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Hello everyone! I'm Illya! It very nice to meet you at all! I'm gonna enjoy something fun and always calm sometimes, you know!
~ Prisma Illya


Prisma Illya is a character created by DarkNeon1994

In this version, this Prisma Illya has a very amazing power that no one could ever heard. She is very good and always calm without ever being scared. She will defeat anyone who being evil. Sometimes, she likes to troll each others for fun. Currently, she still helping some deities and mostly good people for enjoying her moments, she really wanna visit some of their verse to explore more. No evil god, no matter what, dared to fight her. Fighting with her is also like fighting yourself, not having a bunch of evil or evil gods who want to protect them at all, just likes they have been scared as lot. Her good goal is support good person and gods.

And more, she even love everything in all of existence, which encompasses infinite number of universes, multiverses, dimensions, including layers of existence. Even such as infinite or all concepts, the concepts of space and time, are just her mere imagination.


About her personality, Illya is very similar to yandere but she is also very cheerful, calm, know the feelings of each other and have self-esteem. However, she is a little bit childish, she never believes people who lie to themselves are very calm and frightened in front of her, or crazy. Even they are pretending not to be mad at all. Every time she saw someone threatened by someone or the evil god, she erased all of them, before they landed an attack on someone. Her intellect, she is also very wise and resilient, capable of being intelligent in all its existence, even if she does not need to fight at all. The evil gods are often afraid of her without daring to touch or fight her at any time. However, unlike the Canon Illya, she isn't naive and an airhead at times, this Illya become more serious, she has gained very high immense knowledge and strength, she really wanna seeks entertainment and greatly rewards those who really worth to her, when you are cheering or be happy to her at all. It is furthermore, she is all-goodness.

However, due her goodhearted personality aka beings an all-goodness, which makes her sometimes too forgiving sometimes, killing or erasing someone from existence isn't too much to her liking except she see evil guy or gods, even when it comes to bad guys or gods from her verse or another verse, if she really gotta kill or erase somebody, usually Illya sometimes feels uncomfortable and guilty of doing this, unless they trying to be fake personality with her.

Up to her transcendent form, which it is her true form, she is completely beyond personality, good, bad, lies, hell and heaven. Even such as "all-goodness" is nearly invalid to her at all. In the simple said, no one will said about her should be, she is neither good or bad, etc, anything is become meaningless.

Unfortunately, what we thought was Illya's true form is actually just the manifestation of some unknowable thing.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 3-A | 2-C | 0 | 0

Name: Illya, Prisma Illya, Illy, True Illya, The-Beyond-One, The All-In-One

Origin: Unfathomable Dream

Gender: Female

Age: 12 years old | Irrelevant in her True Form and Unmanifest Form (Surpasses the concept of time)

Classification: Magical Girl, Beauty, Child of Cuteness, Archetypal Infinity, Archetypal Being, Absolute Goddess, True God, Embodiment of Everything

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Nigh-Omniscience, Non-Corporeal (Her physical body is an conceptual form), Abstract Existence (Type 1; By combining with her conceptual manipulation, she can become abstract of anything she wants), Magic, Holy Manipulation, Reality Warping (She is capable to manipulate the boundary between the reality and fantasy, and turning them into one, which in turn, she can change the aspects of reality into fantasies and fantasies into reality. In addition to, she can change reality rationally and irrationally. The rationally side allow her can create, control, rewrite or erase all aspects of reality. While the irrationally side, allows her to warp reality through mere imaginations, desires, ideas, bringing anything into existence & the reverse, or remodeling it regardless of rules or reason), Soul Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4 and 5; Transcended the concepts of life and death easily), Regeneration (True-Godly; Able to erase herself and regenerating when she is bored), True Flight, Durability Negation (Her abilities and attacks is capable to bypassing all of their full resistances & immunities, regardless their durability), Life and Death Manipulation, Telepathy, Danmaku, Genius Intelligence, Complete Resurrection, Conceptual Manipulation (Types 3 and 2; Can infusing the concept of absolute defense in a barrier and/or the concept of death in a bullet. In addition to, she can become an abstract of anything she wants), Void Manipulation and Existence Erasure and Conceptual Erasure and Nonexistence Erasure (By just one wish for her thought, her desires was "I want to be alone myself, everything will gone", her erasing them from the grasp and conscious of her true self so that it never existed even from her own true forms perspective [although she can revive them at any point]), Telekinesis, Plot Manipulation (The Law of Identity's level of transcendence above stories could be applied to Prisma Illya, only instead of transcending them, she controls them along with their entire plot), Power Nullification, Breaking the Fourth Wall (Allows her to explores the internet to look through every work of fiction, website and real world events, thus granting her an omniscient), Elemental Manipulation (Capable to manipulate the concept of all element of nature, and control or change the very nature of the elements themselves), Precognition (Can even see all the infinite number of possibilities and/or impossibilities that can exist for the past, event & future simultaneously. Allowing her to dodge any fatal, serious and dangerous attacks that may come her way. Works on the acausality beings), Matter Manipulation (Quantum Level), Aura (Defensive and Charismatic), Teleportation (Magic, Quantum and Dimensional), Mind Manipulation (Can bend someone's mind in any way imaginable or even completely erasure it. Can even erase the concept of thought to erase the mind of anybody who has one and is bound by dimensional space), Extrasensory Perception, Attack Reflection (Any attack she receives will be reflected onto the opponent regardless of how it is being used e.g. weapons, physical, soul, mental, reality, etc. The reflection can travel through higher-dimensional and even outside it's entire concept and is immeasurably greater than the original attack.), Mathematics Manipulation (Able to change and manipulate maths and laws of physics on beyond-dimensional scale), Acausality (Types 1, 4 and 5), Law Manipulation, Technological Manipulation (Techno-Mage), Reactive Evolution (Illya can develop resistance to abilities used against her opponents and can develop new powers), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Sleep Manipulation (Complete Dormancy), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact intangibility, non-corporeal, abstract / conceptual and idealistic nonexistence beings), BFR (She can send beings into 2-D world or into nonexistent void), Gravity Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Can cause feelings of joy and happiness and be friendly with her), possibly Time Stop (She can even time stop someone indefinitely, even if they above the concept of time)

Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Immortality (Type 10), Regeneration (True-Godly; Immeasurably superior her previous regeneration before), Large Size (Type 11; Dwarfs all of existence and look infinitesimally-small compared to her), Transduality, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3), Omniscience (She is everything with all of existence), Omnipresence (Is one with all of existence)

All previous abilities, Meta-Omniscience, Meta-Omnipresence

Attack Potency: High Universe level (Started she has infinite power easily. Embodies the void, an universe described as being "infinity" in size) | Low Multiverse level (Defeated Satan, who was able to effortlessly create and destroy several universal space-time continuums) | High Outerverse level (Transcends all large cardinal numbers, including the reinhardt, super-reinhardt and berkeley cardinal, plus absolute infinity. Contradictions in logic, such as the omnipotence paradox, do not limit her power in any way, thus making her a paraconsistent object. In short, she is all-powerful. Furthermore, she encompasses orders of logic with the imaginary-dimensional of truth entirely.) | High Outerverse level (Exists beyond of all truth values and the confines of mathematics. Her unmanifest form are cannot even described by any statements, definitions and logic. Her true nature beyond everything and anything that can be said, even any hypothetical and definable levels, all levels of existence and nonexistence)

Speed: Infinite (Infinite distance is should be non-issue to her. Can traverse even time got stopped or getting frozen) | Immeasurable (Can travel through space and time via her superior raw speed) | Omnipresent (Is one with all of existence) | Meta-Omnipresent (Surpass the very principles of "presence")

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Has never shown to lifting anything) | Immeasurable (Capable to lifting an universal space-time continuum easily) | Irrelevant (Above all dimensional scaling) | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: High Universal | Low Multiversal | High Outerversal | High Outerversal

Durability: High Universe level | Low Multiverse level | High Outerverse level | High Outerverse level

Stamina: Virtually Limitless (Able to live indefinitely without oxygen, food and water and never almost shown to tire) | Limitless (Can fight and work up to eternity year without need rest and sleep full stop) | Irrelevant (Beyond the concepts of pain and fatigue. Transcends the need for rest)

Range: Universal, High Multiversal+ via her abilities (Can affect an infinite 5th-Dimensional Structure easily) | Low Multiversal, High Multiversal+ via her abilities | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: At least Supergenius (Possess an unfathomable superhuman intelligence, which she transcend human knowledge and virtually all other sentient beings, has completely study absolutely anything and everything else, capable to know all languages. Can predict in the past, future, and events very accurately. Can even know what her opponent's will think and do before they do it. Her intelligence is smarter than any supercomputers, she has even outsmarted all other gods in this existence), possibly Nigh-Omniscient | Omniscient (All of existence is just part for her dream, she is everything and nothing else, knowing the truth of the creation of all existence, therefore, she is all-knowing. Even was furthermore, she is only bestow this omniscience to these people/god are really worthy to her) | Meta-Omniscient (Beyond the concept of knowledge)

Weaknesses: None Notable


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Key: Avatar | Base Illya | Transcendent Illya | Unmanifest Illya


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