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Summary of the Plot

Whenever there is dark, there must also be light. This is the basic principle of Yin and Yang in Buddhism. And whenever there is the wretched darkness known as lady scented body wash and Axe body spray, Old Spice will be there to cast it's light and pave humanity a brighter, better smelling path. It is unknown what exactly Old Spice is or what it's made of, but it is known that it contains an unfathomably powerful force within the Omniverse. In order to spread it's message throughout the world, Old Spice searched for prophets to speak on its behalf. But who could be worthy enough to represent the sacred spice?

Well none other than the two most legendary and powerful men to ever grace our plane of existence, Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. Isaiah would preach Old Spice's glory to the women who adored him, whereas Terry would speak to the young men who aspired to be like him. The two titans eventually met each other and had epic battles (most of which where won by Isaiah.) After a while, they saw the futility in fighting and made a truce to better preserve the sanctity of Old Spice. Years later, they grow old, looking back fondly at the bond they had through Old Spice, as they passed from this world to the next, with a smile on their faces and a fresh scent from their bodies...

Power of the Verse

The only notable people of the Old Spice verse are Isaiah and Terry. They both show tremendous abilities such as Solar System Level DC/AP, casual planet lifting and digging through the earth at thousands of times the speed of sound. They also have hax such as Reality Warping, Matter Manipulation and Time Traveling. These things on top of their unpredictability and downright silliness makes the formidable opponents indeed.

Supporters and Opponents of these Commercials



God Tiers:

Isaiah Mustafa

Terry Crews

Top tiers:

New Old Spice Guy Fabio

High Tiers:

Mr. Wolfdog

Terry's Tiger

Evil Terry

Fitness Terry

Robo Terry

Mid High Tiers:

Old Man Terry

Sitcom Lady Terry

Doctor Terry

Mid Tiers:

Clay Matthews

Vernon Davis

Wes Welker

Low Tiers:

Condescending sceptic

Random Hockey player

Woman from tide commercials

Axe Body Spray

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