Destructive Capacity (DC)

Destructive Capacity is the term used to determine the amount of damage a character can produce. It is normally the deciding factor of VS matches along with Speed. It is measured in units of energy.

Attack Potency

An alternative word for Destructive Capacity which has more direct meaning. It literally means the amount of DC an attack can produce or is comparable to.

A character with a certain degree of attack potency can not necessarily cause destructive feats on that level, but can cause damage to characters that can withstand such forces.


If you wish to know the equivalent prefix for a particular exponential value, please see this page.

Foe is a unit used to measure the energy released by a supernova, and is equivalent to 10^44 Joules.

Attack Potency Chart

Tier Level Energy in

Conventional Terms

Energy in Tonnes

of TNT Equivalent

Energy in Joules High End to Low End ratio
10-C Below Average ~0 Joules to

40 Joules

~0 to 9.56x10-9 ~0 to 4x101 NA
10-B Human 40 Joules to

100 Joules

9.56x10-9 to 2.39x10-8 4x101 to 102 2.5x
10-A Athlete 100 Joules to

300 Joules

2.39x10-8 to 7.17x10-8 102 to 3x102 3x
9-C Street 300 Joules to

15 Kilojoules

7.17x10-8 to 3.59x10-6 3x102 to 1.5x104 50x
9-B Wall 15 Kilojoules

to 0.005 Tons

3.59x10-6 to 5x10-3 1.5x104 to 2.092x107 ~1394.67x
9-A Small Building 0.005 Tons

to 0.25 Tons

5x10-3 to 2.5x10-1 2.092x107 to 1.046x109 50x
8-C Building 0.25 Tons

to 2 Tons

2.5x10-1 to 2 to 1.046x109 to 8.368x109 8x
High 8-C Large Building 2 Tons to

11 Tons

2 to 1.1x101 8.368x109 to 4.6024x1010 5.5x
8-B City Block 11 Tons to 100 Tons 1.1x101 to 102 4.6024x1010 to 4.184x1011 ~9.1x
8-A Multi-City Block 100 Tons to 1 Kiloton 102 to 103 4.184x1011 to 4.184x1012 10x
Low 7-C Small Town 1 Kiloton to

5.8 Kilotons

103 to 5.8x103 4.184x1012 to 2.42672x1013 5.8x
7-C Town 5.8 Kilotons to

100 Kilotons

5.8x103 to 105 2.42672x1013 to 4.184x1014 ~17.5x
High 7-C Large Town 100 Kilotons

to 1 Megaton

105 to 106 4.184x1014 to 4.184x1015 10x
Low 7-B Small City 1 Megaton to

6.3 Megatons

106 to 6.3x106 4.184x1015 to 2.63592x1016 6.3x
7-B City 6.3 Megatons

to 100 Megatons

6.3x10^6 to 108 2.63592x1016 to 4.184x1017 ~16x
7-A Mountain 100 Megatons

to 1 Gigaton

108 to 109 4.184x1017 to 4.184x1018 10x
High 7-A Large Mountain 1 Gigaton to

4.3 Gigatons

109 to 4.3x109 4.184x1018 to 1.79912x1019 4.3x
6-C Island 4.3 Gigatons

to 100 Gigatons

4.3x109 to 1011 1.79912x1019 to 4.184x1020 ~23.25x
High 6-C Large Island 100 Gigatons

to 1 Teraton

1011 to 1012 4.184x1020 to 4.184x1021 10x
Low 6-B Small Country 1 Teraton to

7 Teratons

1012 to 7x1012 4.184x1021 to 2.9288x1022 7x
6-B Country 7 Teratons

to 100 Teratons

7x1012 to 1014 2.9288x1022 to 4.184x1023 14x
High 6-B Large Country 100 Teratons

to 760 Teratons

1014 to 7.6x1014 4.184x1023 to 3.17984x1024 7.6x
6-A Continent 760 Teratons

to 4.435 Petatons

7.6x1014 to 4.435x1015 3.17984x1024 to 1.855604x1025 ~5.8x
High 6-A Multi-Continent 4.435 Petatons to

29.6 Exatons

4.435x1015 to 2.96x1019 1.855604x1025 to 1.24x1029 ~6674x
5-C Moon 29.6 Exatons to

433 Exatons

2.96x1019 to 4.33x1020 1.24x1029 to 1.81x1030 14.62x
Low 5-B Small Planet 433 Exatons

to 59.44 Zettatons

4.33x1020 to 5.944x1022 1.81x1030 to 2.487x1032 ~137x
5-B Planet 59.44 Zettatons

to 2.7 Yottatons

5.944x1022 to 2.7x1024 2.487x1032 to 1.13x1034 ~45.5x
5-A Large Planet 2.7 Yottatons

to 16.512 Ninatons

2.7x1024 to 1.651x1028 1.13x1034 to 6.906x1037 ~6111.5x
High 5-A Dwarf Star 16.512 Ninatons

to 7.505 Tenatons

1.651x1028 to 7.505x1030 6.906x1037 to 3.139x1040 ~454.53x
Low 4-C Small Star 7.505 Tenatons

to 136.066 Tenatons

7.505x1030 to 1.36x1032 3.139x1040 to 5.693x1041 ~18.14x
4-C Star 136.066 Tenatons

to 912.295 Tenatons

1.36x1032 to 9.12x1032 5.693x1041 to 3.817x1042 ~6.71x
High 4-C Large Star 912.295 Tenatons

to 22.77 Foe

9.12x1032 to 5.442x1035 3.817x1042 to 2.277x1045 ~596.54x
4-B Solar System 22.77 Foe

to 20.08 TeraFoe

5.442x1035 to 4.799x1047 2.277x1045 to 2.008x1057 ~881.86 billion x
4-A Multi-Solar System 20.08 TeraFoe

to 10.53 ZettaFoe

4.799x1047 to 2.517x1056 2.008x1057 to 1.053x1066 ~198.37 million x
3-C Galaxy 10.53 ZettaFoe

to 8.593 YottaFoe

2.517x1056 to 2.054x1059 1.053x1066 to 8.593x1068 ~816.05x
3-B Multi-Galaxy 8.593 YottaFoe

to 2.825 TenaexaFoe

2.054x1059 to 6.752x1082 8.593x1068 to 2.825x1092 ~1.04x1023x
3-A Universe 2.825 TenaexaFoe to any higher finite number 6.752x1082 to any higher finite number 2.825x1092 to any higher finite number Not available
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