Tier: 9-A

Name: Mr. Clean, Don Limpio, Meister Proper, Maestro Limpio, Mastro Lindo, Meneer Proper, Pan Proper, Mr. Clean M. Net, Monsieur Propre, Mister Proper (Мистер Пропер)

Origin: Procter & Gamble

Gender: Transexual

Age: 126

Classification: Magic Eraser; Dude, that all Jam

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Body Control

Attack Potency: Room Level when all in the mud

Speed: Transonic

Lifting Strength: Human

Striking Strength: Human

Durability: Unknown

Stamina: Extremally High

Range: Room

Intelligence: High, understands with one or two words that he stated  

Weaknesses: Returned to the detergent, after the appearance of intruders


Notable Victories:

Mud in your room

Dust in your room

a whole bunch of shit

Notable Losses: Food fight cameos

Inconclusive Matches:

Mr. Muscle

Janitor Man