Tier: Infinity

Name: Pepsi Man

Origin: Japanese Pepsi commercials

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Classification: Manufactured aluminum can

Powers and Abilities: can conjure up Pepsi from nothing, can run faster than the average Coca-Cola delivery truck, can spew Pepsi from his mouth thing.

Attack Potency: Infinity

Speed: Peak human

Lifting Strength: can lift almost anything as long as he retains his pepsi physiology

Striking Strength: Infinity

Durability: nigh indestructible, as his entire physiology is made out of warmed pepsi that has been amped up to such temperatures that the pepsi is a prototype of solid and liquid. the pepsi he is made out of isn't just any pepsi, as it is a combination of pepsi dust from celestial bodies that have passed away. this pepsi dust has come across the universe to form pepsi man, a figure of pepsi that is nigh indestructible and infinite

Stamina: infinity because he is the physiology of pepsi he is strongest!!!

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: theme music, Pepsi

Intelligence: Not many brains are needed to understand why people love the smooth taste of Pepsi cola but he is very smart and intelligent!!! 

Weaknesses: windows, steep snow slopes, swimming pools, and Coca-Cola

swimming pools dissolve his unique physiology, as does coca-cola. windows also make him disintergrate and fade away, and steep snow slopes completely erase him from existence for unspecified reasons.


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The Shockmaster (When in Vinewrestle 2017: Summer Slaughter)

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