Rip The Cat


This character is truly a ripoff of every existing and non existing character he never wins or loses all he does is copy and paste the character's powers and stats he is going against no matter how powerful or how weak the character really is he always inconclusives his foes. It doesn't matter the type of Hax and Logic to counterpart the Everything Ripoff, it can do the same thing!

Whatever any Assumptions or Proof, its Arguement means so is it too where it can do the same. What people don't understand is that your fighting yourself and anything you can do, yourself can do it too.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Your character's tier

Name: The Everything ripoff

Origin: The accidental being that absorbed and fused with  Nepeta Lejion (True Profile), Statless King, the Troll Man and Swap King by a regretful Mistake

Age: Unknown

Gender: Both

Classification: Ripoff of every character

Powers and Abilities: Your characters powers and abilities

Attack Potency: Your Character's attack potency

Speed: Your character's speed

Lifting Strength: Your character's lifting strength

Striking Strength: Your character's striking strength

Durability: Your character's durability

Stamina: Your character's stamina

Range: Your character's range

Standard Equipment: Your character's standard equipment

Intelligence: Your character's intelligence

Weaknesses: Your characters weaknesses

Note: If you say that your character beats or loses to him than your character will be added to the gallery and his inconclusive matches



Noteable Victories:

Noteable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


4chan Shitler (No matter what he says The Everything Ripoff can never win or lose to 4chan Shitler)

The Comments (Lol no matter what you say about me I will ripoff your arguments)



The Illogical Paradox

All Godmode characters, entities, and beings

All characters, entites, and beings that are banned from VS Debates

Anyone who adds him to noteable victories

Anyone who adds him to noteable losses

Anyone who said they beat or lost to him (I can ripoff your photos)

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