Well... maybe to the people who actually believe these feats.


Superman is one of the Big Three of DC Comics and one of, if not the most enduring and prolific comic book character in history. Following his popularity, his powers and abilities are constantly being explored and expanded upon...

Which leads to some of worst cases of plot induced stupidity in all of comic books if not fiction itself. As no rules exists to keep different writers consistent with eachother, Superman is virtually capable of "anything". Thus, here is a list of these incredible feats.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-A to at least 3-B, likely 2-C to High 2-A, possibly 1-A to High 1-A | Always Above His Opponent

Name: Superman (Kal El/Clark Kent)

Origin: DC Comics/Comic Book Pecking Order

Gender: Male

Age: In his 50’s

Classification: Kryptonian, God of PIS

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Heat Vision, Ice Breath, Intangibility, Plot Manipulation (Can overcome any threat no matter the odds), PIS Manipulation, Acausality (Can't be erased from history by the Time Trapper), can harm ghosts with heat vision, Space-Time Manipulation (Can repair tears in reality with heat vision and shatter space and time), can see on a sub-atomic levelcan see souls, can negate illusions by shouting, Immunity to Possession (Cannot be possessed by Neron), can affect abstracts (Broke through The Phantom Stranger's metaphysical aspects), possesses nigh-infinite willpower, Resistance to Time Manipulation (Can casually interact in a fraction of a nanosecond, an instant suspended between “eternities of past and future”a time suspension), Resistance to Death Manipulation (Tanked the powers of Death), Resistance to Reality Warping (Survived an attack that cut through reality "to the Bleed"), Resistance to Matter Manipulation (Resisted being converted from mass to energycasually plowed through molecular disruptorswithstood an attack attuned to his exact molecular structure, tanked a force-twelve disintegration beam, withstood a force beam that hammers solid matter into moleculeswithstood being in a storm that transmutes objects on an atomic levelfought off magical transmutation, withstood a blast meant to convert him to energy, resisted being turned into salt multiple times), Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Telepathy (Overpowered Brainiac's mind manipulation and forced his powers back on him, Brainiac went catatonic after attempting to breach his mind, resisted a reborn, amplified Brainiac's attemps to manipulate his mindresisted Eradicator's  mind manipulation)

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Solar System level+ to at least Multi-Galaxy level+ (Absorbed enough Anti-Sunlight to vaporize half the Milky Way, harmed 30th Century Mordru who is stated to be able to vaporize galaxies, destroyed Imperiex Probes which can destroy galaxies, required Aquaman to amplify Olympian weaponry to destroy onetank Darkseid's Omega Effect, and harm Brainiac 13, who can destroy timelinesable to harm Darkseid’s Post-Crisis Avatars [Which can pierce Imperiex-Prime's armor and harm Wonder Woman, who survived the explosion of an Imperiex Probe and tanked several Infinite Mass Punches in succession, withstood several attacks from Ares in his dimensionalong with outsidetanked Nekron's lightning and survived being crushed by the infinite power of Olympus, deflect his Omega Beams with Heat Vision and even beat him in a straight up fight, countered the power of Starbreaker, who has destroyed galaxy clusters and killed people who can hold the universe together, fought on par with Pocket Universe Superboy, who’s comparable to Pre-Crisis Supergirl, who decimated a weakened COIE Anti-Monitor, matched Cythonna, who’s casual backhand decimated Pre-Crisis Kryptonians, destroyed the Galactic Golema vast dimension containing many planets and starscontributed to 1/5 of the Big Bang’s energy, his Solar Flare technique generates a supernova in all of his cells), likely High Multiverse level+ (Fought Orion to a standstill, who can produce 1/5 of the energy needed to destroy a universe-sized dimension without the Astro Force and was able to contain the energy of a universe busting bomb, his Heat Vision matched Orion’s Astro Force, fought off the Omega Beams of a Darkseid avatar Orion couldn’t fight off, shocked Brainiac 13 with his power and pushed his Imperiex-Prime powered ship to the beginning of time Brainiac 13 is capable of destroying timelines, harmed Nebula Man, a living universe, shattered the boundaries of space-time when fighting Kal-L, broke the bonds of infinityput up a fight against an entire legion of Gogs while weakened and nearly dying, broke through Neron's endless illusions/realities, his punches broke entire timelines, possesses 4-dimensional visionplowed through an attack from Disciple who absorbed the power of the primordial Elder Gods [Beings more powerful than the New Gods, stood up to Starbreaker when no one else could, caused an earthquake that turned Blaze’s realm into a raging inferno, which Raven thought only Trigon could do, as powerful as the New Gods and Olympians according to Zeus, fought S’ivaa who can destroy all existence, including the Fourth World, did well against Time Trapper-Prime, freed Darkseid from the Source Wall, pulled the Highfather’s staff out of the Source Wall, fought Infinity Man, the Source itself and the one who killed all the New Gods sans Darkseid and Orion, destroyed a horde of Imperiex Probes, manhandled Monarch, who unleashed enough energy to destroy the universe,Harmed Dominus [Who manhandled Kismetwarped all of reality and can make all universes tremble and matched his chest beam with his own heat vision, along with breaking through his alternate realities and resisting his reality warping, punched a hole through Emperor Joker, who has 99% of Mxy's powers and stated by the Spectre to be able to unravel all that is, was or will be, should be comparable to Superman One Million who forced his way into the 5th Dimension, ripped a Quantum Zealot A being more powerful than 5th Dimensional Imps in half and reduced it to droplets, through singing, defeated the true, abstract form of Darkseid, whose existence transcends the 52 Earths and is unaffected by Crisis and Continuity Reboots, folded all space-time and became a singularity that was drawing all universes into obliviondefeated the Anti-Monitor), possibly Outerverse level (Pushed the Quantum Zealot Who had the Powers of Creation into a machine, makes up half the existence of Cosmic Armor Superman, who blasted through Mandrakk, The Dark Monitor [A character capable of devouring the "story" of DC Comics, can manipulate a "Hyper Story" beyond the "story" of DC Comics and caused Nil to crumble and inhabits Monitor Space which is beyond 11-dimensional universal spacetime and beyond-dimensional multiversal Hypertime, bursted through the physical and metaphysical aspects of the Phantom Stranger, who has the power to destroy Creation with the Spectre. Broke through space-time and punched the embodiment of Death.) to High Outerverse level (Has been referred to as one of the three most powerful beings in the omniverse alongside Superboy and Supergirl, which is more powerful than New Gods Those can harmed the Source, Metron can handle the Source. Fought off Scott Free using the full Anti-Life Equation who had to resort to freezing him in placebroke an amped Soulfire Darkseid in half, who held his ground against a completed Source and even managed to gain the upper hand before eventually winning) | Always Stronger Than His Opponent (Used the Miracle Machine to wish for a happy ending and created a deus ex machina, an impossible illogical plot distortion, to defeat Mandrakk, The Dark Monitor, in spite of being a 3-Dimensional entity. This allows him to always overcome his opponent no matter how powerful, fast or haxed they are)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Blitzed an Imperiex Probe twice, which can tag the Flash when he’s not holding back, can keep up with Wally West who also complimented Superman's speed,can keep up with Darkseid who can fight Hal Jordan Regular Green Lanterns can fly to the edge of the universe, which is at the very least 200 trillion lightyears long, in a short amount of time), likely Infinite (Caught Zoom who stated that Superman’s speed rivaled his own, broke out of being frozen in time, should be comparable to his Pre-Crisis self, who bursted the very bonds of infinitymoved when time was stopped. Sped up to move in time dilation) to Immeasurable (Wally West [Who Zoom is much faster than] has raced through 4-dimensional space, raced through time itself and reached trans-time velocity before proceeding to outpace instantaneous travel, capable of destroying “reality-blitzing missiles”, which should require blitzing the concepts of time and space), possibly Irrelevant (Managed to hit both Soulfire Darkseid and the Power of Creation Quantum Zealot) | Always Faster Than His Opponent

Lifting Strength: Infinite (Lifted a book with infinite pages, as well as the Spectre, whose body contains eternity), likely Irrelevant (Capable of pushing back the Quantum Zealot, makes up half of the existence of Cosmic Armor Superman who is massively larger than and is capable of lifting Limbo with a finger) | Always Stronger Than His Opponent

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Solar System Class+ to at least Multi-Galactic Class+, likely High Multiversal+, possibly High Hyperversal to Outerversal | Always Stronger Than His Opponent

Durability: At least Multi-Solar System level+ to at least Multi-Galaxy level+ (Survived absorbing the previously mentioned Anti-Sunlight, survived the red sun eater's detonation which was 50 times more powerful than the Keplar Supernova, tank blasts from Sun-Eater Who can destroys galaxies, survived attacks from the Void Hound which destroyed ten star systems in a test run, tanked a magic blast from 30th Century Mordru, tanked an Imperiex Probe exploding at point-blank range, survived the collision of Apokolips and New Genesis, tanked Darkseid’s Omega Beams for an extended period of time, took attacks from Pocket Universe Superboy and Cynthonna), likely High Multiverse level+ (Survived the collision of New Genesis and Apokolips, Withstood Imperiex-Prime’s entropy blasts for a short time [Imperiex-Prime is a living Big Bang, tanked attacks from Nebula Man, tanked a blast from Gog, who could breach the walls of Hypertime, had the power of the Quintessence bestowed upon him by the Phantom Stranger, Ganthet, Highfather, Zeus and Shazam [Even surpassing all of them and crippled an off-guard Mxytanked an Astro Force explosion that covered a large portion of Supertown, a massive city in New Genesis [Half of the planet Ugrund, which dwarfed entire galaxies, tanked a blast from Entropy Aegis which could break Imperiex-Prime powered bonds between Warworld and Apokolips, tanked a blast from the Time Trapper, survived breaking the bonds of infinitytanked a black hole that consumed the universe, tanked an attack from Kismet, the embodiment of reality and one of the Lords of Order, survived a section of the Source Wall’s explosion, which caused a pan-dimensional breach and was feared capable of ending the universe, took a blast from Infinity Man, tanked an attack from Monarchtanked an attack from Post-Flashpoint Anti-MonitorTanked an eye blast from Dominus and withstood Dominus trying to uncreate him, took an uppercut from Emperor Jokertanked torture from a Fifth Dimensional Imp), possibly Outerverse level (Tanked an attack from the Quantum Zealot imbued with the Power of Creation, makes up half of Cosmic Armor Superman who tanked the eye blasts of Mandrakk,withstood being in the Bleed, which only the Monitors can hold Mandrakk II was able to stomp the Spectre and the Radiant) to High Outerverse level (Tanked a blast from Soulfire Darkseid which affected reality “to the Bleed”. Withstood the very essence of Death) | Always More Durable Than His Opponent

Stamina: Limitless (Yellow/blue sunlight allow him to always fight) | Always more enduring than his Opponent

Range: Multiversal+ (Punched Brainiac so hard every Brainiac in the multiverse felt it) to High Multiversal+, possibly Irrelevant (Managed to strike Soulfire Darkseid) | Always farther than his Opponent

Standard Equipment: His costume, Phantom Zone projector (Also comes pocket-sized), psi-blockers, Stardrive, sunstone crystals, solar grenades, K-Suit, Hunter/Prey suit

Intelligence: Supergenius (Described as having 1/1000th of the mental capacity of Brainiac, who can process and store the knowledge of over 500 octodecillion beings, meaning Superman is able to process around 1.225e72 bytes of information, memorized the design of the Miracle Machine well enough to reconstruct it by hand. Outsmarted Mr. Mxyzptlk) | Always smarter than his opponent

Weaknesses: Kryptonite (However, he has previously fought a full Kryptonite clone of Doomsday and took a full Kryptonite beating), Red Star Radiation (Though he absorbed what amounts to half a galaxy's worth of Anti-Sunlight, a type of radiation extremely harmful to Kryptonians), Magic (But he’s tanked galaxy vaporizing magic blasts so this doesn’t matter) | Always what his opponent doesn’t have (His weaknesses will never be able to be exploited)

Key: Standard Superman | Happy Ending Superman

Other: A more detailed list of scans depicting Superman at his greatest.



Replace "Earth" with "Omniverse" and then you'd be accurate.

Notable Victories:

Son Goku (Well... this was kinda obvious)

Batman (Even with prep time, he's never matched Superman like this)

The Flash (Despite his incredible speed, he's still not the swiftest JLA hero)

Every DC villain ever (I mean, come on guys, he broke Soulfire Darkside in half!)

For that matter, every villain ever (See Happy Ending Superman for details)

Marvel Comics (Hey, at least he didn't go horribly downhill like they did)

Notable Losses:

Actual logic

Grant Morrison (Basically created most of the greatest feats listed above)

Son Goku Exaggerated (Well... this was kinda obvious)

Inconclusive Matches:

Outlier Batman (Both wanked ad infinitum)

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