What happens when the jokesters from vsbattles make a new jokes wikia?

The jokes wikia gets deleted

Luckly, we didn't give up

Now you have this ungodly abomination of a wikia, that will make you laugh until you shit yourself

Power Of Verse

It tends to vary, but its either crappy level through madafaka level (yes this verse has their own tiering system)

Crappy:- (Most jokes aren't that funny)

Casual:- (Usually makes some profiles)

ROFL:- (Needs to have made atleast one beautiful profile)

Madafaka:- (Needs to be a notable member)

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse




Character Profiles

(you are allowed to make one for yourself or one for another if they give you permission but otherwise don't be that guy/gal)


These are characters who are the fictional "champion" for various users

Isaiah Mustafa (Champion of Joke Battles Wiki and Ryukama)

Chin (Champion of Stevethebarbarian)

Mayron Legenrok (Champion of Carlos Mateus Araujo de Carvalho)

Ododo Momo (Champion of Squid Peanut)

Claire Farron (Suggsverse) (Champion of The Everlasting)

Haruto Fuyuyasumi (Champion of CaptainFalcon64)

Zacri the Monad (Champion of ThePerpetual)

Warp Gods (champion of Mad Villain26 aka Tzeentch)

Glitch (Champion of BrokenLord)

Chen (Champion of Alexcar3000)

Megarunner (Champion of TurboTriangle601)

Doomguy (Brutal Doom) (Champion of Numbers)

Moon Man ( Dimension X) (Champion of AkuAkuAkuma)

Slammu (Champion of IAmTheBreadMan32)

Composite Megaman (Wanked) (Megaverse Champion)

A Chair (Champion of MaxwelFISH)

A Character (Champion of Errorsaness and Plant of Plants )

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