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As admins on this wiki, we, Ryukama and Copetan, love helping the users of this wiki, so we have made this page to help you guys out! This might not be a normal profile (it's rather short too), but we want to inform you in a helpful way. If you haven't noticed, we have been changing the colors and fonts of usernames of users on this wiki, but different fonts and colors have different meanings, so following is some info about it!

Rules and Info

Member Customs

Colored Usernames is something any user can get, you just have to ask!

Usernames with backgrounds like above.

Staff Customs

Italicized Usernames are for mods.

Emboldened Usernames means that you're an admin, Horray! Note that this is something you cannot ask for and get that easily.

Underlined Usernames are for Bureaucrats only.

Usernames in larger font sizes are only for the Founder of the Wiki.

Special Customs

Usernames with Animations

means that the user has done something absolutely and astoundingly amazing to get this. The only instance this decoration could be removed is if the user did something that is worthy of a stricken username, in that case, the user just gets his/her username reverted back to normal.

Crossed Out Usernames means that the user has done something awful, terrible, horrendous, so they could receive this, or they just pissed off the [insert word here] out of Copetan. Note that this is nigh-permanent, no weeping or pleading will get you out of this, not even being or becoming an admin can get you out of this, only if you do something absolutely amazing, that impresses both Copetan and Ryukama, a lot (mostly Copetan though).

Note: If you want your username customized, please post the request on Ryukama's or Copetan's wall. Thank you.