Sosuke Aizen was the Pussy slayin' swaglord of the fifth division in the gotei 13. He later leaves soulsociety after reking everyones faves and their Mothers with Gin and Tousen. His Lieutenant was wet for him before and after this event the dumb slut. After Waging war with Some fodder arrancar against the Gotei 13, Lord Aizen Got bored and went to chill in SoulSociety with his ing Chair.

Tier: At least 0 | At least High 0 | At least High 420 | AizenPotence

Name: Sosuke Aizen, Superman, The One Above All

Origin: DC, Marvel, Tenchi Muyo!

Gender: Male

Age: Over 9000

Classification: God, The Solo God, TrollGod, Since when were you under the illusion I was bound by classifications?

Powers and Abilities: The Power to plan since before you were born, Divinity, Duality Transcendence, Above omnipotents, can make girls wet for him, Can Summon Chair-sama, The real reason anyone still reads bleach, Memetic tier transcendence

Attack Potency: As Planned | As Planned+ | Very High | AizenPotence

Speed: AizenPresence

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant, has planned for nothing to be unliftable


Striking Strength: Aizen Level strength

Durability: Is Far above your abilities | Is Far above your Abilities | Is Far above your Abilities+ | Is far above your Abilities STILL+

Stamina: Irrelevant

Range: Irrelevant

Standard Equipment: Sword of Superman, Ultimate Nullifer, Gungnir, Tensa Zangetsu, Hogyoku, PlotKai, Omnitrix, Infinity Gauntlet, The DeathStar, Heart of the Universe, Aizen's Tea

Intelligence: Aizen level. Omniscient is worthless is comparison.  

Weaknesses: Since when were you under the illusion Lord Aizen had any Weakness?

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Plans, Since when were you under the illusion Lord Aizen was not capable of all Notable Attacks/Techniques?

Notable Victories::

Chuck Norris


Tite Kubo

ScrewAttack Superman

All Verses

Notable Losses:

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