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Why this page exists

Ocean Tier, like Memetic Tier, is often subject to much confusion, possibly even more so than Memetic. It is also commonly overlooked despite being the second highest rating on the website. This page exists to clear up said confusion and hopefully explain what this tier is and how it functions.

What is Ocean Tier

As its name implies, Ocean Tier is used to describe something as deep and vast as the Ocean, like the power of the characters in this Tier. While they are below Memetic, Ocean characters are still vastly above the rest of fiction by an immeasurable amount, these are characters who have become popular memes often known for their immense power, but not necessarily because of their power like in the case of Memetic, alternatively it also includes characters who are memes because of their power, but not to the same level of Memetic characters.

List of recognized Ocean Characters

List of Ocean Characters

Because Ocean Tier is a bit more loose when it comes to qualifications, it would be difficult to list every Ocean Tier on this page, however, we do have a small list to help provide some context as for what meets the qualifications of this Tier.

Superman (ScrewAttack)

Wank and bias can go a long way, as evident in ScrewAttack’s iteration of Superman, a version of Superman so powerful that he can lift not only infinity, but eternity as well. SA’s legendary wank has made this version of Superman infamous in the vs debating and power scaling communities.

Morgan Freeman

Although Morgan Freeman may not possess god-like powers, his voice is so powerful that he can simply ask politely for someone to aid him in battle and they will be unable to refuse.

Supa Hot Fire

The rapper that Eminem is too afraid to diss, although he’s not a rapper. Supa Hot Fire can spit out roasts so crushing it will leave his opponent in complete bewilderment, most of the time they end up hurting themselves in confusion.


The main antagonist of the MCU who sprung to fame with the release of Infinity War, Thanos and his infamous snap have become iconic within pop culture, he is often used as a punching bag in jokes (Such as “Top 10 Characters that could easily defeat Thanos”). Make no mistake however, those jokes are only made because Thanos is so powerful.


Essentially the internet devil, Zalgo gained notoriety as an ominous entity who causes insanity, death, and destruction . He waits behind the wall to destroy the minds of those weak enough to fall prey to his power.

Farmer with a Shotgun

A seemingly omnipotent version of the Farmer from the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, jokes of his infinite power are spread all throughout the anime vs debating community, although he never gained enough prominence to reach Memetic Tier, he is still among the strongest within Ocean Tier

Ichiraku Ramen Guy

Similar to Farmer with a Shotgun, but this time taking the regular Ramen Guy from Naruto and wanking him to absurd degrees, the similarity with the Farmer with a Shotgun has often led to the satirical VS Debate: Ultra Instinct Farmer with a Shotgun vs. Sage of Six Paths Ichiraku Ramen Guy

Sanic Hegehog

A comically drawn version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sanic has been a widely recognizable meme for nearly a decade, refusing to die out like most memes have. The Cartoon Fight Club version of Sanic can also qualify for this Tier.


A strange, creepy, and awkward version of the lovable character Luigi, Weegee is a mysterious figure who’s stare goes deep into the souls of those brave enough to look him in the eyes, those who look too long will lose their souls and become empty husks to serve Weegee. Much like Sanic, the popular Cartoon Fight Club iteration of the character also qualifies for this Tier.

Peanut Butter

The perfect Bidoof from Dorkly’s popular Pokemon Rusty series, Peanut Butter displays his immeasurable power all throughout the later episodes of the series, leading to him becoming infamous for his seemingly omnipotent capabilities.

The Infinity Jaeger

What if you took two Jaegers and had them pilot an even bigger Jaeger? Well, you would get the Infinity Jaeger, a mech so big that it dwarfs our universe to the same extent that a star 10 times larger than the Sun would dwarf an atom.