Tier: at least beyond god omniouterMemetic++++++ | tostrongfortiers++++++...

Name: The Most Powerful Saiyan in History Mark "Hercule" Satan!

Origin: The Internet and Dragon Ball to an extent

Gender: Male

Age: Somewhat old

Classification: Normie, Saiyan, Martial Artist

Powers and Abilities: Crazy ass strength, speed and knowledge in the martial arts, can use Ki, can fly and shoot beams, will whoop your ass with no effort, can bypass anything and everything, insta-kill kicks and punches, can instantly nerf his opponents to human levels, can ignore every abilities and "what they are supposed to be" of his enemies no matter how much of a hax0r they are, insta-kill moves boost up his powers, can lie his way through anything no matter what, can manipulate you to kill yourself, can turn into a SSJ at will

Attack Potency: Impossible | Impossible+ to at least WillAlwaysHitYou+++++++...

Speed: 2Fast2EverGetHit+ | At least CanNeverGetHit+ with High LolRekt++++++++++... reactions

Lifting Strength: Can lift Yo Mama++++++++++...

Striking Strength: Dude your dead+++++++++...

Durability: Impossible | Impossible+ to at least WillNeverGetscarch+++++++++++...

Stamina: Above anyone's stamina ++++++++++++...

Range: Can hit you anywhere you are no matter what...always

Standard Equipment: His cape and his champion belt (both of these items can tell him information about his opponents)

Intelligence: Will always be smarter than you.

Weakness: Too powerful for his own good

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Super Saiyan Transformation: Mark can turn into a SSJ whenever he wants.

Dynamite Kick: Mr. Satan used this against Wanked Saitama to defeat him.

Satan Punch: Your screwed if you get hit with it.

Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch: Mark used this attack make his opponents seize from existence.

Karaoke Punch: Just like the name implies, this move can turn the opponent hit with the attack into a Karaoke Machine, as seen in the Death Battle Dan Vs. Hercule.

All of Goku's abilities: Every single one of them..

Feats: (Fighting and beating Wanked Saitama in one hit as a normie)

Notable Victories:

John Cena (after a long fight hercule finished him with his special attack) John's Profile

Wanked Saitama

Dan Hibiki (he couldn't handle the power)

Demon God Beerus

Cell (All incarnations)

Buu (All incarnations)

Godku (Only because Godku lost to Demon God Beerus and Demon God Beerus lost to SSJHercule)

Chuck Norris (cuz he's a chump! YEAH)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

Key: Normie | SSJ Form

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