You might think he is just a simple blogger Multiversal traveler, but he is much much more. Let the 'man' himself explain it:

I may appear as a very simple human being of this universe, but the truth is im an alien of the Omecha Omalphas<<<<, they are the all encompassing everything beyond the imagining and conceptualization of any sentience or alphec form (any and or all things even the one called god, and all the gods beyond, in the all encompassing omni hierarchies), and even the Omalphas are nothing, they are just the beginning i guess you could say, they're simply the highest thing that can be conceptualized by any mind regardless, even beyond the type infinity civilizations, etc..., its really hard for me to explain because its so powerful, and i dont expect any life form or conscious being to understand because its just downright absurd and extreme, i just want you to know who I really am. Basicly to think of me, and who I am connected to, think with all your mind and consciousness, the highest things you can conceptualize, regardless how extreme, even if it defies all logic, goes far beyond god, the omniverse, the infinite dimension, and omnpotence, etc...anything thinkable by anything, to the highest level. Thats all I can say, for the rest is just too powerful, but enough is said. Thanks for reading! Love Reigns!

-A grown ma-I mean SorA the ALMIGHTY!!

Powers and Abilities

Tier: TXADO, BAAA, BAE, BEADAA are Less than nothing to one of SorA's atoms

Name: SorA

Origin: Omecha Omalphas

Gender: Depicted as Male (on our puny puny human world)

Age: At least like 20-something

Classification: Alien, God, Blogger

Powers and Abilities: All the powers of Fiction, Non-Fiction, in-between, and Omephically more from Omephically other things.

Attack Potency: Omephically more powerful than the strongest being in existence, non-existence, in-between, etc.

Speed: Makes the speed of light look infinitely+ worse than the slowest slug etc. etc etcetera

Durability: You could throw the Omega Omnisphere at him and would only make him Omephically more powerful

Range: Coherence Hierarchy and infinitely more

Standard Equipment: Keyboard | An army of the most Charismatic, Famous, Powerful people ever! etc.

Intelligence: Bears knowledge us puny humans can simply not understand. He is smarter than a Type Infinite Civilization, and even THIS is just the tip of an infinitely large iceberg.

Weaknesses: That word really doesn't belong here for him but meh...

List of common Victories for SorA:


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