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A true battle among battles.

story of sonk

one day sonk challenged 2 people and sad but tru sonk won and the 3 fighters ran the holy trinity to defend the multiverse

Powers and Stats

Tier: Omni-Memetic (Fought shagg and krumping marge and sonk's power is just as deep, vast and long as a omniverse sized ocean and is more powerful the sanic)

Name: Sonk the HogHedge

Origin: One of my google+ friends for creating this artisian art

Gender: Purgegender

Age: Seems to be 3 years old (1,095 days)

Classification: Tokyo Brand Anime Action Figure

Powers and Abllities: Raw Speed, ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!, Lightspeed Dash, Morgan Freeman's Voice (But high pitched infinitely but still has it's effects and still works), the lenny face, etc

Attack Potency: Nopediy Nope Nope. Don't need that (which means Inapplicable.)

Speed: Memetic+++ (Faster then sanic)

Lifting Strength: with photoshop powers, was able to lift his own chest and throw it away and the only thing left is sonk's head, arms and legs

Striking Strength: rolling around in the concept of striking strength

Durabillty: Fought shagg and krumping marge for multiversal hours and days and tanked all their attacks

Range: lightsped level

Intelligence: knows how to run fast

Weaknesses: not running fast (that will never happen)


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconlusive Matches:


Notable Victories:

The Suggsverse (Challenged the most fastest character in the entire suggsverse in a race and won in a 0.00000000000000000001 nonillionth of nonlillonth of nonllinth -1% X -1%^How weak every single downplayed character combined and weakned infinitely is^Every exaggerated character combined^ULTRA INFINITE BIG FOOT+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ picoatomseconds)

Notable Losses:

Undyne the 2Fast


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