Moto moto is big and chunky he is a man that all men inspire to be

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Powers and Stats

Tier: Moto Moto level no character can understand his power his power is so great that not even Shaggy can calculate him and his power


Origin: big and chuncky

Gender: male the manliest of the man and hippos

Age: immortal

Classification: hippo

Powers and Abilities: moto moto can do anything he even breaks the laws of physics

Attack Potency: beyond anyone and anything beaten many many characters on this wiki his win rate is so high that everyone just awes at him. Even shaggy was beaten by moto moto

Speed: my name's so nice you say it twice.

Lifting Strength: incalculable

Striking Strength: able to destroy boulders so easily and defeated this wiki 8 times. He also even fought and survived shaggys full power

Durability: moto moto is invincible

Stamina: moto moto level. Able to even fight shaggy at full power and survive

Range: beyond this we all know this by now

Standard Equipment: he is big and chunky

Intelligence: he is omniscient

Weaknesses: moto moto has none

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Moto moto is big and chunky

Moto moto push


Notable Victories:

Everyone who didn't respect him and tried to beat him

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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