After the popularity with Madoka Titus, Madoka's friend Homura was given the same treatment. A Figma of Homura Akemi was used with parts of the HG Gundam AGE-1 Spallow, and thus Homura Spallow was born.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C physically, At least 7-B with weapons | 8-B

Name: Homura Spallow

Origin: The Internet

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Classification: Magical Girl, Gundam, Meme, Combination

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsImmortality (Types 2, 6, and 7), Healing (Mid-level, scaling from Corbeau), MagicWeapon MasteryTelepathyTransformationTelekinesisWeapon CreationMagic DetectionStatistics Amplification (Can enhance the ability of her own weapons in the midst of combat), Energy ProjectionBecomes stronger when critically damagedPower BestowalResistance to MagicLife AbsorptionStatus Effect Inducement, and Mind Manipulation, Unconventional Soul Manipulation ResistanceFirearm and Missiles MasteryTime Manipulation, minor Causality Manipulation (Every time she rewinds time, she has a slight impact on causality according to Ultimate Madoka, over time this can have an impact), Technological Manipulation (Can control machinery from a distance or through touches, such as trucks and missile launchers), Forcefield Creation (Created forcefields in her battle against Walpurgisnacht), BFR and Portal Creation (Through sending people and objects to her shield's pocket universe.), Acausality (Type 1 through contact with her shield. Kept her memories after the universe was reset), and Teleportation Via Space Leap. | Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsEnergy Projection, Flight, Large Size (Type 1), Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery

Attack Potency: Small Town level physically, At least City level with weapons | City Block level (

Speed: Massively Hypersonic Subsonic

Lifting Strength: UnknownClass 50

Striking Strength: Small Town Class

Durability: Town level, At most Island level with her forcefields | City Block level

Stamina: Very High | Unknown

Range: Several kilometers with normal weaponry, Tens of kilometers with preparation or Time Stop. |  Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: Shield (Storage and time jump device), pipe bombs, IMI Desert Eagle, FN Minimi, Beretta 92FS, Remington 870, Howa Type 89, M26 frag grenades, flashbang grenades, RPG-7, AT-4, C-4 explosives, and a golf club | Fists, weaponry like the Needle Gun or the Shiguru Blade.

IntelligenceVery High

Weaknesses: Protective of Madoka, destroying her Soul Gem or taking it more than 100 meters.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Time Manipulation: Perhaps Homura Akemi's most iconic ability, Homura poses control over time in the form of Time Stop (With no set limit, even capable of stopping time long enough to sneak in and steal military and Yakuza equipment.), Time Travel (Which contrary to popular beliefs, does not need to be specifically one month before Madoka's death.), Time Slow & Acceleration in the form of Clock-Down and Clock-Up (Capable of making even relatively quick witches appear very slow.)
    • Time Stop Special: Stops time and then proceeds to fire off most, if not all of the weaponry, including several explosive weaponry.
    • Time Paradox Immunity: Through contact with her shield (The source of her Time Manipulation and BFR abilities), Homura is unaffected by the effects of resetting the multiverse even by characters such as Ultimate Madoka.
  • Magic Detection: Magical girls can detect sources of magic throughout most of a city. This has generally been shown to range from City range to cross-city range. They are also not affected by the visual alterations and invisibly of witches.
  • Blunts and more blunts: Whacks the enemy with her Golf Club.
  • Pressure Point Strike: Used originally on Sayaka to knock her out with one hit (Who has notably more durability than Homura has striking strength).
  • Forcefield: Encases Homura in a magical barrier, first seen in episode 1.
  • BFR: Originally, her BFR sent anything to a pocket world inside her Shield. However, as of the Wraith Arc, the BFR instead sends enemies into a timeline in the previous multiverse (The world of the witches, as it became non-existent because Ultimate Madoka rewrote it), thus requiring something akin to Cross-Multiversal+ level range in order to escape it.

  • Shiguru Blade: A short sword that functions as Spallow's main weapon, it can cut through the armor and sword of the Zedas. The Spallow can increase the blade's cutting strength by using it in conjunction with built-in forearm thrusters. The Shiguru Blade uses single-molecule high-speed vibration to offset resistance when cutting physical objects. It's usually aimed at the joints of enemy MS. The blade is actually really heavy and requires the whole body to swing in order to make the blade swing as well. The blade also requires time to solidify itself after cuts and is not designed to be used for long periods. The Shiguru Blade is stored on the rear waist armor when not in use.
  • Needle Gun: Needle launchers that are concealed in the unit's knees.



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