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First made by Akoru Tiriyomo to be the stronkest fighter in the galaxy until his hemorrhoids kicked in and his wife stopped him from doing his day job of fighting aliens and spend more time with his family.

Guku however is a dick and left his family behind including 4 unborn children inside Cho-cho.

During his fight with Biris he realized he needed to get stronker and so is the life of abusive farther Guku.

Powers and abilities

Tier: Terrible farther+, likely King koi mud level

Name: Waste of skin, Guku

Origin: Durrrgun bill 2

Gender: a dead soul

Age: 2 years

Classification: Abomination, sick person, needs help

Powers and Abilities: Slighty stronker then Luffy

Attack PotencyComplex multiverse (Bad animation can affect all those surrounding him)

Speed: Faster then (Pre-post-genisis wave-canon-unleashed-X-Boom-mario kart- Sonic)

Lifting Strength: Below his hopes and dreams 

Striking Strength: mud level (Broke some mud on Kin Koi's plunut)

Durability: God Guku+ Could take one hit from biris

Stamina: He didn't have electricity till he was 12 level+ (None)

Range: No where important.

Standard Equipment: 12B pencils and crayons

Intelligence: Dukun dukun zuuu sa round duuuuuuu menenememeeee

Weaknesses: Guku's hemorrhoids and remembering the family he abandoned for his own selfish desires

Goku comp copy copy

Guku trying to move in Soper sayin three


His fight with biris

Dragon Ball Super's Fight Quality

Dragon Ball Super's Fight Quality

Notable WIns:

Luffy (Suffocated him in mud)

Goku (Screwattack) (Made Goku cry to death)


Notable loss's:

Biris (Not fair)