This may be Joke Battles Wiki, but we still have rules. This page exists to serve as an expansion to the general rules outlined in the home page, however it exists solely to explain what you should (and should) make pages for as well as the rules for editing them. Keep in mind that the staff may alter or remove any page that does not follow these rules without warning.

The Types of Pages

Memes: These would be characters/objects which originate from memes, or alternate versions of established characters based on their interpretation in meme culture. Examples for these types of pages include Chuck Norris, Sanic, Big Chungus, and Pepe.

Parody Characters and Fan Characters: These would be characters who originate from online parodies, such as Dragon Ball Z Abridged, fan characters originating from parodies also apply here. Other fan characters are allowed if they lack established continuity. For serious fan characters with established continuity, please go here

Advertisement Characters: These would be characters that appear in advertisements, such as Terry Cruz in Old Spice commercials. This also includes company mascots such as Ronald McDonald or the Kool-Aid Man.

Wanked/Downplayed Characters: These are characters from VS Battles Wiki who are wanked or downplayed by use of outliers, fallacies, and out of context statements for the purpose of comedy.

Characters without canon: These would be characters who lack any established continuity, such as YouTube personalities, composites, or alternate versions of established characters, such as those seen on Death Battle.

Anti-Format: These are pages which subvert the typical page format or tiering system for the sake of humor, these pages are highly subjective and may be removed without notice if the intent is not clear.

Creation and Editing Rules

  • Please utilize proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  • Don’t vandalize pages, doing so once will likely result in a block, repeatedly doing so will result in a permanent block.
  • Kindly utilize source mode editing. Doing so simplifies editing for other editors significantly, and prevents severe distortion of page structure. You can change this to your default editing mode in the preferences settings.
  • Please utilize the standard format pages for any non Anti-Format pages.
  • It is encouraged to use sandbox drafts before publishing a page, this way you can clean up and perfect the pages before they’re published.
  • Don’t sacrifice details for reading convenience. Try to get information across in the most efficient manner, but make sure that what you write can be understood.
  • Please provide the best possible reasoning for why a character should be placed where they are, inserting unmotivated stats with no explanation will likely result in deletion.
  • When making wanked or downplayed pages, don’t just make the character as strong as possible for no reason, it is highly encouraged to use outliers and fallacies instead.
  • Please do not add "via power-scaling" as a justification for a character's abilities, without indicating who the character is being scaled to and said character's feats. Doing otherwise makes the reasoning meaningless and complicates profiles.
  • Please don’t add false or redundant categories, or any other categories which are useful to navigation, like adding the Tier -1 category to a character who is not Tier -1.
  • Please don’t leave page stats blank, doing so will result in the page being deleted.
  • Please do not create multiple pages for the same character. For example, if you wish to created a wanked page, check to make sure that one for the intended character doesn't already exist.
  • Please don’t use excessive spam, such as repeating a singular phrase or word over and over again. Pages which feature spam will be removed without notice.
  • It is preferable that the profile pages are named what the characters they represent are commonly referred to as. The order of the names of Japanese characters is reversed, as their family name comes first, and then their first name, for example Monkey D. Luffy. Given that it would be confusing for visitors if we refer to him as Luffy D. Monkey, it is preferable to attempt to use the most commonly known English order for each individual character's name, whether that is the Western or Eastern version.
  • Please don't use characters not typically found on standard keyboards when naming a page, such as Kanji, Emojis or other symbols when naming pages, it makes them incredibly difficult to find.
  • Do not link to the Superpower Wiki in the Powers & Abilities sections, as their method of classifying powers is very different from our own standards, linking to VS Battles Wiki is acceptable however.
  • Profiles for characters that have any statistic or ability that is Memetic are not allowed to be created unless their reasoning has been evaluated and accepted by the wiki staff via a thread or explanation blog.
  • Please do not create characters or verses with stats which explicitly contradict the Tiering System, such as it simply creates confusion among the users.
  • Using jokes in place of stats is absolutely fine, so long as they don’t break any other rules.
  • With that said, please don’t repeat the same joke for every stat, it's boring, repetitive, and worst of all unfunny.
  • When creating a page for a controversial figure, please add {{MATURE}} at the top of the page in source mode.
  • It is also required that you mark a page as mature if it contains, or links to potentially disturbing images.
  • Although we allow mature content, please DO NOT link to, or upload any images containing real gore (Such as gruesome images of dead people or animals). Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  • Pages which subvert the typical format or tiering system for the sake of a joke are allowed, but make sure the joke is clear.
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