==Powers and Stats==
Tier: fat tier

Name: D M I T R I  R A Y M O N D O A N T O N A T O S

Origin: mcdonalds

Gender: cant tell hes too fucking fat

Age: cant tell hes too fucking fat

Classification: fat, ditching streams cuz too fat. jesus how the fuck is he so fat? this wiki barely holds him

Powers and Abilities: being fat and crushing this wiki with his fatness.

Attack Potency: too fat for that

Speed: hes so big and fat hes everywhere in existence

Lifting Strength: too fat for that

Striking Strength: irrelevant cuz too fat he will crush you anyway

Durability: he doesnt need it cuz his fatness is so GODDAMN THICCCCCCCCC it will protect him from anything no matter how op ur character is

Stamina: he doesnt need stamina because he is everywhere and doesnt need to strike.

Range: everywhere


Standard Equipment: his fatrolls

Intelligence: 81 iq btw 

Weaknesses: diet btw

Notable Attacks/Techniques: sitting and crushing for being so FUCKING FAT

== Others ==
Notable Victories: tyler1

Notable Losses: his diet

Inconclusive Matches:

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