An ancient image was shown to the world in (Removed For Copyright). Ever since that day, millions of people had tried to figure out what was hiding within that silhouette. Many lives have been lost on the quest to uncover this image, but to no avail. But now, with all the information gathered throughout the years, it is finally time to set out what had been gathered.

Powers And Stats

Note: These abilities and stats were donated by a monk who spent his whole life, known as "Master Hero Saka-rye", trying to uncover this master of disguise. He had studied this silhouette of a superior being ever since he was a boy. Though he failed to identify the being throughout his quest, he was able to donate what he had and share it to the world. A big thank you is given to him.

Tier: 3.13.1 0, As boundless as it is cryptic 

Name: Not known by any living being, for it is impossible to figure it out

Origin: Image originating from Smash Bros 3 And 4

Gender: Too mysterious to know

Classification: Mysterious shadowy figure of a character far too inscrutable to be discovered by anyone ever. Not even you, Reader

Powers and Abilities: Being so mysterious that the being can drive someone mad beyond the point of no return, Attacking with what seems to be Legendary War Hammers while it grandly raises a number above it's head, Using undefinable powers of crypticness, Being as unknown as *insert very mysterious character that this surpasses here*, Guaranteed curiosity with every single strike to distract the enemy with it's mere unseen form 

Attack PotencyAs strong as whatever a nine represents on it's Sign Of Glory


Lifting StrengthIt can lift a pan full of a highly destructive substance, weighing in at 300 Eagle's Number, er, I mean an unfathomable number beyond Eagle's Number

Striking StrengthBeyond the concept of pain

Durability: Can withstand falling off a conveniently placed platform of destruction (Death to even the strongest beings from it's universe)

Stamina: Infinite, As not shown ever

Range: Too mysterious and unexplainable for mortal/immortal eyes to comprehend

Standard Equipment: Two Legendary War Hammers of unknown origin, A pan shrouded in mystery that can carry any weight, And a sign that displays his undiscoverable power

Intelligence: So inexplicable that it can warp OTHERS' intelligence through simple, but unknown, methods

Weaknesses: Few other vague characters

Notable Victories

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