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He is the best ogre there is. His name is Krek. Not Shrek. Krek. Mix between a guy named Keith, and Shrek. He is also one of the creators of the Jimmy Swoletron Universe. He is a meme that will never go stale. He has eternal life because of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Beyond Swole
Name: Krek

Origin: The Jimmy Swoletron universe

Age: At least 30 years old

Classification: Part of the swole patrol

Powers and abilities: Onion breath, magical donkey sidekick, and can summon members of the swole patrol 

Attack Potency: Omniverse level

Speed: Ogre Style

Lifting strength: Get kreked!

Striking strength: Beyond Omniiverse level

Durability: Unlimited

Stamina: More than Chuck Norris

Range: From the swamp and back

Standard Equipment: Onion gernade and frog balloon filled with ogre fart (hyper deadly)

Intelligence: Hyper Genius level (out smarted Jimmy Proton and pretty much everyone else)

Weaknesses: The princess named Fartona


Notable Victories: Almost everyone

Notable Losses: The Muffin Man

Inconclusive Matches: Krek

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