Screwattack is a low budget comedy youtube channel that is very much infamous and controversial. Some people swear by it, others find it the internet equivalent of dog crap. It has brought to life many a fictional (and sometimes real) character, only to have one of em die in a violent fashion. All while the evil creatures known as Wiz and Boomstick laugh on. This is the chaotic screwed-up and violent world....of ScrewAttack.

Power of the verse

Many characters here are wanked to oblivion, such as god tiers like Superman, Zoro, Godzilla, Rainbow Dash (FOR SOME REASON), Sakuya and Yang. While others are downplayed into oblivion, like Starscream, Erza,Tifa, Dio, Bowser, Luigi, Shovel Knight, and Goku. The verse ranges from infinitely powerful Superman to trash like Goku and Luigi.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series


  • Kiryu2012
  • Volcatharsis
  • Pichu4Smash5!


  • Professor Voodoo (eh....)
  • Ataberksins(Finds the show entertaining but doesn't love it)


  • Anthuny Stallings (Prefers Cartoon Fight Club)
  • ZeedMillenniummon89 (Stopped putting up with their bullshit after Lucario vs Renamon)
  • TheLuffyPlayer (Almost made me suicide after Goku vs Superman, Yang vs Tifa and Gaara vs Toph).
  • Aggiewill (because of Luigi VS Tails he face palmed so hard that his face was permanently damaged).


Superman (ScrewAttack)

Yang (Screwatttack)

Luigi (Screwattack)

Tifa (Screwattack)

Goku (Screwattack)

Toph (Screwattack)

Gaara (Screwattack)

Megaman (Screwattack)

Bomberman (Screwattack)

Cloud Strife (Screwattack)

Tai Kamiya (ScrewAttack)

And Diarrhea Joke Foot (Ryu vs Scorpion)

Shao Kahn (Screwattack)

M. Bison (Screwattack)

Dante (Screwattack)

Scorpion (Screwattack)

Nightmare (Screwattack)

Ganondorf (Screwattack)

Link (Screwattack)

The Flash (ScrewAttack)

Muhammed Ali (ScrewAttack)

Godzilla (ScrewAttack)

Planet Kryptonite (ScrewAttack)

Kirby Black (ScrewAttack)

The Joker (ScrewAttack)

Majin Buu (ScrewAttack)

Kirby (ScrewAttack)

Sub-Zero (ScrewAttack)

Roronoa Zoro (ScrewAttack)

Android 18 (ScrewAttack)

Captain Marvel (ScrewAttack)

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