SSB4-Wii U Congratulations Pikachu Classic

Is getting more skinner and still op to this very day


Well you remember the good ol days? The 1999's? Where pikachu is op, Yeah i remember too

Powers and Stats

Tier: P1K4CHU (Should be vastly superior to Greninja (Pre 1.0.4) and Ness (Google+/Might be Exaggerated))

Name: The Almighty and Wonderful Pikachu

Origin: Super Smash Dude Bros

Gender: Many pikachu's have different genders, It's science -Signed Bill Nye the Science Guy

Age: 12 years old

Classification: The Great, Almighty Magician Pikachu

Powers and Abllities: Electric Manipulation, Electric Manipulation Manipulation, Broken Manipulation, Hax, Game Mechanics, Lightning which not even a Massively FTL can dodge, Luck Manipulation (Reduces the chance of the opponent winning to -1,000,000,000,000)

Attack Potency: Was electrocuted into a million pieces by pikachu so therefore pikachu is infinitely beyond the concept of attack potency, powerscaling, ultimate power, infinitely beyond omnipotent+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ pikachu is beyond all these concepts

Speed: Far superior to ssb4 greninja and ssbb meta knight combined

Lifting Strength: Seemingly lifted lightning itself...?

Striking Strength: Ultra Combo Lightning Level++

Durabillty: Toke hits from many joke battles godmods

Stamina: Irrelevent

Range: Lightning Level at Best

Standard Equipment: Any weapon he wants.

Intelligence: Is actually more smarter then you think. Even omniscients can't understand pikachu's language, Only a beyond omniscient can communicate with Pikachu.

Weaknesses: Ground-Types (Overcame the Weakness)

Notable Attacks/Techinques: (WIP)


A coming soon feat.


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