Wank and Downplay are terms that are thrown around a lot on this wiki and in the VS Community as a whole, this page is created to help explain how to properly create wanked pages and downplayed pages.


sUpErMaN hAs InFiNiT pOwEr???

Wank in VS Debating terms is to exaggerate a characters abilities well beyond what they are normally shown to be capable of by ignoring context, outliers and other logical fallacies.

When creating wanked pages, do not insert random nonsense, doing so is lazy and unfunny, thus will result in the page being removed. Please utilize proper wank arguments, such as statement abuse (i.e Kirby having infinite power or King Piccolo being omnipotent), outliers (i.e Batman hurting Spectre with a kick), or the no limits fallacy (i.e Yata Mirror negating any attack or Ganondorf being immune to everything except holy weapons).


BuLlEt LeVeL cOnFiRmEd???

Downplay is essentially the opposite of wank, where instead of using outliers and logical fallacies to make a character seem stronger than they are, downplay uses the same methods to make a character seem much weaker than they are. As with wanked pages, don’t insert random stats with no coherent reasoning, as it will likely result in the page being removed.

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