Why this page exists

Due to Memetic Tier being the highest rating available on all of VSBW, FC/OC Wiki and JBW, the term is often a large topic of discussion. With that being said at times there is a lot of confusion from what actually counts as Memetic. This page is created to help dissolve the confusion.

[Note: Part of this page is a direct copy/modification of a blog written by Ryukama, here is a link to the original blog]

Common Questions About Memetic

Memetic Tier can be confusing to some, which has led to many discussions around it, which has in turn led to many questions, hopefully you will find your answers here.

What are the requirements for Memetic?

As the most powerful tier, the requirements for Memetic are often debated and sometimes confusing. To reach Memetic, a character must have a popular meme based around their power. Although it sounds dumb on paper, the reason the meme must be popular is because popular means there is more wank and more exaggeration, the more mythical the power, the greater. Because of this, characters who’s omnipotence serves more as an inside joke within certain communities due not quite meet the requirements for Memetic, as such, characters who gain prominence on popular meme hubs such as 4Chan and Reddit are far more likely to reach Memetic Tier. Keep in mind that popularity does not determine which Memetic is stronger, simply whether or not they reach the Tier.

Can a character reach Memetic Tier via Power Scaling?

Because Memetic Tier requires jokes about a character's power, it is illogical to reach Memetic Tier through power scaling, as Memetic Tier rejects logical notions. Unless a Memetic Tier characters defeat led to memes made about the one who defeated them (Such as the case with Bruce Lee) it does not make sense for a character to be Memetic simply for defeating a Memetic character.

Is there a Memetic cosmology?

While one might assume that Memetic Tier sits atop a large cosmology, that is not the case. Memetic Tier exists outside of standard cosmologies, as the absurd amount of wank and exaggeration puts them not only above all cosmologies, but outside them entirely, thus, a Memetic character may have nothing but universe level feats, or possibly even lower, but the humorous nature of those feats put them at levels comically above any cosmology, no matter how vast and infinite it may be.

List of recognized Memetic Characters

List of Memetic Characters

Very few characters can claim to be Memetic, here is a list of all characters recognized as Memetic, if you believe a character is missing from this list, contact the staff.

Chuck Norris

By far one of the most recognizable and powerful characters within Memetic Tier, he’s become the template that many future Memetics take as reference for their memes. Jokes of his unbelievable feats have become more than just an online meme and have become a cultural icon being spread all over television, movies and entire books of the subject being published.

Segata Sanshiro

The insane Karateka who conquers all that refuses to play Sega Saturn. he is known for insane feats like beating an entire club of people in 3 moves, beating an olympian skater in the rink barefoot and throwing a man so hard he exploded.... twice! Not only has he become a cult icon online but his highly successful commercials even helped keep the dying Sega Saturn running for a small bit.

Mr Popo (TFS)

A terrifying version of Dragon Ball Z's kind servant Mr. Popo, TFS's abridged version features a monster of unfathomable height whose "pecking order" puts him above all others. Even TeamFourStar is afraid of his incomprehensible power.

Squirrel Girl

Unlike Saitama, Squirrel Girl is an actual gag character. She originated from Marvel comics and gained popularity due to destroying some of the most feared entities in existence with her utterly lame power of summoning squirrels. Her win list includes Dr. Doom, Ego the Living Planet, Thanos and even Galactus.

Batman with Prep Time

Despite him sounding more like a -1 on paper, the amount of wank, controversy and memes that come from this idea that Batman can beat ANYONE if he prepares long enough earns him a spot in meme status.

Courage and Insanity Wolf

The two hounds are always at each other's titanium throats, both their memes are centered around the unbelievable feats they accomplish, such as walking into a lego factory barefoot, flossing with power lines, and biting Zombies to turn them into Humans.

Bruce Lee

Due to easily defeating Chuck in the film Enter the Dragon and IRL Chuck's admiration of him, Bruce has gained Memetic status as well, however it is uncertain if he actually surpasses Chuck in power, as the two have never fought for real. A popular theory states "The reason there are no Bruce Lee Jokes like Chuck Norris's is because Bruce Lee is no joke."

John Cena

Being a rick roll and Chuck Norris meme combined in one, John Cena took the internet by storm and became one of the most popular memes in years. Anyone poor sap who tries to take his belt, even if they are omnipotent, is bound to get a merciless AA and maybe a 5 knuckle shuffle as well if they are lucky, since despite them dying in infinitely infinite worlds, at least they'd do so in a cenamazing fashion.

Kim Jong-un

The glorious leader of True Korea, Kim is known for his all around perfection amongst his loyal citizens. Tales of how the dictator enjoys using propaganda to glorify himself has led to numerous memes about him in a similar light as the Chuck Norris memes.

Joseph Stalin

In a similar vein to Kim Jong-un, many memes about Stalin being the ultimate badass leader of Russia have been spread around the internet for a very long time. Those who criticize Stalin often end up in a gulag.

Vladimir Putin

Somewhat of a fusion between Chuck Norris and Joseph Stalin memes, jokes about Putin as the greatest badass in history have become a mainstay in political meme culture.

Gohan Blanco

Dragon Ball’s most powerful Saiyan, memes of his immense power spread all across the Dragon Ball fandom, with many placing him above even Zeno Sama, and possessing a power level of ∞+1

Luigi (Doing Absolutely Nothing)

Memes about Luigi achieving victory without doing anything have become commonplace within the Mario fandom as well as the Nintendo fandom overall. No matter what the challenge is, Luigi will win by simply remaining completely still.

Obi-Wan (On the High Ground)

Similar to Luigi wins by doing nothing, this meme is based around the idea that Obi-Wan can defeat absolutely anyone simply by maintaining a higher level of elevation, with some even speculating that Obi-Wan does not have to occupy the high ground, only that it must exist somewhere on the battlefield.

Overly Manly Man

The most manly man in all of creation, his immeasurable manliness led to countless memes of his absurd feats of strength, such as wearing Legos as casual footwear, showering in hurricanes, and performing Earth Downs instead of Push Ups.


Although seemingly not Memetic at first glance, there have been widespread memes about PewDiePie’s status as a meme killer, with many memes depicting him destroying the likes of Ugandan Knuckles, Big Chungus, and Thanos, sometimes he is even shown to defeat characters such as Shaggy and even himself.

Christopher Robin

Memes portraying Christopher Robin as an invincible eldritch horror became popular alongside Winnie the Pooh’s Homerun Derby, he is constantly mocking Pooh and the player for being unable to strike his impossible pitches, earning him the title “Harbinger of Winter”.


No matter how great you are at video games, there’s always a player who’s better than you, unless you’re TheLegend27 of course. Thanks to a popular ad released in 2016, all gamers know and fear TheLegend27.

John Wick

John Wick is not the Boogeyman, he’s the guy you hire to kill the Boogeyman. His name strikes fear into all that hear it, even Thanos would think twice before harming John Wick's dog.

Shaggy Rogers

One of the most recent Memetics, Shaggy took the internet by storm in early 2019. So many memes were made about the things he could accomplish with only small percentages of his godlike power that it has turned him into one of the most recognizable Memetic characters.

Matt from Wii Sports

Another recent Memetic, Matt made the rounds in early 2019 alongside Shaggy. Being one of the hardest opponents in Wii Sports, Matt was humorously exaggerated to be an undefeatable god of sports. He was occasionally depicted clashing with Shaggy, as the two were popular around the same time.

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