He is become death, the destroyer of worlds (I accidentally refreshed when I was nearly done and had to recreate this entire fucking page fuck my life)

Powers and Stats

Tier: Nuked the concept of tiers

Name: Mahatma Gandhi

Origin: Civilization

Gender: Uranium

Age: Manhattan Project

Classification: Warmonger, death, nuke god

Powers and Abilities: Nuclear manipulation (Nukes), Data manipulation (Can end a game of Civ at a wim, this actually extends to all digital things, Immortality (Type Infinity (Can not be defeated even by beings that are infinitely above making infinitely above tiers looks like infinitely below tiers))

Attack PotencyHe nukes so hard he nukekun with a finger... IN 10 SECONDS


Lifting StrengthHe doesn't even lift... He nukes

Striking StrengthTrue Bombfinity

DurabilityAs said already, he is more durable than durability

Stamina: True Infinity (He runs on endless nuclear power)

Range: Boundless

Standard Equipment: A fuck ton of nukes, a fuck ton of uranium

Intelligence: Who needs to be smart when you have nukes?


Gandhi nuked weaknesses

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Notable Victories:

Every Civilization player

Every Civilization player's computer

Every Civilization player's hopes and dreams

Notable Losses:

Gandhi cannot lose

Inconclusive Matches:

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