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Joke Battles Wikia

It is the 99.


Basically just a 99 symbol.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Tier 99 (Below Tier 10 by 80 Tiers) I x99

Name: 99

Origin: Numbers

Gender: it's a number why would it need genders

Age: said no one ever

Classification: The 99

Powers and Abilities: 99 different powers and abllities, Immortality (Type 4)

Attack Potency: 99 different attack potencies

Speed: 99 different speeds

Lifting Strength: 99 different lifiting strengths

Striking Strength: 99 times better then yours

Durability: The 99 can't be fazed by anything, Nothing can hurt it. It's a number, Just like how you can't kill a ghost. One must go deep into the realms of mathematics but as the 99 symbol was already outside of it from the start however you must destroy all other ninety-nines to weaken it but it will just regenerate and so on till the end of the all, since it's beginning of the infinite of the infinite omniverses to the darkness of the 0's, Immortal

Stamina: It's a number it can't sweat

Range: 99 miles away from you

Standard Equipment: 99 powerful weapons

Intelligence: The 99 isn't bound to a concept called intelligence, Again it's a number, Do i need to explain everything and beyond?

Weaknesses: None. Look at the durabillity

Key: Gateway To Mere Patheticness I Divine Number

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 99 POWERFUL TECHINQUES


Notable Victories:

99 different victories

Notable Losses:

99 different losses

Inconclusive Matches:

99 different stalemates