Powers and Stats


Name: Justin Bieber

Origin: Real life

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Classification: God-awful ‚Äúsinger‚ÄĚ

Powers and Abilities: Able to cause deafness with his voice, can turn 12 year old girls into crazed zombies (they eat only Bieber merchandise)

Attack Potency: Massively Subhuman- 

Speed: None

Lifting Strength: Negative

Striking Strength: Below little girl and new born infant levels.

Durability: Pathetic (Got butthurt from a bottle hitting him.)

Stamina: Extremely low. (Had to have his bodyguards carry him through the Great Wall of China.)

Range: Spread his horrific music on a worldwide scale. Worldwide

Standard Equipment: Auto-tuning, His bodyguards to help from him getting his ass kicked.

Intelligence:¬†Pretty damn stupid. (Wrote a song consisting of only the word ‚Äúbaby‚ÄĚ and pisses in mop buckets.)

Weaknesses: The internet’s not big enough to list.


Notable Victories:

Implying he can have a victory is too much of a joke, even for this site.

Notable Losses:

That one bottle

Less than -9000 Yamcha (Dance fight. Yamcha won by accident.)

Master Roshi’s Turtle

The Monarch of Pointland

Himself (Yes. Justin Bieber is so pathetic that he can solo himself)

Literally everything else


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