Its Kim jong un the truly greatest leader of true Korea he won many awards and was blessed to the true Korean orb of leadership witch only fits for him. if you downplay him at all you will be eliminated by true Korea itself for using western media to lie about him


Powers and Stats

Tier:4-A likely ineffable/always above his opponent

Name:Kim jong un the true leader

Origin:true korea




Powers and Abilities:plot manipulation reality warping pokemon manipulation superhuman lifting strength flight able to summon objects at will able to be the leader gravity manipulation time travel spacial destruction just by dancing able to be better than you no matter what

Attack Potency:4-A can tear the universe just by dancing/ineffable because Kim jong un is the closest to god being on earth

Speed:mflt traveled to Moscow in less than a second from Pyongyang/ineffable because Kim jong uns speed is beyond godly speed and he is the one and only true leader

Lifting Strength:able to lift a 170.000 pound rocket to the moon. Ineffable because Kim jong un is the strongest leader to ever exist

Striking Strength:4-A able to shake the universe by clashing with Putin/ineffable because Kim jong in was bearly using his power at all

Durability:unknown likely ineffable


Range:omniversal+ can reach a hoverboard through timelines

Standard Equipment:what ever he needs

Intelligence:the most smartest being ever  

Weaknesses:lol what

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

What ever he needs to protect true korea


Notable Victories:

Anyone who oposses true korea

Kim jong nam


Many people


False western media

Satan Claus

Christmas itself

Kim jong il robut

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

Vladimir Putin

Bashar all assad

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