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WWE Superstar and former/current of the United States and World Heavyweight championship belts. John Cena is the most iconic and meme wrestler in all of existence. The champ is here.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Vince McMahon Class Pet | Memetic Tier

Origin: Bad Vines and YTP's

Name: John Felix Anthony Cena, Juan Cena, The Champ

Gender: Sweatband

Age: Then, Now, Forever

Classification: Champion and Vince's biggest wank since New World Order

Powers and Abilities: Super Cena, can always kick-out-at-2, and somehow always forming a team in his name (Team Cena), immortality (type 8)

Notable Attacks and Techniques: The 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjustment, copying other signature moves to hype the crowd, "U Can't C Me", throwing his shirt off, kick-out-at-2,

Attack Potency: Instant KO all of the WWE Universe except Jewsev

Speed: At least Rey Mysterio level, Ring Omnipresence as Super Cena

Lifting Strength: At least Onmi-Suggsversal (Lifted the The Big Show one millicena off the ring with the help of others)

Striking Strength: Immeasurable (Sends some opponents flying back without even making contact)

Durability: 3 seconds on his shoulders, likely Botch Level+ on his feet | Beyond True Omnipotence as Super Cena

Stamina: Infinite (sometimes he just lays there "catching his breath" but he's really trying to catch his opponent off guard)

Range: He can't leave the arena unless he gets back in before the ref calls him out, unless its a pay-per-view, then you better run for Jewsev

Standard Equipment: Usually himself, a t-shirt, trashy wristbands, a few Zack Ryders worth in body bags

Intelligence: Only knows his catchphrases, rehearsed lines in the locker room, and how to make little kids happy

Weaknesses: The ref, count-out, and Rusev (post-NXT, pre-break-up-with-Lana). His theme makes him predictable as the plot to a DBZ saga. Super Cena form lasts until he wins, or McMahon calls a stop to the match

Feats: Look at any thing WWE puts up of him on YouTube, Vince needs to sell those "U Can't C Me" t-shirts, you know. Also the John Cena vines. And being the champ and all. And his hit mixtape.

Key: Normal WWE matches | As Super Cena, anywhere, anytime Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

===  Attitude Adjusment (Top Rope):===


Cena almost kills AJ's life.

Wins and Losses

Notable Victories:

and this...

NOTICE: He beats all Tier -1, Ocean, Memetic and "far beyond even tiers" characters in the ring (and anything not Memetic Tier+ as Super Cena) As Super Cena he cannot lose, regardless of any other's ability or incapability of losing. As is the nature of Super Cena.

Notable Losses:


Pre-rection Beyonder

Sponge Tod


Jewsev, pre-Fast Lane 2015

Brock Lesnar (Lesnar was in Suplex City mode)

Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked Cena, and Cena got vaporized) Chuck's Profile

Mark "Hercule" Satan (after a long battle hercule finshed it with his special attack) Hercule's Profile

Ooga Lord of the Meme (he even lost as super cena)

Inconclusive Matches:

Vince McMahon



Super Cena
Here we have Super Cena in the form that mere mortals can comprehend, and beneath is the beyond legendary Godly Cena Punch to ScrewAttack Superman.
Godly Cena Punch

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