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Squidward is too handsome for a summary  

Powers and Stats

Tier: Handsome Tier

Name: Handsome Squidward

Origin: Spongebob Squarepants

Gender: Male

Age: Squidward is too handsome for age

Classification: Handsome Squid

Powers and Abilities: His Handsome powers

Attack Potency: He's too handsome for Attack Potency

Speed: Fast for he is handsome

Lifting Strength: He's too Handsome for Lifting Strength

Striking Strength: He's too Handsome for Striking Strength

Durability: He's too handsome for Durability

Stamina: He's too handsome for stamina

Range: W.I.P

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: He's too Handsome for Intelligence

Weaknesses: He's too Handsome to had a weakness so basically none at all

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