠̗͈̰̮̹̮̥̭͎͍̝̼͚̳͙̗̼̘͙̞̬̰͇̳̱͚̹̗͈͈̺͖̖̠̗̞̖̝̳̼͍͔̥̤͎͚͙͈̗͉̹͔͎̗͖̺̘͇͎̺̹͚̗̞͈̭̗͉̻͍̳̹̩̰̹̙̘̞̪̪̯͍̙͎̭͕̗͓̲̬͔̮͕̳̲̲͎̼̬̫͍̖̹̺̠̭͈̙͙̗̣̼̟̝̟͉̱̝̪͕̬̝̩̭̲̩͍͓͓͖̖̭̥̙͇̜̩̘̤̯̟̹̹̥̫͍͖̬̙͎͕̹̟̲̣͍̜̥̟̺̥͎͔̻͙̪̳̩̦͕͕̜̩̙͓̖̫̞̹͍̳̟̩̯͍̺̖̲̭̣̱̠̮̓́̿͂͑̈͗̍́̊̾̍̓̿́̍̋̄͒͒̆̈́̆̋̿̈́̾͑͂̈́̽̓͋̽͋̾̀͊̓̒̽̽̐̔̒̎͂̓̆͆̈̽̾͐̇͛̾̅̑̅̇̅̒͐̃͐̓͂̀̊̅̊̒̽̌̒̏̀͛̀̆́̓̋̌͆̋͋̾̆̾̅̏͊͌͊͊̉̀́̃̑́̀̄͛̎̾̔͗͒̾͊̈̃̎̆͊̍̎̃̃͐͒͆̑̾̎͐͊̃̑̊̀̎̽͂̂͘̕̚͘̚͘̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅi̴̡̧̢̧̧̧̢̧̨̡̢̡̧̨̛̛̛̛̻̺͓̜̲̳͈̻̱̯̜̼̝̞̳̣̥̞͍͉͚̻͚̘̭͈̭͚̥̦͕̹̙̝̜̪̠̭͕̲̦̦͚̰̬̖͈̝̭̖̯̟͍̖͕̮͓̖̥̖̳̭̞͍͇̯̺͉̗̺͓͕̦̱͚̜͍͚̯̟̘̪̠̭̯͉̺̞̫̞̞̪͕͍̯̖̗͔͔̝̣̺͍͔̙̞͉̝̟̹̻̗͖͕͔̗̞̳͕͉͚̰͉̺͙̦̹̹̳̦̩̠̤̦̱͖̱̻̮̥͈̰̟͕̣̟͕̗̻͋̅̔́͊͑̈́̃͆̀͑̎͗͆͌̂̎̈́͑̀͒̔̎́͒̊̌̈́̌̋̔̉̄͋̆̆̀̾̃̽͆̓́͋͐̀̎̈́̑̉̀̈́̈́̇͑̑̏̏̔̋̈͂̈̋̄̍̐̏̈́̅̈́̀͋̐́̅̌̒̓̌̊̀̓̎̏͛͗̀̎͑̽̐̄̆̔̊̀̆̆̅̾̾̐̑͋͐́̓̉͑̊̒̋̎̊̀̀̔̋̓̍̏̀͒͐̂̇̑̓̐͆̓̔͂͂̀̕͘̚͘͘͘͘̕͘͘̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝ͅn̵̨̧̨̧̨̧̢̡̛̛̟̗̜̬̞̞̮̰̹̩̯̙̙͖͖̥̪̱̗̟̹͔̙̗̰̖͈̯͕̙͈̻̠̯̪̭̝̳̪͔͖̱̱͈̯̣̟̳̲̰͔̱͓̰̺͙͇̺̮̯̝͈̼͉̺̗̠͈͓͎͕̳̖͎̱̘̹͉̲̻̙̳͎̾͊̌̍̃̉͛̓́̔͂̈́̐͌́̐̈́͛̊͌͊͑̆̍̇̋̔̍́͑̉̀͆̅̍͊̊͑̿̇̿̈́̎̀̇̑͆̍͊͆͗̍͂̓͒͋̊͊̑̈̿̈́̊̀͑͒͂̈́͆̏̑̓͊̎̀̃̃̀̒͐̉̄́͆͌̓̓̎̒̍̋͆̿͑̐̔̐̉̏̃̉͐̋̿̉̈́́̐͗̒̽̈́̽̀̉̈́̓̎͛̓͌̓̈́͛̃̍͌͛̀̒̈́̔̾̓̾͛̊̒͐̽̽͛̄̂͗̒̐̇̍̌̊̂̈́́̈́̇̿̅̄͒̑͑̀̆̊͛̄̃̑͋͌͋̎̈́͂̆͑̒̂̾̓͂̾͛̓̊̾̊̈̃͋͋͂͊͂͆̅͛̄̐̓͐̀̈̓͊́̿͌̈́͐͘͘̚̕͘̚̕͘̚͘̚̚͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͠͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅ ̵̧̢̧̡̧̡̡̧̧̢̧̢̢̡̧̢̢̛̛̙̹̻̦̙̫̙̦̻͓̰͍̙̮̺̥̠̣̙͍͓̦͙̩̞̰̬͓͙͔͚͍̥̪̘̥͉͎̪͈̟̝͉̫̳̹̭͈͖̻͙̼̦͍̖̺̥̤̪̥͉̦̣̟̭͎̯̰̥̦̺̣̦͕͎̤̜͙͚̘̤̘̼̭̗͈̮͖͇̬̙̪̙̜̫̗̺̭̩͙̯̮̻̯̭̼̰͈͖̺̠̝͈̥̰̭̱̗̦̩̺͓̟͓̩̼͚̯̘̼̪̟̺̱̫̤̯̟̣̞̼̖̥̟͚̝̥̝͓̮̘͉̽̍̎̀͌̈̀̊͌͛͒̓́̋͐͒́̅̒̈̈̉̂͐̈̀̊̃̾̈́̓̃̈́͌̓̐͐̉̍̃̈̅̒̍̔͗̀̀̐̋͑͐͑͐̽̅̊̾̋̓͗̔̄̾͋̈̓̓͊̀̑̀͋͛̀̓̆̃͆̓̍͗̆̈̀̐̓̀̍̽̈́̏̑̽͌̅̆̄̅͊̀̂̎̇͊̀̈́͒̈́̒̂̏̌̉̏͛̄̄͗̋̾͗̓̓̾̈͂̌̑̋̅̃́̉̇̓͑̐̿̒̀̽͐̾̈́͑͆̓͛̀̅̅̇̈́̒̈́̏͑̐̄̀͐̊͑̀͑͑̍̈́͆̈́̐̅̈́͌̃͒̇̋̋͐̈́̽̀͌̒̎̀͛̓͗̈́͊͗͒̅̄̔̍̄͌̅̔͛̒̄̚̚̕͘̕͘̕̚̕̕̚͘̚̚͘̚̕̚͘͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅẉ̸̡̧̨̨̡̨̨̛̛̛̛̛̗̭̼̺̫̺̳̺̦̗̗͖͍͚̻̘̪̞͉̲̳̟̹̤̱̪̘͉͚̤͎̰͇̪̹͓͓̯̲̮̳͇̘̘̹̭̝͙̣̰͓̤̙̘̦̗̪͇̠͖̘͖̯̯̼̳̘̂͐̂̀́͋̈́͆̄̏̾̔̇̽̾͌̈̆̃̎̀̒̂̈̌́̾͑͂̀̐͒̐̀̌̄̒̑͐̈́̈́̀͑̀̈̄̄̑̇̿̇͗̽̄̔̋͌̃͂͗͐͛͑̃͂̄̃̐͛͋̏͆̿̿͛̾͆̑̓͌̽͊̅̏̀̅̂̔͐͋̾̈́͂͒̎̇͒̅̉̆̓͛̔̐̔͂̔́̊̿̊͐͂̋́̿̆͌̍̉̓̃̇̊͊̇̆͋̂̐̾̽̒̾̑͋́̊͑̔̄̓͆̋̏̿͑̇̅̈́̓̌́̌̔̈́̔͑̐̎͆̇͛̆͛͗͛̅̈́̂̈́̒̀͑̎̉͊̍̂̌͂̐̊̉̅̀͑͛́͂̈́̉͆͗̽̽̔̏͌̆͂͛̋̐̇̃̈́̄̀̌͆̏͘͘͘̚̚̕̕̚̚͘̚̚͘͘͘̕̚̚͘͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͝͠͝͠͝͠͝͠͠͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅh̵̢̢̡̢̡̢̨̡̢̧̨̧̨̢̨̨̛̛̰̙̞͍̠͕̠̣͙͚̘̪̱̯̞̺͔̤͉͈̹͎͕͔̭̺̭̥͎̜͕̪͓͈̩͕̫͇͍̖̮̥̥͔̣̟̹̱̖̣̭͍͚̥͓̬̗͎͉̭̹̹̘̦̦͈̻̻̙͕̜̲̹͚̼̫̪̦̭̱̜̭͇͔̬̭̗͍̝̣̹̞̜̥̦̱̠̞̼̱͉̹̭͕͔͍̻̗͖͉̻̟̥̮̹̮̝͍̫̣͕̬̘͚̥̗̗̞̞̦̯̥̖̘̞̘͈̞͉̟̠̪̲͚͎͔̦̺͎̳̺̫̰͒͐̆̂͋́͛̏̔̐̈́̀̐͂̉̎͌͆̔̄̈̿̿̋̈́͗̈́͆̈́̀̿̆̈́͆̎̉̑͊͑́͐͌͒̓͐̀̈́̽̔̊̀͂͛̉̐̓̏́͋́̑̍̆́̈́͛̕̕͘͘̕̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅį̷̨̢̧̡̨̧̨̨̡̨̡̡̢̢̡̢̧̧̡̡̧̢̛̖̫͈͖͚̼͖͚̟̫̳̦͎̬̯͕͇̬̜̬̼͍̯͇͓͔̹͓̤̹̥͕͈̖̞̬͎͈͉̖̝̤̖̺̜̹̫̙̙͎̖̝̣̻̺̬̰͍̗̞͚͉̱͇̖͎̺̖̝̖̙̩̰͔̙̬̭͈̗̜̹͈̳̮͉̱͇͈̗̼̗̲͓͕̪̳̘̬̳̻̻͕̺͚̮̗͓̤̘̼̤̹͉̻̘̺̣̲̹͈̞̻̪̙͙̥̪̗̗̰̣͕̰͎̪̩̼̭̤̥̘̳͉̖̜͇͚̮͕̬͔͇̬̮͇̪͔̮̟͚̘̯͚͉̗̹̮͍̲͉͉̥̣́́̿̄̏̈̈̃̂͋̆̎́͑͐̓̾̈́̾̔̈̅̿̑͒̎̓̍̇̓̿̀̅̅͆̀͗͑̄͗̅̈̀̎̌̓̓̽͑͛̓̈̂̊́͆͐͊͋̈́̓̄̍̂̈́̆̃͗̃̀̉̈́̄̔̈̉̀͆͋̂̆̀̈̉̈́͋̀͂͗̋̊̓́͒̊͊͆́̋̉͌͛̔̈́̈́̂͑̑͋̎̂̈́͌̆̐̌͋̉̇͐͗̉̈́̈́͆́̅̎͐̅́̔̀̿̈́̎̉̒͒̃̈́͂̃͂̈́̽̇̆̓͂͐̐̓̊̄͛͛͊̋̑͐̐̏̿̀͆́̅͆͒̄̈́̃̅̍̍͒́͑̒̍̐̐̑͆͛̓̾͛͆̾̌̀̿̆̋̾͋̄̍̓̔͋̈́͂̋̋̏͐̍̋̔̈̆͐̋̍͌̕͘͘̕̕̕̕̚̚̚̕͘͘̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͠͠͝͠͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅc̴̨̢̢̨̡̧̡̢̢̡̢̧̨̡̨̡̧̧̧̛̛̛̛̛̛̪͕͇̦̳͓̩̫̻̹̯̘̱̙͎͓̪̠̪̫̪͇̥̣̰͇̣͖͕̗̬̠̩̲̞̥̯͈̭̻͇͙͚̣̹͈̮̦̜̠͔͙̦̫͙͙̗̘͔̣̰̖̪̹̖̘͓͇̮̘̞̲͓͓̟̟̲̻͇̝̰̰̘̣̪̤̜̘̲̘̼͈̝̝̻̹̘̩̯̗͕̙̞͕̺̖̳̦̥̻̗̦͖̠͓̻̫̻̤̟͈̻̠̟͉͖̣̫̙͍̞͈̫̟̜̫̜̞͇͈͈͍̞̗͕̟͇̥̠͉͕̮̞̰̼̫̖̼͖͉͈̥̠̰̬͚̪̤͈̘̩̭͈̝̹̜̗̫̯͍̣̻̯̜͈̦͔̟̘̣̰̲̲̭͔͎̅̆͆̀͒̓̍͐̆̽̑̇̎̋̃̃͂̾̏̈́̌̈́͋͋̃͂̏̇͊̈́̈́̍̇͂͛̓̊́́͊̌͒̒̈́̾̆͒̐͆̏̈́̈́͗̄̊͊͆͗̃̉̀́̅̍͌́̎̈̾̐͊͌͐͊̿̀̿̽̔̆͊̾̏̈́͑̌̉̀̉̄͆̈̂̈̑͌̈́̆͒̃͗́́̑͗͒̾͒́̅́̈́̈́͑̆̀̃͂̀́̅͂͛̏̍̂̅̿̊͌̋̀̀̄̂̾̆͋͑̓̍̂̽̀̃́͋̍̿͊̎̑̕̚̚̚̕̚͘̕̚̕̚̕̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅh̴̡̢̨̨̢̨̨̨̡̧̧̨̢̛͚̞̞̰̪̭̭̘͉̖̠̞̜̪͖̦̯̰̘̳̯̜̪̠̦̣͎̤̝̜̫͙̺̻͇̰̗̬̫͚̣͓̦̠̦͓͉̲̘̩̤̹̠̠̤̙͓̦̖̼̹̜̱̱͍̟̞̰̘̻͇̮̦̳͇̝̻̣̫͔̣̹̙͚̯̳͇̣͔͚̘̖͇͕͈̣̣̱͈̥̼͕͕̻̙͓̟̫̪̣̱̻͙͙̹̣͉̻̜̙̗̦̺̳̺͇̟̼̲͈̞͈̝̮̓͐̈́͐̆̅́́̿̈́̐̈́̊̎͊̐͂̔͆͐̐̉͒̈́̌̉̀́̑̎̾̃̑̀̋̎͌̒̄͆͐̒̅͊͗̏͒̓̿̏̚̕̚͜͜͜͜͠͝ͅͅ ̴̢̧̧̡̡̛̭͓̼̪̬͓̦̮̬̮̻͓͕̰̠̞͉̫̩͖̭̬̝̗͎̝̦̬͙͓̼̦̱̺̫͍̫͔͓̥̞͙̟̠͉̦̥̲̣̮̖̜̪̤͔͎̓́̒̄͌̏̾̏͐͊͌͌̉͗̉̓͊͌́̈́̉̓͋͂̑̈́̐͒̉̉̓̀͘͝͝͝͝͝c̸̢̧̨̨̧̡̢̧̢̡̧̡̨̨̡̨̢̛̛̛̛̛̠͎͕͓͇̼̠͓͓̘̖̗͖̬͔̠͕̻̣̝̪̞̹̳̟̞̦̩͚̞̲͚̺̮̭͈̦̥͖͍̳͉͓̯̰̪͎͉̬̱̝̮̰̠̤̤̰̠̱͍͚͕̰̟̳̝̰̞͎̩̮̥͈͖̺̼͇̭̥͚̜̭̗͚̺̗̼̝̟̥͎͔͓̮̱͇̥̝̩̦̳͕̘͔̞͇̤̺͍͇͖̘̙̘̗̙̬̣̪̮̙͈̣̺̟̳̹̪͖̳͚͇̼̳̼̰͉̩̱̥̗̰̱̘̻̫͈͕̣̳̖͍͈̳̻̩̦͓̦͍̪̝̹̯̺̝̭͕͉͇͓͍͔͑̈͒͂͆͛̊̅̽̍̐́̍̑̇͐͛́̈́́̀̃̄͑̾̈́̈́̏̑̿͑͆͒̐̋͋̐͒̿̒͛̽̐̽͒͑͐̇̈́́̒͗́͗̈́̈́̑̔̋̏̋̇̓͂̎͌͂̉͒͒̿͂͌͌̑̓̔͒͒́̄̈́̆̈́̀́̈́̆̅͌́̎͂͆̏̄̅̉̉̎̄̔̆͆̂̈́͂̆̀̃̾́̈́̂̈́̆̆͌̆͂̈̃̊̄̀̎̋͂͌̌̈́͂̀̆̒̎̍̈́́̌̐̀͛̓̎͐̈̍̈́̆͊̇̃̾͆̈́͗̈̌́͐͑̓͋̈́̈̑̈́̅̏͛͌̋̇̀͂̓̐̀́̉̓͐͂̒̈́̾̓̏͐̂́͑̾́̓̌̅̏͋̈́̇̽̓̋̌́̉̌̏͑̽̒̿̀̈́͐͂͊́͗͛͗̈́̀̐̒́͆̍̇͌̉͆͗̋͌͋́̊̃͗̇͘̚̕͘̚͘̕͘͘̕̚̕̕̚̚̕̕͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅa̷̧̡̡̧̨̡̡̢̡̡̧̨̧̨̛̛̛̪͇̭͚̱̻͉̹̣̟̮̤̱̙̬̦̥̪̭͎̲̳̭̬̭̞͖̲̭̥͖͙̫͎̠̙̜̳̺̳̩̥̹̹̦̮͕͔̲̯̳̥̝̗̟̪̰͈̼̮̹͙̺͇̙͍̫͚̺̰͉̭̼̘̦̟̬̦̐̽̇̀̔͗͒̈́̃͛͊͊̆̓̈̅͛̓̄̿̋͑̄̋̉̅̈́̆̽̔͐̓̑́̅͆̌͗͆̈́̈́͆̍̐̓̀̊͛̊͐̑̌̿͆͌̿́̋̏̀̎̄̈́͋̓͛͂̔̍̇̓̎̓̏̏̎̍̔̇̑̒̾͊̎͆͗̿̇͐͒̿̈̿͐̑̓̐̇̉̃̃̆̈́͊́͛̚̕̚̚̚͘̚̚̕͘͜͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅs̶̢̨̢̧̡̨̢̨̢̨̧̡̧̡̘̦͓̱̖̩̬̻̰͖̝̩̺̥̣̰̯͚̝̲̖̮̺̘̼̜̼̹̼̞͕͓̣̱̤͉̻̻͍͕̜̹̬̣̦̞̺̫̺̭͖̱̙̤̠̝̤̪̺̺̤̫̞̦̫̝̲͎͓̖̠̦͓̠͕̯̗̹͈͓̬̫̭͈̫̻̖̙̘͙͈͔͍̳̊̃̈̊́̀͑̈̄̆̓̒̾̾̆̓́̾̀̄͒̉̄͒̔͑̊́̀͐̓̇̌̌͌̋̇͐̐͂́͒́̿͊̊̔̾͑̀͗̔̃̅̊͐̄͆̀̌̐̈́̽̎̐̆͂́̔̆̓̓̾͒̌̄̅̔̉̕͘̕̕͜͜͠͝͝͝e̴̡̧̧̨̡̧̢̡̧̢̧̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̘͕̖̼͚̥̳̲͕̩̭̤̜̼͈̦̹̳̣̦̙͎̼͎̭̝̟̣͎̥͈̜͇͉̣̜͍̥̙̹̜̱͈̺͉͉̞̻͖̫̦̫̳̤̳͕̜̠̖͙̼̪͈͚̣̟̭̟͙̙̰̠̹̬̯̫̼̠̦̳̪͖͉̗̤̙̤̦̥̰̗̘͍̝̻̙̠̤͈͙̤̰̱͖̝̲̯̞̼̯͇̼͙̬̳̟̮͍̱͎̙̤̠̹͈͇̳̰̞͍͙͓̞̗̺͈̳̟͕̖̰̱̣̻͎̟̻̹̻͚̪̻͙̣͎̠̟̲͖̜̺̺̹̰̮̻̻̦̱͙̯̰̫̰̠̲͔̍̿͗͒̉͐̈̑̔̒́̔͋̔͒̐͋̽͗͑̌̎̿̓̑̓̑̈́̉̆̌̄̿͋̒͒̽̈́̊̋̔̐͋͒̉̓̔̃̆́̎̂̽̈́̄̎̅̒̍̍́̅̔̇͆͆͂̂̾̽̀́͆̃̒̿̾͒̆͂͊̐̈́́̿͋̎̎̃̃̔͊̍̾̓̒̃̆̑͌̈́̏͑̏̂̇̍̿͒͗̀̃̃̾͗̽̏͆͌̿̌͑͗̔̿̈́̔̒̎̈̀̒͂͐͛̑̏̿͂͒̀͊͛́̾̓͑̅́̂̏̾̾̑̍͛̌͂͐̄͊́̓̓̃̒̈͑͌̐͆̅͛͊̇̐̈́͋̀̅͒̂́͋̒͊̊̐̽̾̂͗́̀̓͂̓̌̐̿̍̎̽̇͛̔̐͌̔͛̇̊́̈̓̄͑̀̌͊̀̈́̍̌͂̋̀͐̈́̇̓̈́̕̚̚̕̚͘̕̚̚̚͘͘̚͘̚͘̚͘͘̚͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝ͅͅͅ ̷̨̨̧̨̠̜͖͖͈̖̘̯̗̠͚͙͚͈̰̗̲͈̼̭̥̺̳̜̰̥͕̥̪͍͇̞͉̹̩̬̪̣̬̺̳͙̀̔̀͌͐̊͛͆͐̔͂͐͆̅̈́͌͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅi̸̡̡̡̧̢̢̧̢̧̛̗̙̲̮̲̬̩̙̘̤̺͈͍͙̜̳̩̣̫̤̜͔͓͈͚̮̰̝͓̥̮͙̠͓̜̙̤̱͖̖̜̬̳͎̟̺̪̲̥͙̩̯̜̠̪̦͓̠̙̣̻̲̩̮̟͕̗̙̬̫͔̺͎͍͙̼̼̯̼̬̟̞̦͕̟̩̫̳̟̟̯͎͔̞̗͎̣̥̼̪̟̥͙̰̥̙͓̗̙̟͚̼̯̯̫̲͉̣̯̳̟̥̟̼̞̦̩̹͈̮̳͓̹̥̲̝̲̗̫̱̞͔͖̗̟̯͓͖̙̭̼̙̻̻̪̤̦̯̩̹̥̠̺̥͓͒͆͑͗́͐̅͆̎̂̅͌̃̿̊̆͒̋̑̈́͋͐̈́̈̌͊́̽̏̍́͊̏͐̄̑͛́͗͛́̌̄́̈́͂͊͆̒̈́͆̏̓̋̃͂̓̃̊͊̈́́̈́̀̆̓͛̆̀̈̈͐͑̄̇͗̂̏̀̿̃̑̇̾̐́̆̚͘̕͘̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅţ̶̧̧̧̡̢̳̪̦̗̼̭̪̯͚̗̣̘̤̖̳̼̖͍͕̰͖͕͇̱̩͔͉̣̜̹͚̼̥̳͎͍̠͓̻͖̠͙̙̙̯̞͚̲̥̝͈̮̳̙͈̰̳̲̮̘͍̭̙͔͖̣̳͎̱̻̭̹̞͖͉͔͎͖̰͙̤̭̜͎͒͌̈̓̆͋̅̍͐̀̂͒̽̇̊̍͛̒͑͑͌͐͑́͂͆͂͗̓̾̽̏̌̍́̓̍̈́͛̔͛͌́̄̊̎͂́̐͒̓̒̄̿̓͛̽̑̇̓̓̀̇̍̒̈́͑̄͂͋͂͒̈́́͗̐̔̈́͆̀̄̄̒̆̏̀̈̒̓͋̎̇͆̎͌͑̈́͒̏̋́̀͂̎̉͂̈́͌̀̀̏̏̑͑̈́̒͛̔̐͒͂̽̅̽̋̑͒̑̃̍̒͑̆̈̀̎̓̋̌̍̈̋̿̓̎̒̈́͗̌̀́͐̊̒̀̈́̃̇̑̏͛̊̊̍̏̄͊̈́̊͗̄͊̃̿́̌̿̐͆͊̉͂͒̎͂̇͂̈́̓̑̏̋̃̈́̾̂̓̋̐̄̈̃̇̉͗̍̒̐̍̌̽̀́̊͋̒̉̆̆̌̃̔̃̒͌̿͘̕͘͘̚͘͘̚̚͘̚̕̚̕̚͘͜͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝ͅͅ'̴̧̢̢̡̡̧̡̨̨̨̡̨̛̛̛̩͈͇͖̳͖̝̟̩̟̲̖͕̭̞̟͚̻̙̪̝̪̟̩̲̲̫̮̖̮̪̱͓̼͔̳̙̟̗̪̣̤̲͖̳̼̙̝̗͍̳̜̬̹̘̝̦͉̹̙̦̯̼̥̯̥̠͍̟̱̯͉̬̪͍̗͍͓̗͉̼͇̦̯͔̮̞͚͙̗̞̝͙̩̗͓̼̖̰̥̲̹͉̱͖̮̥̯̱͕̳͕̞̘̣͚̼͎̳̪̖͕̰̪͎͖̜͔̜̈́̀̌̏̎̅̈́͂̈́̽͗͗̈́͂͗͋͒̀͋̀͗̄̓͑͂͗̏̓̌̀̋̿̾́́̍͑̃͒͆͊̾͛͆̈́͆̐͐͑̓͋̈́̾͘͘̚͜͜͜͝͠͠͝ͅs̶̢̢̢̢̨̢̡̢̧̢̧̨̨̡̨̨̧̢̧̛̛̛̮̦͕̜͈̞͔̯͖͔̬̗̖̻͚̗̠̼̖̝̤̹͕̲̫͙͕̗͍̱̲̦̫͚̖̺͔̭̤̯͇̰̠̯̬̘̞͍̘̱̯͖͉̱̻̘͓̖̼̬̳͇̩̙̺͕͇̳̳̥̹̬̞̤̦̣͕̜̞̘̝͙͉̭͎̥̠̭̲̝̖̩̠̫͍̼̮̼̮̯͉͎̤͓̞̥̳̫͈̳̟̩̤̝̮̹̩̭̼͉̻̫̺͈̬̝͎̲̲̘͇͙̺͎͕̠̗͖̱̼̻̙̤͕͉̞̞͕̫̥̱̬̙̝͎̟̫͕͓̟̱̘͙̪̙͇͙̯͇͓͇̰͖͕̙̬̫̱̞̦̬͚͇͓̙̻̞̻̻̰̩͕̞̭̰̮͓̟͓̩͚̤̲̤̗͎͚̪̼̘̼̓́̏͊̆̒̈́̔̍̀̊̐̀͂̐̇͂̃͂̾̓͌̆͌̅̊́̀͌͗̈́̇̈́̄̓͑̇̀͒̿͊̽̈̾́̉̉̃̅͗̈́͋̄̿͑̔̀̅͐̏̈̈́̅̽͛̅̍̀́̊̿̄́̆͆͗̑̋͑̓̽̓̅̈́́̂̈̔̈́̋̇́͒͗̂̉̊̆̀͒̀̓̎̉̄͂̀͐͑͑͊̐͗̓͌̍̇̀͘̚̕͘̚͘͘͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͝͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ ̷̢̢̢̡̢̢̨̧̡̧̡̨̢̢̢̧̡̨̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̛͎̞̙̳͓͇̪̺̹̲̥̼̣͚̼̬̥͇̙̦̭̳̬̦̼͈̖͇͍̞͎̞̩̺̣͇͕̲͇̳̺̣̝̗͙̦̳̱̯͇̝̘̺̹̥͙͚̲͚̬̥̰̰̪̝̣̭̫̺̪͚̥̖͍͍͍͚̫̖͖̹̹͇͇̪̬̬̠̜̯̻̗̳̞̥̤̪̪̯͖̩͉̺̪̖͇͚̮͚͇̳̙͖̘͍̩̖͈͚̘̩̪͖̗̯̬͍̫̯̼̩̫̲̘̝̙͇̠̭̺͙͍̹͇̝̰̳̩̤̙͙͈̬͔͙̹͍̖̗͉̲̱͕̘͔̰̳̺͖̼̬͚͍͎̹̥̼̟͕͎͓͍̬͕̗̥̘̞̤͙̠̝̪̱̳̮̟̥͇̗̝̤̮̪̫̺̱̥̜͍͉̘̳̥̮̥̼̯̙̫̮̟̪͉̟̗͉̟͇̦̦͓̯͇̩͔͖̟͍̗̰̼̪̟̠̲̝̻̪̏̈́̇̓͗̒́̓̐̾̈́̈́̿͒́̍̓̒̆̎͐̎̄͛͌̌̉̄̈̑̍̈́̋̇͐̐́̂̂̄͌̌̀̀́̎̾̓̒̑̊͐̒̔̐̉̋̈̾̓͂̑͌͒̎͋̾͒́̀̒̂̀̈́̉̇̈́̃̈́̒͒̀̈́͐̃̈́̅̀̆̉̀͌̉̈̊̆͒̑̆̎̅̃̇̎̂̈́̈̈̏͗̎̔͒̈́͑̅͂̓͌̓̓͗̈̈́͒̅̈́͋̃̄̆͒̏͊͒͑̾̿̈̓̌̀̀̋̆͐̑̈́̂͛͌̑̒͂̿̆̑̿̄̑̇̎̾͐̍͒̿͆̈́̂̈͗̔̆̿̒̽̉̏̍͆̋̋̊̅͂̑͂̀̎̈̑̆̾͂̈͒̾̑̀̾̉͂͌͆͂̾̂̋͋̅̏͒̀̈́̑́̍̀̂͑̎̎̌̏̊̄͛͛̍̿̏̆̋͌́͌̈́̉̕͘̚̚͘͘͘͘͘͘͘͘̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅŗ̵̨̡̧̧̢̡̡̛̛̛̛̛̛͚̦̬͇̫̫̥͎̦͓͉̹̖͔͈͇̞͈͎͕̫̞̭͇͚͍̲͉̯̯̭̜̥̲͔͚̲̱̱̦͓̒̍̆̉͋͂̾̄̐̈́̈́͂̊̌̈́̈͂̄͂̀̌̑̀̆̔̑̀̃̔͒́̓̐̿̇͛̓̐̋̓̆͌̀͆̈̓̓̌̔̊̏̂̈́̅̓̅̇͊͐͊̆̎̍̂̆̌̿̀̑̓͗̍̔̀̇̋̈͛̈̊̈̔̊̌̓̃̓̒̔͒̇͌̽͋͌̊̽̋̏͑̆̏͗̓̍͑́̋̽̋̏͋́̇̉͒̂̔̑̎̅̌̒̄̾̉̎̂̉͌͂̒̿̎̏̏̂̄̓͌̀̎͑̐̌̈̊̈́̋̌̂̅͊̏̈́̏̀͗̀̽̀̿͐̎͐̓̈́̇̐̏́̓̉͗͆̀̂̈́̌͆̇̌̅̌̒͋̋̑̈̈́̽̒̄̒́̄̀͂͒̈́̕̕͘̚̕͘͘̕̚̕̚̚̚̚̕̕̚̚͜͜͠͝͠͠͝͠͝͠ͅͅơ̷̢̨̨̛̛̠̪̘̟̩͕͔̥̱̳̘̼̫͉͍̻̝͓̦̬̣̝͚̯̺̤͍̪̤̞͔̈́̐͗̓͌̓̑́̅͐̌͛͐̾͛̿͑̓̎͒͊̊̈̀̀̄͗̍̈́̿͑̿͊͛͘̚ͅư̶̧̢̢̧̨̨̢̛̛̩̦̗̥̱̙̝͙͍̠̼̠̗̤̜͈̺͕͖͇̳͚̮͙͇͔̙͓̰̺̰̮͕̱̲͈̙̥͇̩̤̭̳͚̖̫̟̬̣̗͇͎͔̟̯͕̻̻͖͚̝̜̣͚̟͔̞͈̻̟̯͍̮̼̤̺̫̳̊́̃͛͐̄͂̃̃̈́̈́͋͒̆͑̀̊́̓̀̓̓̑̊̀̊̓̂͂̓̒̂͂̓̈͐̾͗͛̑̀͂̄͊̎́͛́͛͊̾̌́̒͌̈́́͐̊͌̃̽͐͆̾̐̀͗́̋͌̎̓̓̔̈̽̇͊̂̇̉̈́͛̓͑̿̑͐̿͌̌̇̿̾̀͑̓̔̆̌̃̄͗͊̆͗̀́̌̌͊̂̆͑̽̑̊͗͊̊͋̀̇̀̈̉̎͑͗͗̉̏̄́͆͂̌̉͋̌̆̈́̅̔̐͆̅̈́͗̏̄̄̎̄̾͗̌͌̅̈́̌̚̚͘̕͘̚̚̕̕̚͘̕̚͜͜͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͝͝ͅḡ̶̨̡̡̧̡̛͇͈͉͖̩̞͉̯̤̳͍͎͙̟̱͔̳͇̭̟͔̦̰͖̬̯̬̥͈̥̖̲̼̳̳͖̟͈̤̭̼̆̈́̂́͑̊̒̿̅͗̋́̍̐̽̔͊̈́̄̒͛̔̓̎̄̉͒͊̊̋̒̽͆͐́̊̓̋͌̎̀̊̇̇̓͆͋͐́̑̔̈́́̊̀̈́͐͑̇̊̇̓̄̇͊̅̈́̓̉͌̃̀̏̂̌̀̇̐́̐̇̈́͛̚̚̕͘̚͘̚̚͘̕͜͝͠͠h̸̡̢̨̧̡̧̡̢̨̨̡̧̢̢̡̡̨̡̧̧̡̧̧̢̡̢̢̧̨̡̛̜̻̤͓̰̪̳̼̩̬̹̞̘͚̻͍̠̦̥̞̬̖̟͔̳̖̖̺̘̥͖͓͓̮̪̱͍̳͕̦͍̫̦̝̝̠̮̼̯̮͇̥̪͖̙̭͍͎͇̱͚̠͎̻̫͎͓̝̥̱̳̘͖̭̲̻̼̼̜̜̣̯̟̜̫͙͎̺̝͕̜̪̯͇͕͎̺͎̹̮͈̱̺̗̤̙̖̹̼̥̜̩̞̩͍̗̤̟͉͖̹̯̦̪̝̳̝̤͔̣̯̻̠̪̼̟͖̠͈̪̟̝̩͎͈̹̦̞̫̯̮̮̮͈̙̭̳̦̮͈̭̭͕͙̦̮̦͇̜̬͍̻̭̻͓͈̱̣̜̳̥̘̩̫͔͎̺̟͇̗̘̯̟̼͇̠̬̹̫̓̄̍͗͊̿̍̈̃͐̾͂̊̇̎̆̋͋́̆̀̌̀̽͋̓̽̔́̆̀́̔̂̍́̄̇̉̊̈́͂̐̇̐̏̄̎͛̅͗̂̾͑̅̊̀̂̈́͋̈́͊̀̐͛̆̓̍̏̿͛́̾̔́͊̑͗̏́͐̊̀̅͋́͂̑̽̂̐̇̀̽̎̎̃̒̀̀̌̃́͂̆̓͂͌͌̐͊́̿̏̑́̐̐̇͐̚͘̕̕͘̕̚̚̚͜͜͜͠͝͠͠͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅl̶̡̨̢̨̨̨̧̨̢̛̛̛̛͈̩̖̻͇̠̜͈̹͇̳̭̩̯͙̗̤̱͚̤͎͕̖͈̪̥͙͈̲̻̘͈̥̯̱͇̹̈́̂̊̇̉͊̅̂̔̍̉͌̊͆́̀̏͛̅̎̈͗̀̀̓̿͒̀̈́̉̍̍̈́͆̎̐̎̽̐͊̉̀̿̎͆̓͋̆̾͑̿̔̽̏̔̒̋͐̑̈́̿̉͋̏̃͑͗̀̔̉̽̍̽͛̿͊̑̓̑̈̆́͐͗͌̎͆͐́̒̓̌̄͌͂͛̅́͌̽́̅̈̍̓͌̅͑̋̍͒̅͊̀̌̍̓̽̓̍̉̓̄̉͌̀̓̓́̔̂͂̓̑́̈̿̍̄̌̀͆́̉̍͐̑͊̎̆̀͑̈͌̌͋̍͒̾͛̽̈́̊́͛͐̋̅̀̃͗̽͌͋̉̂́̅̔̍̀͌̔̊͒̓̚̕̕̕̕̚̕̕̕̚̚͘̕͘̕͘͘̚͘͘͘͘͘͜͜͝͠͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝y̴̨̧̨̡̧̨̨̨̧̡̢̗̤̙̼̣͔̳͚̰̰̲̹̲̪̙̖̬̬̘͍̼͖̮̬̩͍͉̹̻̟̟̤̻͉͎̭̣̮͚̻̦̦̮̝̫̫͍̻̣͍̻͖̞̖̼͈̻̩̜̝̩͖̫͖̗͓̮͚̹̪͖͎̯͖͇͇͍͇̲̮̞͖̫̞̹̠̱͚͉̳͇̯̤̼̦͖͇̖̺̖̜̦̩͓̲̦̰̟̜̯̗͚̭̜̟̿͐̉̾̇̀͆̀̈̂́̄̐͆̍̑͑̇̆̋̀̐̏̊̏̒̓̈́͐̍͋̐̿͊̀̑͐̍̉̄̏͛̆̒̎̕̕̕̕̚͜͜͜͜͠͠͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅ ̴̧̡̧̧̢̨̨̧̡̨̢̧̨̨̡̢̢̛̛̛̛̛̪̰̤̖̖̥̗̥͕͓̞̺̝̟͇̦̦̝̥͓̮̳̟͖̟͍̳͎͈̞̙̤͙͔̥̲̼̼̟̗̻̟̞̯͚̗͍͓̜̺̗͇̮̪̞̞͖̥̯̙̪̯̬͈͔̫͙͇͈̩͈̤͔̫̞̖͎͚͖͕̞̤̼̱͕̩̥͚̞͕͈̳̪̘̖̥̤̫̰̟̱̦̮̊̔̓̾̍͌̅̓̂͛̾̈́͒̽͐̓̇̾̈͑͋̾̈̈́̎̈͐͑̋̿̀̓͂͒̾̐̆̌̈́̀͒͑̋͌͛͛͋̂̋̿̈́͌̄̏̏̎̉̇̎̍͛͌̇̏̀̿̀͗̒̅̅̈́̿̀̈́̂̾̄́̔͒̓̀̓͂̄̊͛̒̊͂͂̔̍̌͛̃͐̏̐̍̓̉̈́̈̋̏̽̀̓̆̎̏̇̋͑́̈̃̃̏͊̐͊̍̈́͂̎̓̔͋̀̄̅͛̄̓̈́͑̌̓̀͌̊̍̎̿̾̑̽̈́̈̈͒͌̀̽̆͑̈͒̂͐́̏̈́͊̉̽̐̆̈́̑̑͐̈̐̈́̌͆̂̈́̓́̑̂̃̆̎̊̽̊̔͌̍͂̀̓̊̐̊̄̓͂̏̿̅̒̆̀̀́̐͗̽̿̒̂̎͛̀͐͌͐̆͑͋̓̃̈́͒͂̊̆̾͐̋̍̔̈́͒́̕̚̚̕̚̕͘̚̚̚͘̕̕̚͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅd̷̨̡̨̧̨̧̢̡̧̢̡̧̡̧̧̢̧̧̢̛̜̜̱͇̪͇̟̼̳̝̮͉̞̜̖̱̩̟͓̪̥̫̼͎͈̟͎̜̰̩͔͚̭̩̬̗͉̰͖̹̟̥̳̖͕̪̫͚͔͕̱̮͙͕̲͙̦͎̩̤͎̰̻͇̣͉̟͎̭̣͙͕̮̲̖̮̹̠͔͕͕̙̰̻͚̰̮̠̲̗̦͍̥͖̼̩̩̭̞̮̺͙̥̟̟̪͕͇̰̱͎͓̠̭̹̮̯̮̮̠͖̮̳̖̠͚͚͙̞͚̙̘̯̖̱̭̱̘̟̲̗͎̪̠͚̘͕̣̰͚̖̞̼̞̺̼̱͍̥̘̗͕̜͎̬̗̠̹̜̺̪͎̭̯̖̪̤͙͖͔͔̺̟͚͎̝̜̪̣̜͚̥̺̩̜͙̲̟̘͚͈̖̻̤̫͔͖͉͉̭̟̮̩̤̪̯͍͍̻̖̮̹̤̮͋̓̐̔̍̓̔̽̄̅̐͌̓̈̇̈́̓̄͆͌͛̑͗̐͑̑̋̍́̇͛̾́̉̀̿͐̎͋̃̀͒̂̆̎͊͐̃̾̇͗̋̀̊̓̈́̑́̽̆̈́̄̊̍͋̋̆̋̑̌̅̂̉͑̾̓̐̃̾̽̇̈̆̈́͆̇́͐̈́͒̋́̌̏̈́̐̓͐̉̊̎̐͗̇̐̓͊̒̋́̋̓͊́̐͐͌̀͛̂͆̍̂̈̅͂̐̆̓͐͘̕̚͘̚̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͝͝͠͝͝͠ͅͅͅͅë̵̢̢̡̨̢̧̢̢̡̧̧̢̨̧̧̢̧̡̛̛͇̥̫̪̙̗̦̝̟̥͖͓͍͉̮͕̮͔͎͇̗̟̖̺̯͔͇͕̦̝͚͓̳̳̼̪̞̺͙͙̭̥̤͈̫̳͇̞̮͕̣̯͙̪̫̯͉̳͈͇̪̤̱͚͕͇̺̼̗̱̞̤̹̼͔͔͍̞͈̰͓̫͈͎̮͕̞̙͔͈̗̗̪̝̳͔̭̗͇͍͖͔̦͇̙̟͔͍͙̜͔͕̗̘͉̖̩̣̲̘̮͎͍̫̩͎͔̺͎͔͉͓̯̬̪̼͓͔̖̪̻̟͇̙̩͇̬͈̬̘̱̤̮̙̹̻̜̘̼͉̺̰͕͈̟͔̤̲̞̦͓̼̙̗͔̮͕̞̜̯̰͎̠͈̩̗̣͍̪̱̝͎̖͎̫̗͉͙͈̝́̿̊̏͌̈́̓̈̋̍͐̏͊̆̋̊̄̈́̑̑͌́͆̈̋͛̅͊̍͊̈́̈́͐̍́̈́͊̿͌͂̈́̀̊̓̓̌̉̋̄͛̈́̆̇̆̓̓̃̀̿̄͑͐̓̈́͊͋̔̈̽͊̈́̂͗͆͒͂̓͊̉̉͛̈́̒̒̎̈́̍̏̌̔͐͑̒͆̓͆́̽͛̒̓͊͐̍́̈͊̏̿̈́̈́̉̊̓̎͋̽̉̊͘̚̕͘̚̚͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅş̷̧̧̧̡̨̢̡̢̨̡̧̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̠͚̩̙̞͎̥͖̠͍̫̬̹̼͓̫͈͍̖̯͇͇̝̜͇͍͓̮̺̗͚̺̺͙̹̤͚͚̞̜̫̙̮̣̰̣̹̯͍̱͙̜̰̬̻̗̙̯̯̠̙͖̲̞͉͕̱̞̹̮̟͙͕͕̰̹̼̦̖̻̫̟̼̫̘̝͖͚̬̟̬̖̺̙̭͚͈͔̳̬̬̰̭̭̰͓̗̤̱͉̗̘͕̤͈̦̪̣̙̯̩͙̦̰̥̤͈͍͙͉̮̤̗͕͙̝̠̩̙͉̹̩͙͍̖͚̟̯̥̰̬̱͓̖͉̰̹̯̞̭͈͓͙̰̪̮͈̫͙̺̫͐͋̔̀̈͛̈͛͋͌͌͛̐͌͂͗͛̆͒̓̃͑͋͗͒͒͛̃͂͑̀͆̃̒̾͋̐̏̊̀̈͆̅̓̍̾̽͌̑̈́͛͐͐̓̾̐̆̎̑̉̔̌̀͑́̐͂̋̈́̈́̆̑̾͊͊̇̿̀͂̃̐̔̆́͛͛͒̉̓͂͗̀̄͑́̒̈̓̾̔͋̓̃͒̿̿͂͂̊̅͋̐̓̿͑̄̀̌͑̅̓͋͗̾̈͐̈́̂͒̇̌̐͗̄͊̆̆̉̈́̐̆͑̒̏̓̀̋̃̔̍̀̄̌͛̏̾̌̇́̾͋̏̔͒̏̀͂̏̓̽͗̒̋̾̾́̋͑̈́̀̀͐̈̔̊̃͗̆̇͗̓͛̇̈́̂͒̂̂͆̄͛̒͛̆̿̌̿̐̌͘̚̕̚̕͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅͅc̵̨̣͈̦͖͕͚̘͈̜̠̪̜͇̜̯̜̱͎͙̼͙̬͉͉̪̠̬͈̯̥̀̀́̀̍̀͒̀̉͂̋̏̅̚͘͜ͅr̵̨̨̨̨̢̡̡̡̧̨̧̨̡̢̡̧̨̢̡̢̢̡̢̢̢̢̨̨̡̢̧̡̡̛̛̤̲̩̪͕͍̱̪̦͈̦̫̖͔̲̜͔̤̣͙̙̘͎̳͚̲̯̣̟̖̩̹͕̲̳͖̘̭̦̩̹̻̩͉̜͔̣͉̼̹͉̭̠͕̞̫̪̠̩̹̖̮̩̫͉̲͇̣̬̣͇̰͓̜̻̦̠͍̝͔̜̲̝̩̹̳͎̙͔͚̙̟̣͇͚̹̰̦̰̮̤̖̺͉̭͈̠̟̫̩̬̥͍̻̦̖̩͔͖͕͉̘͇̥̹̯̦̘͈̱̦̳̻̖̫̗͍̱̤̯̮̺̰͍̱̱̩̭̺̲̪̳̤̳̪̬̹̳̗̗̮̪̫̗̠̺̤̭̥̠̙̱̺̲̥̩͖̺͎̟͔̝͖̗͕̲̱̫͇̫͇̯͓̹̙̗̰͓̰̱̝͖̖̝̖̱͍̲͓̻̟̙̜̪͉̼͎͚͖̞̰͕͚̥͍̟̦̹̭̜͈͔͔̯̽̊̓̌̐̓̉̎̀̌͂̀͌̐̀̓̃̑̽̑͂̅̌̒͛͋̋̾͌̀͐́̐̏͆̋̈́͒̿͑̕͘̕̕̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅͅi̸̧̡̧̧̢̧̢̡̡̢̧̨̧̡̨̢̛̦̼̠̺̳̘̺̰̗̩̰͉͇̰̼̪̩̖̭̪͉͖̱̤͉͕̤̭̰̘̖͔͈̬̗̤͙͖̱̫͉͎͕̺̬̙̱̭̲̦͇̯̤͎͈̞͈͉̪̮̹͙̰̪̗͎͈̫̥͖̩̰̺̤̹̲̳̱̯͔͚̘̮̫̘̟̺̙͖̞̟͇̗̱̤̫̝̟̻͈͉͈͒̃̊̉͒͆́̄̈́̄͌̌̎̑̍̔͌̎̽̈́͋̎̃̆̆̽̏͆͛̑͂͆̈́̉̑̉̽̽͑̓̀̚̕̚͜͠͝͝b̵̧̡̛̛̛̛̛̛̖̯̬̺̠̤̯͈̝̺̘͉͕͚̟̹͓̘̥̥̤̗̪͚̘̳͓͍̻͓̪͕͓̮̼̩͍̙͖̦̯͉̣̭͕̮̪̤͙̟̻̞̖̩͉̲̝̜̰͇͍̓̈́͒̀̽́́̐̿̈́͗̽̿̌͗̋̀̊͗̔̓̀̿͗̿̈̎̒͌̈́͛̎̌̅̏͋͑̉̃̃̃́̇̓̉̂̐̆̔̔̈́̿̾̿̈͆͛̄̓̃̓̊̓̓̌͒̄̎̒̒͛̽̏̈́͑̐̋̾̈́͛̄̅̀͌͛͆̾͆̈́͌̈́͐̈́̉̍͋̀̆͂̆̐̆͊͗̉̓̆͌̓͆͐̉͊̊͋͗͐̆̒̏͐̔̀͋͌̎͆̋̈́̽͌͌̀̅͑̾̽̈́̊͆͒̀̿͊͗̄̋̔̿̔͊̔̊͋̽̍̓̇̓͆̄̔̂̓͑̽̓̃̈́̓̅̀̋̏̏̀͋̈́̌͊́̾̊̽̈̔̔̓̿̂̃͑̄̀̀͌̔̎͒͋̕̚͘͘͘̕̚͘̚̕̚͘͘̕̚͘̚͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ę̵̡̢̡̢̧̡̡̧̛̛̛̛̛̟̥̯͎̞̞̤̻̦̭͓͔͚̦̬̖̻̮̲̺͙͍̺͙͓̝̺̳̪̝͇̤̤͓̼͙̬̟̭̣̲͇͈͓͇̤̗͓̘̘͙̘͚̗̖̣͔̟̪̜͖̞͉̤̝̦̬͎͕͚̪̳̹̻̱͙̮̘̝͔̠̠̫̟͔͍̮̭͙̻̲͈͔̝̭̝̹̞̼̙͚̦̜͖̭̰̪̫̲̱̰͉̯́̆̈́̍̊͂͒͗́̾̎̈̆́͒̐̇̆̄̀͗̉̇̐̇̿̒̌͊̇̂̽͗̉̋̓̌͊͊̆͐͆̿̆̏̏̄́͛͌͋͗̏͌̊̒̋̆͐͂̉̾̊̉͆̆͑̇͒̉͋̈́̽͂̓̾̓͋͐̔̆̊͗͛̒̐̂͑̇̄̏̊̐͗́͂̉͊̀̄̀͛̐̿̏̓͛̉͌͂͊̔̈̅̀̀̋́̆̀͌̅̓̇̒̉̎̐̏͋̐́̿̀́̈̋̔̔̈́́̓́̽̏͑͆̿̑̾̈͑̀̅͗̽̔̄̽̈́͌̉̄̊̆̊̔̊̒̆͂́̊͘̕̕̕̕͘̕̕̕̕̕̚̚͘̚̕͘̕͜͜͜͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝ͅͅd̵̡̧̢̧̢̡̢̡̡̨̨̧̨̧̢̨̨̨̧̡̡̢̧̨̢̨̨̢̧̡̢̨̛͇̣̹̘͚̣̦̹͉̗͖̻͈͙̲̠̪̭̱̞͔̗͈̳̼͕͚̯̪̻̻̩̳̬̼̙͔̥̝͇̮̬͕̦̘̬̘̯̙̮̳̮̤̫̖̺͎̫͇̳̣̬̻̙͇̱͍̤͕͔̹̖̭̫̜͍͇͔̳̩̗̗̦̜̮̰̺̺̝̠̻͚̱͉̫̗͚̜̮̬̙̰̯̬̞͙̘̪͉̪͙͖͕͈͎̫̩̜̺̭͓͍͈͓̬̤̬̯͍̩͖͉̫͎̩̻͈͉̦̖̲͈͓̬̝̖͕̞͈̘̜͔̫͙͚̳͖̲̺̱̜̺̹͇̖̜̤͙̝̣̻̦̘̜̺̱̭̭̞̳̖͎͙͚̺̫̳̼̲͓͙̟͕̝̝̻̟̗̜̺̼̱͓̯̙̰̹̻͍̫͖̫̤̗̝̜̮̗̤͔̳̣͎̱̼̫͋̀̂̈́̈́̑͊̓͊͛̈́̽̊̅̿͂͋̿̄̌́̾̎̃͋̀̒̀͛̑̍̋͌͑̑̽̄̒̔̏̉̀̇̄́̐͂́̈́̅͐̆̇̾͂͊̾̈́̽̽̐̏͑̒̆̍͂̒̊̎͗̿̔̀̾̇̋̾͂̔̎̅͗̐͗̈́͑̍̓̌͛͋͂̉̏̐͂̎̎̾͑̏̊̽͐͌̃͑͛̈́͒̾͘̕̕̚̚͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͠͠͠͠͝͠͠ͅͅͅͅ ̶̧̨̡̨̧̢̨̛̛̛̛̜̳̳̹̙͎̝͎̰̪͕̺͎̹̝͕̺͓͎̩̬̠͉͓͔̗̼̻̟̰̟͙̙͚͔̗͉͇̭̬̠̙̝͍̬̘͔̖͚̖̱̬̥̪̺͈͖̭̫͈͚̞̟̝͔̖̰̬̖̱̫̯̳͙̙̘̺͔͎͓͔̞͕̱͖̱͇̘̤̠̺̗͓̬͓͍̼͚̯͔͇̗̟̬̯͖̙͕̻͚̬͈̫̦̹͕͉͎̗̹̱̝̺̭͙̱̰̘̻̗̙̗̝̤̫̹̙̯̩̥̰̖̉́̉͐̓͂͒̂̿͌̽̀̓͋͆̀̿̈́̈́͛̈̉̓͌͂͗̽͋̈́͑̅̓͋̈͆́͐͗̀͐̌̏́̈́͑́̃͗̀̿̅̿̆̂̏̏̏͋͋̈́͆̈́̽̎̿́͂̅̐̋̌͂̓̿̉̈̍̈̽̈́̃̃͐͗͋͊͐̃̈́̀̅̈͆̿͐̎̇̌͑̌́̉͗́̀̓́̉̅͂̃͗̅̅̀͑̉̒́͗͗͒͒̾̎̍̾͆̽͂̾́̚͘̚̚͘͘̕̚̚̚̚̚̚̚͘̕̚͜͜͝͝͝͠͠͝͝͝͝͠͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅb̷̢̧̧̧̢̨̢̢̛̛͔̣̫̩̤͍̘͉̱̜̪͚͕͚͈͚̱͕̞̜͇̮̳͇͉͓̠̬̹̦͉̻̬̗̙͎̭̩̗͙̮̥͔̭̺̦͍̜͕̝̩͈̞̤̹͉͖͚͚̦̰̙̫͔͖̣͉͚̱̠̯͖͈̜̦͓̤̫̯̯̺̗͓̠̱̺͔̪͓̪̲̦̭̙̜͍̭͔͖̲͂̾̃̀̂͛̽͑̅̽̏́̒͋̍̇̈́͐̈́̐̔͊̇͑̊́͛͋̀̈́̿̄͛̑̒̓̅̄̇̓̓͐̆͌̐́̓̄̿̑̓͛̓͐̍͋̂͑̇́̾̏̐̒̿̃̏͂̆̒͆̌́̈̔̈́̎̇̈́̈́̈́̽̊̊̑̍͐̔̎͑͒̈̌̽̀̈̉̒̾͒̄̿̍͒̉͛͑͊͆͒̌̀̃͗̅̃̊͂̽̌͂͛͐̂̓̎̄̿́̈́͌͌̉̉͗̋̌̾̔̄̓͌̽̅̉̽̎͂́̿̀̔̆͒̀͊̈́̀̀̎͂̽̅͌̿̈̈́̌̈́͋͒́̇͘̚̕͘̕̚̕͘̕̕̕͘̕̚̕͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͠͝͠ͅͅͅͅͅŷ̴̢̡̡̢̢̡̢̨̹̰̗͉̙̩̣̪̞̣͕̺̘͇̯̹͍͚̜̼̝͔͈̬͎̥̹͔͉̝̯̹̖̫̘̠͚̮̰̻̟̻̝̥̰͔̦͖̩̜͚̩͔͍̳̰͓͔̪̠̜̫̗̟̪̙͉̞̬͖̝̱̭̬̣̲̘̹͉̥̼͈̺̦̙̙͓̩͙̱͓̹̦͍̜̫͓̬̙̤̥̩̥̱͕̹͉̖̣͕̖̙̮͉͆̏̍̄̐͊̓̀͆̎̈́̓͊̆̒̍̈́͆̉̽̄͛̏̅̊̅̋̍͒̉͐́̎̌̓̑͒͘̚̚͜͠͝͠ͅͅͅ ̸̢̡̧̨̧̨̡̧̨̨̨̡̡̨̧̨̡̡̨̡̢̧̨̢̡̢̧̛̛̛͔̰̩̯̺̦̼̤̙̝͖̝̦͎̪̫̟̫̠̹̮̲̘͔̫̥͍̱̤̰̬̫̙͖͙̜̬̙̘͚̰̝̰̪͔͚̭̟̬̥̖͕̺͖̥͔̦̪͔̯͈͚̰̥͉̪̮̤͕̹͎͍͍͖̝̮͔̞͙̲̭͕̗̹̯̺̬̹̥̝̫̲͚̥̰̙͔̺̼̦̲̺͔̦̥̙̠̣͉͙̬͖̠̻̩̖͍̠͇͇͉̬͇̤̱̳̙̜̣̮̮̳̻̪̻̬͕̠͇̣̹̬̱̯͈̬͕̥̭̹̪̻̼̘̲͕̦̦̜̦͖̼͉͖̣͈̟̺̩̤̰̼̣̣̹̞͙̭̺͈̤̱̫̙̱͓͈̬͕͓̯͇͍̍̄̌̏͑̈͂̏̔̋́̊̈́̀̽̽̍͋͑̈́͗͛͗̈́͊̒̄̆̃̓̾̃̆͌͋̒̒͑̏̾͐̀̓͋̊͋̑̅̍̊̓͐̀̍̆̽̿̄̈͌̀̾̈́̃̎͊̋̈̒̀̕͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͠͝ͅͅ"̵̧̨̨̡̧̢̧̡̡̡̧̨̖̖͍̠̗̪͕̣̳͚̱̥̼̺̻̜̭̲͉̯͇̰̟̝̲̗̬̖̯̬̩̼̮͎̼̣̝̪̟̩͉͎̦̙̹̩͉̥̻͎̠̞̠̯̺͇̲̦̰̥̝̖̞̣̫͎̯͓̲̜͕͖̗̖̘͙͈̘̩̟͓͕̻̰̯̜̦͔̭̻̬̫̻̪͎̲̙̯̬̫̞̺̪͉̮̤͖̪̥͍̯̜͕͐̀̇̊̒̄͑̏̎͐̆̃̎̓̍͗͛̑̾̌̓̎̋̈̿̅̐͋̽͗̅̽̀̉̇̉̍̋͋̅̓̊̑̀̐̉̅̂̉̑́̍͐̅͛̿̈́͆͆̈̅̓̑̂͗͗̔̈́̉́͌͌̀͗̈͂́̏̄̊́̈́̓̆́̒̑̑͑̑̑͒͂͐͗̃̏̔̏͒́́͗̾͂̿̃̄̌͌̆̇̇͌̅̀̉̾̇̽̏̆͗͘̕̕̕̚̕͘̚̕̚͘̕͜͜͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͠ͅͅS̸̢̢̧̧̧̢̡̢̢̡̧̧̡̨̢̨̧̧̢̢̢̢̨̡̡̢̨̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̛̬̺̥̰͉̺̻̻͙̙̙̬̯̜͙̤̠̲͓͚̤̙̜̝̦̰͕̭̤̖̲̖̤̳̣̗̮͓̠̠̳̫̣̟̩̳̟͖̫̯͉̮̥̺̜̝̬̜̪̳͓̟̖̗̙͇̫̙̞̖̮̞͚̟̥̼͍̗̙̝̘̹̠̼̣͙̟͓͉̦̹͉͔̬̭͎̰͎͙͍͔̗͉̖̗͓͕̬̱̝͈͖̼̣̬̞̝̬̲̭͖͖̪͖̬̣̳̺̫̙̜̘͉̗͓̞̺͉̘͈͉̼̟̖̘̬̦̫̤̩̟͚̫̮͎̣̘̞̻̯̬͔͚̠̝̲͕̜̳̩̺̞̟̗͔̟̠̙̖̰̭̪̥̘͔̣͕̪̟̫̟̯͚͓͎̱̞̭̙̬̙͔̭̪̪̫̮̠̝̹̻̙̬͙̙̰̍̌̑͊̔̐̎̒̎͋̍͑̒̆̓͛̋̀̏̾̓̉́̈́̀̀̓̌̄̈͆̈̄̈̎̌̓̈̒́̾̏̊̉͛͛̍̌͋͊͗̐̽̎̏͛́͆̓̅̓̏̀͛̊̀̽̒̓͌̓̃̎̆̈͌̅͛̉̾͂̓́̄̊́̋͂̇̃̄̅̐̃͋́̃͆̓͒̄̈́̂̽̿͌̀̒̽͗̈́̍͗͂̿̈̄̎̈́̉́̀̐̉̽͐̇̏̈͌̋̐̆̊̽̇̈́͒̈́̊̅͛̃͗͛̀͌̒́́̑͆͌̂̽͒͗͗̍̏̎̌͆͐̐͛̊̿̄͂̌̾̀̑͊̉̓̍̑̾͆͊͗̓̏̎͐̾͗͐̑̒̾̂̑͂̆̈́̋̄̈́̋̈́̆͒̽̌̈͆͋̓̽̿̀̕͘̕̕̚̕̕̕̕̚̚͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ"̴̧̢̨̨̢̢̧̨̢̡̨̨̨̡̧̨̨̢̡̡̡̨̢̢̢̧̨̨̢̨̛̪͙͉̘͕͚̞͎̞̘̮͇͕͙̘̱̫͕̻͚̥̬͎͉̺̪̙̼̝̮̝̭͔̬̝̤̜̙͖̤̳̝̫̟̥͈͍̥̰̥̹̣̤̟̘̠̮͓͓͚̻̬͕̮͔̰͕̤̖̖̮̟͚̥͇̻̹̞̳̹̗̘͉͍͍̫̼̘̥̜̟͓̺̠̜͉͉̭̰̯̗͉̘͈͈͕̦̺̯̖̖̭̗̞̱͍̥̼̝̜̪̩͙̩̠̯̱͈̟̙̦̼̰̲͍̝̗̙͔̦̥͉̼͔͕̻͕͍̤̠̼̲̰̟͖̬̘͇̻̰̞̞̲̯̹̮̭̠̠̯̰͉̺̲͖͉̞̯͚̱̰͔̫̻̦̘͕̠̯̺͖͚̩̭̫̼̱̙̠̪͙͎͉̠͈͔͇̫̜͔̟̼̪̯̫̦̰͚͓͈̦̪̮͙̤̹̩͔̺̠̙̳͙̬͖̟͕̰̞̹͉̤͚̹̯̼̄̐̃̾̏͂̀̌͑̾͛͆̌͊̋̽̒̈́͋̋͆̈̅̓̍̓̉̀͐͛͑̈́̍̓̇̿̒̊͘̚̚̚͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ.̸̡̡̡̢̨̡̡̢̧̡̨̛̛̛̛̼͕̙͙͈̖̗͈͓̺͉̳̖̮̬̳̣̹͉̙͓̺̱͓̫̲̬̻̫̼̭͔͔͙̦̳̺̺̟̲͉̥̜͖̲̻͈̖͚̰͔̦̖̣̫̗̺̪̥̪͉̹̖͇̪̖̲̬̟̱̝̻͔̯̲̳̪̲̫̤̫̮̰̞̣̟̦͇̰̳̞̝͙͖̥̙̲̠̬̪̙̠̤̥̮̘̰͕͚̙̠̤̰̹̤̤̻̺͇̠͕̪̩̍̎̾́͆̓̐͗́̒̊̊̽̊̏̽͋͐̅͑̾͗̒́̄̏̂̈̏͌͂̍͂̎͂̆̔͋̓̓̍̍̔̅͑͗͊̾̄͌͂́̈́̑̈́͗̈̄̊̌̉͑̆͊̈́̈̄̽͗͆̈͗̅̽̒̍̓̓̂̿͌̃̊́̇̓̈́͛͒̒͑͒̈́̾̈̓́͐͑̊̐̄͗̎̀̿́̽̾̄̾̋̿̀̇̅̑́̌͌́͒̎͂̔̑̑͊̎̃̐͌̆̈́̔̚̕͘͘̕͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅͅͅ

Magic Ctl S̵̜̙̗̹̯̗̠̥̘̄̃

Unconscious Boosts: Blazers can unconsciously amplify their statistics by 5 or 6 times (6 or 7 for Magia, thanks to one statement by Firepheonixearl

  • Magic Sense- Being a blazer, Magia can sense magic.

Master Swordsmanship: Magia is strangely familiar with Ikki, a very skilled and versatile master swordsman due to continuous training to make up for his lack of magic power, Edelweiss, one of the few people who can say they surpass him (if only by a little), a well as some of the other people the former has copied techniques from.

  • Imperial Sword Style is a style of swordsmanship practiced mainly by the Vermillion family. Ikki copied this technique after Stella used it against him in the first battle, and stated it only took him 30 seconds (ages) to perfect the sword technique completely.
  • Ayatsuji Itto-ryu (綾辻一刀流, Ayatsuji Single-Blade Style): The Ayatsuji Itto-ryu is swordsmanship taught in the Ayatsuji Dojo by Kaito Ayatsuji, which emphasizes counter-attacks. In the past, Kaito was able to defeat criminal Blazers in his prime despite being a normal human. Though there were people who admired him, he received resentment from other Blazers who viewed practicing martial arts as being unneeded practice due to their superior powers and hated Kaito for being able to defeat Blazers. As such, he never became famous within the World of Magic Knights despite his deeds.
    • Ten'i Muhou: Ten'i Muhou is the secret and final ultimate technique of the Ayatsuji Itto-ryu, it is a sword technique meant to as a counter-attack yet one doesn't use their sword to do so since it would mean that the position of their blade would have to be shifted from the place they desire to attack. The user would need to ward off the attack of their opponent using their bodies without shifting their sword or the place they desire to attack. Ten'i Muhou requires a peerless stance to evade the enemy's attacks by taking the most minimal movements, as well as dispelling everything in the material world while feeling every physical existence around them. Ten'i Muhou is meant to evade an opponent's attacks and hit them with a strong attack of their own. The technique's true power lies in the evading, as a user of the technique can evade almost any attack, no matter the speed and power of those attacks.
  • Mutou Dori (無刀取り, Weaponless Catch): Ikki can use one of the techniques of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, which uses the power of his fingers and wrist movement to catch the opponent's weapon and snatch it away.
  • Seigan no Kamae: A stance which focuses on slowly approaching the enemy while being sturdy. Ikki used this against Moroboshi, who stated that the pressure Ikki was giving was that of a tree planted into the ground. The scope of this stance is to be on the defensive while slowly approaching your enemy. Due to the stance not changing, the enemy will end up unconsciously attacking the same spots and making the same motions resulting in an eventual increase in defense for the user of the stance and eventually approaching for a counter attack or waiting for the opponent to make a mistake in a strike due to the impatience or nervousness of being read.
  • Edelweiss' Swordplay: After his initial encounter with Edelweiss through the use of his Blade Steal, he was able to utilize her swordsmanship at the last moment before he passed out. Due to the nature of Edelweiss' swordplay, it boosted his speed to where the former Seven Star Sword King, Moroboshi couldn't even react though he could hear the attacks and sense Ikki. Ikki can also use Edelweiss' technique for purposes other then swordsmanship, such as restarting his own heart after it had stopped. After copying the style Ikki could use the Seven secret swords even without Ittou Shura, furthermore, the style ignores energy reduction from hitting the atmosphere, making the attacks themselves silent due to not hitting air (so she is intangible). Due to lacking the need to accelerate he seems many times faster than he actually is, producing blitz like effects even against people superior to him in speed along with also becoming hard to perceive due to having an acceleration that far exceeds anyone's motion perception (lacking acceleration entirely), aside from anyone who's seen that a lot, or just originating from the real world.
  • Tsunoou/Harmonic Bullet: A unison attack between Ikki and Stella, in which he jumps forward and attacks using Saigeki, then Stella sends him forward using a powerful swing sending him forward with much greater strength than normal. It was named Tsunoou by Ikki and Harmonic Bullet by Stella.
  • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu (旭日一心流, lit. Rising Sun Unification Style) is a style of swordsmanship passed down in the Kurogane Household. Due to him being born as an F-Rank, Ikki was never able to join the other children in their training sessions; however, Ikki learned several techniques after watching the training session and seeing his elder brother, Ouma Kurogane who was training by himself even when everyone else left even the teachers left.
    • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu - Karai (旭日一心流 · 火雷, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Fire Thunder): This is a technique, in which the user performs a diagonal slash with one hand, then it is followed by a strong punch using the other one.
    • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Jin no Kiwami - Amaterasu (旭日一心流・迅の極・天照, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Swiftness - Heavenly Shine): A secret technique, where the user utilizes all their muscles to deliver a fast strike at godspeed.
    • Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu · Retsu no Kiwami - Amatsukaze (旭日一心流・烈の極・天津風, Rising Sun One Mind Style · Highest of Sequence - Heavenly Crossing Wind): A secret technique taught in the Kurogane Household for several generations, where the user performs a continuous series of one-hundred and eight slashes, which overpower the opponent with strength and speed.
      • Amatsu Raikou (天津雷光, Heavenly Lightning): This is an evolved form of Amatsukaze, a secret technique among the Kyokujitsu Isshin-ryuu of the Kurogane Household, where he delivers a continuous one-hundred and eight slashes that is almost like lightning striking.
  • The Seven Secret Swords: The Secret Swords are seven sword techniques, which Ikki Kurogane had created to make up for his lack of magic and just focused training in swordsmanship and martial arts. He has revealed a number of these secret swords in battles against other Blazers during the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Selection Matches. At first, a lot of his secret swords relied on using his Ittou Shura and wouldn't have work overwise, however, using Blade Steal to "steal" Edelweiss' Swordsmanship, Ikki became able to utilize his various secret swords without needing to use his limited Noble Art. Although they are single techniques, Ikki has shown to be able to combine techniques.
    • Saigeki (犀撃, Rhinoceros Strike): A charging and anti-material technique, where Ikki uses his arm strength, leg strength, and charging power combined with his superhuman body control; focusing all the vectors of his power at the point of his sword, thus granting the highest offensive power among his secret swords.
    • Rekkou (裂甲, Rend Armor): A point-blank slash, where Ikki uses the body's lower torque to strike his opponent after blocking their attack.
    • Madoka (円, Circle): Ikki receives an attack, taking the power, then he rotates himself around as if making a circle, then sends it back as a counter. Madoka has shown to be a useful technique against more powerful opponents such as Ouma and Stella. In the final match of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, it evolved to the point where Ikki didn't even need to spin anymore instead using his latissimus to transfer the force into his next attacks. Narration stated that to do this, his muscles had to relaxed without end almost like a liquid. This is however dangerous as even a moment of stiffness would result in his muscles exploding from the force.
    • Shinkirou (蜃気狼, Mirage Wolf): Using radical footwork, Ikki creates an afterimage before himself while running to confuse his opponent, then vanish like a mirage after being struck.
    • Kuruizakura (狂い桜, Off-Season Sakura): A sword attack with a delayed effect using slashes with certain force and mechanisms to create wounds that won't open until later on.
    • Dokuga-no-Tachi (毒蛾ノ太刀, Poisonous Moth's Long Sword): All of Ikki's muscles work together to create a shock wave. Due to the human body being mostly made of water it is weak against vibrations, as such if this attack is blocked it will cause a ripple on the inside of the body causing the interior to be disrupted. More often than not causing blood to gush out of their body.
      • Ikki has shown to be able to use Rekkou, which was powered with the effects of Donkuga-no-Taichi to release a counterattack which attacks the internal organs.
    • Raikou (雷光, Lightning): The fastest among his secret sword technique, where Ikki performs a sword swing at such speed that it exceeds ones' dynamic vision making it appear as an invisible slash. This would fail against anything sufficiently faster than him.
    • Final secret sword, Oikage (追影, Seeking Shadow): Oikage is a technique Ikki had developed after his seven secret sword techniques in the final of the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival to defeat Stella, thus making it his final secret sword technique. Oikage is a battoujutsu, which doesn't need a sheath as his Intetsu doesn't have one, instead, Ikki uses his hand in a manner that similar to a sheath and does so after first using his Ittou Rasetsu, afterward unleashes a slash that moves at extreme speeds to the point where his shadow was unable to keep up and is described as being the concept of a slash. Oikage is stated to be the peak that other people have attempted to reach.
  • Block: Ikki has shown to be impeccable in terms of blocking attacks from even more powerful sources like Stella, an attacker so powerful she could turn his bones to ash with sheer strength, by blocking in such a manner that he would not suffer injuries even after taking several attacks from her. Stella stated that one small miscalculation would completely ruin the block, and he would receive the full force of the attack.
    • Energy Dispersion: During the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, Ikki shows a certain type of block where he can make the energy of the attack flow through his entire body without actually damaging it. This proves to be useful as it allows him to invalidate the force of Stella's attacks.
    • Irregular Block: Due to needing to be focused on attacks, Ikki can be left vulnerable to attacks by not being able to bring his sword in time to meet the opponent's attack. With this in mind Ikki learned a way to be always able to block. Irregular Block allows him to block attacks in rather bizarre poses. Be it with the handle or with the tip of the sword. This means that strategies like parrying, blocking, or getting Ikki off balance are incapable of making him unable to block. He did something similar against Ayase Ayatsuji. Even though she released a "rain of sword attacks" on him while he was on his knees, she still was incapable of landing a single hit as Ikki managed to block every attack.

Expert Weapon Specialist: Ikki has shown skills in wielding kodachi, spears, and even archery. Enough that he been able to teach these skills to others. Stella said the reason why Ikki learned so many different fighting styles was to help him better make up for his lack of magic power. Not only is Ikki capable of using most weapons due to his mastery, but he can even apply the same concept to his sword, such as using kodachi techniques on Intetsu by using the blade as a handle to shorten the length and increase the speed.

Master Marksmanship: He has shown incredible skill in throwing projectiles with a great deal of accuracy, often being able to disable an opponent's weapon. In his fight with Manabe, Ikki flicked an eraser that bounced off the ceiling and was wedged in between his gun's hammer and its percussion cap, disabling the large-caliber revolver Device efficiently. He was able to kick a small object on the ground with such fantastic precision letting Ikki use a tube of lipstick to knock a knife out of man's hand and kicked a little rock into the sheath of Narukami; thus it prevented Touka from using Raikiri.

Master Hand-to-hand Combat: Ikki is very adept in various styles of martial arts to make up for his lack of magic power. He was able to deal with five Blazers wielding their Devices without using his own while holding back enough not to injure them. Ikki has also shown to be skilled in Ukemi, a martial art, which focuses on receiving blows and strikes, then dispersing the force through his body, and surviving deadly blows.

File:Rakudai kishi no cavalry trackless step.gif
  • Trackless Step (抜き足 Nukiashi): Created by the legendary God of War, Torajirou Nangou, Trackless Step is a part of an ancient Japanese martial art, which the user combines both their breath control and footwork to split into their opponent's unconsciousness due to the brain being unable to process all of the little details that a person sees or hear without overworking itself and/or burning out. As such, the Trackless Step doesn't accelerate a person's movements, but it instead makes their actions challenging to perceive even though they're able to see them, their brain doesn't recognize it as relevant information. It appears as if they had just zoned out for a moment. Weaker users of Trackless Step have shown the ability to use Trackless Step to enter people's blind spots, Ikki used this to get into the blind spots of an entire army simultaneously.
    • Later, Ikki has shown to use the same concept to pass by a crowd of civilians completely undetected.
    • Ikki is also able to invalidate this technique because he can shift his attention to his unconsciousness, however not only was this stated to be impossible for non martial artists especially ones who are not familiar with the technique, but it is also said to be notably hard to pull off in the middle of combat especially when you do not expect it. Well, you, specifically, evidently have different criteria for "dangerous," meaning that their usage of it would fail on us. With that said, an adjusted variant may do the trick.

High Intellect: Ikki has proven to be highly knowledgeable and quick to pick up on a lot of details amid battle. He has shown to know a lot about the workings and strong points of the human body and brain, which let him fix the stance of Ayase so that she could correctly use her feminine build, thus improving her own Ayatsuji Itto-ryu to a better extent. Ikki has shown to be able to understand the details about ones' fighting styles, abilities, and strength after seeing or fighting them. This is highlighted as he was able to figure out the Marginal Counter of Kuraudo, which combined his inborn superhuman reflex and reaction. Ikki was able to figure out the workings of Trackless Step. He can figure out even the most mysterious of Blazer abilities after just seeing them once using whatever hints he has, even the rare causation manipulation. In battles, Ikki usually tries to outsmart his opponents because he understands he always at a natural disadvantage. A prime example of Ikki's cunning was how he was able to defeat Iris Ascarid; the 4th Ranked Blazer in the KOK League, without being in danger.

Enhanced Senses: Due to rigorous training Ikki has developed heightened senses to the point where it is believed to be one of its strongest points. Even a once in 30 year genius such as Stella Vermillion, who has trained all her life similarly to Ikki, could not even come close to learning the same level of control over her senses and stated that if she could reach that point, Ittou Shura would be a joke to her. Out of the enhanced senses Ikki has shown to have:

  • Enhanced Awareness: Ikki has a complete awareness of everything within the range of his sword. As stated by Shizuku, it doesn't matter what kind of attack, be it perceivable or unperceivable, if it gets into Ikki's sword range Ikki's 6th sense will be able to pick it up. His awareness is stated to be close range during the selection battles arc and eventually grows to have complete awareness over the entire arena with 0 blind spots.
    • Enhanced Sixth: Ikki has the "Samurai's sixth sense" which gives him knowledge of everything within the range of his sword, such as him being able to know where, from which direction, at what angle, and at what time Renren would attack him, despite him stating she was too fast for him, with her speed exceeding human motion perception.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Ikki has an extreme sense of hearing making him capable of not only hearing things such as perfectly hearing everything about his body like his blood flow, but he also has an acute hearing capable of calculating the exact location where something happened just by hearing the sound it made, could notice the sound air makes and use it to deduce the angle and speed of the attack, and could calculate the location, speed, angle of every bullet along with the time they were going to reach him using just the sound the barrels made when they were shot. He can also use his hearing to notice voids in sound to know where people who use stealth or invisibility abilities are located.
  • Enhanced Sight: In the middle of his intense fight against Stella, Ikki was capable of seeing and focusing on every strand of Stella's hair move.
    • Microvision: Ikki is capable of seeing movements in the muscles of people and knowing where the attack will come from based on just that. This can somehow work even against clothed opponents, seemingly giving him a limited form of X-Ray Vision.
    • FTL Vision: His vision is better than Stella's who could see Ikki mid Oikage and notice that he was so fast his shadow could not keep up.
  • Enhanced Smell: Was mentioned once.
  • Enhanced Touch: Ikki skin is extraordinarily sensitive to the point where he could feel the movement of air to see and predict attacks and even feel every grain of dust hitting his skin in his battle against Stella.
  • Magical Perception: Due to being a blazer, he can sense the presence of magical energy be it in the area or in attacks to deduce whether an attack is using magical energy or not.
  • Strength and Capability Detection: Due to having such a honed sense in fighting, Ikki can realize many things about his opponent from his strength and overall capability to whether he is a sword fighter or not and more. He did so to Kuraudo, Ikki realized he was an opponent he could not take down without deploying Intetsu just from talking with him.
  • Danger Sense: Ikki has a rather profound sense of danger. Almost similar to precognition, Ikki can seemingly feel when his attack is not going to work or when an enemy attack will kill him, allowing him to avoid it accordingly. He did so against Edelweiss after going for an attack, he immediately jumped backward out of instinct and later realized that if he hadn't done so Edelweiss' invisible attack would have decapitated him. Similarly he sensed the same against Kuraudo, as soon as he saw the blade disappear he sensed danger and ducked out of instinct even though he had no idea what had happened or where the attack would come from and quick enough to dodge the attack even though Kuraudo had a combat and reaction speed over 24 times Ikki's combat and reaction speed.
  • Visualization: While not technically a sense, Ikki can visualize things so clearly it was stated that he could willingly visualize Stella's father being in front of him, and such visualization in Ikki's case would even have a blood flow of his own.

Insight: As a result of being neglected over the years, Ikki has mastered the skills to see through his opponent's techniques by observation. He can read his opponent's next move directly through their muscle movement. Ikki's insight has even allowed him to accurately sense how dangerous someone is on the first meeting, such as being able to tell that Amane Shinomiya was more dangerous than he appeared, something few others notice.

  • Blade Steal (模倣剣技, lit. Imitation Sword Techniques): Blade Steal is a technique that Ikki Kurogane had created, which lets him "steal" someone else's swordsmanship due to no one wanting to teach him anything. He can use his incredible insight to trace the roots of any style he sees, thus letting him grasp a style technique despite not seeing it performed in front of him, as shown when he was able to use Ten'i Muhou through helping Ayase Ayatsuji improve her swordsmanship. Through the use of his Blade Steal, he can grasp ones' sword style in a rather short amount of time (stated he could completely understand everything about a sword style, including all secret techniques which he may have never seen in one minute) as well as find their flaws, then Ikki can perfect them creating a superior version. The perfection takes a considerably shorter amount of time; he stated it took him only 30 seconds to complete Stella's Imperial Sword Style (though this is actually quite long.
    • Perfect Vision (完全掌握, Perfect Grasp): The improved version of Blade Steal, Ikki can see through his opponent moves by fully grasping their fighting style using his incredible insight to understand their personality and tendencies. Through this, it is possible to figure out their thought processes, and as a result, Ikki can predict their moves and attacks in advance. It's as though he can see everything about the person in question. The idea behind this is instead of stealing the sword style, he "steals" the identity of someone, learning everything about them. The real horror of Perfect Vision is shown during its first use against Kirihara, where Ikki states that no matter what, Perfect Vision cannot be fooled. If Ikki uses Perfect Vision, even trying to act out of character, use moves you've never done before, lie even if it's not something you would do etc., it still will not break Perfect Vision, because as Ikki states "Everything you do, including acting out of character or introducing new moves, stems from identity", as such it is impossible to break out of Perfect Vision.

Complete Body Control: Ikki can control his body at will as a result of his training and can perform various superhuman feats, such as being able to turn off his other senses, as shown when he transferred the acuity of his color sense to his motion perception to better read the movements of his opponent. As well as being the basis for all his Secret Swords, Ittou Shura, and Ittou Rasetsu. Having learned Edelweiss' Swordplay, his control has been honed to the point of being able to make his heartbeat after being stopped by Nameless Glory. However, it still requires him to move all of his bodies' muscles in unison as well as being able to raise his metabolism, blood circulation if he desires to utilize it. Ikki could use his body control to fix his neurotransmitters after Touka had used electricity to manipulate them or use it to always use 100% of his full-body strength.

  • Pseudo Ittou Shura: Ikki has shown to be able to activate a form of Ittou Shura however without the 1-minute limit. He does this without using magic. Rather just doing the same process as Ittou Shura, removing colors from his sight and cutting out unnecessary information, doing this while he does not increase his movement speed he increases his combat speed likely as much as his normal Ittou Shura does consider it was worded the same way and was said to make everything around Ikki move at slow motion. Ikki can likely do the same to amplify his movement speed too without using magic but probably refuses to do so as the effects would not be as significant as when using magic while the stamina cost would be similar.

Magic Control: Ikki has enough control over his magic to be able to consciously use mana emission, a technique that can accelerate a person's movements, which all Blazers can use unconsciously. As a result of his low magic, he doesn't use it, though if he does choose to use it, then he can do so twice before running out of magic. After his training with Edelweiss, Ikki greatly improved his magic control, letting him utilize the same mana defense as other Blazers to such a degree that he could block a strike from Edelweiss and improved his usage of Ittou Shura. Having better control of his magic has allowed Ikki to better use Ittou Rasetsu, through pouring power into the needed parts instead of his whole body and pouring the excess power, which would've damaged him into Intetsu letting him continue fighting without the usual backlash.

Desperado: Magia has copied being who has transcended the fate of that world, as such he can ignore limits set to him by fate and control his own fate and the fate of the world around him, or at least could, if not for automatically destroying it for everyone through a seperate ability. This makes him immune to all abilities based on the "causation" system in failure and destroys their "fate" (does that mean I don't get Nanoha's girlfriend in my universe? Actually, I guess that killing her is kind of bad). It was stated that beings who have transcended the fate of the world do not have a fate anymore and can do things on their own free will as shown when Kurono Shinguuji could have become a desperado, but refused to do so because that would destroy her future with her husband, even though she would just have to actively ensure it, and would even have the below to assist them.

  • Empowerment: It is explained (by who?) that a Blazers' magic power is determined by birth and wouldn't increase no matter the amount of training, as such those with greater magical power like Stella has a far greater role in the world than those with far weaker magic such as Ikki. Whenever a Blazer reaches the limit of their potential, as shown by Ikki, black chains appear around them, which Edelweiss elaborated as being far as the world would allow them to proceed. However, Desperados are beings who exist outside of fate and, as such, can raise the upper limit of their original magic power, as shown by Ikki, who gained magic power greater than before. Having stepped outside of their original fate, Desperados exists between the boundary of a human and a demon.
  • Fate Manipulation: Since they are beings that have broken the chains of fate, they capable of influencing fate (what?). Desperados can exert an aura that can influence the world around them, letting them kill other Blazers with their will. It's often thought that because of their ability to manipulate fate itself, the only ones who can defeat Desperados are other Desperado. Ya see?
  • Excessive Awakening: Some Desperados are capable of reaching a greater awakening which further increases their power in exchange for their humanity. When a desperado reaches this level of awakening they fuse with their sword (/gun[s]/painting equipment/etc) and gain a demon like appearance. She might not have had this one, but still.

Coolness: Grants the user any ability they want. Magia's usage of it is enough to fight The Sage of Spamfinity himself.

Demonitisharingan: This eye allows Cool Cat to strike down any copyrighted material he sees, and claim anything that involves him in any way. Fair Use does not apply to the Demontisharingan, making it extremely dangerous.

Ego Sum Omnius Domina: The manifestation of Breinhard's desire "I want to dominate all others", this is her Hadou-type Briah. When activated, she "dominates" the powers of all other beings in her presence, creating ghostly non-corporeal conceptual embodiments of all powers and abilities possessed by those around her, whether intangible, biological or artifact-based. She can use any power she dominates, and any weaker power is also raised to her level, while stronger powers remain at their original level. Should her dominated powers' conceptual embodiment be destroyed or sealed, who ever was able to use that power will also find their own ability destroyed or sealed as they are effectively denying their own power, and should the concept of the power be recreated or unsealed, she will regain use of the power.

Nazaringan: A type of eye that Cool Cat acquired after defeating Butch the Bully's father, Adolf Hitler, and absorbing his power. Every Nazaringan grants its user the ability to manipulate all forms of gas, along with an ability unique to the user. Cool Cat's allows him to influence and lead large groups of people.

Sansharingan: After Cool Cat surfed the web too much and accidentally discovered r34 Sans art, his Sansharingan awakened. This gave him all the abilities of a wanked Sans, including Bone Manipulation, Timeline Hopping, and Timeline Destruction.

Taking the same principle as Blade Steal, and applying it to powers. This power was replaced the same day it was created with the upgraded "Perfect Ability".

Took me a bit to dub this. Read the last thing for more details.

  • Upgraded Fire Manipulation: Taking fire's function of "something that warps and corrodes" aka "burning", and enhancing it created a power that liquifies everything it touches, while constantly decreasing the total mass/amount of it.

Brute Force Jutsu: A technique vaguely mimicked from Juana. Its offensive aspect involves defeating the opponent before they can mount a counterattack. Surprising as it may seem, it is not related to my prefered way of communicating an asop.

Irregular Contraction: Due to not liking Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, and not liking reading "Rakudai" over and over again, he mastered the art of calling it anything but. Something similar happened with Fate/Kaleid liner. When referring to Illya's dissociative identity disorder, whether it was "Illyasviel," "Archer" or recently "Shigeo," he would never call her "Chloe" or "Kuro" (which I just did, but it was explanation! Explanation!).


  • Found numerous flaws in Kyubey's plan
    • Did the same thing to Mobius a while later
    • At this point, if a fictional character has an argument, he will create a counterargument
  • Learned how to use tabber while making this page
  • Solved every problem in Your Lie In April by healing two people
  • Defeated the SCP Foundation in every single timeline, as well as in those places outside of timelines

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